20 Jan 2019

Report: Israel strikes Syria in rare daytime attack; Syria fires at Golan
Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system intercepted a projectile launched from Syria after Damascus accused Jerusalem of carrying out a rare daytime attack on the south of the country on Sunday. Pictures from Israel’s popular Mount Hermon ski resort, which was full of tourists enjoying the snow-filled hill, showed two trails from Iron Dome missiles while screams from children were heard in a video from the scene.

PM: Israel making breakthrough in Muslim world
Israel is making inroads into the Muslim World, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday at the presidential Palace in N’Djamena before signing documents with Chad President Idriss Deby formally re-establishing ties between the two countries. “We are making history,” Netanyahu said of the reestablishment of ties with what he called a “giant” country in Africa.

Zimbabwe protests: Crackdown is just a ‘taste of things to come’
The Zimbabwean government says the security forces’ response to this week’s protests in which a number of people have reportedly died is just “a foretaste of things to come”. News of a violent crackdown has emerged despite the government blocking social media sites. Local rights groups said at least 12 people had been killed and many more beaten by security forces.

Humans to download their SOULS onto microchips so they can ‘live FOREVER’
Richard Skellett, a founder of Digital Anthropologist…has warned of a future in which British workers have chips inserted underneath their skin…“Living forever might sound crazy at the moment because the technology isn’t quite there, but we already have the technology to clone…“So imagine now that you’ve got a chip, and that chip has been collecting all of your personal details, all of your learning, that effectively becomes our soul.

Russia Mulling Sovereign’s Eye Satellite Network to Watch ‘Any Process on Earth’
Russia launched over two dozen satellites into space last year, and had some 146 civilian and military satellites orbiting the planet as of mid-2018, according to UN figures. Russia’s space agency is proposing the creation of a constellation of remote sensing satellites dubbed the Sovereign’s Eye (‘Gosudarevo Oko’), Roscosmos chief Dmitry Rogozin has announced.

The Ebola outbreak in Eastern Congo is moving toward a major city. That’s not good.
At least 680 people have been infected with the Ebola virus in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It’s the second-largest Ebola outbreak in history, with 414 deaths so far, and the first Ebola outbreak in an active war zone, DRC’s eastern North Kivu and Ituri provinces. But it could get worse: Health officials this week are concerned that Ebola appears to be spreading in the direction of Goma, a major population center in DRC.

PA’s letter to Pompeo rejecting US aid, fearing terror lawsuits
Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah sent…a letter in late December rejecting future American financial assistance, citing the 2018 US anti-terrorism law ATCA. The Anti-Terrorism Clarification Act, which was signed into law by President Donald Trump back in October and recently approved by the US Congress, would enable American authorities to seize assets from any foreign “terrorist entity” that receives financial aid from the US government.

Syrian air defense repels Israeli attack in south
Syrian defense systems thwarted an Israeli air attack on Sunday in the south of the country, state media said, citing a military source. Short time later, a rocket fired at the northern Golan Heights had been intercepted by the Iron Dome aerial defense system over Syrian territory, said the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit.

Police fire tear gas as Greeks rally over Macedonia name deal
Police fired tear gas to disperse protesters outside parliament on Sunday as tens of thousands of Greeks rallied in Athens to protest against a name deal with Macedonia. Central Athens turned into a sea of people holding blue and white Greek flags as thousands came from all over the country to rally against the accord to name the ex-Yugoslav state North Macedonia.

RFID Data Tags for Nails!
“Nail art has seen some advances in the past decades, from the invention of cellulose-based polish 100 years ago, through thin plastic false nails, to the available-everywhere acrylic sculptured nails. But it was about time nails went techno.

The Women’s March 2019 Happening Today Is Organized And Run By People Who Hate The Jews And Hate Israel
…Don’t let anyone kid you, the so-called Women’s March that takes place in Washington and in various other places across the nation today is rabidly anti-Jewish and anti-semitic. It was started by 3 women named Tamika D. Mallory, Carmen Perez and Linda Sarsour. Two of those women are Muslims who have active, close ties to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. The third woman, Carmen Perez, is on the same page with the other two.

Super Weapon: Israel Could Arm Stealth F-35s with Nuclear Weapons
By the end of this year, Israel is expected to become the second country after the United States to declare Initial Operational Capability for its F-35s. Already, Tel Aviv has taken possession of five of the multirole fighters, and following an agreement late last month to buy an additional seventeen planes, will ultimately purchase fifty planes. All fifty F-35s are scheduled to be delivered by the end of 2024.

Cancer researchers don’t want a ‘cure’, they would lose billions
The war on cancer began nearly half a century ago, and yet, not much has really changed. Hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent on cancer research and development, so you’d think by now they’d have come up with better, more effective treatments, wouldn’t you? Look at the immense developments that have been made in other forms of technology — and in less time! Smart phones, anyone?

Christian Pastor Jacqui Lewis: ‘Our Common Enemy Is White Supremacy’
…“There’s all kinds of Christians, but I’m the kind that believes that there’s more than one path to God, the kind that believes that every single body, no matter who you love and how you look, is created by God exactly as you are.”

Australia heatwave: Mass animal deaths and roads melting as temperatures reach record high
Roads melted and doctors warned people about heat stress as Australia notched five of its 10 hottest days on record amid a searing heatwave.

Vancouver-area measles outbreak: County declares public health emergency
Clark County has declared a public health emergency in the wake of a measles outbreak that has sickened at least 19 people, 18 of them children.

Death on demand: has euthanasia gone too far?
Countries around the world are making it easier to choose the time and manner of your death. But doctors in the world’s euthanasia capital are starting to worry about the consequences

Facebook Refuses Ads for ‘Roe v. Wade’ Film
Social media giant Facebook has allegedly refused to allow the upcoming Roe v. Wade film to run advertisements on its platform under the new “issues of national importance” rule, treating the movie as if it were a political ad.

American Muslim Scholar: “Killing Homosexuals is The Compassionate Thing to Do”
The next time someone tries to convince you that Islam is a religion of Peace, show them this video…

Muslim from Texas who joined the Islamic State: “I saw some crucifixions of Christians, you know that’s just normal life there.”
Of course it was normal life in the Islamic State, because the Islamic State adhered scrupulously to Sharia within its domains. And crucifixion is a Sharia punishment, based on the Qur’an:

Christians Outraged As State Worker Fired For Signing Emails ‘In Christ’
A psychiatrist employed by the Iowa Department of Human Services who was fired for signing his emails with “In Christ” lost his First Amendment lawsuit against the state.

Catholic school board caves into LGBT pressure, allows book depicting two boys kissing
Created by American author/illustrator Raina Telgemeier, the 2012 book released by Scholastic is about a girl who tries out for her middle-school stage production. A side story in the graphic novel delves into same-sex attraction and features two boys kissing each other onstage, one of whom is dressed in drag.

ACLU: It Would be “Perverse” Not to Kill Babies With Down Syndrome in Abortions
In the same month in which hundreds of thousands will come to Washington D.C. to March for Life in sad memorial of the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that created a legal right to abortion, the justices may take up a case that gives them the chance to reconsider. Vice President Mike Pence cracked the door to that possibility in 2016 with the stroke of a pen in defense of women in a unique #MeToo moment.

Democrat State Senator BANS ‘He/She’ Pronouns During Hearings
When you thought the Democrats focus on ‘gender inclusive’ progressive LGBT activism could not get anymore politicized, state Senator and Senate Judiciary Committee chair Hannah-Beth Jackson (D-Santa Barbara) declared that only “gender neutral” pronouns are allowed during committee hearings.