1 Jan 2019

Chinese Admiral Wants To “Sink Two US Aircraft Carriers” Over South China Sea
“We’ll see how frightened America is.”

China Set To make Historic Landing on ‘Dark Side’ of the Moon
The Chang’e-4 Chinese lunar probe has entered a planned orbit as it prepares to make it’s high -anticipated landing on the dark side of the moon. The Chang’e-4 probe, which includes a lander and a rover, was launched on December 8.

With US out of the Way Syria’s Elite Tiger Forces Will Finish off ISIS
The Syrian Arab Army’s elite Tiger Forces wing has been ordered to redeploy to eastern Syria this week after U.S. President Donald Trump announced his troop withdrawal from the country. According to a government source, the Tiger Forces were given orders to deploy to the eastern countryside of the Deir Ezzor province after spending several months at the Abu Dhuhour Airport front in southeastern Idlib.”

Pope Warns Predator Priests to Prepare for “Divine Justice”
n his annual speech to the Curia, the central administration of the Vatican, Pope Francis urged predator priests to surrender and make themselves available for “divine justice.” The pontiff made a public promise on December 22 that the Vatican will never again dismiss or engage in a cover-up of sexual abuse cases. He also issued a tough warning to all abusers that they must surrender to their host country’s justice system. This is in line with Vatican guidelines which ask its bishops to report all priestly abusers to law enforcement in countries where the law requires them to do so.

California Women’s March Cancelled For Being “Overwhelmingly White”
In a news release, the organizers of the Eureka, Calif. march (situated about 270 miles north of San Francisco) said Friday that “the decision was made after many conversations between local social-change organizers and supporters of the march,” Fox News reported. “Up to this point, the participants have been overwhelmingly white, lacking representation from several perspectives in our community,” the news release continued.

Putin tells Trump that Russia open to ‘wide-ranging’ dialogue with US
Putin made the offer in a New Year letter to U.S. President Donald Trump, details of which were disclosed by the Kremlin on December 30. Relations between the United States and Russia remain strained over a raft of issues, including Russia’s role in wars in Syria and eastern Ukraine, its alleged meddling in elections in the United States and elsewhere, and the poisoning of a Russian double agent in Britain.

Top 10 Progressive Endorsements of Child Abuse in 2018
There’s a lengthy, sordid history of the damage children suffer because of “progressive” values and policies. In 2018, the harm went beyond passive side effects. The left is now brazenly cheering over the corruption, pain and heartbreak of children. And sometimes, their deaths.

Kim Jong-un warns of change in direction on denuclearisation
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has said he is committed to denuclearisation, but warned he will change course if the US continues its sanctions. He made the remarks during his closely-watched annual New Year’s address. Last year’s speech set the country on an unprecedented path of international diplomacy with South Korea and the US.

Researchers develop artificial fingerprints, claiming they could hack into a third of smartphones
Artificial fingerprints have been developed by researchers who say they could one day be used to hack into everyday devices. Researchers from New York University and Michigan State University successfully generated what they call “DeepMasterPrints” earlier this year. These are machine-learning methods that act as a kind of “masterkey” which, the researchers claim, have the potential to unlock around one in three fingerprint-protected smartphones.

Israel intel chief sees possible threat from Iraq as Iran’s clout grows
Iran could use its growing clout in Iraq to turn the Arab country into a springboard for attacks against Israel, the top Israeli intelligence official said on Monday. Israel sees the spread of Tehran’s influence in the region as a growing threat, and has carried out scores of air strikes in civil war-torn Syria against suspected military deployments and arms deliveries by Iranian forces supporting Damascus.

Likud Minister calls to authorize new settlement outside Hebron
Israel’s cabinet must immediately transform the outpost of Asa’el into a new West Bank settlement in the South Hebron Hills Region, Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan said on Tuesday. The fledgling community of 60 families was first built in 2001 with NIS 150,000 shekels from the Ministry of Housing and Construction, according to data from the 2005 Talia Sasson report on West Bank outposts.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! In 2019, Now The End Begins Will Stand On The Front Lines To Continue Bringing You Christian News And Bible Teaching
If you’re like me, you’re hoping that at the stroke of midnight tonight, the Lord will come for His Bride in the Pretribulation Rapture. Honestly, what would you rather be doing than meeting the Lord in the air at midnight? As the world celebrates a new year tonight, I am thinking of the One who makes everything new.

Muslim Doctor Fired From Ohio Clinic After Claiming She Will Purposely Give Jewish Patients Wrong Medication
A Muslim doctor was fired from a Cleveland, Ohio clinic after it was discovered she bragged she would purposely giving all Jewish patients the wrong medication.

Abortion Killed 42 Million People In 2018
While the Left frets about the inhumanity of President Trump’s immigration policy and the cruelty of ICE, let it be known that 42 million people died from abortions in 2018.

Number of sick kids soars at border; tuberculosis, flu, infections land migrants in hospitals
Border authorities are referring 50 people a day for urgent medical care, including tuberculosis, flu and even pregnant women about to give birth, a top official said Monday, saying it’s unlike anything they’ve ever seen before.

New medical treatment imbues older adults with “teen blood” harvested from youth… vampirism about to become mainstream “medicine”
In a shocking turn of events, the mainstream media is now openly admitting that the “elite” are spending top dollar to obtain infusions of “young blood” from teenagers, which they believe contains some kind of fountain of youth.

Miracle? Texas Man’s Bible Survives After Fire Destroys Home
A Christmas miracle occurred for a Texas man last Friday when a fire burned down his entire home leaving only his Holy Bible.

Christians, Stop Saying Jesus Is the Son of God. It Provokes Muslims
Modern-day Christians’ anxiousness to avoid offending Muslims could be the death of Christianity.

Newspeak: EU Parliament Warns Against Words Like ‘Mankind’, ‘Manpower’
The EU Parliament has issued politically correct guidance against using words like “mankind” and “man-made” in order to infuse its everyday language with social justice.

D.C. police seek man who spread unknown powder at Metro stations, suspending service
Metrorail service in downtown Washington, D.C., resumed Monday afternoon, but authorities are still searching for a man who sprinkled an unknown white powder at two stations leading to the temporary suspensions.

Le Monde Backflip: French Magazine Apologizes After Claims It ‘Likened Macron to Hitler’
Le Monde magazine has apologized after publishing a cover some critics allege drew a visual parallel between President Emmanuel Macron and Adolf Hitler.

The REAL FAKE NEWS exposed: ‘97% of scientists agree on climate change’ is an engineered hoax… here’s what the media never told you
In the current ridiculous battle over “real news” vs. “fake news,” the establishment media liars all claim that climate change is the perfect example of how “fake news” keeps interfering with their truthful facts. They repeatedly claim that 97% of scientists agree on man-made climate change, and therefore anyone who disagrees is obviously shoveling “fake” news.

Israel’s population nears 9 million on eve of 2019
Israel’s population stands at 8,972,000 as it readies to enter 2019, 174,000 more people than a year before, the Central Bureau of Statistics said Monday. Of that number, 6,668,000 (74.3%) are Jews, 1,878,000 are Arabs (20.9%) and 426,000 (4.8%) are other.

Here’s the List: The Five Most Insane, Unhinged and Dangerous Liberal Actions of 2018
2018 was the year of insanity.  Up was down.  In was out.  Nothing made sense.  Here are the top five most insane events of 2018.

Greenpeace’s Ocean Plastic Pollution Scare – Biggest Lie of 2018
The biggest environmental scare story of 2018 was plastic pollution in the oceans. (It was also, as we shall see – spoiler alert – the year’s biggest lie…)

New York City Police Data Reveals Spike in Antisemitic Hate Crimes in 2018
…Anti-Jewish bias continued to lead in hate crime offenses, accounting for 54.4 percent of cases. There is one reason and one reason only for this: the increase in the Muslim population. But no one wants to face that fact.

Iran’s Khamenei: Palestinians will establish government in Tel Aviv
Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khameini predicted on Monday that the Palestinians would soon be able to “establish a government in Tel Aviv.”

Jerry Brown: Climate Change Is an ‘Enemy’ as Devastating as ‘Nazis’
Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Gov. Jerry Brown (D-CA) said climate change was “very much devastating in a similar way” as Nazis were during World War II.

Origin of virus that hobbled newspapers still unclear
The origins of a suspected computer attack that disrupted the Los Angeles Times and Tribune Publishing newspapers remained unclear Sunday after causing delivery delays and being brought to the attention of federal investigators.

Can creationism and science coexist? This scholar helps evangelicals to think so
In an ambitious new book, a scholar of the Hebrew Bible uses his knowledge of Scripture and science to contend that people can believe in both religion and evolution.

Fighters siphon off food as Yemenis starve
AP investigation finds families in Taiz are not getting international aid — often because it has been seized by armed units allied with the Saudi-led, US-backed military coalition