1 Dec 2018

Russia completes air defenses in Syria, spelling trouble for Israel, U.S.
Russia has completed a comprehensive air defense system in Syria that constrains the United States’ ability to operate in the country and in the eastern Mediterranean, according to a new report published by the Washington-based Institute for the Study of War. The report paints a stark picture of increasing Russian entrenchment in Syria as Putin and the west have squared off in recent days over naval confrontations in Ukraine.

Iran launches stealth Sahand destroyer as U.S. tensions rise
Iran’s navy on Saturday launched a domestically made destroyer, which state media said has radar-evading stealth properties, as tensions rise with arch-enemy, the United States. In a ceremony carried live on state television, the Sahand destroyer — which can sustain voyages lasting five months without resupply — joined Iran’s regular navy at a base in Bandar Abbas on the Gulf.

Syrian regime and allies downplay ‘airstrikes’ after wild night in Damascus
On Thursday night social media accounts that follow Syria lit up with reports of airstrikes south of Damascus. SANA, the Damascus state media, claimed that “air defenses of the Syrian Arab Army responded to an aggression on the southern region” and had prevented the attack from achieving objectives. However Syrian state media and allies of the Syrian regime have downplayed the incident in the twelve hours after it happened.

A new order emerges in southern Syria as Assad regains control
Evidence emerging from southwest Syria indicates that the Assad regime has begun to settle accounts with former rebels who worked with Israel and with Western countries during the years that this area was outside of regime control. A number of prominent former rebel commanders in Deraa and Quneitra provinces have recently disappeared after being apprehended by regime forces.

France fuel protests: Tear gas fired in clashes in Paris
Police and protesters have clashed in Paris during a third weekend of “yellow vest” demonstrations sparked by rising fuel prices. Police fired tear gas while several officers had yellow paint thrown at them. At least 39 people were arrested. Thousands of people have been taking to the streets in protest at fuel costs and the high cost of living.

NATO exercises cyber defences as threat grows
In a nondescript brick building on the snowy edge of Estonia’s second city Tartu, soldiers in camouflage tap silently at computers. They are troops manning the 21st century’s front line. With its harsh lighting and partitioned desks, the room could be any soulless office. But this is NATO’s “cyber range” and these men and women are running the alliance’s biggest cyber warfare exercise, an electronic defensive drill dubbed Cyber Coalition 2018.

Hezbollah releases video threatening Israel
Lebanon’s Hezbollah terror group released Friday a propaganda video in which it warns Israel against striking the Shiite organization’s targets in the country. The video, part of Hezbollah’s psychological warfare campaign, features images of IDF soldiers and military bases—including the Kirya headquarters base in Tel Aviv—and is accompanied by a message written in Hebrew, reading,”If you dare attack, you will regret it.”

Marriott’s Starwood database hacked, 500 million may be affected
Marriott International said on Friday hackers stole about 500 million records from its Starwood Hotels reservation system in an attack that began four years ago, exposing personal data of customers including some payment card numbers. Shares of the company were down 4 percent at $117 in premarket trading.

The United Nations demands that Israel give up the eastern part of Jerusalem, so it can serve as the capital of Palestine 
UN Secretary General calls for Jerusalem to be capital of Palestinian state, Abbas accuses Israel of Apartheid at UN pro-Palestinian event.

Pakistani PM: History Ignores Jesus, Embraces Islam’s Mohammad
Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan recently remarked that, while the life of Islam’s Muhammad “is part of history,” there is no “mention” of Jesus in human history, the Times of Israel (TOI)reported on Friday.

DHS Asks DOD For Troops On the Southern Border to Be Deployed Past December
On Friday, it was announced the Department of Homeland Security has asked the Department of Defense to extend the deployment of troops on the U.S.-Mexico border past December. The deployment was slated to end on December 15.

Ironic: President of LBGT Dating App Grindr Says Marriage Is ‘Between Man And Woman’
The president of an LGBT dating app known as Grindr is facing fierce backlash after posting a lengthy Facebook post about how “marriage is a holy matrimony between a man and a woman.”

SEE IT: Devastation, Chaos After 7.0 Earthquake Hits Anchorage, Alaska
On Friday, a massive earthquake registering at a 7.0 magnitude hit Anchorage, Alaska, causing major infrastructure damage, power outages, and chaos.

UN: Measles cases rise 30 percent worldwide
World Health Organization said the worrying trend of resurgent disease cases was a near global phenomenon, but the causes varied among regions

Chris Farrell: How the State Dept. Outsources YOUR Tax Dollars to George Soros Front Groups
November 29, 2018- JW Director of Investigations and Research Chris Farrell appeared on “No Spin News” on billoreilly.com to discuss the caravan and its potential source of funding.

EWTN Wins Years-Long Legal Battle Against HHS Contraceptive Mandate
On Thursday, the Eternal World Television Network (EWTN) announced victory in a lawsuit against the U.S. government over the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) “contraceptive mandate,” which requires health insurers to provide co-pay-free coverage for abortion-inducing drugs, contraceptives, and sterilizations.

Large Alaska earthquake jolts residents, shakes buildings
A 7.0 magnitude earthquake rocked the state of Alaska on Friday morning, churning up roads and sending office workers running to the streets in scenes locals described as pure “anarchy.”

86 45: Outrage As Amigos Mexican Restaurant In Rhode Island Openly Calls For The Death Of President Trump On Their Employee T-Shirts
So the Mexican restaurant owner who thought it was so trendy and cool to advocate the murder of our president on their employee t-shirts is now furiously backpedaling as news begins to travel outside their cloistered Rhode Island enclave. As someone who worked for many years in my younger days in restaurants, I am very well acquainted with the term to ’86’ something. When something is 86’d, that means it no longer exists. It is not taken off the menu because it’s unpopular, it’s taken off because it has ceased to be.

Feminist Journalist Banned From Twitter Over Saying Men Aren’t Women
A feminist journalist is speaking out after being banned from Twitter for saying men aren’t women. She is also claiming that men who publicly dare to say the same aren’t suffering the same repercussions from the social media site.

WATCH: Miley Cyrus Video Features Priests At Strip Club, Children At Firing Range, Miley-As-Jesus
Hannah Montana” is now flashing a thong while running from police as priests enjoy a strip club with women wearing nothing else and creepily smiling children shoot at her with evil guns.

Netflix Accused of Promoting Sex Trafficking in Drama Series ‘Baby’
The National Center on Sexual Exploitation is accusing Netflix of glorifying sex trafficking in its new series Baby, calling the company “completely tone-deaf on the realities of sexual exploitation.”

Florida College That Supported Islamist Professor Upholds Christian Ban
Orlando based Rollins College has maintained a ban on several Christian organizations, citing non-discrimination rules, just a year after protecting a Muslim professor’s attack on a Christian student.

U.S., Canada, Mexico Sign Trade Deal After Last-Minute Brinkmanship
The leaders of Mexico, Canada and the United States signed a North American trade pact on Friday after brinkmanship over the final details of the deal continued through the eve of the signing.

DNA Tests Expose Child Traffickers Abusing Immigration Loopholes at the Border
As border agents enforce the Trump Administration’s policy to reunite migrant families separated whilst crossing the US/Mexico border, officials are reporting that DNA testing is showing that a number of children are not biologically related to the so-called “parents” they are traveling with.

Sixteen FBI Agents Raid Home of Clinton Foundation, Uranium One Whistleblower
Sixteen FBI agents recently raided the home of a DOJ whistleblower who was in possession of Clinton Foundation and Uranium One documents after coming across the devastating information while he was working for an FBI contractor, according to the whistleblower’s lawyer.  (Note that the FBI and DOJ at this time were under recently fired AG Jeff Sessions.)

Canadian CEO: Cannabis-Infused Beverages Could Be The Next Mainstream Drink Of Choice
A Toronto-based production company is dabbling in creating beverages containing cannabis that can be enjoyed by everyone of age where weed is legal, taking the marijuana industry to potential new heights.