30 Nov 2018

Sanhedrin Invites 70 Nations to Hanukkah Dedication of Altar for the Third Temple
as an invitation to the nations to participate in the Temple and to receive its blessings.The nascent Sanhedrin released a declaration to the 70 nations for Hanukkah to be read at a ceremony in Jerusalem on the last day of the holiday The ceremony will include the consecration of a stone altar prepared for use in the Third Temple. The declaration is intended

Israel Agrees $7 Billion East-Med Gas Pipeline with Italy, Cyprus, Greece
Israel, Cyprus, Greece and Italy have reached an agreement on the world’s longest underwater gas pipeline, estimated to cost nearly $7 billion, the financial website Globes recently reported.

Report: More Than One Million US Pagans, Numbers Still Growing
Studies show that paganism in the U.S. has been growing by leaps and bounds in recent years, accompanied by increasing mainstream interest in occult-related activities like astrology, tarot, and spellcasting.

The Dying Church – 100 Churches Will Close This Week
Many of our nation’s churches can no longer afford to maintain their structures–6,000 to 10,000 churches die each year in America–and that number will likely grow. Though more than 70 percent of our citizens still claim to be Christian, congregational participation is less central to many Americans’ faith than it once was.

E.U. expected to back U.S. resolution condemning Hamas at U.N.
The European Union is expected to back a United States sponsored resolution condemning Hamas violence against Israel that is likely to come to a vote before the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Monday night, diplomatic sources told The Jerusalem Post. The resolution calls on the 193 UN member states to condemn “Hamas for repeatedly firing rockets into Israel and for inciting violence, thereby putting civilians at risk.”

Saudi Arabia’s Bin Salman Takes Preemptive Action Against Coup Threat
Mujtahid, a respected Saudi social media voice, reported on the Al-Khaleej Online newspaper earlier this week that Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman had reshuffled military personnel and assets inside the kingdom in response to rumors that some members of the royal family may have been planning a coup against him. The news comes as the prince continues a tour of Arab states…

IDF confirms Syrian anti-aircraft missile found in Golan Heights
Israel’s military confirmed Friday that fragments of a Syrian anti-aircraft missile was found in an open area in Israel’s Golan Heights several hours after Syrian regime said it had downed “hostile targets” over the southern part of the country… According to local reports Israeli missiles targeted sites belonging to Iranian-backed militias in al-Kiswah south of the capital of Damascus, some 50 kilometers from the border with Israel, on Thursday evening.

Whales stranded in New Zealand: Another 50 pilot whales die
Fifty-one pilot whales have died after becoming stranded on a beach on the Chatham Islands off New Zealand. The mass stranding means more than 200 whales have died in separate incidents over the past week in the region. New Zealand’s Department of Conservation says between 80 and 90 whales were found to have become stranded in Hanson Bay on Thursday.

Ukraine bars Russian men aged 16-60 from entry
Ukraine will not allow Russian men aged 16-60 into the country following the imposition of martial law, Kiev says. An exception would be made for “humanitarian cases” such as those travelling to funerals. Russia says it is not planning retaliatory measures. Martial law has been imposed in 10 Ukrainian regions until 26 December.

Leaders gather for G20 Buenos Aires talks amid rising tensions
World leaders are gathering in Argentina for their annual G20 summit amid new tension with Russia over Ukraine and a US trade row with China. US President Donald Trump has cancelled a meeting with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, in protest at Russia’s seizure of Ukrainian naval boats. Twenty-four sailors were arrested in the Black Sea incident.

California assisted suicide law clears hurdle
A California appeals court overturned a lower court order that had imperiled the state’s assisted suicide law, but a longer legal fight may loom because the ruling skirted the larger issue of whether the legislation was unconstitutional. A three-judge panel of the 4th District Court of Appeals in the city of Riverside on Tuesday did not rule on the merits of the case because it found doctors opposed to the law had no right to sue to block the law.

UFO sighting in Texas? Keller resident records mysterious ‘cigar-shaped’ object in the sky
At first, the white object in the sky looked like a cloud. A weather balloon, perhaps ? The motionless, cigar-shaped object spotted last week near Fort Worth left the witness stumped. And a video of the sighting has since gone viral, opening the door to UFO theories online. “It was the oddest thing I’ve ever seen,” the unidentified witness said, according to their report to Texas UFOs, a website that tracks mysterious UFO sightings throughout the state.

Google Employees Debated Burying Conservative Media In Search
Google employees debated whether to bury conservative media outlets in the company’s search function as a response to President Donald Trump’s election in 2016, internal Google communications obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation reveal. The Daily Caller and Breitbart were specifically singled out as outlets to potentially bury, the communications reveal.

The war against Hamas tunnels
The IDF’s Combat Engineering Corps has undergone a transformation in recent years in an attempt to locate and thwart Hamas’s tunnel threat. In addition to increasing military personnel in IDF’s Special Operations Engineering Unit, the army also acquired advanced technologies that can locate and dismantle Hamas’s offensive tunnels.

Iranian jet carrying arms flies directly to Beirut
A Boeing 747 belonging to Iranian airline Fars Air Qeshm, reportedly used by the country’s Revolutionary Guards to smuggle weapons to Tehran’s allies, conducted a direct flight from the Iranian capital to Beirut for the first time on Thursday. Last month, Fox News reported that a Fars Air Qeshm flight from Tehran to Damascus…was carrying weapon systems—including GPS components—intended to convert inaccurate projectiles into precision-guided missiles.

China rejects U.S. academic report calling for retaliatory action
Chinese media on Friday hit back at a U.S. academic report which urged the United States to engage in “tit-for-tat” retaliation to counter what it said was China’s widening campaign for influence which threatened to undermine democratic values. The 213-page report, published…think tank Hoover Institution…said China’s ruling Communist Party had in recent years “significantly accelerated” both the investment and intensity of its global influence-seeking efforts.

KILL SHOT: Frightening Moment As Red Laser Dot Floats Over President Trump During White House Christmas Tree Ceremony Speech
Today, about three quarters of the way into his speech for the 2018 White House Christmas Tree Ceremony, a red laser dot began to hover over President Trump’s mouth and neck area while he spoke.

Caravan Migrants Flee Mexico as Diseases Become Endemic in Tijuana
Members of the Central American migrant caravan are finally coming to terms with the fact they will be unable to enter the US as hundreds begin ‘self-deporting’ back to Central America.

WATCH: Drag Queen Admits To ‘Grooming’ Children At Library ‘Story Hour’ Events
The so-called Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) program, wherein grown men dressed as overly-dramatized and sexualized women read to children in public libraries, have popped up across the nation within the last five years or so. Parents, understandably, have raised serious questions and concerns over the general over-sexualized nature of the drag queens and clear transgender agenda being pushed on impressionable young minds.

Delta Airlines Says Terminal F In The Atlanta Airport Is Now The First Fully Biometric Terminal In The United States, Detroit Is Next
…in today’s article, biometric airport terminals have officially arrived. Delta has done it in Atlanta and Chicago, and the other airlines are busy rolling theirs out as well. So if biometric airport terminals are the ‘chocolate’, what might be the perfect match ‘peanut butter’? Human implantable microchips, of course. How silly of you to even ask. Tech companies like Three Square in Wisconsin are already producing the chips, and they are already inside their employees.

Seismic Sensors Recorded That Earth Just Rang Like A Bell On November 11th, But Nobody Knows Why It Happened
The event that seismologists recorded on 11/11/2018 was unusual in many ways. To begin with, two of the three main waveforms that always accompany earthquakes were noticeably absent. Second, this event also lacked the short, sharp cracks that are common in most all earthquakes. But the thing that is puzzling scientists the most is that, instead of the low rumble you get with earthquakes, this event produced an even, low-frequency musical sound like someone had just rang a bell.

More Than 70,000 Americans Died Of Drug Overdoses In 2017. That’s A New Record
A record 70,000 Americans died of drug overdoses according to 2017 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data released Thursday, prompting experts to point to the proliferation of the potent substance fentanyl.

Merkel Doubles Payouts to Failed Asylum Seekers Who ‘Agree’ to Leave Country
As Germany buckles under the sheer pressure of attempting to reduce the massive influx of refugees and migrants overflowing into Germany, the country resorted gifting rejected asylum seekers financial aid if they return home.

Archaeologists Believe They Have Found A Ring That Belonged To Pontius Pilate, Roman Governor Who Ordered Crucifixion Of Jesus Of Nazareth
Over 50 years ago, at the site of the ancient Herodium in Israel, a ring was found that dated back to the First Century AD. It bore an inscription that until very recently remained undeciphered. Archaeologists have now been able to decode it, and have found that it bears the words ‘of Pilate’. Interestingly, Pilate was the 5th of the Roman governors, or prefects, in ancient Judea, and 5 is the number of death and judgment in the Bible. So it is fitting that Pilate would be the one to pronounce death upon the innocent Jesus of Nazareth.

‘This Is About Privacy’: China Tracks Citizens’ Whereabouts Through Tesla’s Technology
Tesla and other car companies that sell electric vehicles in China are sending information about the precise location and whereabouts of citizens to the Chinese government, The Associated Press reported Thursday.

Trump’s Unwavering Tie to Israel Is Astoundingly Genuine
On Tuesday, during an interview with The Washington Post, President Trump declared, “We wish to remain in the Middle East region for our interests and for Israel.”

The Female “Patsy” Who Has the Power to Start World War III
I have been extensively writing about the Deep State threat coming out of Central America. However, there is a preliminary event which I believe must happen in advance of  the attack and it is World War III. Once the war starts the US will be attacked through its southern underbelly. We are very, very close to this happening. Presently, a woman who has been leveraged over the Steele Dossier, is doing the bidding of the globalists and her present mission is to start World War III.

Soros’ “Open Society” Driven Out Of Turkey Amid Probe Into Terrorism Ties
Thrown out of Hungary and Poland, Soros is now being driven out of Turkey, but he continues his quest for the destruction of America and individual freedom.

Report: Thousands Of Migrants Treated For Infectious Diseases, Even HIV/AIDS
Thousands of migrants associated with the caravan have been treated in Tijuana, Mexico for infectious diseases, ranging from simple respiratory infections to tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS, according to a recent report from the border.

Brazil’s New Top Diplomat: Climate Change is a Marxist Hoax
Brazil’s newly appointed foreign minister, Ernesto Frago Araujo, who starts his new job in January under President Jair Bolsonaro, has stated that the climate change issue was invented by “cultural Marxists” to help push a globalist agenda that is anti-growth and anti-Christian,

Religious Leaders’ Embrace of Marxism Would Stifle Abundance Produced by Capitalism
According to these leaders, the United States holds a “crucial role in the balance and injustice of international trade and development.” To secure an “abundant life for all of God’s children,” these activists propose “a more just acquisition and redistribution of the world’s resources.”

Migrants in Tijuana regret caravan
Many of the estimated 6,000 migrants from Central America living in a makeshift shelter in Tijuana, Mexico, are preparing to return home, expressing regret for making the arduous journey.

Trump Is Winning the War With the Federal Reserve
…The Federal Reserve is trying to destroy the US economy in order to rid the country of nationalist, Donald Trump. Not since 1938, has the FED raised interest rates in a low inflationary environment. They have already done it 7 times this year and plan to do it 5 times next year. They never did it to Obama. The Federal Reserve needs to be disbanded.

The Israel-Europe Pipeline. The Geo-Political and Strategic Umbilical Cord.
After fairly rapid negotiations, Israel has agreed with European nations to supply Europe with its future natural gas needs. The project will turn Israel into a significant fuel-exporting nation.

Vatican: Priests Have ‘More Power Than God Himself’
It is one of the leading doctrines of Romanism that the pope is the visible head of the universal church of Christ, invested with supreme authority over bishops and pastors in all parts of the world.