28 Nov 2018

Trump: U.S. troops will remain in the Middle East for Israel
“We have reached a point where we don’t have to stay in the Middle East. One reason to stay is Israel,” US president Donald Trump said on Tuesday evening in an exclusive interview with The Washington Post.

9,000-year-old stone mask discovered in southern Hebron Hills
The mask is made of pinkish-yellow limestone, shaped with stone tools to resemble a human face, according to the Antiquities Authority. Four holes had been drilled along the mask’s perimeter, probably in order to display the mask on a pole or to thread string to tie the mask onto the face.

California Democrat Delegate Calls for Israel to be ‘Terminated’
A delegate to the California Democratic Party posted a tweet equating Israel with Iran while calling for both countries to be “terminated.” Ayloush tweeted in response that both Israel and Iran were “murderous regimes” that need to be “terminated.” Ayloush’s tweet is still online, indicating that Twitter does not consider it to be in violation of their guideline prohibiting “dehumanizing speech.”

New IDF brigade formed to protect Israel’s border with Egypt’s Sinai
A new brigade in Israel’s southern front has been established to guard the border with Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula… The Paran Brigade will incorporate the IDF’s co-ed Caracal and Bardalas battalions and will be commanded by Col.Eli Yitzhak Ben Bashat. “It’s establishment is part of the process of integrating the border defense battalions into routine security missions, in a way that provides a qualitative response to missions,” the IDF said in a statement…

Netanyahu to elite commandos: IDF strength ‘best answer’ to antisemitism
Israeli Prime Minister and Defense Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with elite commando troops Tuesday evening during a major ten day long brigade-level drill and said that Israel’s military strength was the Jew’s “best answer” to antisemitism. “Once we were a leaf blown in the wind and anyone could massacre us. Today we have strength to respond,” he said…

Russia’s S-400 diplomacy: Moscow deploys air defense system to Crimea
In the wake of the Kerch Straits crises, where Russia detained three Ukrainian navy boats…Moscow now may deploy the S-400 air defense system to Crimea. The S-400 could be operational in the tense area by the end of the year. The deployment is part of a larger Moscow strategy that sees the S-400, and its less advanced cousin the S-300, as a form of military-diplomacy to carve out a sphere of influence from Damascus to the Don.

Trump: U.S. troops will remain in the Middle East for Israel
“We have reached a point where we don’t have to stay in the Middle East. One reason to stay is Israel,” US president Donald Trump said… Trump made this comment when he spoke about the possibility of US forces withdrawing from the Middle East. He said that the lower price of oil would be a reason for US troops to withdraw from the Middle East region. “Oil is becoming less and less of a reason because we’re producing more oil now than we’ve ever produced,” he said.

Queensland bushfires: Thousands told to flee ‘catastrophic’ threat
Thousands of Australians have been told to evacuate their homes as powerful bushfires threaten properties in Queensland. The state’s fire danger warning has been raised to “catastrophic” – the highest level – for the first time. More than 130 bushfires are burning across Queensland, fuelled by strong winds, a heatwave and dry vegetation.

Sydney storms: Two killed amid flash-flooding chaos
Sydney has been deluged by the heaviest November rain it has experienced in decades, causing flash-flooding, traffic chaos and power cuts. Heavy rain fell throughout Wednesday, the city at one point receiving its average monthly rainfall in two hours. Officials said dozens of vehicles crashed in the stormy conditions, with winds of up to 90km/h (55mph) also recorded.

Big Tech Expands Footprint in Health
Amazon.com Inc. AMZN 0.01% is starting to sell software that mines patient medical records for information doctors and hospitals could use to improve treatment and cut costs. The move is the latest by a big technology company into health care, an industry where it sees opportunities for growth. The market for storing and analyzing health information is worth more than $7 billion a year…

Belgium investigates doctors who euthanized autistic woman
Belgian officials are investigating whether doctors improperly euthanized a woman with autism, the first criminal investigation in a euthanasia case since the practice was legalized in 2002… Three doctors…are being investigated on suspicion of having “poisoned” Tine Nys in 2010. The 38-year-old had been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome…two months before she was euthanized by a doctor in an apparently legal killing that she had asked for.

Anthem among health insurers refusing to pay ER bills, doctors say
…Brittany Cloyd…said she experienced pain “worse than childbirth.” Her mother…drove her to the nearest emergency room. Brittany thought her appendix had burst, but tests at the ER found she had ovarian cysts…Cloyd had an Anthem Blue Cross PPO health insurance plan and thought she would get charged just a co-pay…Instead…she received a letter…”Your condition does not meet the definition of emergency,”…She was responsible for the total ER bill — $12,596.

S. Korea to buy Israeli radar to deter North despite thaw
South Korea plans to buy two Israeli early warning radar systems, it said on Tuesday, as it reinforces air defenses against North Korea despite fast-improving relations. The decision to adopt the two Green Pine Block C radar systems, built by ELTA Systems, a subsidiary of state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries, was made at a defense acquisition committee, Seoul’s arms procurement agency, DAPA, said.

China, vying with U.S. in Latin America, eyes Argentina nuclear deal
Argentina and China are aiming to close a deal within days for the construction of the South American nation’s fourth nuclear power plant, a multi-billion dollar project that would cement Beijing’s deepening influence in a key regional U.S. ally. Argentina hopes to announce an agreement on the Chinese-financed construction of the Atucha III nuclear power plant during Chinese President Xi Jinping’s state visit on Sunday…

Contender: Saudi Arabia nabs new China oil demand, challenges Russia’s top spot
Saudi Arabia is set to expand its market share in China this year for the first time since 2012, with demand stirred up by new Chinese refiners pushing the kingdom back into contention with Russia as top supplier to the world’s largest oil buyer. Saudi Arabia, the biggest global oil exporter, has been surpassed by Russia as top crude supplier to China the past two years as private “teapot” refiners and a new pipeline drove up demand for Russian oil.

Massive financial windfall for Israel, as a natural gas pipeline will bring gas from the Jewish State to Europe
Historic agreement reached to lay gas pipeline connecting Israel and Europe.

Chancellor Merkel takes a swipe at Trump and other right-wing leaders by calling for a one world government that would have sovereignty over countries
…what she said this week should send a chill into the bones of any patriot in any nation from the U.S> to the U.K. As Chancellor Merkel is on her way out as the head of Germany she has no need any longer to hide her true intentions and those intentions include a one world government.

Islamic Sheikh says the Koran is clear that G-d gave Israel to the Jews and NOT the Muslims
The verses that Muslims would demand to be erased from the Koran…

GROUNDBREAKING: Israeli Researchers Have Invented Personalized Tissue Implants Made with Patient’s Own Cells
Israeli researchers report that they have invented the first fully personalized tissue implant, engineered from a patient’s own materials and cells. The new technology makes it possible to engineer any kind of tissue implant, for the spinal cord, to the heart, or brain, from one small fatty tissue biopsy.

PARIS IS BURNING: Riots have engulfed France’s capital, as the city teeters on the brink of war
TEAR gas and water cannons have been fired by riot police in France amid a desperate struggle to control violent protests of more than 30,000 residents angry at President Emmanuel Macron over rising fuel prices.

Iran’s President calls for Muslims around the world to unite and destroy the United States
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Saturday called on the world’s Muslims to unite against the United States, as his country grapples with another round of sanctions recently reimposed by the Trump administration.

Australian capital installs same-sex silhouettes in pedestrian lights
Walking same-sex couples signals were installed in green pedestrian lights in a suburb of Australia’s capital city earlier this month as part of a city initiative to recognize the diversity of the community, The Canberra Times reported.

Curtain lifted on students ordered to hide while praying
A school district in Texas has reversed its instructions that students who wanted to pray during their lunch break had to go hide behind a cafeteria curtain, move to an empty gym, or go outside.

Google accused of covertly tracking users
Google has been covertly tracking users’ movements in violation of European Union regulations, seven European consumer groups are charging in complaints.

White House: Federal Climate Change Report ‘Not Based on Facts’ Or Data
White House press secretary Sarah Sanders criticized a new climate-change report as “not based on facts,” and “not data-driven” – as the Trump administration’s repudiation the statement created by 13 federal agencies.

CARAVAN UPDATE: DHS Says Group Now Numbers 8,500, 90% Ineligible for Asylum, More ‘On Their Way’
The Department of Homeland Security issued a new statement on the ‘migrant caravan’ at the United States’ southern border Tuesday; saying the “overwhelming majority” of immigrants are not eligible for asylum.

Paralyzing Polio-Like Virus Outbreak Confirmed in 31 States, Officials Report
A rare ‘polio-like’ acute flaccid myelitis (AFM) has infected more children in the US has risen to 116, CDC officials have confirmed.

Google Blocks ‘Offensive’ Gender Pronouns Including ‘Him’ and ‘Her’
Search giant Google is removing gender pronouns from its prominent predictive text feature in the Gmail platform because suggesting the wrong sex may cause offense in some users.

British goverment ‘breaks promises’ and will sign UN Migration Pact
The UN Migration Pact has surely caused an international uproar. Countries choosing not to sign it having confirmed, or indicating they are rethinking signing, are Australia, Poland, Israel, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and Croatia all following the United States’ lead in withdrawing.

Mom Dresses 6-Year-Old Son As Girl, Threatens Dad For Disagreeing
…In their divorce proceedings, the mother has charged the father with child abuse for not affirming James as transgender, has sought restraining orders against him, and is seeking to terminate his parental rights. She is also seeking to require him to pay for the child’s visits to a transgender-affirming therapist and transgender medical alterations, which may include hormonal sterilization starting at age eight.

Cryptocurrency is a globalist scam for total control over the world’s money, with total transactional surveillance
From the moment they were debuted, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have been touted as decentralized, freedom-oriented alternatives to traditional fiat “funny money” like Federal Reserve Notes that are controlled from the top down by private central banks. But the truth of the matter is that cryptocurrencies are actually much worse than fiat currencies in terms of the level of control they afford to globalist interests.