27 Nov 2018

PA reportedly pushes for Arab League meeting as Israel warms ties with Arab states
In light of the recent burgeoning relations between Israel and Arab majority countries, the Palestinian Authority is pushing for an urgent meeting of the Arab League. “There are a series of Arab and Islamic resolutions and declarations that explicitly state that there will be no normalization with Israel without a solution for the Palestinian issue based on the Arab Peace Initiative and the decisions of the international community,” Nabil Shaath…told Haaretz.

Merkel ally: Europe may ramp up sanctions on Russia following ship seizure
Europe may need to impose tougher sanctions against Moscow following Russia’s seizure of Ukrainian vessels, an ally of German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Tuesday. Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko has warned of the “extremely serious” threat of a land invasion after Russia seized three Ukrainian naval ships and took their crew prisoner at the weekend.

Turkey says Saudi prince has asked to meet Erdogan at G20
Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said in an interview published on Tuesday that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman had asked for a meeting with Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and that there was currently no reason not to meet him. “Yes, he has asked Erdogan on the phone, whether they could meet in Buenos Aires. Erdogan’s answer was ‘Let’s see’,” Cavusoglu told Germany’s Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper.

European judges examine Brexit cancellation case
Judges at the European Court of Justice are deliberating on whether the UK can call off the Brexit process without permission from member states. The UK will leave the EU on 29 March under the terms of “Article 50”, which MPs triggered in March last year. A group of Scottish politicians lodged a court challenge to find out if this can be unilaterally revoked.

Migrant caravan: Mexico deports group that stormed US border
Mexico says it has deported nearly 100 Central American migrants a day after they tried to storm the US border. The group, among thousands of migrants heading towards the US, was rounded up after trying to cross the border “violently” and “illegally” on Sunday, said the interior ministry. Video footage shows dozens of people running towards the border fence near the city of Tijuana.

Indonesia’s new ‘heresy app’ draws fire
A new Indonesian government app that lets the public report suspected cases of religious heresy is drawing fire as rights groups warn it could aggravate persecution of minorities in the world’s biggest Muslim-majority nation. Users of the app can report groups practicing unrecognised faiths or unorthodox interpretations of Indonesia’s six officially recognised religions, including Islam, Hinduism, Christianity and Buddhism.

Autism prevalence now 1 in 40 US kids, study estimates
A survey of parents across the United States estimates that one in 40 children has autism spectrum disorder, according to a study published Monday in the journal Pediatrics. In other words, the condition was reported in 2.5% of children, representing an estimated 1.5 million kids ages 3 to 17.
A report released this year by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated the prevalence at one in 59 children or about 1.7%…

Hate Crime: Driver Targets Jews In Hancock Park
Some people in a Hancock Park neighborhood said a driver targeted them because they are Jewish. Now police are investigating the incident as a possible hate crime. The suspect in the case, identified as Mohammed Mohammed, was arrested on charges of assault with a deadly weapon. Security video from Friday night shows the driver making a hard U-turn.

City of Lights out: Paris hit by huge mystery power cut
Many Parisians were left in the dark on Monday afternoon after reports of a massive power cut that hit much of the French capital. The power cut hit parts of the French capital at around 4.30 pm on Monday afternoon. At last four arrondissements were plunged into darkness: the 2nd, 10th, 11th and the 19th.

AFM: CDC identifies 31 states with 116 confirmed cases of polio-like disease
There are now 286 cases of possible and confirmed acute flaccid myelitis in the United States this year, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That includes 116 confirmed cases of the rare polio-like illness, also known as AFM, that leads to sudden onset of paralysis. That’s 10 more confirmed cases than the agency reported a week ago. An additional 170 possible cases of AFM are under investigation.

CNN poll reveals depth of anti-Semitism in Europe
Anti-Semitic stereotypes are alive and well in Europe, while the memory of the Holocaust is starting to fade, a…survey by CNN revealed Tuesday. More than a quarter of Europeans polled believe Jews have too much influence in business and finance. Nearly one in four said Jews have too much influence in conflict and wars across the world. One in five said they have too much influence in the media, and the same number believe they have too much influence in politics.

Trump says he expects to raise China tariffs: Wall Street Journal
U.S. President Donald Trump said on Monday he expected to move ahead with raising tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese imports to 25 percent from the current 10 percent and repeated his threat to slap tariffs on all remaining imports from China. In an interview…ahead of his high-stakes meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Argentina, Trump said it was “highly unlikely” he would accept China’s request to hold off on the increase…

Chinese Communists Kidnap Faithful Bishop Following Pope Francis’ Vatican-China Deal
A faithful bishop has been kidnapped in China following the Pope Francis approved Vatican-China deal, which gave the Chinese communist government a prominent role in the selection of bishops while encouraging the underground Catholic church to join the state-sanctioned Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association (CPCA).

Germans admit they have been taken over by Islam, as only 1 in 103 pupils at a Berlin school actually speak German at home
Of the 103 first graders that came to her school in Berlin’s Neukölln suburb, only one speaks German at home. It is a result of working class Germans leaving the area, migrant family reunifications and tax measures.

SURPRISE, WE LIED! First Muslim Women in US Congress Misled Voters About Views on Israel, Now Support Antisemitic BDS Movement
Congresswomen Ilhan Abdullahi Omar not only was sworn into office with her hand on the Qu’ran, but in addition to that, the American flag was not allowed to be in the same room as her. When Rashida Harbi Tlaib was sworn in, she wrapped herself in the flag of the imaginary nation of Palestine, and danced around the room. And oh yeah, almost forgot, both women only pretended to be moderates in order to get elected. In actuality, they hate Israel with a passion and support the BDS Movement.

Dem delegate: Israel must be ‘terminated’
A senior leader for the Council on American-Islamic Relations in a tweet Sunday called for Israel to be “terminated.”

George Soros foundation says it will cease its Turkey activities
The Open Society Foundations of US billionaire George Soros on Monday said it would cease its activities in Turkey after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan hit out at the Hungarian-born Jewish philanthropist last week.

Kate Beckinsale Boasts About Facials from Foreskin of South Korean Infants
Actress Kate Beckinsale took to social media to boast about a procedure to improve her skin that involves “liquefied cloned foreskins” from South Korean infants.

Patents Filed By Google Reveal Plans Of Search Engine Giant To Monitor And Capture 100% Of What Happens In The Privacy Of Your Home
Patents recently issued to Google provide a window into their development activities. While it’s no guarantee of a future product, it is a sure indication of what’s of interest to them. What we’ve given up in privacy to Google, Facebook, and others thus far is minuscule compared to what is coming if these companies get their way.

EXCLUSIVE: Chinese scientists are creating CRISPR babies
When Chinese researchers first edited the genes of a human embryo in a lab dish in 2015, it sparked global outcry and pleas from scientists not to make a baby using the technology, at least for the present.

Hispanic babies aborted in the U.S. outnumber the caravan population 7 to 1
An analysis of federal data compared with the migrant caravan population from Central America potentially offers some new insight.

Michelle Obama Slams Trump’s Inauguration Crowd: ‘My Husband’s was More Diverse’
Former First Lady Michelle Obama criticized the crowd size of Donald Trump’s inauguration insisting her husband’s ceremony was “more diverse.”

If the Democrats’ massive, coordinated election fraud is not stopped, the 2020 election will be completely STOLEN
After several Republican incumbents lost their midterm elections in what were considered safe, or relatively safe, “red” seats in otherwise deep blue California, a number of conservative political analysts have begun to examine just what happened in those districts and why, suddenly, they flipped to Democrats.

Czech president to debut first phase of embassy relocation on Jerusalem visit
Czech Republic President Milo Zeman is set to arrive Sunday for an official state visit in which the “Czech House” will be opened in Jerusalem as part of a process to relocate the country’s embassy.

Chinese scientist claims he created first-ever gene edited babies
Some protest crossing of ethical boundaries after He Jiankui says he used CRISPR technology to make HIV-resistant twin girls, in groundbreaking move that could rewrite biology

Martial Law Declared in Ukraine
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has imposed martial law after the country’s vessels faced off with Russian ships near Crimea. The measure is expected to last for 60 days and was earlier approved by Ukraine’s Security Council.

The Elites Admit Chemtrailing Is Real In Their New “Dim the Sun” Approach to Global Warming
There is a plot to dim the sun. Yes, that is correct and these are words of researchers from Harvard and Yale. In effect, these researchers are suggesting a program that looks a lot like that conspiracy theory, chemtrailing. These researchers are also betting on the fact that the public has a very short memory when it comes to the exposure of global warming as a fraud in the past decade!

Hundreds Of Violent Migrants Illegally Storm The US Port of Entry, Attack Guards With Projectiles As Customs Shuts The Whole Border Down
American authorities used tear gas on hundreds of migrants who tried to enter the United States illegally Sunday, prompting officials to shut down operations at the border crossing between this city and San Diego, one of the busiest in the world.