26 Nov 2018

Three IDF soldiers injured in car-ramming attack in Gush Etzion
Three IDF soldiers were injured in a car-ramming attack at the Gush Etzion junction, the IDF confirmed on Monday. “A terrorist rammed three soldiers who were doing construction work on a road between Beit Ummar and El-Aroub,” the army said in a statement. “One soldier was moderately wounded and two others were lightly wounded. One of the patrol soldiers fired and neutralized the terrorist. The soldiers were evacuated to receive medical treatment in a hospital.”

Air Force bolsters stealth power as more F-35I fighter jets land in Israel
The Israel Air Force received another two F-35I “Adir” stealth fighter jets on Sunday, bringing the total number of advanced jets in the Golden Eagle Squadron to 14. The two fifth-generation jets landed at the Israeli Air Force’s Nevatim base, southeast of Beersheba. Israel received its first two Adir fighter jets from the United States in December 2016 and the aircraft were declared operational approximately a year later…

A new phase in Israel-Gulf relations
Intelligence and Transportation Minister Israel Katz pushed for cooperation between Israel and the Gulf states in a speech in Oman on November 7. “In my view, cooperation between Israel and the Gulf states can and should be expanded,” he said. “Israel also has a lot to offer when it comes to water desalination and irrigation, agriculture and medicine.”

Whale stranding in New Zealand leaves 145 dead
A group of up to 145 pilot whales have died after becoming stranded on a beach on Stewart Island in New Zealand. The animals were discovered by a walker late on Saturday, strewn along the beach of Mason Bay. Authorities said half the whales had already died by then, while the other half were put down as it would have been too difficult to save them. In separate incidents, 12 pygmy whales and a sperm whale also beached in New Zealand over the weekend.

Queensland bushfires: Evacuations amid ‘highly unusual’ conditions
Hundreds of Australians have evacuated their homes due to bushfires amid “unprecedented” weather conditions in the state of Queensland, officials say. About 40 bushfires are burning across the state following a heatwave, said Queensland Fire and Emergency Services. The most serious blaze, 450km (280 miles) north of Brisbane, has destroyed at least two homes, damaged four others and prompted evacuation orders.

Iran earthquake: More than 700 injured in Kermanshah
More than 700 people have been injured in a 6.3-magnitude earthquake that struck western Iran on Sunday night, state television reports. The epicentre was in Kermanshah province, where last year more than 600 people were killed in the country’s deadliest earthquake in over a decade. Tremors were reportedly felt across the wider region, with reports of at least one death in nearby Iraqi Kurdistan.

An aging America: Old people will outnumber children for the first time in the country’s HISTORY
Adults 65 and older will soon outnumber children for the first time in America’s history, it has been revealed. The US Census Bureau released new projections this year that showed the country’s changing – and aging – demographics. By 2030 all baby boomers will be older than age 65 and one in every five Americans will be retirement age.

UN representative to Israelis: ‘Why do you keep living on Gaza border?’
A member of a UN Human Rights Council commission…asked two Israelis living near the strip, “If that is the situation, why do you continue living there?” Over the weekend, Batia Holin from Kibbutz Kfar Aza and Adele Raemer from Kibbutz Nirim accepted an invitation to speak in front of the UNHRC’s Independent Commission of Inquiry for events on the 2018 Gaza border and tell its members of life under the threat of arson terrorism and rocket fire.

Russia resists Western calls to free captured Ukrainian ships
Russia resisted international calls on Monday to release three Ukrainian naval ships that its border patrols had fired on and seized near Crimea at the weekend, triggering the most dangerous crisis in years between Moscow and Kiev.

Jordan faces wave of dissent as government’s troubles mount
When a flash flood swept a group of schoolchildren to their deaths in Jordan last month, a wave of public criticism pointed to wider discontent within the kingdom. The backlash against the government on social media questioned how anyone had been allowed into an area at risk of seasonal flooding near the Dead Sea. Two ministers were sacked over the tragedy and King Abdullah ordered an inquiry.

French government blames Marine Le Pen for violent Paris fuel protests}
In a second week of demonstrations, thousands are protesting against the steep rise in diesel prices brought in by the president.

3D-printed vegan steak and fries? Israeli startup says it has replicated meat
An Israeli startup hopes to disrupt the vegan food market by developing 3D printing technology that will be able to produce meat substitutes using plant-based formulations, saying the final product very closely resembles the experience of consuming natural meat. Its founder says it has “replicated… the complex matrix that is meat.”

Microchip: You will get chipped — eventually
You will get chipped. It’s just a matter of time. In the aftermath of a Wisconsin firm embedding microchips in employees last week to ditch company badges and corporate logons, the Internet has entered into full-throated debate.

New Research Has Concluded That All Humans Are Descendants Of Just One Couple Who Lived 200,000 Years Ago
Scientist David Thaler explained that he ‘fought against’ the conclusions of the ‘surprising’ study which suggests that human beings are the product of one couple that lived from between 100,000 to 200,000 years ago.

Mexico To Deport 500 Migrants Who Stormed US Border
Former Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., known as a staunch defender of Christian values during her tenure in the U.S. House, says she has witnessed fulfillment of a prophecy by Ezekiel during her lifetime.

Bachmann: ‘I have witnessed fulfillment of Ezekiel’s prophecy’
Former Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., known as a staunch defender of Christian values during her tenure in the U.S. House, says she has witnessed fulfillment of a prophecy by Ezekiel during her lifetime.

Ukraine’s President Calls For Martial Law, Citing Russian Aggression at Sea
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said late Sunday he would seek parliamentary approval to impose martial law, characterizing the move not as a declaration of war but as a defensive action in response to a clash between Ukrainian and Russian naval vessels near Russian-occupied Crimea.

Hundreds Of Violent Migrants Illegally Storm The US Port of Entry, Attack Guards With Projectiles As Customs Shuts The Whole Border Down
The caravan of migrants passed any number of other countries to get to the United States border with Mexico. And in true illegal immigrant fashion, over 1,000 of them rushed the border today, demanding entry, whilst hurling projectiles at border guards that made contact.

Pedophiles, Killers, Gang Members Arrested by Texas Border Agents
Texas Border Patrol agents have arrested a group of 39 migrants attempting to enter the United States illegally, with many of illegal immigrants having criminal histories that include convictions for homicide, child rape, and other sexual crimes against children.

San Diego Port of Entry Shut Down as Migrants Rush Border
The San Ysidro port of entry, among the largest border crossings between San Diego and Tijuana, was shut down by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents Sunday after hundreds of caravan migrants appeared to have attempted to breach a U.S.-Mexico border fence.

Russia Opens Fire On Ukrainian War Ships, Captures 3 Vessels Off The Coast Of Crimea As President Poroshenko Says This Is ‘War’
Russia has opened fire on Ukrainian ships and captured three vessels in a major escalation of tensions off the coast of Crimea. Three sailors have been wounded after the Ukrainian navy said two artillery boats were hit by the strikes in the Black Sea.

SIGN OF THE TIMES: After massive Islamic terror attacks, Berlin’s Christmas Market now looks like a military base
Christmas markets in Germany were widely known for their great ambiance and their tasty “Glühwein”, but this is changing rapidly.

Russia To Verify If USA Actually Landed On The Moon 50 Years Ago
The head of Russia’s Roscosmos space agency Dmitry Rogozin has suggested the Russian mission to the moon may involve establishing whether the United State’s moon landings were faked or not, although he seemed to be making a joke.

Iran’s supreme leader lashes out at ‘weak Zionist regime’
Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said Sunday that Israel is now “weaker” than it was 10 or 20 years ago, listing a number of military “defeats” he said the Jewish state had suffered over the years.

Report: Half a Billion Christians Facing Global Persecution
More than 60 percent of the world’s population of more than 7.5 billion reside in countries where the right to religious freedom is obstructed or denied. An estimated 505 million Christians face persecution for following their faith, a Catholic NGO Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) report indicated this week.