22 Nov 2018

Early Optimism Fades After EU-UK Agree Post-Brexit Terms
Britain and the European Union have agreed a draft text detailing a close post-Brexit economic relationship, paving the way for a summit of EU leaders to endorse the deal on Sunday.

Hayward: Yes, Jamal Khashoggi Was a Member of the Muslim Brotherhood
Daily Wire posted the Tur clip and noted that even the liberal Brookings Institute acknowledges Khashoggi was indeed a member of the Muslim Brotherhood: MSNBC’s Katy Tur lies about foreign national Jamal Khashoggi, falsely claims that he was not part of the “Muslim Brotherhood” The Brookings Institute: “Khashoggi had many friends among the Muslim Brotherhood and…had joined the movement himself as a young man”

When All Else Failed, Netanyahu Turned to Spiritual Guidance
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government almost fell this week. According to new reports, it was saved thanks to a bit of spiritual intervention.

Mueller actually investigating president’s joke
This Mueller clown actually thinks that Trump was asking the Russians to hack Hillary’s computers! This is beyond my ability to comprehend this. This culture, this society has lost all sense of any kind of adult sense of humor. It is just beyond me that this is actually what Mueller was focusing on in his written questions to the Trumpster. Holy smokes!”

‘Abbas ordered crackdown on Palestinians who sold property to Jews’
The Palestinian Authority security forces are going after east Jerusalem residents who are suspected of selling properties to Israeli Jews, on “direct orders” from PA President Mahmoud Abbas, a Fatah spokesman revealed on Thursday. An Israeli law passed in 1995 bans the PA from engaging in political, diplomatic, security or security-related activities within the area of Israel, including east Jerusalem.

U.N. calls on Israel to halt daily violations of Lebanese airspace
Israel has increased its almost daily aerial actions in Lebanese airspace by 35% from July to October 24, in response to growing IDF concern over Hezbollah missiles and Iranian activity in the country and neighboring Syria. The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon “recorded 550 air violations, totaling 2,057 overflight hours,” according to a report written by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres…

Australia dust storm: Health warning as skies change colour
A giant dust storm has blanketed communities across south-east Australia, turning skies orange and raising concerns about air quality. Authorities issued a public health alert for Sydney on Thursday as the 500km-wide (310 miles) dust band reached the city and caused flight delays. Many regions elsewhere in New South Wales (NSW) have had poor visibility.

Iran says US bases in Middle East within reach of its missiles
A top Iranian general claimed US military personnel and assets in the Middle East are within range of his country’s missiles Wednesday, amid ongoing tensions between Tehran and Washington. Amirali Hajizadeh, the head of the air division for the hard-line Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, said improvements to Iran’s missile arsenal had put US bases in Qatar, the UAE and Afghanistan within reach, as well as US aircraft carriers stationed in the Persian Gulf…

U.S., Allies Fear Conflict With China Following Maritime Changes
A little noticed organizational change in China’s maritime patrols is causing increasing anxiety among Western military officials and their allies in the region, who fear Beijing is seeking new leverage to advance its goals and raising the likelihood that an accidental encounter could escalate into conflict. The U.S. confirmed earlier this year that China has reorganized its coast guard to serve as a military branch rather than answer to law enforcement authorities.

Utah students pass out Planned Parenthood ‘swag’ at ‘Condom Fashion Show’
Dressed in colorful outfits made partially from condoms, students at Westminster College in Utah raffled Planned Parenthood “swag” at a “Condom Fashion Show” intended to raise awareness of reproductive rights. Students United for Reproductive Freedom (SURF) at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah, hosted a Condom Fashion Show at Westminster’s Bill & Vieve Gore School of Business Auditorium on Nov. 14.

Report: Trump to postpone release of ‘deal of century’ plan
US President Donald Trump has decided to postpone the release of his Middle East peace plan dubbed as the “deal of the century” to February 2019 to please Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as reported by the Al-Quds newspaper. According to sources, Netanyahu prefers the plan not to be released at all, especially in light of the current situation in the Middle East.

Israel’s loneliness is a tragicity
Europe is secluded in a corner, sedentary and wealthy, unable to act and think, risking becoming a subservient peninsula of the Middle East in chaos. I throw myself into a forecast: in 2048, Israel will celebrate its 100th anniversary with a smile, while many of the European countries that today vote against the Jewish enclave in the Middle East will be unrecognizable.

Jews and Arabs develop solutions for Middle East peace in hackathon
Fifty young women and men took part in a hackathon in order to find solutions to the barriers to Middle East peace on Friday. The young people came from all over Israel and from almost all of the country’s universities and colleges. Two-thirds of the participants were Jews and the rest were Arabs, Druze and others; 60% of the participants were women. For 24 hours, they defined barriers to peace and developed possible solutions for them.

Israeli Left-Wing Parties Hold Conference to Rid Hebron of Jews
Joint List and Meretz Knesset members will host a conference at the Knesset next week calling for the immediate expulsion of Jews from the ancient city of Hebron. The “Hebron First” conference will include a speech by the executive director of the radical pro-Palestinian organization B’Tselem, who was recently invited by the U.N. Security Council to give a speech condemning Israel’s treatment of Palestinians.

New York Bill Proposes Law for Gun Owners to Open Up Social Media Accounts
A proposed new bill for a change in New York law would require gun owners in the state to open up their social media accounts and online search history to authorities when applying for, or renewing, their handgun license.

Sweden could not care less about their 10,000 elderly citizens that are homeless, as they focus all of their intention on housing and funding Islamic migrants
Recently an exhibition of migrants posing in front of empty tents, was organised to persuade Solna Municipality to give them priority on the social housing waiting list.

Bishop Jackson: ‘Anti-God, Anti-Christian Mindset Permeates’ CNN
Commenting on the cable news network CNN, Bishop E.W. Jackson said that it was founded by the notorious atheist Ted Turner and his mindset, which is “anti-God and anti-Christian,” permeates the entire news outlet. This anti-Christian spirit is apparent in CNN’s lead anchor, added Bishop Jackson.

Murders of transgender people rising worldwide
Nearly 3,000 transgender people were murdered over the last decade worldwide. The most common causes of death were shooting, stabbing and beating

Multiple LGBT Couples On The Central American Caravan Get Married In A ‘Mass Wedding’
Roughly 80 LGBT caravan riders traveling from Central America to the United States broke away from the main group and headed towards Tijuana separately. When they got to Tijuana, officiants from the Unitarian Universalist delegation on Saturday threw a mass wedding where at least seven LGBT couples wed, The Hill reported. Baja California, where Tijuana is located, is one of a handful of states that recognizes same-sex marriages in Mexico.

Iran Had Secret Plans to Build Five Nuclear Warheads
A new bombshell report based on a secret trove of seized Iranian nuclear documents shows the Islamic Republic had concrete plans to manufacture and build at least five nuclear weapons and that it was much further along in this scheme than previously known by the international community.

Stunned Volunteer At City Of David Sifting Project Finds An Unbelievably Rare ‘Bekah’ Stone Weight From First Temple In Jerusalem
The discovery of the Bekah stone, a Biblical measure of weight used in the First Temple, is about as incredible a link to the Old Testament as you could hope to find in 2018. I know we walk by faith and ‘not by sight’ in the Church Age, but I love when the Lord gives us these little ‘handfuls of purpose’ that we can see with our eyes. If you love the Bible, this is the Super Bowl of discoveries, that’s how rare it is.

US Abortions Hit Lowest Number Ever Since Roe V Wade
The U.S. saw the lowest number of abortions ever reported between 2014 and 2015 since abortion was legalized in 1973 after Roe V. Wade, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

White House Authorizes Troops To ‘Use Force’ Ahead of Migrant Caravan Arrival
Donald Trump’s chief of staff, John Kelly, has signed a “Cabinet order” that gives special permission to thousands of U.S. troops deployed to the U.S.-Mexico border to use force if necessary ahead of the migrant caravan arrival.

‘Good Morning America’ Promotes 10-Year-Old Child ‘Drag Queen’
ABC’s “Good Morning America” championed a 10-year-old Desmond Napoles, a prepubescent boy who dresses up as a woman.

Paris Climate Agreement Exposed As Total Sham: Trump Proven Right
Flashback to the literal implosion of leftists and radical environmentalists following President Donald Trump’s 2017 announcement he was to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Agreement on climate change  Obama signed the nation into.

Soros-Funded Lawyers Helping Caravan Migrants Gain Entry to the US
As thousands of Central American caravan migrants descend on Mexico’s northern border towns, a group of George Soros-backed attorneys is helping them gain entry to the United States.

Border Patrol Concerned Migrants might Rush U.S. Border While Drug Cartels Find New Routes
Border Patrol agents and other law enforcement officials fear the growing number of migrants amassing along the United States border in Tijuana, Mexico will try to rush the U.S. port of entry as the situation has been exacerbated in recent days by the increased conflict between the migrants and locals, former and current U.S. law enforcement officials said.

Up to 85,000 children ‘dead of starvation or disease in Yemen’
Saudi-led coalition, battling Iran-aligned Huthi rebels, have blockaded port where 80% of food arrives in the country, forcing Save the Children aid group to use slower land route

Man Charged in Child Sex Abuse Case Involving 300 Boys in Norway
Authorities in Norway have arrested and charged a man in his twenties with child sex offenses involving the sexual abuse of 300 boys, prosecutors confirmed on Tuesday.