14 Nov 2018

Texas Abortion Clinics: We Should be Able to Dismember Unborn Babies While Their Hearts are Still Beating
A closely-watched abortion trial concluded Wednesday in Texas with the abortion industry arguing that they should be allowed to continue dismembering living, second-trimester unborn babies while their hearts still are beating. “At the end of the day, the abortion industry was forced to graphically describe the draconian and violent process of taking a child’s life through dismemberment, while also defending the practice they claim Texas has no right to prohibit,” the pro-life group said in a statement.

Minnesota’s CAIR‘s Jaylani Hussein Tries to Link White Christian Protestants to the KKK!
Jaylani Hussein Executive director from CAIR Minnesota (Council on American-Islamic Relations) and Linda Gordon author of “The Second Coming of the KKK” join up at St. Cloud State University November 2, 2018, in hopes of playing the sympathies of the ignorant, about 30 people showed up

Illegal Alien Accused of Killing Three Was a DACA Recipient
An illegal alien accused of killing three people has been a recipient of the Obama-era Deferred Action for Child Arrivals (DACA) program, immigration officials say.

British, EU Negotiators Settle On Draft For Brexit Deal
Downing Street says the negotiators settled on the technical terms for Britain’s divorce from the EU and that officials on both sides will review the plan for final approval. British cabinet officials are set to meet Wednesday afternoon to consider the draft agreement, May’s office said.

Israel Ambassador to UN: No ‘Two Sides’ Concerning Gaza
Danon also said, “Certain morally bankrupt members of the Security Council will jump to blame Israel, and others who pretend to be objective will call for restraint on both sides. But let me be clear: there is no ‘both sides.’” “There is Hamas that attacks and fires over 460 missiles at civilians, and there is Israel that protects its people,” he added. “The Security Council must condemn Hamas for its aggressive assault and finally designate it as a terrorist organization.”

Israelis Develop Breakthrough Technology for Engineering Body Tissues
A “breakthrough” in basic research has just been reported by researchers at Tel Aviv University (TAU) in Israel…They have succeeded in developing a technology for engineering all types of body tissues from a tiny piece of fat from the recipient. The results of the groundbreaking study were published in the journal Advanced Materials, and the new technology has been successfully tested on animals and human immune cells.

Death toll in California’s Camp Fire now 48
The death toll in the largest wildfire in California history rose Tuesday as the remains of six additional people were found, officials said. The human remains – which were found in Paradise, Butte County – were located in homes, Sheriff Kory Honea said at a news conference Tuesday. The discoveries bring the death toll in the Camp Fire to 48.

‘If Liberman resigns, Netanyahu will dissolve Knesset’
Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman’s apparent plans to resign from the governing coalition would lead to the end of the 20th Knesset and early elections, a senior coalition official close to the Prime Minister said Wednesday.

As Earth exits one stream of solar wind, another stream is on the way. Estimated time of arrival: Nov. 18th.

As California Burns, Jerry Brown Takes Heat For Vetoing 2016 Wildfire Mitigation Bill
California Gov. Jerry Brown’s decision to veto a 2016 bipartisan bill aimed at mitigating wildfire risks from power lines and utility equipment has become the focus of critics as fires rage across the state. Wildfires have scorched more than 221,000 acres across California since Thursday, and Brown’s critics are pointing to the two-year-old veto as news reports suggest power lines may have sparked the deadliest wildfire in California’s history.

Mt. Sinai in Saudi Arabia? See for yourself
For villagers and Bedouins in northwest Saudi Arabia, it’s simply a matter of fact that the “mountain of Moses,” where the great prophet received the Ten Commandments directly from God and other iconic biblical events took place, is in their midst. That assertion conflicts with the conventional wisdom of scholars who believe the site is in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. But the few Westerners who have visited the highly restricted area in the highly restricted Islamic kingdom insist that seeing is believing. And there are others who have done extensive research over the years who agree. “Local Saudis we met were proud of the fact that Moses and the Israelites were there,” Mauro said. One local said, “This is our land, but it is also the land of the Yahud [Jews] who came here long ago.”

Ireland Probes Possible UFO Sighting After Multiple Pilots Report “High Speed, Bright Lights”
… the pilot can be heard saying they witnessed a “a bright light” that had been flying at a very fast speed beside her plane before it “disappeared at very high speed.” And as it turns out, the British Airlines pilot wasn’t the only one to see the vessel. After a Virgin Airlines pilot joined the conversation to suggest that it might have been a meteor re-entering Earth’s atmosphere, the pilot added that there were “multiple objects following the same sort of trajectory,” and that they were “very bright where we were.” Then a third pilot joined the conversation to say “Glad it wasn’t just me,” and reported a UFO that was “astronomical, it was like Mach 2.”

Netanyahu defends Gaza ceasefire, says Hamas ‘begged’ to stop fighting
Hamas “begged” for a ceasefire, and “they know very well why,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday morning, in his first public statements since the government agreed to a ceasefire in the South that went into effect Tuesday evening. Speaking at Midreshet Ben-Gurion in Sde Boker at the annual memorial for David and Paula Ben-Gurion, Netanyahu said that he cannot detail Israel’s plans for the future regarding the situation in Gaza.

Ceasefire goes into effect in south following unprecedented rocket barrage
An unofficial cease-fire went into effect in the South on Tuesday evening following a barrage of some 460 rockets fired on Israel from the Gaza Strip. Whether the cease-fire will remain in place, one Israeli official said, is dependent on what happens on the ground. The joint command of the Palestinian armed factions announced the cease-fire on Tuesday afternoon, saying they would abide by the Egyptian-brokered deal “as long as the Zionist enemy does the same.”

Brexit: Theresa May to face cabinet showdown over deal
Theresa May faces a crunch cabinet meeting later as she tries to win colleagues’ support for a draft Brexit agreement between the UK and EU. Senior ministers will gather in Downing Street at 14:00 GMT amid calls to reject the deal from both senior Brexiteers and some Remain supporters. The Democratic Unionists have warned it could lead to the break-up of the UK.

Italy budget: Rome rejects European Commission demands
The Italian government has defied the European Commission by sticking to its big-spending budget plan. Finance Minister Giovanni Tria said it would stick to a deficit target of 2.4% and a growth forecast of 1.5%. The Commission, worried by the impact of high spending on Italy’s high levels of debt, had told Rome to revise the budget or face possible fines.

Oil price drops amid fears over demand
Oil prices have dropped to their lowest level in over eight months amid fears about a slowdown in demand. International benchmark Brent crude dropped almost 7% to $65.11 (£50.24) a barrel, its lowest level since March. US oil – known as West Texas Intermediate – fell over 7% to $55.69, its lowest level since November last year and the twelfth day it has fallen.

Activists fear Woolsey Fire may have released toxic materials at Santa Susana Field Lab
Santa Susana Field Laboratory cleanup activists fear that hazardous materials may have been released when the Woolsey Fire burned a portion of the contaminated site last week. The California Department of Toxic Substances Control, which is overseeing the long-planned cleanup of the field lab, site of a 1959 partial nuclear meltdown…says it doesn’t believe any contaminants that pose a risk to people were released.

Sniper bullets that never miss, weaponised insects and human experiments to boost brainpower… the incredible sci-fi innovations developed by DARPA
BULLETS that never miss, super soldiers with extreme strength and robot warriors capable of rising up against humans may sound like the stuff of science fiction… but the truth is that they have all already been developed. A top-secret US government body called the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)…has developed as part of its mission to revolutionise the way America fights the wars of the future.

Privacy concerns as Google absorbs DeepMind’s health division
Privacy advocates have raised concerns about patients’ data after Google said it would take control of its subsidiary DeepMind’s healthcare division. Google, which acquired London-based artificial intelligence lab DeepMind in 2014, said on Tuesday that the DeepMind Health brand, which uses NHS patient data, will cease to exist and the team behind its medical app Streams will join Google as part of Google Health.

Just in time for Thanksgiving, the CDC is warning of a deadly turkey salmonella outbreak
Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching which means family gatherings, lots of laughter, and of course the traditional consumption of one particular kind of bird. But while you’re making plans to whip up the most impressive turkey dish you can muster, remember that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are still working on a nearly year-long investigation into a turkey salmonella outbreak that has already claimed at least one life and left over 150 sick.

To eliminate Islamic migration permanently, Hungary passes the STOP SOROS LAWS which ban any form of aid to illegal Muslim migrants
Hungary’s parliament passed a series of laws on Wednesday criminalizing the act of aiding undocumented immigrants seeking asylum in the country, despite strong objections from leading European rights bodies.

Professor Warns: Amazon Echo is “Always Recording” Your Conversations
A media professor has warned that Amazon Echo and other such devices are “always recording” private conversations without the consent of their owners.

THIRD TIME THE CHARM? After Starting Both World Wars I and II, Germany Now Calls For The Creation Of A Massive European Army
If history is any guide to future events, Germany will indeed be the driving force behind the start of WWIII whenever that finally begins. There is just something about the mindset of the German people in Europe that leads them towards dreams of world domination. They came pretty close in WWI, they came frighteningly close in WWII, and one might well imagine the third time just may be the charm.

Mt. Sinai in Saudi Arabia? See for yourself
For villagers and Bedouins in northwest Saudi Arabia, it’s simply a matter of fact that the “mountain of Moses,” where the great prophet received the Ten Commandments directly from God and other iconic biblical events took place, is in their midst.

FBI says hate crimes against Jews in the US rose by 37% last year
Hate crimes against Jews in America rose by more than a third last year and accounted for 58 percent of all religion-based hate crimes, according to data released Tuesday by the FBI, even though Jews make up only some 2 percent of the population.

Judge Orders Amazon Echo Recordings To Be Handed Over For Murder Case
A judge in New Hampshire has ordered Amazon to hand over recordings taken by one of its smart home devices in the hopes that it will solve a murder case from 2017.

UK Company Set To Implant Microchips Into ‘Hundreds Of Thousands’ Of Workers
No longer a conspiracy theory? Back in September Neon Nettle reported that experts were warning that everyone will end up receiving a microchip implant.

Prenatal Surgery Exposes Abortion for What It Is
In an age of prenatal medical breakthroughs—and I mean incredible breakthroughs—it’s hard to imagine how abortion can still be considered healthcare.

Hamas Just Launched More Than 300 Rockets Into Israel, International Community is Silent
Over the past two days terrorist organization Hamas, in partnership with Islamic Jihad, launched more than 300 rockets from the Gaza Strip into Israeli communities.

The Trump Effect: The formerly anti-Israel US State Department stands 100% behind the Jewish State’s retaliation against Hamas rocket attacks, blames terror group alone for the chaos
As the latest attacks against Israel from Hamas have taken place in Gaza, the U.S. State Department condemned the terrorist group and reaffirmed that Israel has the right to defend itself.

Despite Rocket Attacks, Israel Continues Delivering Supplies To Gaza
According to reports there were five gas tankers, 30 fuel tankers and hundreds of other trucks with humanitarian goods that delivered their goods to Gaza.

Turkey demands an immediate end to Israeli retaliatory strikes, as Erdogan slams the Jewish State for protecting itself against Hamas rockets
Following massive wave of rocket attacks by Gaza terror groups on Israel, Turkish government demands Israel refrain from responding.

Mandatory/Forced Vaccinations a Blatant Violation of the Nuremberg Code
“If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.” – Thomas Jefferson

Berkeley Christian Student Senator Pressured To Resign For Abstaining From Vote For Religious Beliefs
A Christian student senator at the University of California, Berkeley, is being ousted from her position after abstaining from a resolution that condemns the Trump administration for considering narrowing the definition of gender.

At least 108 people wounded in Israel in two days of rocket fire
Hospitals say dozens treated for shock after over 460 rockets and mortar shells fired at Israeli towns by Gazan terror groups

Gov’t Should Not Punish People for Disagreeing with State-Mandated Sexual Orthodoxy
It’s a tactic followed by all totalitarian regimes: To control people’s thoughts, begin by controlling their speech. Require them to verbally affirm the regime’s dogmas—even if they disagree with those dogmas.

Lack of sunspots to bring record cold, warns NASA scientist – Ice Age Now
“It could happen in a matter of months,” says Martin Mlynczak of NASA’s Langley Research Center.

France Minister: Europe Must Become an ‘Empire’ to Compete with U.S.
France’s Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire has called for Europe to become an “empire” to compete with the United States after the country’s President Emmanuel Macron called for an EU army to defend against the NATO ally.

Women’s March Loses Human Rights Award Due To Rampant Anti-Semitism
Since the Women’s March was founded in 2017 before President Donald Trump had actually done anything, praise has been heaped upon it merely for existing and being made up of women. But now that the anti-Semitic beliefs of some of the group’s founders are finally starting to get recognition, some of those who formerly praised the organization are now pulling back.