11 Nov 2018

Death toll up to at least 23 in California town devastated by wildfire
The air thick with smoke from a ferocious wildfire that was still burning homes Saturday, residents who stayed behind to try to save their property or who managed to get back to their neighborhoods in this Northern California town found cars incinerated and homes reduced to rubble.

A massive Muslim caravan is crossing over into Europe, and almost every single one of them is armed with a knife according to intelligence reports – how should border control deal with this?
A Breakthrough Of More Than 20,000 Migrants Preparing To Cross The Bosnia-Croatia Border And On To European Union (Eu) Nations Is Imminent, According To Austrian Intelligence, Which Warns Many Are “Armed”.

GROUNDBREAKING: Israeli 3D bioprinted lungs to be available for global transplants
CollPlant, an Israeli regenerative medicine company focused on 3D bioprinting of tissues and organs, signed a license, development and commercialization agreement with United Therapeutics Corporation of Maryland for 3D bioprinted lung transplants.

Scotland to mandate LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum across all public schools
In what is thought to be a world first, Scotland has approved a plan to mandate an LGBTQ-inclusive education at all public schools across the country.

Rescue workers find bodies after fire ravages California town
At least 11 killed in fast-moving Camp Fire near Sacramento; second blaze still raging in southern California beach town of Malibu, forcing evacuation of some 200,000

Producer: Guns portrayed in good light gets ‘R’ rating
No profanity. No sex, no gore, no torture. There’s no glamorized violence. Yet “The Reliant,” a faith-based movie about life, values and the threat of anarchy in the world, has been given an R rating from the Motion Picture Association of America.

80 Years Ago The Nazis Unleashed Their Brutal Campaign Against Jews. Today The World Mourns The Violence Of That Night
The 80th anniversary of Kristallnacht communicates a dire warning in the wake of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting and a worldwide surge of modern anti-Semitism.

California’s Most Devastating Wildfire in HISTORY Forces 250k to Evacuate Malibu
California’s most destructive fire in its history has left at least nine people dead, and thousands of homes are under threat as the 250,000 people are forced to evacuate Malibu to escape the inferno.

Dramatic 20 Percent Rise in Homicides in France
Newly released statistics from the French Interior Ministry have revealed a massive 20 percent increase in French homicides compared to the period of 2014 to 2015.

Voters elect chief justice who found Roe unconstitutional
Alabama Associate Supreme Court Justice Tom Parker, who just weeks ago in a court opinion called the U.S. Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade ruling unconstitutional, was elected chief justice by the state’s voters.

2 Israeli tourists said missing in Jordan as flash floods kill 11
The Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry said Saturday that authorities have lost communication with two Israeli travelers in southern Jordan amid deadly flash floods across several areas that have so far claimed the lives of 11 people since Friday.

Iran and South Korea Agree Cross-Currency Trade Deal to Dump US Dollar
In a move to drop the US dollar from international trade, Iran and South Korea have agreed on a new cross-currency deal.

Baby boom for some nations, bust for others: study
Soaring birth rates in developing nations are fuelling a global baby boom while women in dozens of richer countries aren’t producing enough children to maintain population levels there, according to figures released Friday.

Abbas vows to continue paying prisoners and their families
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said on Saturday that attempts to separate the Gaza Strip from the West Bank will not succeed, and vowed to continue payments to Palestinian security prisoners held by Israel and their families. Abbas was referring to continued efforts by Egypt, Qatar and the United Nations to achieve a truce agreement between Israel and Hamas.

Netanyahu defends allowing Qatari funds to Gaza
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the decision to permit Qatar to pay the salaries of thousands of civil servants in Gaza “the right step” on Saturday night. Speaking to reporters as he set off for Paris to join World War I commemorations alongside other world leaders, Netanyahu said the deal with Qatar, approved for humanitarian reasons, was backed by both the military and his top-level political security cabinet.

DR Congo Ebola outbreak: Death toll passes 200
More than 200 people have now died in the latest outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo, according to health officials. About half the victims were from Beni, a city of 800,000 in the North Kivu region, the national health authority said. A vaccination programme has so far inoculated about 25,000 people.

Jo Johnson: ‘Democratic travesty’ not to have another Brexit vote
The UK needs to “pause and reflect” before doing something “irrevocably stupid” over Brexit, Jo Johnson said a day after quitting as a minister. On BBC Radio 4’s Today he called again for another referendum, saying what was being offered fell “spectacularly short” of what had been promised. The ex-transport minister said it would be a “democratic travesty” to not have another vote.

Brazil: Mudslide in Rio de Janeiro state kills 10
Rescuers are searching for survivors from a Brazilian landslide that killed 10 people, including at least one child. The incident happened in Rio de Janeiro state in the early hours of Saturday, following two days of heavy downpour. A boulder slid down a slope and hit a group of houses in the city of Niterói, according to the local fire service.

California wildfires: Death toll rises to 25
The death toll in the wildfires raging through California has risen to 25, according to officials. This comes after 14 more bodies were discovered in or near the decimated town of Paradise in the state’s north, bringing the number of confirmed dead there to 23. Two more people were killed in the south, near Malibu.

Lodi Man Gets Second Chance At Life When Brain Tumor Vanishes Without Surgery
It’s a medical mystery that’s left several doctors scratching their heads. A suspected malignant brain tumor vanishes without treatment giving a patient a second chance at life. It happened to a Lodi man who turned to his faith and the very community he has spent years helping. Several months ago, Lodi father and community volunteer Paul Wood realized something just wasn’t right.

Google Search Says Republican Women Are ‘Enablers’
Republican women are “enablers,” according to Google search results. Google’s search results for the National Federation of Republican Women, the nation’s largest Republican women’s group, displayed the organization’s name instead as the “National Federation of Republican Enablers.” Google cited Wikipedia for the disparaging description, though Wikipedia’s page for the women’s group doesn’t contain that description.

France to hunt for tax cheats on social media
France’s tax administrators will start searching through social media accounts in early 2019, a pilot project in the fight against tax avoidance, Budget Minister Gerald Darmanin told weekly business TV show Capital. The idea is to identify potential frauds by analyzing publicly-available data on individuals’ social media accounts, Darmanin said, according to excerpts of the show to be broadcast on Sunday.

Robots will soon match humans in creativity, emotional intelligence
As if we didn’t already have enough to worry about when it comes to artificially intelligent machines being able to perform many tasks faster and better than humans can, potentially stealing our jobs in the future and presenting what some technologists worry is an existential threat to humanity, now it appears AI will soon be able to match humans at being, well, human, too.

Recount to begin in Florida Senate and governor’s races, in echo of 2000 presidential election
Three statewide contests in Florida — including the closely watched Senate race — headed for history-making recounts…with the lead by Gov. Rick Scott (R) over Sen. Bill Nelson (D) in the marquee contest shrinking to 12,562 votes out of nearly 8.2 million cast. The 0.15 percent margin is narrow enough to not only trigger a machine recount, which by law must be completed by Thursday, but is likely to result in a recount by hand across the state…

U.S. on a Course to Spend More on Debt Than Defense
In the past decade, U.S. debt held by the public has risen to $15.9 trillion from $5.1 trillion, but financing all of that debt hasn’t been a problem. Low inflation and strong global demand for safe U.S. Treasury bonds held the government’s interest costs down. That’s in the process of changing. Interest rates are rising as inflation normalizes around the Federal Reserve’s 2% target.

Trump, Macron agree on defense after ‘insulting’ European army spat
U.S. President Donald Trump and France’s Emmanuel Macron agreed on Saturday on the need for more European defense spending, papering over an earlier Trump tweet that had described Macron’s call for a European army as “very insulting”. Meeting for talks at the Elysee a day before commemorations to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One, Macron welcomed Trump under rainy Parisian skies with a firm handshake.