2 Nov 2018

U.S. Troops May Use Force Against Caravan Members Who Initiate Violence
These migrants are not legitimate asylum seekers,” he said. “They’re not looking for protection because if they were, they’d be able to get it from Mexico.” Trump is right, of course. Legitimate refugees fleeing persecution in their homelands are obligated under international law to seek the protection of the first country they enter, not the country they like the most.

Israel Presses to End International Observer Mission in Hebron
The Temporary International Presence in Hebron, or ‎TIPH, is a civilian observer mission that was formed ‎in the wake of the 1994 Cave of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs ‎massacre, in which Jewish terrorist Baruch Goldstein ‎killed 29 Muslim worshipers and wounded 125 others ‎as they gathered for a prayer service inside the ‎holy site. ‎ Recently, however, there has been a growing number ‎of complaints alleging its members are ‎systematically and violently targeting the Jewish ‎community in Hebron. ‎

Mattis on border deployment: ‘We don’t do stunts in this department’
When asked by reporters at the Pentagon if the latest deployment of 5,200 American troops to the U.S.-Mexico border is a political stunt, Mattis responded, “We don’t do stunts in this department.” President Donald Trump on Wednesday said that up to 15,000 troops could be sent to the border in advance of the migrant caravan making its way through Mexico to the United States. This, after it was announced earlier this week that an additional 5,200 troops would deploy to the border. Such a number of troops is comparable to the number of troops currently deployed to Afghanistan.

A Snake, The Temple, and Messiah
the appearance of a snake coming out of the stones of the Temple Mount could be seen as an auspicious sign. In gematria (Hebrew numerology) nachash (snake) נחש equals 358, the same as Moshiach (Messiah) משיח. The Zohar (the basis of Jewish mysticism) explained that the evil inclination, personified by the snake in Eden, will make a resurgence in the days before Messiah,…

Oman’s foreign minister meets Abbas
Oman’s foreign affairs minister on Wednesday met Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas and delivered a letter about Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s surprise visit to the Gulf sultanate last week, AFP reported, citing official PA media. The minister, Yusuf bin Alawi, gave Abbas the letter from Oman’s Sultan Qaboos, the official PA news agency Wafa said. It provided no further details on their discussions in Ramallah.

Now Biden calls for GOP congressman to learn ‘threshold of pain’
Joe Biden only a week ago called for an end to “this division, this hatred, this ugliness” around the 2018 midterm elections. Now he’s calling for a union official to come up and show a member of Congress “a threshold of pain.” It’s the latest in the Democrats’ rhetoric calling for violence around next week’s election. A post on the Twitter news aggregating site Twitchy said it “seems like only last week when Joe Biden was decrying ‘this division, this hatred, this ugliness.’ Probably because it was only last week.” Here Biden’s latest: Joe Biden suggests union president should attack GOP Congressman @KevinCramer, “show him a threshold of pain.” https://t.co/G7SXVHVxp1 pic.twitter.com/fDIJTsnuKB

Staffer spills guv candidate’s hidden, far-left agenda Florida’s Gillum among ‘crazy, crazy’ progressives in ‘cracker state’
The Democratic candidate in a close race for governor of Florida, Rep. Andrew Gillum, is the latest target in a Project Veritas undercover video series “revealing secrets and lies from political campaigns in 2018.” Released Wednesday night, the video features campaign staffer Omar Smith, a college friend of Gillum who refers to Florida as a “f***ed up state” and a “cracker state” in which the campaign must appeal to “white guilt.”

Christian Leaders Release Video on Soros’s ‘Rented Evangelicals’
The American Association of Evangelicals (AAE) is warning about progressive wolves in Christians’ clothing. The AAE on Monday released an explosive three-minute video, “Soros’s Rented Evangelicals” exploring the George Soros network’s funding of “evangelical mascots” and a “Rent-an-Evangelical” tactic to confuse and divide the Christian vote for the pro-faith, pro-life Republican party.

Israel, China deepen business ties with bilateral collaboration agreements
Business ties between Israel and China took another step forward as several high-level bilateral collaboration agreements were signed at the fourth annual China Yunnan-Israel Innovation Cooperation Forum… One week after the business-oriented visit of Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan, a high-level business delegation from China’s southwestern Yunnan province including Vice Governor Zong Guoying arrived in the country to deepen relations with Israel’s innovation scene.

Report: China holds seminars to teach other countries how to restrict online speech
Internet freedom is in decline across much of the globe as various governments crack down on dissent and so-called fake news, according to an annual report from Freedom House, a nonprofit that receives much of its funding from the U.S. government. China is not only continuing to restrict online speech within its own borders, but also providing seminars and tours to delegations from other countries, where it promotes its restrictive techniques and tools.

Finnish soldiers find ‘secret Russian military bases’ after raiding mysterious island
Retired to a tiny island in an archipelago between Finland and Sweden, Leo Gastgivar awoke early one morning to visit the outhouse in his bathrobe, only to notice two black speedboats packed with Finnish commandos in camouflage fatigues waiting in the bay near his front door. After an exchange of awkward greetings, Mr Gastgivar went inside, collected a pair of binoculars and watched aghast as the commandos raced off towards the island of his nearest neighbour, a mysterious Russian businessman he had never met or even seen.

Cross talk: Federal agencies clash on cellphone cancer risk
Two U.S. government agencies are giving conflicting interpretations of a safety study on cellphone radiation: One says it causes cancer in rats. The other says there’s no reason for people to worry. No new research was issued Thursday. Instead, the National Toxicology Program dialed up its concerns about a link to heart and brain cancer from a study of male rats that was made public last winter.

Report: Palestinian factions agree to temporary halt of violence
The Palestinian factions in Gaza have agreed to temporarily halt the violence on the border in order to chance the Egyptian efforts to reach ceasefire understandings with Israel, a source in the strip told Ynet on Thursday. According to the source, the agreement between the Palestinian factions includes a halt to incendiary balloons, tire burning and the nightly protests on the border.

U.S. grants eight countries Iran sanctions waivers: Bloomberg
The U.S. government has agreed to let eight countries, including close allies South Korea and Japan, as well as India, keep buying Iranian oil after it reimposes sanctions on Tehran next week, Bloomberg cited a U.S. official as saying. Iran’s biggest oil customers – all in Asia – have been seeking sanctions waivers to allow them to continue buying some of its oil and have argued that a total ban would spur a further rally in the price of crude.

New York Times Begins Propaganda Campaign In Attempt To Sanitize George Soros Ahead Of Midterm Elections
..Democrats and Far Left Liberals are the recipients of his funding, and in fact, George Soros recently purchased $3,000,000.00 in stock holdings of the New York Times. So is it any wonder that now the NYT has begun publishing videos and articles that attempt to show Soros in a positive light, and cast the people who expose him for the evil he truly is as ‘conspiracy nuts’ and ‘right wing extremists’?

800 influential Islamic scholars from 120 countries to meet in order to establish that Islam is a religion of peace that poses no threat to the world
If it really were a religion of peace, they wouldn’t have to hold big conferences to prove it; it would be obvious to everyone. But there is an unfortunate reality that the Forum for Promoting Peace in Muslim Societies is likely to ignore: there has never been a period since the beginning of Islam that was characterized by large-scale peaceful coexistence between Muslims and non-Muslims.

French President Emmanuel Macron Says He Has Middle East ‘Peace Plan’ If Trump’s Long-Awaited Proposal Fails
Rumors about the details of President Trump’s peace plan between Israel and the Palestinians swirl incessantly, but almost no tangible details have surfaced so far.

BETO BOMBSHELL: New Video Shows Staffers Used Campaign Funds to ‘ILLEGALLY AID’ Migrant Caravan
Unbelievable undercover footage released by Project Veritas Thursday raises serious legal and ethical questions surrounding Beto O’Rourke’s senate campaign; revealing top staffers potentially violated federal law by using campaign finances to help undocumented workers traveling with the ‘migrant caravan.’

Trump is sending US troops to the Mexican border to stop the migrant caravans threatening to invade the US – and they WILL be armed
The Pentagon is preparing to send as many as 5,000 additional troops to the southwest border to assist the Border Patrol, more than doubling the military presence there, according to two U.S. officials.

New hardcore Brazil President to close ‘Palestinian’ embassy: “You do not negotiate with terrorists and they’re not a country”
A refreshing dose of reality from a country that has supported the “Palestinian” jihad for a considerable period.

US military stokes World War 3 tensions with launch of massive Global Thunder nuclear drills
SIMMERING international tensions have been ramped up with the launch of the US military’s Global Thunder 2019 command and control exercise.

MIDDLE EAST BOMBSHELL: ‘Palestinians’ End Recognition of Israel, Void All Peace Agreements With the Jewish State
The Palestinian Central Council (PCC), which met in Ramallah over two days, decided on Monday to end all commitments in the agreements the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) has signed with Israel, to end security coordination and to revoke the Paris Economic Protocols which govern the economic cooperation with Israel.

Meadows: Investigate FBI for being ‘weaponized’ by Obama
Did bureau lie to spy on members of Trump campaign?

US Therapists Report Rise in ‘Trump Anxiety Disorder’ Cases
Therapists in the United States are reporting a spike in the number of patients being treated for a recent phenomenon that’s been dubbed “Trump Anxiety Disorder.”

EU Trials Orwellian AI Lie Detector Border Guard at Airports
New trials for an EU-funded scheme for Artifical Intelligence lie-detector systems which aim to scan travelers who government flag as suspicious.

Toddler dies of measles in Jerusalem, in first such incident in 15 years | The Times of Israel
An 18-month-old toddler has died of measles in Jerusalem, the first recorded death from measles in the past 15 years. According to officials at the capital’s Shaare Zedek Hospital, the infant was not vaccinated against the virulently contagious disease.

Malta’s Government Publicly Condemns Singer for Saying He is No Longer Gay, Found Jesus
A contestant on Malta’s version of the X Factor television series is under fire for publicly declaring that he is a former homosexual who gave his life to Jesus.

As Venezuela’s health system collapses, disease spreads beyond its borders
…Brazilian doctors near the Venezuelan frontier marked the start of an imported measles epidemic that is still ravaging the Brazilian Amazon. It was the first time in nearly two decades that the highly contagious virus had appeared in this tropical region, home to a growing number of Venezuelan migrants. The disease has also spread to Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

Report: Armed Gaza factions agree to temporarily rein in border violence
Armed factions in the Gaza Strip have agreed to temporarily rein in violence along the security fence with Israel ahead of Friday’s weekly border clashes, a Hamas official told the Ynet news site on Thursday.

Freed! Christian who was given death sentence for offering Muslims water
The Supreme Court of Pakistan has concluded that a story accusing a Christian woman who offered her Muslim co-workers water was “concocted” to charge her with the capital offense of blasphemy, and “the appellant being innocent deserves acquittal.”

Armed Citizens Join the Front Lines to Help Prevent Caravan Riders From Entering the U.S.
The United States Border Patrol alerted Texas landowners about the possibility of armed citizens being on their property. These men and women have decided to join the Border Patrol and the National Guard on the front lines of the United States-Mexico border to prevent illegal aliens from entering the U.S.

DHS Telling Border Residents “We Can’t Protect You”
…This country is not just dealing with an impending border breach by tens of thousands of migrants. We are looking at a paramilitary guerrilla force that will be inserted into this country with predesigned acts of terrorism to be carried out on US soil. America is indeed at war! And the architect of it all, is none other than George Soros.