26 Oct 2018

Britons caught up in powerful earthquake at Greek tourist hotspot
The tremor was felt in Athens, the Greek capital, and as far away as Albania, Italy, Libya and Malta. The popular Greek island of Zakynthos has been hit by a powerful magnitude 6.8 earthquake.

George Soros-funded university ordered to shut down Hungary campus
A university founded by billionaire George Soros is being forced out of Hungary by Prime Minister Orban Fidesz’s ruling party, the school’s president said Thursday. Hungarian officials said they plan to shutter Central European University in Budapest because it lacks an international agreement to operate and doesn’t have a location in New York, where the university is accredited.

Terrorists Exploit Food Stamps To Fund Domestic, International Attacks
The Government Accountability Institute found that the Boston Marathon bombers conducted various forms of fraud, including through the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program, or SNAP, program, which was formerly called food stamps. Others have committed similar fraud in a scheme GAI called “welfare jihad,” where taxpayer money is used to fund domestic and international attacks.

Trump mulls plan to bar entry of all migrants at US-Mexico border
President Trump is considering a sweeping executive order that would block migrants, including asylum seekers, from entering the U.S. at the southern border in a bid to stop the caravan traveling north through Mexico.

Palestinians call on China to support Abbas’s peace plan
The Palestinian Authority called on China – in its capacity as a permanent member of the UN Security Council – to play an active role in the Middle East peace process, during a meeting in Ramallah on Tuesday between visiting Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan, PA Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah and senior PLO and Fatah officials. During the meeting, Hamdallah also called on China to support PA President Mahmoud Abbas’s peace initiative, which calls for holding an international conference on peace in the Middle East with wide international participation.

Did Mail Bombs Targeting Trump Critics Come From Prominent Democrat?
The political environment two weeks before national elections turned potentially explosive as several outspoken critics of the president were targeted by mail bombs. Investigators are working hard to discover the source but in a bizarre twist, all of the packages bore the same return address: a prominent Democratic leader…Debbie Wasserman Shultz.

Report: Egypt-brokered understanding may end Hamas border violence
An Egypt brokered understanding may have been reached that would end the Gaza border riots and the launching of incendiary devices against Israel, the London based Arabic language newspaper Al-Hayat reported on Friday morning. According to Al-Hayat, Israel agreed to ease some of its border restrictions, particularly those that involved infrastructures projects under the auspices of the UN.

Israel sends elite rescue unit to Jordan after flood kills at least 14
The IDF sent forces and helicopters to assist in rescue operations at the request of Jordan on Thursday, as at least 18 people, mainly schoolchildren and teachers, were killed in a flash flood near the Dead Sea. “Upon the Jordanian government’s request, a number of IAF helicopters have taken off with soldiers from the 669 Elite Search and Rescue Unit led by the unit’s commanding officer,” the IDF said.

Kremlin accuses U.S. of drone attack on Russian air base in Syria
Russia’s deputy defense minister Aleksandr Fomin accused a US airplane of manually controlling 13 drones that attempted to attack Russia’s Khmeimim air base in Syria. The surprising allegations were made at a plenary session of the Beijing Xiangshan Forum on Thursday. A Russian diplomatic source elaborated on the comments, alleging that some Syrian militants in Idlib are being used by the US to create instability in northern Syria.

Zakynthos earthquake: Greek island shaken by 6.4 tremor
A powerful 6.4-magnitude earthquake south of the island of Zakynthos has been felt across western Greece. Nobody was injured by the tremor, which struck at 01:54 on Friday (22:54 GMT), but there was significant damage to the local port and a 13th Century island monastery south of Zakynthos. A series of aftershocks were felt in the hours after the quake and local schools were shut for the day.

US to ‘deploy 800 troops to border’ ahead of caravan
Defence Secretary James Mattis is expected to deploy around 800 troops to the US-Mexico border to stop a migrant caravan, US media say. The soldiers would assist with fencing and support at key points along the southern border, administration officials tell CNN. The caravan of thousands of Central American migrants is making its way toward the US through Mexico.

World stocks head for worst losing streak in over half a decade
Global stocks slid lower on Friday and were set for their worst week in more than five years, as anxiety over corporate profits added to fears about global trade and economic growth. European shares tracked U.S. stock futures lower after Alphabet and Amazon’s earnings missed expectations, further sapping risk appetite as European earnings also disappointed.

Super Typhoon Yutu, ‘Strongest Storm Of 2018,’ Slams U.S. Pacific Territory
A massive typhoon slammed into a U.S. territory in the west Pacific, lashing the Northern Mariana Islands with gusts of Category 5 intensity Wednesday night local time. Super typhoon Yutu brought to bear maximum sustained winds of about 180 mph — much more powerful, in other words, than the historically powerful storm that hit Florida two weeks ago.

Facebook removes 8.7 million sexual photos of kids in last three months
Facebook Inc (FB.O) said on Wednesday that company moderators during the last quarter removed 8.7 million user images of child nudity with the help of previously undisclosed software that automatically flags such photos.

Kellogg’s Unites with GLAAD to Launch Special Edition Cereal
Breakfast food giant Kellogg Company has joined forces with radical gay activist group GLAAD to support the group’s “Spirit Day” event with its new “All Together” cereal..All money from the purchase of the cereal will be donated to the gay advocacy organization.

Democrats Accept Cash From Proponents Of Forcible Sterilization
According to a Thursday report by The Federalist, and handful of Democrat candidates are accepting midterm campaign cash from a group linked to forcible sterilization.

NATO displays military might to vexed Russia in giant Norway exercises
NATO began its biggest military exercises since the end of the Cold War in Norway on Thursday, proof of the US’ “rock-solid” commitment to the alliance’s collective defence, US Navy Admiral James Foggo said, as Moscow denounced the manoeuvres as “anti-Russian”.

Fake “pipe bomb” HOAX unravels as Democrats appear desperate to sway elections
The fake pipe bomb fiasco that has gripped America for the last two days is rapidly unraveling as a political hoax. We now know that the so-called “pipe bombs” were nothing more than “movie prop” devices built in almost cartoon-like fashion. None of them were functional, and they contained no explosives. The cheap clocks taped to the pipes have no alarm function and are incapable of triggering anything. The entire fiasco is nothing more than elaborate theater.

Broadcast TV Hits Record Number Of Characters That Only GLAAD Would Be Glad About
The organization GLAAD finally has something to be glad about. A new report shows that broadcast television now hosts a record number of LGBTQ characters.

CARAVAN CRISIS: Thousands Abandon Caravan, Apply for Asylum in Mexico
At least 1,700 Central American migrants have abandoned the “caravan” slowly making its way towards the United States; either applying for asylum in Mexico or accepting government offers to transport them to their countries of origin.

China Sends 1 Million Muslims to ‘Concentration Camps’
The Chinese Government has rounded-up an estimated 1 million Muslim people and sent them to “concentration camps” in China’s western Xinjiang region, according to reports.

Horrific Effects Of WIFI Revealed In 9th Grade Student Experiment
Students created an experiment to examine the impact of wi-fi radiation on living cells

263 Pedophile Priests Named and Shamed in San Francisco Victim’s Report
The attorney for a victim of child abuse at the hands of California Catholic clergy members has released the names of 263 pedophile priests, bishops, and leaders of three San Francisco Bay Area dioceses this week.

UK watchdog fines Facebook over data breach in Cambridge Analytica scandal
$644,000 penalty comes after British regulators find that between 2007 and 2014, social media giant processed personal info of users without informed consent

NY Times Publishes ‘Trump Assassination Porn,’ But That’s Not The Worst Part
The New York Times, once almost universally considered the most thorough, reliable, and professional news publication in the U.S., is now publishing “Trump assassination porn” that fantasizes about the Secret Service helping a Russian agent murder Trump.