23 Oct 2018

IDF Uncovers Hezbollah Observation Posts on Israel-Lebanon Border
In a statement, the IDF explained that Hezbollah uses Green Without Borders “as a cover story for the organization’s activity in the contact zone and establishes observation posts aimed at gathering information about IDF forces. “The Hezbollah terrorist organization violates UN Resolution 1701 on a regular basis, operating in the area south of the Litani River, and using civilian camouflage and reinforcing military capabilities in the rural areas of the Shi’ite villages in violation of the UN resolution,” the IDF said.

Unusual: 3 large quakes off Vancouver Island within an hour
Three relatively strong earthquakes were recorded Sunday night in the Pacific Ocean off Vancouver Island. The U.S. Geological Survey reported a 6.6-magnitude quake about 160 miles (260 kilometres) west of Tofino, followed by a 6.8 tremor and then a third measuring 6.5. Survey geophysicist Zachary Reeves said all three quakes occurred in the same general area over about an hour and at a shallow depth of approximately six miles

Sky sources: Jamal Khashoggi’s body parts found
Body parts belonging to murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi have been found, according to Sky sources. Sources have told Sky News the writer had been “cut up” and his face “disfigured”. One source also suggested Mr Khashoggi’s remains were discovered in the garden of the Saudi consul general’s home.

Suspected bomb found at George Soros’ New York home
A package containing what appeared to be an explosive device was found in a mail box outside the New York residence of billionaire financier George Soros on Monday, police said.

“Drowning In A Sea Of Red”: Global Markets Plunge As European Tech Stocks Crash; Chinese Rout Returns
Yesterday morning, Morgan Stanley declared that the “dead cat bounce is over. One day later, the bank’s thesis was confirmed with global markets a sea of red on Tuesday, as a violent rout in Asia carried over into Europe, slamming tech and industrial stocks, and crossing the Atlantic, sending US equity futures retesting the lowest level hit during the October 10/11 two-day rout.

Turkey’s Erdogan says signs show Khashoggi killing was planned
Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday there were strong signs Jamal Khashoggi’s “savage” killing was planned and attempts to blame it on intelligence operatives – Riyadh has suggested it was a rogue operation — “will not satisfy us.” In a speech to parliament, Erdogan did not mention Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who some U.S. lawmakers suspect ordered the killing.

Hurricane Willa: Mexico warns of ‘extremely dangerous’ storm
Mexico has issued an alert for parts of its Pacific seaboard as it prepares for the “life-threatening” Hurricane Willa. Willa is expected to make landfall on Mexico’s south-western coast later on Tuesday and is “potentially catastrophic”, forecasters say. Currently a Category Four – out of five – storm, it threatens to bring torrential rains and major flooding.

Dow is set for steep triple-digit losses as investors keep dumping major technology and bank stocks
U.S. stock futures pointed to a deeply negative open Tuesday morning as investors continued to sell major technology and financial shares during this turbulent October for markets. Netflix dropped 2.3 percent in premarket trading, set to add to its 11 percent drop this month. Amazon, Nvidia, Alphabet and Twitter shares were also set to open lower as investors worried about valuations for high-flying technology names with interest rates on the rise.

Previously Deported Illegal Aliens Join Caravan: ‘It’s Time for Me to Go Back’
Previously deported illegal aliens are joining the now 7,000-strong migrant caravan headed to the United States-Mexico border, to inundate and overwhelm the country’s asylum and immigration system. A new report by the Washington Post reveals that the migrant caravan now includes illegal aliens who have already been deported from the U.S., but who are looking to illegally re-enter through the southern border with the caravan.

Thanks, Common Core: ACT Scores for Class of 2018 Worst in Decades
he creators of the ACT test announced on Wednesday that scores for the class of 2018 are the worst reported in decades. Math scores, in fact, are in freefall among ACT-tested U.S. high school graduates, falling to their lowest mark in 14 years, according to The Condition of College and Career Readiness 2018, the ACT’s annual report. The report includes ACT test results from all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Bill proposal: PA to pay terrorists’ medical bills
The Ministry of Public Security presented new legislation on Tuesday proposing to impose costs of terrorists’ medical expenses on the Palestinian Authority. The bill…proposes to add a new clause to the National Health Insurance Law that would restrict medical care “for those who take part in terrorist activity” and exempt Israel from footing terrorists’ medical bills.

Trump’s missile treaty pullout could escalate tension with China
A U.S. withdrawal from a Cold War-era nuclear arms treaty with Russia could give the Pentagon new options to counter Chinese missile advances but experts warn the ensuing arms race could greatly escalate tensions in the Asia-Pacific. U.S. officials have been warning for years that the United States was being put at a disadvantage by China’s development of increasingly sophisticated land-based missile forces…

How many missiles does Hezbollah have aimed at Israel?
Security Minister reveals Lebanese terror group’s arsenal has grown to 150,000 missiles and rockets, says Iraq could join assault on Israel.

Meet the Devious Christian Group Working to Turn You Against Israel
Evangelical Christians are some of Israel’s biggest supporters in the United States. However, there is a movement to turn evangelicals against Israel and it’s coming from other Christians.

South Africa’s black government prepares to seize hundreds of acres of land from white farmers as a test case to see if theft without compensation is legal
Mayor Mzwandile Masina called implementation of new land laws a test caseEkurhuleni just outside Johannesburg to start seizing hundreds of acres of landSouth Africa introduced land seizures without compensation from white farmersThousands of black citizens living in shacks as no room to build low cost housing

Alabama Supreme Court Upholds Personhood of Unborn Babies, Judge Calls for End to Roe
The Alabama Supreme Court unanimously voted to uphold the “value” and personhood of unborn babies in the womb on Friday, Oct. 19, in the case of Jessie Livell Phillips v. State of Alabama

Trump’s Water Compact Will Lower Food Prices and It Could Guarantee Victory in the Midterm Elections
Obama and California Gov. Jerry Brown’s policies destroyed the rural farming in California both in the south central and northern areas of the state. President Trump is bringing back water to these areas in opposition to Gov. Jerry Brown’s wishes.

Planned Collapse of the Dollar and the Federal Reserve Is Behind the Plot
This article will take a purposeful snapshot of the globalist forces who are conspiring to bring down the US dollar and derail the Trump-led populism that is sweeping the country.

Cinemas drop ‘Gosnell’ film despite success
Phelim McAleer, producer of “Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer,” says he and his team are receiving reports from across the country of movie theaters obstructing people who want to see his film about the notorious abortion doctor.

The Swedish Are Micro-chipping Themselves By The Thousands
Thousands of people in Sweden are microchipping themselves in an effort to speed up their day. The Swedish are inserting microchips under the skin in their hands to make their daily lives easier.

Caravan Migrant: Donald Trump Is The ‘Antichrist’ And Is ‘Going to Hell’
A Central American migrant in the 7,000-strong army headed for the United States told CNN over the weekend that Donald Trump is the “Antichrist” and he is “going to hell.” “Donald Trump is the Antichrist,” the angry migrant shouted at CNN’s Bill Weir in Spanish at the border between Mexico and Guatemala.

FBI Admits Undercover Spies Were Planted Within Trump Campaign
Under James Comey’s leadership, the FBI planted undercover spies within the Trump campaign to covertly spy on the then-presidential candidate’s officials, a bombshell new court filing has revealed.

Report: 5 Dead Sea Scrolls ‘fake’ at Museum of Bible
The Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C., is reportedly removing five artifacts from its Dead Sea Scrolls display after scientific testing indicated the fragments were not authentic.

Scores of Christians Killed in Muslim Attack on Market in Nigeria, Church Building Set Ablaze, 55 DEAD
The world has learned nothing from the Holocaust. Silence and fear then. Silence and fear now. Worse still, the United Nations, created to prevent genocide, actually aids and abets it. They just gave a terror orgainization additional power at the United Nations in order to lead the G77, the largest voting bloc at the global body.

OUTBREAK ALERT: Ebola Containment Stalled By Violence
Violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo has made it increasingly difficult for health officials who are attempting to contain an outbreak of Ebola. The DRC’s Ministry of Health reported that rebels in the Rwenzori neighborhood of Beni killed at least 15 people and kidnapped another dozen over the weekend.

Child Abuse Survivors Win Massive Lawsuit Against Priest For Pedophile Cover-up
The three Chilean child abuse survivors of the country’s most notorious pedophile priest have won a massive lawsuit against the Archdiocese of Santiago, according to reports.

Hondurans Burn The American Flag As 7,000 Migrants March To Assault The US Border, Women And Children Conspicuously Absent
As the migrant caravan gets closer to the US border, one thing becomes frightfully clear. These are not poor and needy, economically deprived people just looking for food, clothing and shelter. Not only that, women and children are conspicuously absent from this march north.

Christian Leader Ralph Reed: “We’re Going to Turn Out the Biggest Christian Vote” in the 2018 Mid-terms in Modern History!!!
Ralph Reed..current head of the Faith and Freedom Coalition..recently spoke..and shared how his group is reaching out to over 26 million Christian Americans in highly contested states in the mid-term election and to encourage them to vote for Republicans in their states.

Taking heat and taking land: 9 things to know for October 22
1-Right of returning land: Jordan’s King Abdullah on Sunday announced that the country would be ending a lease on lands with Israel that was part of the 1995 peace agreement, including an area known as the Isle of Peace, or Naharayyim.