20 Oct 2018

New tropical storm is 1st of 2 tropical threats Mexico may face into next week
While another storm brews, newly formed Tropical Storm Vicente is expected to strengthen with southern and southwestern Mexico facing potential impacts into next week. On the heels of short-lived Tropical Storm Tara, Tropical Storm Vicente formed south of Guatemala on Friday. The new storm may further strengthen as it parallels the southern coast of Mexico this weekend.

US Treasury official charged with leaking documents in Russia probe
U.S. prosecutors in New York said on October 17 that Natalie May Edwards, a senior adviser in the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, was arrested on October 16 and charged with conspiracy and unauthorized disclosure of suspicious-activity reports from banks about former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and other suspects.

Putin says life was better under ‘great state’ of USSR
Russian President Vladimir Putin made headlines this week for a surprising remark on the former USSR. Putin described the USSR as a “great state” of which former Soviet Republic people regret losing, according to a Yahoo News report citing AFP.

Guatemala captured 100 ISIS terrorists, president reveals ahead of migrant caravan arrival
Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales delivered a speech at the Conference on Prosperity and Security in Central America last week, during which he announced that Guatemala had captured nearly 100 suspects connected to ISIS.

Ex-FBI agent gets 4 years in prison for leaking sensitive documents to press
Albury, 39, who joined the bureau in 2000 and was most recently assigned as an airport liaison, was sentenced Thursday in the federal courthouse in downtown St. Paul. He had previously pleaded guilty to making an unauthorized disclosure of national defense information and unlawful retention of national defense information. His date to report to prison has not been scheduled. Prosecutors say Albury shared documents — some considered classified — on evaluating potential informants, along with a document “relating to threats posed by certain individuals from a particular Middle Eastern country.”

10,000 rioters at Gaza border, in tense IDF-Hamas standoff
Some 10,000 Palestinians rioted along Gaza’s southern border Friday as the IDF increased its forces there to halt violent protests and the launching of incendiary devices into Israel.

Tanks have also been positioned by the barrier as part of anticipated ramped-up IDF response to any violence.

Report: Iran sent advanced technology to improve Hezbollah rockets
A Fars Air Qeshm flight Boeing 747 touched down in Beirut at 2:04 pm on October 16…It stayed in Beirut for almost a day before leaving for Doha on October 17. That plane is now at the center of a report at FoxNews alleging that it carried “GPS devices to make precision-guided weapons in Iranian factories inside Lebanon.”

Migrant caravan halted by Mexico police on Guatemala border
Thousands of people travelling across Central America en masse to the US are stuck on Mexico’s southern border after a failed attempt to enter the country. Some of them broke through Guatemalan border fences but then clashed with Mexican riot police in no man’s land. On Friday, US President Donald Trump thanked Mexico for its efforts in stopping the caravan of migrants.

White privilege symposium will feature ‘racial justice’ board game
A community college will host a “white privilege symposium”…that will explore…“constructive white conversations” and “the n!gga(er) word” as well as a “racial justice” board game. North Shore Community College’s Power, Privilege, Progress: Awareness to Action event is billed as an “engaging, deep learning experience with an exchanging of ideas on the issues of privilege and power in the history of our country.”

China Plans to Launch an ‘Artificial Moon’ to Light Up the Night Skies
The night skies might soon have company: Chinese scientists are planning to launch an artificial moon into orbit by 2020 to illuminate city streets after dark. Scientists are hoping to hang the man-made moon above the city of Chengdu… The imitation celestial body — essentially an illuminated satellite — will bear a reflective coating to cast sunlight back to Earth, where it will supplement streetlights at night.

Exclusive: U.S. weighs new warship passage through Taiwan Strait
The United States is considering a new operation to send warships through the Taiwan Strait, U.S. officials tell Reuters, a mission aimed at ensuring free passage through the strategic waterway but which risks heightening tensions with China. The U.S. Navy conducted a similar mission in the strait’s international waters in July and any repeat would be seen in self-ruled Taiwan as a fresh expression of support by President Donald Trump’s government.

Thousands rally in Taiwan, call for referendum on independence from China
Several thousand pro-independence demonstrators rallied in Taiwan’s capital on Saturday to protest against Beijing’s “bullying” and called for a referendum on whether the self-ruled island should formally declare independence from China…Relations with Beijing have deteriorated since Tsai came into office in 2016, with China suspecting that she wants to push for formal independence, a red line for Beijing.

U.S. CMS says 75,000 individuals’ files accessed in data breach
The U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) said on Friday it was responding to a data breach that exposed the files of about 75,000 individuals. The agency said it detected anomalous activity in the Federally Facilitated Exchange’s (FFE) Direct Enrollment pathway for agents and brokers.

US Pledges $300 Million in Aid to Iraqi Christians
Programs to rebuild Iraqi Christian communities destroyed by Islamic State are being implemented with the support of $300 million from the United States. Approximately 40,000 Christians have returned home after escaping persecution at the hands of Islamic State.

DOJ Opens Investigation Into Roman Catholic Church Sex Abuse
The Department of Justice opened an investigation into the Roman Catholic Church in Pennsylvania in response to the state’s grand jury report on sexual abuse.

Israeli Ophthalmologists Invents Revolutionary Eyedrops that could Replace Eyeglasses
The recently patented “nanodrops” has been found to improve the vision in pigs. Clinical testing on humans will be carried out later this year.

Catholic church leader says that Christians must open their arms wide to welcome and accept homosexuals
A lay delegate to the Vatican Youth Synod lectured the Catholic Church to cease “discrimination” against homosexuals Monday, relaying “powerful” sentiments she claims to have received from “non-Christian youths.”

Woolworth: No Christmas Merchandise Stocked, ‘We’re a Muslim Business Now’
Chancellor Merkel, with her idiotic open immigration policy, is on the way to destroying her own country. No wonder there are ugly protests, portraying the nation’s leader in distinctly uncharitable ways. She deserves all the derision that is being piled on her.

Muslims fume as America’s UN Ambassador says that ‘PALESTINE’ is not a state at all and should not be treated as such
“The Palestinians are not a UN Member State or any state at all. The United States will continually point that out in our remarks at UN events led by the Palestinians,” Haley said.

HORRIFYING: Migrant celebrates Swedish his new citizenship by raping woman and telling her – ‘NOW I can do what I want’
He pushed the woman, who has insufficient swimming skills, into the water off a concrete bathing pier, and then carried out the rape in the water, according to the judgment.

Using hand signs, deaf orphans were groomed for sex under Pope Francis’s watch
After all the things we’ve heard so far – the child pornography ring the Catholic Church ran in Pennsylvania, the fact that some priests didn’t know if raping a child was wrong, and a pastor saying that the Bible says it’s not rape if the child didn’t scream – it’s hard to imagine what could be worse for the Catholic Church.

‘Game of Thrones’ Author: It’s All About Global Warming
It seems that “Game of Thrones” fans have been getting their beloved fantasy story all wrong. According to its author, George RR Martin, the miserable perils of Westeros are all just a message about global warming.

Elizabeth Warren’s Ex-Husband Founded Company Behind Her DNA Test
Just when you think the Elizabeth Warren saga couldn’t get any worse, it turns out the senator’s ex-husbands co-founded the DNA testing company and even wrote the codes for the first computer-generated genetic comparisons.

Global Biohackers Have Made Human Implantable Microchips The Fastest-Growing Industry In The World
When NTEB first started back in 2009, we would occasionally do a story on human implantable microchips and their relationship to the coming Mark of the Beast as prophesied in the Bible. I say occasionally because, honestly, there was just not all that much happening. This is absolutely not the case now in 2018. In fact, biohackers around the world have made human implantable microchips a multi-billion dollar per year industry, where the demand is outpacing the technology.

DARPA to weaponize insects to spread viruses across the population… sinister plans exposed by team of scientists
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is working on an agricultural bio-weapon, and a team of scientists are speaking out about it.

Huddersfield Asian sex gang jailed for more than 200 years
A gang who sexually abused vulnerable girls as young as eleven in Huddersfield have been jailed for a combined total of over 200 years in the latest Asian sex ring to be brought before the courts.

Most Germans Citizens Want to Leave Country Due to Merkel’s Open-Border Policies
Over half of German citizens living under Angela Merkel’s seemingly disastrous open-border regime want to leave the country, according to Die Welt – referring to a YouGov survey commissioned by financial services provider Transferwise.

Germany sees dramatic rise in citizenship applications by British Jews
The number of Britons who have requested German citizenship that was robbed from their families by the Nazis has risen from 43 in 2015 to 1,667 last year, with most of those eligible being British Jews.

Human genes engineered into GMO rice are being grown in Kansas
If you aren’t already purchasing organic or GMO-free rice, you should be. Rice that has been engineered with actual human genes is on its way to a supermarket near you. In Junction City, Kansas, this human gene-tainted rice is being grown on 3,200 acres by the biotechnology company Ventria Bioscience.