10 Oct 2018

“This Is Not Survivable”: Hurricane Michael Strengthens To Cat 4 As Southeast Braces For “Record Breaking” Impact
As residents of the Florida panhandle and big bend scrambled to flee their homes, Hurricane Michael strengthened to a Category 4 Hurricane over night putting it on track to rival the strongest storms to ever make landfall in that part of the country. As one meteorologist pointed out, if Michael doesn’t weaken before making landfall late Wednesday, it would surpass Hurricane Eloise, which wrecked the panhandle in 1975, and the Pensacola Hurricane of 1882 for strongest winds ever recorded for a landfall in the panhandle. If the storm’s 140 mph+ wind speeds are maintained, Michael could be the strongest storm to hit the area since the dawn of record-keeping in 1851.

For the 4th day in a row, a stream of solar wind is buffeting Earth’s magnetic field, sparking intermittent auroras around the Arctic Circle. The gaseous material is flowing from a canyon-shaped hole in the sun’s atmosphere.

Gregg Jarrett: Rod Rosenstein should immediately stop overseeing the Mueller ‘collusion’ investigation
The latest evidence that Rosenstein is appallingly compromised comes from former FBI General Counsel James Baker. Baker reportedly told Congress last week that Rosenstein was “serious” when he proposed secretly recording the president to try to gain damaging information about him. Rosenstein allegedly also talked about soliciting others to secretly record the president. But that’s not all. According to Baker, Rosenstein was also “serious” when he discussed recruiting Cabinet members to depose Trump under the 25th Amendment, in what would amount to an attempted palace coup.

Florida Panhandle braces for catastrophic hit from Category 4 Hurricane Michael
Michael roared down on the Florida Panhandle strengthening into a Category 4 hurricane early Wednesday before it crashes against the region’s white-sand beaches, fishing villages and coastal communities later in the day. The unexpected brute that quickly sprang from a weekend tropical depression grew swiftly, rising in days to a catastrophic storm. Around midday it was expected to become one of the Panhandle’s worst hurricanes in memory…

DARPA is Making Insects That Can Deliver Bioweapons, Scientists Claim
The U.S. government’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has been accused of trying to create a new class of biological weapons that would be delivered via virus-infected insects. The Insect Allies program was announced by DARPA in 2016. It is a research project that aims to protect the U.S. agricultural food supply by delivering protective genes to plants via insects, which are responsible for the transmission of most plant viruses. Scientists believe loading the bugs up with viruses that would offer plants protective benefits could be one way of ensuring food security in the event of a major threat.

Public execution of five men in Somalia including British citizen
“Five of them were publicly shot to death this afternoon after they admitted espionage before the court,” said Mohamed Abu Abdalla, al Shabaab’s governor for the Jubba regions.

Neuton: A new, disruptive neural network framework for AI applications
Deep learning neural networks are behind much of the progress in AI these days. Neuton is a new framework that claims to be much faster and more compact, and it requires less skills and training than anything the AWSs, Googles, and Facebooks of the world have.

‘Trump peace plan will focus on Israel’s security needs’
…envoy Jason Greenblatt said the plan would “be heavily focused on Israeli security needs”. “But we also want to be fair to the Palestinians. We have tried hard to find a good balance,” he added. “Each side will find things in this plan that they don’t like.” US President Donald Trump said in September that he would unveil a new peace plan within months.. The peace plan, Greenblatt said, “will include a resolution to all of the core issues, including the refugee issue”. He said that it would not propose a Palestinian-Jordanian confederation as a possible solution — something that Abbas has been reported as saying.

Haley’s resignation as UN ambassador was planned
Nikki Haley’s resignation as US ambassador to the UN came six months after she informed President Donald Trump that she would step down at year’s end because she needed a break after eight intense years of public service – six as South Carolina Governor, two at the UN. It was kept secret and therefore a shock to Washington insiders.

Will Nikki Haley’s replacement be as supportive of Israel?
Whomever US President Donald Trump appoints to replace outgoing Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley will have very large shoes to fill, Israel’s ambassador to the UN Danny Danon said in response to Haley’s surprise resignation on Tuesday. Haley was a godsend at the UN from Israel’s point of view, passionately, eloquently and calmly defending the Jewish State and calling out the world for its hypocrisy and bias towards the country.

Row over Australia plan to let faith schools reject gay students
Australia’s prime minister has defended leaked proposals to let religious schools discriminate against gay students. Scott Morrison said the proposals were already “existing law”. Schools in some states can already reject staff if they are gay. The new proposals would apply nationwide. They are contained in a report into religious freedom that was commissioned after same-sex marriage was made legal last year.

Majorca flash flood kills at least six on Spanish island
At least six people have died and nine are feared missing in flash flooding on the Spanish island of Majorca. A huge wave of muddy water engulfed the town of Sant Llorenç des Cardassar, in the east of the island, after a river burst its banks following heavy rain. Vehicles were swept away, some with their headlights switched on, as water gushed through narrow streets.

Scientists connect 3 actual human brains
Neuroscientists behind the project called it “BrainNet”, a “multi-person non-invasive direct brain-to-brain interface for collaborative problem solving”. In layman’s terms, researchers from the University of Washington and Carnegie Mellon University figured out a way to connect three brains (still attached to their human hosts!) and have the owners of said brains make collective choices together without speaking.

‘Powerful Forces Preparing UK to Rejoin EU’ says Former Brexit Minister
Senior government figures could be preparing to orchestrate the softest possible form of Brexit so they can allow Brian to rejoin the EU. according to MP and former minister has claimed.

‘THE GOOD CENSOR’: Leaked Google Briefing Admits Abandonment of Free Speech for ‘Safety And Civility’
…But the 85-page briefing, titled “The Good Censor,” admits that Google and other tech platforms now “control the majority of online conversations” and have undertaken a “shift towards censorship” in response to unwelcome political events around the world.

Canadian taxpayers are giving $50,000 to each Muslim migrant family – and they don’t even know it
The “non-partisan” ministerial bureaucrats working for Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are actively hiding from Canadians the details surrounding the cost of the “refugee” settlement program.

HORRIFYING: Samoa withdraws vaccine protecting against measles, mumps and rubella after two babies die within minutes of receiving the routine shot
Two babies were killed in Samoa just minutes after receiving the MMR vaccine Samoan government has withdrawn the vaccine across the entire country Both of the one-year-old babies died within minutes after being injected An investigation is underway to determine the cause of the babies’ deaths

Death toll in Haiti earthquake rises to 15; at least 333 injured
The death toll from a 5.9 earthquake that hit Haiti over the weekend rose to at least 15 people with 333 injured, according to updated figures released Monday by authorities, as rescue crews worked to help victims spooked by strong aftershocks.

A $240 Per Gallon Gas Tax To Fight Global Warming? New UN Report Suggests Carbon Pricing
A United Nations special climate report suggests a tax on carbon dioxide emissions would need to be as high as $27,000 per ton at the end of the century to effectively limit global warming.

Hurricane Michael Intensifies, Could Reach Category 4 Strength At Landfall
Hurricane Michael could reach Category 4 strength when it hits the U.S. Gulf Coast on Wednesday, bringing with it heavy winds and life-threatening storm surge, according to forecasts.

Body Count Is About To Go Up In Chicago With New Abortion Clinic
An abortion clinic opened north of Chicago Tuesday and seeks to normalize abortion in Illinois with pink and purple exam rooms, mints, tea bags and more.

Why Leftists Feel Entitled to Block Highways, Shut Down Speakers, and Harass Public Officials
When I was in graduate school, I learned a lot about the left. One lesson was that while most liberals and conservatives abide by society’s rules of order and decency, most leftists do not feel bound to live by these same rules.

Hellywood declares war on America
Hollywood, the home of pedophiles and the casting couch, produces more sexual assault victims than movies worth watching, and now they are indignant because the phony character assassination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh failed. After Kavanaugh was confirmed, Pedowood exploded on Rep. Susan Collins.

Federal Government Investigates Transgender Policy in Georgia After Little Girl Is Sexually Assaulted
A controversial transgender bathroom policy at an elementary school in Georgia is now under federal investigation after a young child is reported to have been sexually assaulted.

‘Gosnell’ Movie Producers Never Trusted Pro-Lifers. ‘Brutal’ Murder Evidence Changed That
Film producers of “Gosnell,” a movie detailing the crimes of abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell, never trusted pro-lifers until they put together “brutal” murder evidence for the movie that changed their perspectives on abortion.

Turkish Intel Will Run ‘Operations’ Against Political Opponents On US Soil, Erdogan Spokesman Says
The Turkish government plans to continue “operations,” including in the United States, against supporters of a political opponent of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a top adviser to the Turkish president said Friday.

Can America Be Successfully Invaded and Occupied?
Not since the War of 1812 has the United States faced the possibility of being militarily invaded. Can such an invasion succeed? What are the variables involved? This is a the first of a multi-part series which will address the topics of a military invasion and subsequent occupation.

As Large Groups of Illegal Aliens Keep Pouring In, A Majority Have 3 U.S. Destinations in Mind
Border patrol agents say they continue to apprehend large groups of illegal immigrants, many from Guatemala, who increasingly are being led into remote desert areas of the United States by human smugglers who have deceived them with promises of financial gain and protected immigration status.

Evacuations Ordered As “Monstrous Hurricane” Michael Intensifies Into “Most Powerful Storm In A Decade”
In a repeat of the scramble for safety that preceded the landfall of Hurricane Irma during the 2017 storm season, residents of the Florida panhandle are boarding up homes and fleeing inland as Hurricane Michael, already a Category 1 storm following a rapid intensification over the past 24 hours, barrels toward the northern Gulf of Mexico, where it’s projected to make landfall on Wednesday, possibly as a Category 3 storm