2 Oct 2018

Where is the FBI Investigation of Blasey-Ford?
If we’re going to rake the good Judge Brett Kavanaugh over the coals on a never-ending basis and require background checks (of him) by the FBI over and over again (until presumably it finds something to nail on him), should we not—at least—require a background check on his accuser? There are more and more articles showing Ms. Blasey-Ford’s family connections to the CIA (and logically to John Brennan) coming out.

“Hillary Said So”: Iran Quotes WikiLeaks At U.N. To Prove Saudis Are State Sponsors Of Terror
The Iranian ambassador supported his case by appealing to a specific WikiLeaks email: “Everybody knows that Saudi Arabia supports terrorism in a very blatant and widespread manner,” he said. In a shock statement before his UN audience, he added, “in the framework of WikiLeaks in 2009, Hillary Clinton is said to have stated that Saudi Arabia is the greatest donor to terrorist groups around the world.” He was referencing a 2009 intelligence memo released as part of Clinton’s emails…

Obama Doesn’t List Ellison Among Endorsements in Minnesota Races
Obama didn’t list embattled Minnesota Attorney General candidate Keith Ellison (D.) among his endorsements in election races on Monday.

Pope Defrocks Chile’s Most Notorious Pedophile Cleric
Pope Francis invoked his authority to defrock Rev. Fernando Karadima, the most prolific clerical abuser of children in Chile to date. The Vatican did not announce any new evidence that led to the decision, though the move came shortly after Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano accused the pontiff yet again of covering up sex abuse allegations.

First direct brain-to-brain “social network” is a true meeting of minds
The internet has made it easy for groups to collaborate from pretty much anywhere, but this experimental brain-to-brain “social network” could be the
beginning of a whole new ballgame. The new system, dubbed BrainNet, was tested by wiring three test subjects up to machines that let them send
messages to each other using just their brainwaves. Using these systems, one brain can modulate its electrical signals to implant messages directly
into another brain.

IAEA ignores Netanyahu’s demands for Iran nuclear inspection
Despite Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s call to inspect Iran’s nuclear program, the International Atomic Energy Agency fired back in a statement…saying that they use all relevant information available and do not take any information at face value. “All information obtained, including from third parties, is subject to rigorous review and assessed together with other available information to arrive at an independent assessment based on the Agency’s own expertise,” the statement said.

Russian General: Syrian side of Quneitra crossing ready to be opened
Syria is ready to re-open the Quneitra border crossing with Israel, Deputy Commander of the Russian Forces in Syria Lt.-Gen. Sergei Kuralenko announced Tuesday. “The border crossing is ready for opening and to start operating. This comes due to a great effort carried out by the Armed Forces of the Syrian Arab Republic with the assistance of the Russian Aerospace Forces,” Kuralenko was quoted by Russia’s TASS News Agency as saying.

Bolivia sea dispute: UN rules in Chile’s favour
The International Court of Justice (ICJ) has ruled against Bolivia in its dispute with neighbouring Chile over access to the Pacific Ocean – a feud dating back to the late 19th Century. Landlocked Bolivia lost access to the sea in 1884 after a war with Chile and has tried to regain it ever since. The court said Chile was not obliged to negotiate granting Bolivia access.

South China Sea: Chinese ship forces US destroyer off course
A Chinese warship has forced an American destroyer to change course in the South China Sea by sailing close to it in an “unsafe and unprofessional” manner, the US Navy says. The USS Decatur was sailing past the Gaven and Johnson reefs in the disputed Spratly Islands, which China claims. The Luyang destroyer “approached within 45 yards [41m] of Decatur’s bow”, Commander Nat Christensen said.

Travellers refusing digital search now face $5000 Customs fine
Travellers who refuse to hand over their phone or laptop passwords to Customs officials can now be slapped with a $5000 fine. The Customs and Excise Act 2018 – which comes into effect today – sets guidelines around how Customs can carry out “digital strip-searches”. Previously, Customs could stop anyone at the border and demand to see their electronic devices. However, the law did not specify that people had to also provide a password.

Gaza night protests step up months of anti-Israel unrest
It’s nearly 10:00 pm when young Palestinian men begin banging drums and chanting songs, while others attach incendiary devices to balloons — all closely watched by Israeli snipers on the border. For six months, Palestinians have gathered regularly along the fence between the Gaza Strip and Israel for often violent daylight demonstrations against Israeli policies. But in recent weeks they have deployed a new tactic: “night confusion units”.

Indonesian Earthquake-Tsunami Flattened This Small Island, Death Toll Rises To 800
More than 800 people have died in Indonesia after a massive earthquake and tsunami devastated portions of the string of islands, The Associated Press reported Monday morning.

Official: Indonesian Earthquake Tsunami Was 20 Feet High
The massive tsunami created by the earthquake the Indonesian city of Palu was 20 feet high, according to an official.

Iran launches ‘DEATH TO AMERICA’ Missiles in a Nighttime Strike
Iran has launched a barrage of missiles with the inscription ‘Death To America’ written on the fuselage, according to reports.

The UN Migration Pact will erase national all borders and ram Islamic refugees down country’s throats regardless of support for it
Adopting the current comprehensive migration pact currently under discussion in the United Nations would be the worst possible step when it comes to tackling the challenge of migration, Peter Szijjarto, the foreign minister, said at a session of the UN General Assembly in New York.

WW3 RED ALERT: Argentina stages their biggest mock invasion of the Falkland Islands in decades, infuriating the U.K.
ARGENTINA has staged a mock invasion of the Falkland Islands, government sources have revealed. And last night Gen Julian Thompson, who led British land forces during the Falklands conflict, suggested Argentina could strike in the event of a Labour government because, “It’s unlikely Jeremy Corbyn would use military force to defend the islands”.

More Than 50 Colleges Endorsing The First Ever Holiday Of Zieselves, Xerselves, Eirselves
More than 50 colleges are endorsing the inaugural International Pronouns Day on Oct. 17 to “make asking, sharing, and respecting personal pronouns commonplace.”

Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford ran mass “hypnotic inductions” of psychiatric subjects as part of mind control research “creating artificial realities”
In another stunning bombshell about the hoax accusations against Brett Kavanaugh, we’ve now learned and confirmed that Christine Blasey Ford co-authored a science paper that involves her carrying out mass “hypnotic inductions” of psychiatric subjects as part of a mind control program that cites methods to “create artificial situations.”

Robert de Niro Linked to Child Sex Trafficking Ring According to Court
…The files of clients’ names seized by the police are said to include many well-known members of the sports and show-business jet-set on both sides of the Atlantic. The only names to emerge so far are De Niro, Fibak and the French film producer, Alain Sarde.

65 year-old Swedish woman jailed for criticizing Islam in stunning court ruling – a new and terrifying era has dawned in Europe
In March, the district court acquitted the woman who was prosecuted for hate speech comments made on Facebook. She had criticised Islam and wrote that “the IQ level in Sweden will fall as a result of immigration”.

CHUTZPAH: Abbas Tells UN That ‘Palestinians’ Have Been Angels, It’s All Israel’s Fault
Like a child caught red-handed in a mischievous act, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas was eager to blame someone else, anyone else.

Archbishop Viganó: Pope ‘Compared Me to Great Accuser, Satan’ for Exposing Corruption
Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò said Pope Francis “put in place a subtle slander” against him by comparing him to “the great accuser, Satan” in a homily, according to an open letter released by LifeSiteNews which is dated Sept. 29 but was released Sept. 27.

Antifa’s New Blend In And Attack Strategy
Social Media would protect us all from questioning the narrative, but when it comes to fueling the violence of the left their supposed terms of service banning violent hate speech don’t exist. As a case in point, look at communist podcast host Dr. Bones who tweeted, “Hey quick little question for military minded lefties: should leftists train/organize in a ‘insurgent’ focus…for potential attacks or a more ‘militia’ structure focused on holding/maintaining turf?”

Chinese Company to Use Face Recognition to Detect Underage Gamers
A Chinese company is planning to use facial recognition technology to detect minors attempting to play its video games.

Theologian: God Will ‘Raise up Others’ If Church Leadership Cannot Fix Sex Abuse
A prominent Catholic priest and theologian has published a sobering essay, insisting that if Pope Francis and the Church’s bishops are unwilling or unable to tackle the clerical sex abuse crisis, God will intervene in another way.

Trump Admin Sues After California Adopts Net-Neutrality Law
California Gov. Jerry Brown on Sunday signed a bill reinstating Obama-era open-internet rules in the state, and the Justice Department responded almost immediately with a lawsuit seeking to overturn the law.

A Breach by Unknown Attackers? No! Government Reach…into Your Data
Fifty million users’ Facebook accounts have been breached? Ridiculous. That kind of a scale points a finger toward one possible “actor” (as they label themselves, now), and that actor is a government. A “State Actor.” This is the deal. US laws can be easily circumvented by a foreign power that is given the authority to act on behalf of the United States. Many in-depth articles have been circulating regarding the “Five Eyes.” These are the five nations of the U.S., Britain, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. See the “common ground?”

California Governor Rejects Bill Mandating Abortion Pills On College Campuses
California Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown rejected a bill Sunday that would mandate college campuses to offer abortion pills, calling it unnecessary.