22 Sep 2018

Dozens killed in Iran terror attack, Zarif blames US and regional rivals
Twelve people, including eight or nine military personnel and a four-year-old child, were reported killed Saturday after gunmen opened fire during a military parade in the southwestern Iranian city of Ahvaz, Iranian media reported. “Shooting began by several gunmen from behind the stand during the parade. There are several killed and injured,” a correspondent told state television immediately after the attack.

Rouhani: Iran will beat Trump, won’t abandon missiles
US President Donald Trump will fail in his confrontation with Iran, just like Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Saturday, referring to the war between the two Middle Eastern powers and vowing that Tehran will not abandon its missiles. Tensions have ramped up between Iran and the United States after Trump withdrew from a landmark multilateral nuclear deal in May and reimposed sanctions on the Islamic Republic last month.

Nikki Haley: Iran proxies reportedly developing missile production in Iraq
Iranian proxies in Iraq are reportedly developing the capacity to produce missiles, US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said on Thursday as she warned against the growing Iranian foothold in Iraq. “In recent months, Iran’s aggression has escalated. Iranian proxies in Iraq operate openly, with funding, training, and weapons supplied by Tehran. The Iranian regime has reportedly begun over the last few months to transfer ballistic missiles to these proxies in Iraq.

US imposes sanctions on China for buying Russian weapons
The US has imposed sanctions on the Chinese military over its purchasing of Russian military jets and surface-to-air missiles. It says such purchases contravene US sanctions on Moscow introduced over Russian actions in Ukraine and alleged interference in US politics. China recently bought 10 Russian Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jets and S-400 missiles.

Google staffers wanted to manipulate search results to combat Trump’s travel ban
Google is in the spotlight after internal emails show conversations between employees highlighting a desire to manipulate search results on the heels of President Trump’s controversial travel ban in order to mute conservative viewpoints and push ways to combat the ban. Like many Silicon Valley titans, Google has drawn the ire of conservatives who feel right-leaning views are condemned from within.

Google Suppresses Memo Revealing Plans to Closely Track Search Users in China
Google bosses have forced employees to delete a confidential memo circulating inside the company that revealed explosive details about a plan to launch a censored search engine in China… The memo, authored by a Google engineer…disclosed that the search system, codenamed Dragonfly, would require users to log in to perform searches, track their location — and share the resulting history with a Chinese partner who would have “unilateral access” to the data.

Iranian cleric says time for Israel to ‘say goodbye’
A prominent Iranian cleric said Friday that the time had come for Israel to say goodbye. He did not give any further information on what that could mean. “Mr. Netanyahu, you and your intelligence services know well that the time to say goodbye has arrived and what position of strength the resistance of Hezbollah and the people of Gaza are in,” Hassan Abu-Torabi Fard, the temporary Friday prayers leader in Tehran, said, according to Fars News.

New Satanist Road Sign Causes Stir Among Indiana Residents
The Indiana Chapter of the Satanic Temple has adopted a highway in a rural stretch of Zionsville the sign is causing a stir among residents.

Delta touts USA’s ‘first biometric airport terminal’
Delta Air Lines is set to introduce what it’s calling the “first biometric terminal in the U.S.” The carrier says it’s equipping the Atlanta airport’s international terminal (Terminal F) with face-scanning technology that will allow international passengers to use facial recognition technology “from curb to gate.” It also will be available to passengers flying nonstop from Atlanta on Delta partner airlines Aeromexico, Air France-KLM or Virgin Atlantic.

Strange and unpredicted behavior behind mysterious California earthquakes, new research suggests
New findings on small earthquakes in California’s San Bernardino basin suggest that something strange is going on underground.

Western Denmark Shaken by ‘Super Rare’ Earthquake
A rare M3.4 earthquake struck West Jutland on Sunday, an area not usually associated with seismic activity.

More Young People Are Dying From Drugs, Alcohol and Suicide
Young Americans are dying in rising numbers because of drugs, alcohol, and suicide, according to new federal data.

Ireland Plans To Offer Abortions For Free, As Ban Is Officially Repealed
Ireland officially revoked its ban on abortion this week – and its health minister says that under a new law, women won’t have to pay for abortion services in the country. The goal is to ensure access and make sure women aren’t forced to travel for the procedure, Health Minister Simon Harris says.

Scientists Discover How To Upload Information Into Your Brain That Could Make Matrix-Style ‘Instant Learning’ A Reality
Feeding knowledge directly into your brain, just like in sci-fi classic The Matrix, could soon take as much effort as falling asleep, scientists believe.

Britain and Europe: United in Censorship
The U.K.’s negotiations with the EU over Brexit may be going badlyvery badly, but when it comes to the suppression of free speech, it appears that there is very little that divides Britain from many of its European partners.

New Billboards In Oklahoma: ‘God Loves Those Who Have Abortions’
Near Oklahoma City, where Christianity runs strong, eight new billboards have been plastered with messages about abortion that are patently insane. Statements on the billboards include “People of faith love those who have abortions” and “God loves those who have abortions,” according to Tulsaworld.com.

Twitter Approves Ads in Favor of Female Genital Mutilation After Blacklisting Pro-Lifers
Twitter promoted a post advocating for female genital mutilation (FGM) this week, after building a history of blacklisting promoted ads from pro-lifers, before claiming it was an “error.”

Bolton Hits Chinese for Hack of OPM Records
White House National Security Adviser John Bolton confirmed this week that China carried out the cyber attack on the Office of Personnel Management in the theft of more than 22 million sensitive records on American government officials.

Are the Chinese Posturing To Weaponize Food Control On a Global Scale?
…The Chinese will supply their own workers for the South African projects, meaning that South African employment will not benefit from this project. And these Chinese workers will be members of front companies for the Chinese military. So not only is China going to expand their economic imperialism, they are going to be occupying, with military forces, Africa as a whole.

Facebook’s new home gadget might have a creepy camera
After calling off the launch of a smart display device earlier this year, Facebook is reportedly planning to announce it next week. Here are the details from Cheddar‘s Alex Heath, who cites unnamed sources:

Student editor who tweeted that ‘women don’t have penises’ is fired from university journal in transgender row
A student editor at a top university has been fired in a transphobia row after he tweeted that ‘women don’t have penises’.

Beyonce’s Former Drummer Accuses Singer of ‘WITCHCRAFT’ And Murdering a Kitten
The former drummer of superstar Beyonce has accused the singer of ‘extreme witchcraft,’ casting magic spells of ‘sexual molestation’ and even murdered her kitten.