9 Sep 2018

Greenblatt: ‘Pray with me’ for release of Hamas held Israeli captives
United States envoy Jason Greenblatt called on Jews around the world to pray with him this new year for the release of the Israeli captives and the remains of two IDF soldiers that Hamas is holding in Gaza. “This Rosh Hashanah I will pray for the Goldin and Shaul families that Hamas will return Hadar and Oron to them. I will pray for the Mengistu and al-Sayed families, that Hamas will return Avera and Hisham to them. Please pray with me,” Greenblatt tweeted…

Trump freezes funding to east Jerusalem hospitals
The Trump administration has frozen $25 million in funding to Palestinian hospitals in east Jerusalem as part of its punitive campaign against the Palestinian Authority for refusing to participate in its peace effort. A US State Department official confirmed the plan this week to redirect the funds to other unspecified “priorities,” shortly after US President Donald Trump halted funding to the UN Relief and Works Agency…

Hamas: Abbas foiled truce talks, should be brought to court for ‘high treason’
Hamas officials have accused Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas of thwarting regional and international efforts to achieve a truce between the Gaza-based Palestinian terrorist groups and Israel. The officials said that the protests against Israel will continue until the blockade on the Gaza Strip is lifted. On Friday, a senior Hamas official called for bringing Abbas to trial before a Palestinian court for “high treason.”

Russia pension protests: New rallies sparked by opposition call
Fresh protests against raising the retirement age are being held across Russia, after a call by jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny. Pension reforms have caused widespread public anger, and Mr Navalny’s supporters have planned rallies in more than 80 cities to capitalise on this. Concessions by President Putin, whose popularity has suffered over the issue, have failed to stem the discontent.

Argentina – the crisis in six charts
Argentina is once again looking into the barrel of an economic crisis. The currency is sliding, inflation rising and there could well be a recession in the making. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is providing an emergency loan. It’s all happening under a government that was seen by the international financial markets as offering Argentina new hope…

Egypt sentences hundreds over 2013 pro-Morsi protests
Egypt has delivered verdicts for more than 700 people over a pro-Muslim Brotherhood sit-in after President Mohammed Morsi was ousted in 2013. The court confirmed 75 people’s death sentences and life imprisonment for 47 others, including Islamic leaders. Rights group Amnesty International has called the trial “grossly unfair” and a violation of Egypt’s constitution.

Facial recognition touted as ‘user friendly’ system for airports
As facial recognition technology use generates intense scrutiny, a new system unveiled at Washington’s Dulles airport is being touted as a “user friendly” way to help ease congestion for air travelers. Officials at Dulles unveiled two new face recognition systems Thursday, one to meet legal requirements for biometric entry-exit records, and a second to help speed processing of travelers arriving on international flights…

Trump ups ante on China, threatens duties on nearly all its imports
U.S. President Donald Trump warned on Friday he was ready to slap tariffs on virtually all Chinese imports into the United States, threatening duties on another $267 billion of goods on top of $200 billion in imports primed for levies in coming days. The moves would sharply escalate Trump’s trade war with Beijing over his demands for major changes in economic, trade and technology policy.

Tropical Storm Florence prompts North and South Carolina to declare states of emergency as it approaches East Coast
The governor of South Carolina has followed North Carolina in declaring a state of emergency as Tropical Storm Florence becomes a “better organized” weather system that’s expected to strengthen to a hurricane on Saturday.

Kavanaugh Says Gov’t Can’t Force Christian Groups to Pay for Abortion Drugs
U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has stated that the federal government cannot compel Christian organizations to provide coverage for abortion-inducing drugs.

Ark Encounter field trips constitutional, organizers tell atheists
An organization of atheists has sent letters to schools in a few counties near the Ark Encounter and its related Creation Museum, warning officials that they shouldn’t plan any field trips to those attractions because school events need to be “secular.”

“Expert” claims worshiping AI could “bring out the best” in humans
The co-founder of Google Street View wants to establish a church that worships artificial intelligence. In fact, he filed the initial paperwork to establish the new religion in 2015.

Baltimore: 14-Year-Old Charged as Adult over Murder of 83-Year-Old Woman
A 14-year-old suspected of having raped and killed a woman in her eighties in the US city of Baltimore was charged as an adult with murder, authorities said Friday.

Linda Sarsour Calls For People To Stop ‘Humanizing’ Jews, Report Says
Far-left Islamic activist Linda Sarsour made strong anti-Semitic remarks during a speech this month at the annual Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) convention in Houston, Texas — calling for the dehumanization of Israelis.

HUGE DEVELOPMENT! Joseph Misfud – The Man Who Deep State Used to Set Up Papadopoulos – Is Missing and PRESUMED DEAD
Joseph Mifsud is a Maltese academic, with high level connections to the Russian state and UK politicians. Mifsud is a former employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malta, a former principal in the London Centre of International Law Practice, a professorial teaching fellow at the University of Stirling in Scotland, and director of the Diplomatic Academy of London.

Border Patrol Agents Find 163 Illegal Aliens Wandering in Arizona Desert
The Associated Press reports that United States Border Patrol agents have once again rescued hundreds of illegal aliens found wandering the Arizona desert after crossing the Mexican border into the country and being abandoned by human traffickers.

Roger Waters: Propaganda Is Keeping Voters Asleep Like Orwellian Sheep
Pink Floyd’s former frontman told Sophie Shevardnadze that those he says he should “stick to music” were “sleepwalking” when it to Syrian civil war and the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel.

This Is an Actual Thing: Hillary Clinton to Appear at ‘Lesbians Who Tech’ Convention This Coming Week
Guess who’s back? Hillary Clinton is going to appear at the Lesbians Who Tech convention in New York City this coming week.

Russia, Turkey, Iran fail to agree on ceasefire for Syria’s Idlib
The presidents of Turkey, Iran and Russia on Friday failed to agree on a ceasefire that would forestall a Syrian government offensive in the rebel-held Idlib province which the United Nations fears could cause a humanitarian catastrophe involving tens of thousands of civilians.

The Latest: Iran, Russia, Turkey presidents meet in summit
…Warplanes, including suspected Russian ones, hit rebel areas in northern and southern Idlib earlier Friday, killing at least five, including one civilian, according to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The violence comes on the day that the presidents of Iran, Turkey and Russia are meeting to discuss the fate of the last rebel stronghold in Idlib and surrounding areas in Hama.

U.S. Launches ‘Defeat-ISIS’ War Drills in Syria
The U.S. Military Launched On Friday A Series Of War Drills Dubbed “Defeat Isis” In Eastern Syria To “Hone Their Warfighting Skills For Counterterrorism Operations” In The Region, According To American Military Officials.

After Iranian consulate burned, rockets fired at Basra airport in Iraq
Unknown assailants fired three Katyusha rockets at Iraq’s Basra airport Saturday, an airport official said, after a chaotic and violent night that saw hundreds of protesters burning tires on main streets and highways and setting ablaze the Iranian consulate in the city.

Bishop Who Covered-up Catholic Priest Pedophile Ring, Refuses to Resign
A New York bishop, who was exposed as part of a “predator priest” pedophile ring cover-up in the Catholic Church, has refused to resign after his role in the crimes was revealed in leaked documents.