30 Aug 2018

Were 18 To 20 CIA Sources Killed Or Imprisoned Because Hillary Clinton’s Emails Were Being Hacked In Real Time By China?
This is a scandal so huge that it could blow all of the other Clinton scandals totally out of the water. It is being alleged that 18 to 20 CIA sources were either killed or imprisoned in China from 2010 to 2012 because the Chinese were reading all of Hillary Clinton’s emails as soon as they were sent or received.

Rabbi: “UN is Replacement Theology on Steroids”
The United Nations has played a leading role in rewriting history as part of its anti-Israel agenda. A recent editorial in Christian media compared this to replacement theology and one rabbi agreed, noting that pro-Palestinian forces have taken this hated doctrine further than the Church ever had.

Archbishop who called on Pope to resign says corruption reaches the top
The archbishop who sparked a crisis in the Catholic Church by calling on Pope Francis to resign has denied he was motivated by personal vendetta and said he sought to show that corruption had reached the top levels of the Church hierarchy.

Newt Gingrich: Trump keeps racking up the victories, despite liberal media’s desperate efforts
In the middle of the liberal media’s desperate efforts to convince us that President Trump is in trouble, there are an amazing number of victories that suggest he is winning. In fact, there are indications that he is winning a lot.

Trump Warns Evangelical Leaders Of Violent Antifa And Rollback Of Religious Freedom If Democrats Win The MidTerm
President Donald Trump warned Evangelical leaders of potential violence from Antifa and the overturn of his administration’s accomplishments if Democrats win the midterms. Trump reportedly made the remarks at a Monday dinner at the White House with Christian leaders who he hosted to honor faith leaders, reassure them of his administration’s commitment to protecting religious liberty, and urge them to vote in the midterms.

Blue-Collar Workers Increasingly Optimistic Under Trump
Nearly two years into the Trump presidency, blue-collar workers are increasingly optimistic about their social and economic circumstances. A new survey, conducted by the Harris Poll, found that 85 percent of blue-collar workers said their lives are advancing in “the right direction.” The survey, commissioned by Express Employment Professionals, took place between July 9 and July 23.

Lira Plummets After Turkish Central Bank Deputy Governor Quits
Today’s drop was initially precipitated after Erdogan said on Thursday that Turkey “is not without alternatives” and warning that it won’t “back down over threats.” Alas, as we noted earlier, judging by the plunge in the lira, the market did not seem convinced by Erdogan’s latest rant, and proceeded to slide further after closing last night down 3.0% at 6.469 which was weaker than where it was on the Friday 3 weeks ago…

EBOLA CRISIS: Warning as deadly disease set to be WORST EVER in Congo – 75 dead
The ebola outbreak has devastated the already-troubled city of Oicha in the region of North Kivu, which is besieged by armed militants. The civil unrest has interrupted the delivery of health services with extreme insecurity and logistical challenges in reaching aid groups. So far 112 confirmed and probable cases have been recorded with 75 deaths confirmed, making the case fatality ratio “high”.

Typhoon Jebi to strengthen, may threaten Japan next week
As Jebi moves over the warm ocean waters south of Japan this weekend, the tropical cyclone may reach super typhoon status with winds in excess of 240 km/h (150 mph).

Syrian army preparing phased Idlib assault, the last big rebel enclave
Syrian government forces are preparing a phased offensive in the northwestern province of Idlib and surrounding areas, the last big rebel enclave, a source close to Damascus said on Wednesday. Russia, President Bashar al-Assad’s main backer from outside the region, said on Wednesday that militants there must be liquidated and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov described them as “a festering abscess.”

Trump accuses China of stalling progress with North Korea
US President Donald Trump has lashed out at China for undermining its work with North Korea, as criticism over progress on denuclearisation mounts. In a series of tweets he also said he saw no reason to resume the joint war games with South Korea that have angered North Korea. Days ago his own defence secretary said military exercises might continue.

Yemen conflict: Coalition rejects UN human rights report
The Saudi-led coalition in Yemen has rejected a UN report which said some of its attacks may amount to war crimes. The report contained many inaccuracies, a coalition statement carried by the Saudi state news agency said. In the document, UN human rights experts said they believed war crimes may have been committed by all parties.

Arrest of Iranian Spies in U.S. Just ‘Tip of the Iceberg,’ Lawmaker Warns
The recent arrest of two Iranian agents alleged to have been running spy operations on U.S. soil is just “the tip of the iceberg” in terms of the Islamic Republic’s efforts to conduct intelligence operations in America that could result in a terrorist attack, according to a leading lawmaker and U.S. officials who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon about the matter.

Mad cow disease diagnosed in Florida beef cow
Florida’s Department of Agriculture announced today that a case of Mad cow disease has been detected in a 6-year-old mixed breed beef cow. The department didn’t say where the cow was, but emphasized that it never entered the slaughter channels or food supply…This form of BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy) is not contagious, and is different from Classic BSE, which has been linked to variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD) in people.

Netanyahu to attend UNESCO conference against anti-Semitism
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accepted an invitation by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Secretary-General Audrey Azoulay and will participate in a major international conference on combating anti-Semitism, to be held at the United Nations building in New York on September 26. The event will focus on education designed to combat anti-Semitism and will take place as part of the 73rd General Assembly of the United Nations…

Scientists have found antibiotic-resistant bacteria throughout Germany’s waterways
 Earlier in February, a group of German scientists warned locals about the presence of bacteria immune to antibiotics in several lakes, rivers, and streams in the country.

ISAIAH’S PROPHECY COMES ALIVE: Jews are making the deserts of Israel bloom again and it is magnificent
The geography of Israel contributes to its spiritual nature. God communicated to His people in the desert and the prophets of Israel promised a time when the barren desert would blossom and flourish. While under foreign occupation, Israel resembled an abandoned wasteland, but under Jewish sovereignty it has miraculously come to life.

BREAKING: California Lawmakers Raise The Age For Purchasing Long Guns From 18 To 21
Legislators in the Golden State on Wednesday voted to raise the age someone can purchase a long gun from 18 to 21, the Los Angeles Times reported.

STDs hit all-time highs in US for fourth straight year, CDC reports
Sexually-transmitted diseases continue to hit all-time highs in the U.S. with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reporting a 10 percent spike for chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis in 2017. The federal health agency said in a report released Tuesday that the numbers, which include nearly 2.3 million new cases of the aforementioned diseases, reflect a “steep, sustained increase” in STDs since 2013.

The Fall of Rome
…It is bad enough that the Pope betrayed Catholic doctrine to call for a new world religion that has been referred to as Chrislam which is the blending of the Catholic and Islamic faiths. No two faiths could be more diametrically opposed to each other. The Pope and his leadership have betrayed the Bible in calling for a new world order which can only be, by definition, Satanic. His incessant support of Agenda 21 policies constitute the proof in the pudding.

South Africa Replaces White Farmer’s ‘Land Grab’ Bill with Something Far Worse
(Conservative Daily Post) In a shocking move, after President Trump highlighted the racially-disparate aspects of a bill the South African Parliament was pushing, the nation backed off of the bill they had worked on for two years after President Trump tweeted his concern.

US Military Launched 45 Strikes Against ISIS In Last 2 Weeks
Units of the U.S. military and coalition partners operating in support of Operation Resolve (OIR) in Iraq and Syria are still battling and winning against ISIS.

Portland School Teachers Given “Social Justice” Guides – Praising Islam, Che Guevara, Black Panthers
Teachers in Portland Public Schools are being given a teaching guide called “Planning to Change The World – A Plan Book For Social Justice Teachers.” At $18.00 a piece, with 3500 teachers, well, you can do the math to see how much money they’re spending just on this planning book.

Bruce Ohr Testimony Exposes Even Deeper Cesspit of FBI Corruption
During the closed-door testimony of Department of Justice official Bruce Ohr, an even deeper cesspit of corruption at the FBI has been exposed.

Wisconsin drenched by flash floods as crews recover body of man swept away
Searchers on Tuesday recovered the body of a man who was wrenched away from would-be rescuers during flash flooding that forced evacuations around Wisconsin’s capital city and cut power to many homes.

REVEALED: FBI Hero John Robertson Discovered Hillary Clinton Emails on Computer During Child Sex Investigation
It is worth noting that FBI hero John Robertson discovered the Hillary Clinton emails on Anthony Weiner’s computer in a child sex investigation.

Title IX Complaint Filed Against Professor Behind WashPo ‘Anti-Male’ Column
A Title IX investigation has been filed against Northeastern professor Suzanna Danuta Walters who authored the infamous “Why Can’t We Hate Men?” column this year in the Washington Post.

Witness: Clinton Associate Met with Fusion GPS, Trump Tower Participants
A witness has testified that a known Clinton associate met with key players from the Fusion GPS firm and participants in the Trump Tower meeting with Russian agents.