29 Aug 2018

Facebook Engineer’s Stunning Admission: “We Tear Down Posters Welcoming Trump Supporters”
Those companies “better be careful because you can’t do that to people,” Trump said later in the Oval Office. “I think that Google, and Twitter and Facebook, they are really treading on very, very troubled territory and they have to be careful. It is not fair to large portions of the population.” According to a memo posted on Facebook’s internal message board titled “We Have a Problem With Political Diversity”, and which was published by the New York Times, senior Facebook engineer Brian Amerige confirmed Trump’s allegation writing that “we are a political monoculture that’s intolerant of different views” and shockingly admitted that “we claim to welcome all perspectives, but are quick to attack — often in mobs — anyone who presents a view that appears to be in opposition to left-leaning ideology.

7.1 magnitude earthquake hits New Caledonia
The earthquake hit on Wednesday, with its epicentre about 230km east of the French territory’s capital Noumea. According to the United States Geological Survey, the quake was about 26km deep. There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries.

For most of 2018, the face of the sun has been blank, completely without sunspots. That didn’t stop the sun from launching a coronal mass ejection (CME) toward Earth. On Aug. 20th, a reorganization of unstable magnetic fields in the sun’s atmosphere hurled a cloud of plasma into space–no sunspot required. When that cloud (or “CME”) reached Earth on Aug. 25-26, it sparked auroras all the way from the Arctic Circle to Indiana.

Arrest of Iranian Spies in U.S. Just ‘Tip of the Iceberg,’ Lawmaker Warns
The recent arrest of two Iranian agents alleged to have been running spy operations on U.S. soil is just “the tip of the iceberg” in terms of the Islamic Republic’s efforts to conduct intelligence operations in America that could result in a terrorist attack, according to a leading lawmaker and U.S. officials who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon about the matter. Roskam said he was not surprised by the arrests, which have unearthed concrete evidence of the Islamic Republic’s efforts to foment discord across the globe, including on American soil.

Iran Claim, “We Recruited Minister from ‘Hostile Government’”
In June, the (Israel Security Agency) Shin Bet announced it arrested Segev a month earlier, and that the former minister was being charged with aiding the enemy in time of war and espionage against the State of Israel. The Shin Bet said its investigation revealed that Segev had been recruited by Iranian intelligence which had contacted him via the Iranian embassy in Nigeria.

Indonesia hit by TWO huge earthquakes in five minutes with tremors in Bali and Australia
The quake struck at a depth of 6.2 miles (10km) about 100km (62 miles) southeast of Kupang, in the East Nusa Tenggara province. Experts at the United States Geological Survey (USGS) issued the earthquake alert at about 8.15am BST (2:15pm local time). Five minutes later, it was followed by a shallow 5.6 magnitude quake nearby.

Earthquake rocks the Marianas
An earthquake centered east-northeast of Anatahan in the Northern Mariana Islands rocked the region this morning at 8:35 a.m., the U.S. Geological Survey states. The 6.4 magnitude earthqauke struck about 33 miles deep at about 99 miles east-northeast of Anatahan, the agency states. USGS downgraded the magnitude, which was initially assessed as 6.6.

Earthquake east of Los Angeles hits magnitude 4.4, USGS says
A 4.4-magnitude earthquake shook Southern California about 25 miles east of downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday, but there were no immediate reports of damage or injuries, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

Pope Francis facing calls to resign; sexual abuse scandal exposes rifts in the Vatican
The Catholic Church is reeling after a grand jury report in Pennsylvania found that possibly more than 1,000 children in six dioceses had been sexually abused by about 300 priests or higher ranking officials. But the report, and the Vatican’s subsequent tepid response, has exposed a split within the Holy See which threatens to bring down Pope Francis just five years after he replaced Pope Benedict XVI.

Russia bans ‘undesirable’ U.S. environmental group as security threat
Russia has banned a US environmental lobby group from operating in the country after labeling it an “undesirable” organization, the 15th foreign group to fall foul of legislation brought in under President Vladimir Putin four years ago. The Justice Ministry added the group, Pacific Environment, to a list of banned organizations on Tuesday evening after prosecutors last week said it posed a threat to state security.

Trump Causes Revolution in Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
A revolution is taking place in the way the United States deals with the Palestinian Israeli conflict and it could have serious ramifications for the security situation in Israel some say while others see God’s hand in the stunning developments. The money will now be “redirected” from the so-called West Bank (Judea and Samaria) and Gaza and will be used “to serve U.S. national interests”, according to a statement by the U.S. State Department.

Kahlon and Mnuchin form joint U.S.-Israel team to enforce Iran sanctions
Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon and US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin agreed to set up a joint team for the enforcement of economic sanctions against Iran during their meeting in Washington on Tuesday. Kahlon said that “the sanctions on Iran contribute to removing a threat to Israel’s security and to the security of the entire free world.”

Nikki Haley calls for examination on Palestinian right of return
US President Donald Trump’s ambassador to the United Nations questioned on Tuesday the credibility of Palestinian claims to a “right of return” to lands in modern-day Israel, touching on one of the most sensitive topics in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict…The Trump administration has already cut much of its funding to UNRWA, and Haley’s response suggests a complete cut is in the offing.

Chinese foreign ministry: Trump’s email hacking accusations are baseless
hina’s Foreign Ministry stated that US President Donald Trump’s statement on Twitter that China hacked the emails of former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is nothing new. Trump tweeted Wednesday morning that Clinton’s emails were hacked by China. He followed by applying pressure on the FBI and Department of Justice to act, lest they be mistrusted.

Hamas and Fatah spar over truce, unity talks
The war of words between Hamas and its rivals in Fatah has intensified as Egyptian efforts to end the dispute between the two parties and achieve a truce between the Gaza-based factions and Israel appear to have hit a snag. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was quoted on Tuesday as having voiced strong opposition to the idea of establishing a seaport in Cyprus and an airport near Eilat as part of a truce agreement between Hamas and Israel.

Venezuela crisis: Brazil to send army to safeguard border
Brazil says it is sending its army to the Venezuelan border to “guarantee law and order” amid an influx of migrants fleeing the crisis-hit country. President Michel Temer said in a televised address on Tuesday that Venezuela’s “tragic” situation threatened peace across South America. Millions of Venezuelans have fled their country due to hyperinflation, and food and medicine shortages.

Trump warns of ‘left-wing violence’ if Democrats win mid-term elections
US President Donald Trump has warned that his policies will be “violently” overturned if the Democrats win November’s mid-term elections. He told Evangelical leaders that the vote was a “referendum” on freedom of speech and religion, and that these were threatened by “violent people”. He appealed to conservative Christian groups for help, saying they were one vote away from “losing everything”.

US warns Russia, Syria against chemical weapons use
Senior U.S. officials warned the Russian and Syrian governments Tuesday against chemical weapons use in Syria as forces allied with its President Bashar Assad prepare for an offensive on a rebel stronghold. The United States “will respond to any verified chemical weapons use in Idlib or elsewhere in Syria … in a swift and appropriate manner,” State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert told reporters in Washington.

STDs continue rapid rise in U.S., setting new record, CDC says
Sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise in America, according to new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In fact, nearly 2.3 million cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis were diagnosed in the U.S. in 2017, surpassing the record set in 2016 by more than 200,000, CDC scientists reported Tuesday.

As Land Confiscations Loom, South Africa Rules 300,000 Gun-Owners Turn Over Their Weapons
The Constitutional Court of South Africa recently ruled that 300,000 gun owners must turn in their firearms. This judgement came in response to the North Gauteng High Court’s ruling in 2017 which said Section 24 and Section 28 of the Firearm’s Control Act were unconstitutional…Now that the High Court’s initial ruling has been overturned, gun owners who failed to renew their firearms licenses must hand in their firearms to the nearest police station…

Retired pastor threatened with eviction over Bible study
A company that runs a senior-living center in Fredericksburg, Virginia, has decided that a Bible study is a “business” and consequently has threatened to evict a retired Lutheran pastor and his wife for conducting one in their residence.

Atlanta School Replaces Pledge of Allegiance with ‘Oath to Global Society’
A liberal charter school in Atlanta has caused outrage among parents after it decided to replace the “offensive” Pledge of Allegiance with “a more inclusive” new “Oath to Global Society.”

Chicago Cardinal: Global Warming, Migrants Are ‘Bigger Agenda’ than Sex Abuse
Cardinal Blase Cupich, the Archbishop of Chicago, has downplayed bombshell allegations that Pope Francis knowingly rehabilitated an abusive American cardinal, saying the pope has a “bigger agenda” to worry about, such as protecting the environment and migrants.

Hawaii Takes A New Spot In U.S. Rainfall Records, After Hurricane Lane Drenches State
Hurricane Lane drenched parts of Hawaii with 3-4 feet of rainfall, with one weather station tallying the third-highest “total rainfall from a tropical cyclone in the United States since 1950,” the National Weather Service says. The slow-moving storm caused floods and landslides as it moved west of the islands, back out over the Pacific Ocean.

74 Israelis have contracted West Nile fever, 14 with severe symptoms, Health Ministry says
According to the Health Ministry, three patients, who also had other medical conditions, have already died. There are systemic failures in coping with the outbreaks, and the situation is getting worse, public health experts say.

Catholic Church abuse crisis: With call for pope to resign, church divisions explode into view
Pope Francis has long faced criticism from traditionalists — a group that includes academics as well as cardinals — who say the church is too willingly following the whims of the anything-goes modern age.

Two Sources Say Chinese-owned Company Hacked Hillary’s Server; Received Duplicates of Nearly All Her Emails in Real Time
Two sources who were briefed on the situation told The Daily Caller that a Chinese-owned business operating in the D.C. area penetrated Hillary Clinton’s private server and inserted code that forwarded copies of Clinton’s emails to the Chinese company in real time.

Chinese-Google Police State Technology Comes to America – Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
For the first time ever, American law enforcement authorities apprehended a fugitive using Chinese, Idemia and Google’s police state surveillance grid technology. The invasion of American civil liberties has begun….

South Africa’s EFF Leader Julius Malema Calls For United African Continent – With Common Language Like Swahili (Video)
In 2011 South Africa youth leader Julius Malema told his supporters that the white farmer’s land must be shared by all black Africans.

HUGE! Chinese Penetrated Crooked’s Private Server – FBI Was Notified But Refused to Act
During her entire tenure as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton dodged Freedom of Information Act requirements by using a private email server to conduct official government business, as well as sent and received classified information that was Top Secret over an unsecured system—an “extremely reckless” (and obviously illegal) act.”

YouTube Meddles in Swedish Election by Deleting Right-Wing Content
Google-owned YouTube has been caught meddling in the Swedish national election on the eve of the vote by repeatedly deleting right-wing content.

Three Men Arrested After They Filmed Themselves Repeatedly Having Sex With Animals
A district attorney in Pennsylvania described it as one of the most extreme cases of animal abuse that his office has ever seen.

FEC Records Reveal Hillary Clinton Illegally Laundered a Tenth of a Billion Dollars for 2016 Campaign
The press continues to feed the dying Russia collusion conspiracy theory, spending Friday’s news cycle regurgitating Democrat talking points from the just-filed Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act lawsuit against the Trump campaign, WikiLeaks, and Russia.