28 Aug 2018

SOURCES: China Hacked Clinton’s Private Email Server
A Chinese-owned company operating in the Washington, D.C., area hacked Hillary Clinton’s private server throughout her term as secretary of state and obtained nearly all her emails, two sources briefed on the matter told The Daily Caller News Foundation. The Chinese firm obtained Clinton’s emails in real time as she sent and received communications and documents through her personal server, according to the sources, who said the hacking was conducted as part of an intelligence operation.

Rouhani grilled by parliament in session broadcast live
Iran’s parliament voted on Tuesday to reject President Hassan Rouhani’s explanations for economic hardship after a dramatic grilling on live TV, a sign his pragmatic faction is losing sway to hardline rivals as new U.S. sanctions begin to bite. The vote in parliament came two days after lawmakers sacked the minister of economy and finance and weeks after they sacked the labor minister, blaming them for the collapse of the rial currency and surging inflation.

Analysis: IDF’s new missile corps will revolutionize how Israel wages war
The idea to establish a “Missile Corps” has been floating around for years in Defense Ministry corridors but has traditionally run up against opposition from the air force. The thinking was simple: Proponents believed it was important to diversify Israel’s offensive capabilities, while opponents feared budgets would be taken away from the IAF, which until now has had a monopoly on Israel’s sole long-range offensive strike capability.

Earth’s magnetic field is quieting, finally, almost 48 hours after a surprisingly strong geomagnetic storm sparked auroras seen from the Arctic Circle to the continental USA. Arctic sky watchers should nevertheless remain alert for auroras.

US ‘protectorate’ rebelling? Experts doubt EU’s ability to stand up to Washington
France and Germany are gearing up – with words, so far – to take a stand against the US and Donald Trump’s “isolationism.” While the EU powers talk about defending themselves without the US, it’s unclear if they are able to do so.

Report: US offered to exit Syria if Iran vacates south
The US told Syria that its forces would leave the country on condition that Iranian forces fully withdraw from southern Syria, according to a Tuesday report in the Lebanese newspaper, Al-Akhbar.

Russia to hold biggest war games in nearly four decades
Russia will next month hold its biggest war games in nearly four decades, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Tuesday, a massive military exercise that will also involve the Chinese and Mongolian armies. The exercise, called Vostok-2018 (East-2018), will take place in central and eastern Russian military districts and involve almost 300,000 troops, over 1,000 military aircraft, two of Russia’s naval fleets, and all its airborne units, Shoigu said in a statement.

Poll Finds Majority Of Voters Agree Brennan, Comey Should Lose Security Clearances
The poll shows that 59 percent of registered voters agree that Brennan’s security clearance should have been revoked. Additionally, 64 percent say Comey’s should also be revoked, along with any other FBI official who has been fired for his or her actions or has been demoted in any way. Further, the majority of respondents, 60 percent, say they believe any former national security official who chooses to become a consultant or TV contributor after his or her time in government, should have his or her clearance revoked.

Lebanese report: Syrian officials met with U.S. in June
It reads like something from a movie. An airport cordoned off by security forces. A plane lands in the dead of night and a “huge procession of black SUVs” soon leaves the tarmac. In them are a delegation of high-level US officials from “several intelligence and security agencies.” They travel to an area in Mezzeh in Damascus, where they stop at a military facility. There they meet Ali Mamlouk, Syrian security chief regime and advisor to Syrian regime leader Bashar al-Assad.

Germany migrants: Protesters face off in Chemnitz
Rival protests over a murder in the east German city of Chemnitz have ended with several people injured as objects were hurled by both sides, police say. Far-right activists had gathered in the centre for a second day as a Syrian and an Iraqi remained under arrest on suspicion of Sunday’s deadly stabbing. Anti-Nazi activists rallied just metres away, accusing the far right of using the death for political ends.

China Has Withheld Samples of a Dangerous Flu Virus
For over a year, the Chinese government has withheld lab samples of a rapidly evolving influenza virus from the United States — specimens needed to develop vaccines and treatments, according to federal health officials. Despite persistent requests from government officials and research institutions, China has not provided samples of the dangerous virus, a type of bird flu called H7N9.

Russia sends the largest armada of the Syrian War to the Middle East right on the doorstep of Israel – what does it all mean?
Russia has built up its forces around the Mediterranean Sea in response to reports that the U.S., France, and Great Britain could be preparing to attack Syria

LONDON FALLING: Terrified residents are building barricades around their homes, as Muslim crime wave sweeps the city and threatens to turn the capital into a warzone
Shocking pictures show large wooden barricades have been put up around property in the posh West London neighbourhood.

DESPICABLE: EU Pledges $21 million to Keep Obama’s Catastrophic Iran Nuclear Deal Alive
The European Union announced on Thursday financial support to stimulate the declining Iranian economy. The assistance exemplifies the bloc’s pledge to maintain the 2015 Iran nuclear accord despite U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision in May to withdraw the U.S. from the deal and reimpose economic sanctions on Iran, which took effect earlier this month.

Can you guess which religion California is making an appreciation month for – no other religion gets its own month
Why is California so anxious to celebrate Muslims? Because of the widespread assumption on the Left that they are victims of regular persecution, harassment and discrimination in the U.S. This is false, but the claim is a potent weapon that leads to Islamopandering such as we see here.

Israels water sources rapidly drying up
Water Authority announced that ongoing drought so bad even above average rainfall next year isn’t enough to replenish water sources; Kinneret nearing black line at 214.86 meters below sea level; working on developing resources to improve weather forecasting, efficient water utilization.

Iran showcases new defense cooperation in blow to U.S., Israel – Middle East
Both Syria and Iran want to show off the military cooperation and the official connections between Tehran and Damascus in light of US pressure for Iran to leave.

1st day of EMP: 574 dead, $35.7 billion gone, then it gets bad
An electromagnetic impulse attack on the United States could come from a surge of solar activity or a deliberate explosion at altitude of a nuclear device by an enemy such as North Korea.

Schools No Longer Require ‘Parent’s Consent’ To Administer HPV Vaccine
Schools have always required parents to give their consent ahead of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccinations administered to children, but now things are set to change. Tuija Leino, who heads the National Institute for Health and Welfare THL’s immunization unit, says that permission was only sought from parents who were not aware that the HPV vaccine had been introduced to the national immunization programme.

Google News Caught Censoring Conservative Sources, Promoting CNN
A new report has exposed Google News for suppressing conservative news sources while favoring left-bias media outlets, particularly CNN.

STUDY: Third Of Teens Haven’t Read A Book In The Past Year; Just 2% Read Daily Newspaper
new study of American teenagers and their reading habits finds that a third haven’t read a book — in hardcopy or on a device like a Kindle — in the past year.

Hillary Clinton lost, so ignore her 84 million dollar shell game
It was “an unprecedented nationwide scheme to violate federal campaign finance law in which $84 million was effectively laundered over more than a year by the Hillary Victory Fund through dozens of state political party committees to the Democratic National Committee and, ultimately, to Hillary for America” during Election, 2016, alleged the Committee to Defend the President (CDP) in a lawsuit [04/16/18] “to compel the Federal Election Commission to take action.” [See lawsuit’s documents at end of story].

If the Blue Wave Evaporates, Hillary Will Be at the Center of Any False Flag Attacks that Will Follow
Walk with me through a long journey of Hillary Clinton misdeeds and I am certain that the overwhelming documentation will demonstrate that Hillary is an agent for international terrorism and her connections will come into play if the Deep State cannot secure control of Congress through the Democratic Party in the upcoming midterm elections. I, and many other expect a wave of false flag attacks if the Blue Wave fizzles. At the center of it will be Hillary Clinton assets.

Federal Agents Seize 99 Pounds Of Cocaine Hidden Inside Pineapple Shipment
Federal agents seized nearly 100 pounds of cocaine worth several million dollars smuggled inside a shipment of imported pineapples bound for New Jersey.

WATCH: Black South African Radicals Chant ‘All White Men Must Die’
Members of the far-left South African Economic Freedom Fighter party, led by South African Parliament member Julius Malema, were recorded promoting the death of white people in a recent video.

Syria, Iran agree to expand defense ties, amid efforts to remove forces
Iran to have ‘presence, participation and assistance’ in reconstruction of country, Tehran defense chief says, despite international bid to get Iran-backed fighters out of country

Leftists Hold Two Day Long Conference on How to Rip Down ‘Offensive’ Statues
Members of Antifa in North Carolina are currently holding a two day conference on how to rip down statues that offend them. First reported by Far Left Watch, the event is titled “How to Topple a Statue, How to Tear Down a Wall.”

Detective, Who Exposed Elite Pedophile Ring, Found Dead
A former police detective-turned-investigative author has been found dead, just days after publishing a book that exposed a high-level government pedophile ring.

Turkeys Erdogan to visit Iran on Sept. 7
Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan will visit Iran on Sept 7, his office said on Monday, on a trip expected to include a three-way summit with Russian and Iranian leaders.