20 Aug 2018

America Is Overdue for Another Economic Disaster
The durable market rise that began March 6, 2009, is as intoxicating as the Lehman anniversary should be sobering: Nothing lasts. Those who see no Lehman-like episode on the horizon did not see the last one.

Ebola cases in DR Congo rise to 78, 44 dead
Seventy-eight cases of Ebola have been recorded in an outbreak in northeast Democratic Republic of Congo, claiming 44 lives, DRC officials and the World Health Organization (WHO) said Friday. “In all, 78 cases of haemorrhagic fever have been reported in the region, of which 51 are confirmed and 27 probable” while “24 suspect cases are under investigation”, according to reports from Congolese authorities and the WHO.

Bird flu kills one in Vietnam
Virus H5N1 was detected in the post-mortem blood tests of the 60-year-old victim who died Thursday in Ho Chi Minh City, Xinhua reported, citing provincial health officials. In a statement, Pasteur Institute said six separate H5N1 cases have been identified in Vietnam’s south.

Turkey, US to conduct joint patrols in Syria’s Manbij
Turkey and United States will begin “joint patrols” in northern Syria’s Manbij to stabilize the region under a roadmap that focuses on the withdrawal of PKK-affiliated YPG terror group, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Sunday.

More than two million Muslims begin hajj pilgrimage
On Monday, the pilgrims will ascend Mount Arafat, where Prophet Muhammad delivered his sermon to pilgrims during his last Hajj, at the climax of the soul-searching ritual, asking for God’s forgiveness and mercy.

Is Now the Time to Return the Temple Mount to God’s Intent: A House of Prayer for All Nations?
In the Bible, the Temple Mount is considered a place of prayer for all nations and is commonly understood to be a holy place for Jews, Christians and Muslims alike. In Isaiah 56, it is written that, “foreigners Who attach themselves to Hashem” will be brought to his sacred mount to rejoice in his house of prayer:

Bolton, Netanyahu trash ‘wretched’ Iran nuclear deal
“I believe that the president’s decision to leave the disastrous Iran deal was nothing less than a hinge of history. Israel applauds the Trump administration’s determination to reimpose tough sanctions on Iran.”

Pope writes to Catholics on clergy sexual abuse, vows no more cover up
Pope Francis, facing simultaneous clergy sexual abuse crises in several countries, on Monday wrote an unprecedented letter to all the world’s Catholics promising that no effort will be spared to prevent abuse and its cover up.

Judge Says Government Does Not Have To Accept New DACA Requests
U.S. District Judge John Bates said the government does not have to accept new Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) requests, on Friday, going back on his initial order from Aug. 3. Illegal immigrants who were brought over as children, known as “Dreamers,” can renew their DACA applications, but no new requests will be processed….

Feds Offering $20,000 Reward for Suspect Accused of Threatening Trump
Officials are conducting a nationwide manhunt to search for Shawn Christy, 27, of McAdoo, who allegedly threatened to “put a bullet” in Trump’s head in a now-deleted post on social media, and is wanted on several arrest warrants in Pennsylvania—including burglary, violating probation, and failing to appear in court for an aggravated assault case.

Bolton: U.S.’s highest priority is Iran never getting nuclear capabilities
The United States is working with European countries to convince them of the need to take stronger steps against the Iranian nuclear weapons program, US National Security Advisor John Bolton said Monday. Bolton was speaking at the Prime Minister’s Office prior to a meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, his second meeting since arriving in Israel Sunday.

Palestinians react to Abbas’ call for ‘popular resistance’
The Palestinian leadership appears to be changing tactics in its effort to establish a state along the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital. At a closed-door meeting this weekend of the Central Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas called for an increase in “popular resistance,” which he described as having its own value in “fighting the Israeli occupation.”

Kerala floods: Relief teams rescue 22,000 as rains ease
About 22,000 people were rescued from the flood-hit Indian state of Kerala on Sunday, officials say, after monsoon rains finally eased. Military teams as well as disaster response forces and local fishermen reached some of the worst hit areas. Helicopters also brought much-needed supplies to communities cut-off by two weeks of incessant rain.

Afghan Taliban kidnap dozens of bus passengers near Kunduz
About 150 people are reported to have been kidnapped after Taliban militants launched an ambush on three buses in northern Afghanistan. A Taliban spokesman said they were targeting security forces travelling on the buses, adding the civilians would be released. It comes a day after Afghan President Ashraf Ghani offered a conditional three-month ceasefire to the Taliban.

This company embeds microchips in its employees, and they love it
When Patrick McMullan wants a Diet Dr Pepper while he’s at work, he pays for it with a wave of his hand. McMullan has a microchip implanted between his thumb and forefinger, and the vending machine immediately deducts money from his account. At his office, he’s one of dozens of employees who have been doing likewise for a year now.

China shifts to Iranian tankers to keep oil flowing amid U.S. sanctions – sources
Chinese buyers of Iranian oil are starting to shift their cargoes to vessels owned by National Iranian Tanker Co (NITC) for nearly all of their imports to keep supply flowing amid the re-imposition of economic sanctions by the United States. The shift demonstrates that China, Iran’s biggest oil customer, wants to keep buying Iranian crude despite the sanctions…

China’s vaccine scandal explodes as one million doses now found to be maiming Chinese children… total cover-up by the media
The Chinese government has admitted that hundreds of thousands more doses of children’s vaccines are faulty, bringing the total number of vaccines known to be defective there to nearly one million.

Fresh 6.9-magnitude earthquake hits Indonesia’s Lombok
A strong earthquake rocked Indonesia’s Lombok Sunday, two weeks after a quake killed more than 480 people on the island and hours after another tremor triggered landslides, damaged buildings and sent people fleeing.

Three People Shot, One Assaulted at ‘Peace Picnic’ in Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago
Three people were shot and another individual was assaulted at a “peace picnic” in Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s (D) Chicago on Saturday night.

Iranian-Backed ‘Sleeper Cell’ Militants Hibernating in U.S., Positioned for Attack
Iranian-backed militants are operating across the United States mostly unfettered, raising concerns in Congress and among regional experts that these “sleeper cell” agents are poised to launch a large-scale attack on the American homeland, according to testimony before lawmakers.

BREAKING: America First Media Names Public Officials at Hospital the Morning of Seth Rich Shooting
America First Media has brought forth new findings in their investigation into the 2016 homicide of DNC employee Seth Rich. An inside source with knowledge of what occurred at the hospital on the early morning of July 10, 2016 has revealed former DNC Chairperson Donna Brazile and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser arrived shortly after EMTs had delivered the injured victim for emergency treatment of two gunshot wounds to the torso.

Powerful typhoon on course to hit Korea this week
Powerful typhoon Soulik is on course to strike the Korean Peninsula this week, the state weather agency said Sunday, warning people on Jeju Island and in southern coastal areas to prepare.

T-shirts saying ‘stand for the flag, kneel for the cross’ draw protest at school
You would be hard-pressed to find anybody in Dodge County, Georgia who does not stand for the national anthem or take a knee to pray. That’s just how it is. So when the Dodge County High School cheerleaders started selling T-shirts that read, “In Dodge County, we stand for the flag, kneel for the cross,” nobody thought it would cause a controversy.

In This ‘Oklahoma!,’ She Loves Her and He Loves Him
The idea came to Bill Rauch in the early 1990s: What if he directed a production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “Oklahoma!” where the lovers were same-sex couples?

IDF code crackers help decipher absurdly complex wheat genome
Long thought impossible, scientists present complete sequence of bread wheat genome, hoping it will help feed world’s growing population • Professor Tzion Fahima: To meet projected food consumption needs in 2050, wheat production must increase at double current rate.

CNN: Antifa Violence Against Trump Supporters is ‘Right’
CNN’s Chris Cuomo announced that the news network will not condemn violence against President Trump’s supporters, but rather justified physical attacks.

Top Bishop: I’ll Release FULL List Of Pedophile Priests Accused In Diocese
A Top Bishop has vowed to release the name of every single name listed in the grand jury report which accuses over 300 pedophile priests of sex abuse.

Will Embedded Chinese Soldiers Attack America Before the Midterm Elections
The fight for the control of America is underway. It would seem that there are multiple plots involving several entities and almost everyone has a say but the American people.