19 Aug 2018

Bolton arrives to talk Iran, Syria with Netanyahu
US National Security Advisor John Bolton arrived in Israel on Sunday for meetings with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other top officials, tweeting upon his arrival that he was “looking forward” to the talks on “bilateral concerns and a range of national security issues.” The talks are expected to focus on Iran and Syria. This is Bolton’s first trip to Israel since assuming his new position in April…

Israel closes Gaza’s pedestrian crossing in response to border riots
Israel on Sunday morning closed the Erez Crossing into Gaza in response to Friday’s violent border riots. Since July Israel has linked the routine operation of its two crossings into Gaza with the cessation of Palestinian violence in the Strip. Israel’s maintains a military blockade on Gaza that prevents air or sea traffic, so that the only access to Gaza is by land through three crossings, two of which are under Israeli control.

Muslim pilgrims flock to Mecca ahead of hajj
Hisham Mostafa briefly forgot the war in Syria and his financial worries as he looked upon Islam’s holiest sites for the first time, standing among hundreds of thousands of white-clad Muslims gathered in Mecca ahead of the hajj pilgrimage. “This is the first time I see the Grand Mosque and the Kaaba. It is the best feeling of my life to be able to perform the hajj,” said Mostafa…

Lombok earthquake: Strong tremor shakes Indonesian island
The Indonesian island of Lombok has been shaken by another strong earthquake, after weeks of tremors that have killed more than 476 people. Sunday’s quake measured magnitude 6.3 and was at a depth of 7.9km (4.9 miles). It caused landslides but it is not known if there are any casualties. Residents said the tremor was felt strongly to the east of the island, and sent people fleeing into the streets.

Ecuador tightens entry rules for Venezuelan migrants
Ecuador has brought in new rules to stop Venezuelan migrants entering the country without a passport, leaving many stranded in neighbouring Colombia. Thousands of Venezuelans fleeing their country’s economic and political crisis have been crossing into Ecuador from Colombia using only identity cards. Most are heading south to join family members in Peru and Chile.

Egypt internet: Sisi ratifies law tightening control over websites
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has signed a new law that tightens controls over the internet. The legislation on “cybercrime” means websites can be blocked in Egypt if deemed to constitute a threat to national security or the economy. Anyone found guilty of running, or just visiting, such sites could face prison or a fine.

Magnitude 8.2 quake strikes in the Pacific, no damage expected -USGS
A massive quake of magnitude 8.2 struck in the Pacific Ocean close to Fiji and Tonga on Sunday but it was so deep that it was not expected to cause any damage, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) said. The U.S. Tsunami Warning Center also said the quake was too deep to cause a tsunami. The quake was 347.7 miles (560 km) below the Earth which would have dampened the shaking at the surface.

Redding fire moved faster than evacuation orders, leaving a deadly toll
The Carr fire swept into the edge of this city without mercy, leveling two neighborhoods on either side of the Sacramento River. On the western side of the river, authorities began issuing warnings door to door in Keswick at least 30 minutes before homes started burning and up to 12 hours early for homes farther south. On the other side, residents in areas such as Land Park and River Ridge were told to leave with no time to spare, if they got any warning at all.

CLAIM: Barack Obama and John Brennan may be facing imminent criminal indictments
Insiders familiar with what’s going on claim that Barack Obama is on the verge of being charged with the following crimes:

South Africa farm seizure: Terrified white farmers plot escape as crackdown looms
A record number of white South African Farmers have put their land up for sale amid fears the ruling party is considering confiscating properties bigger than 25,000 acres.

More rains likely in India’s Kerala as flood death toll jumps
Over two million people have been forced to move into relief camps and more than 300 people have died as rain continues to fall in India’s southern Kerala state.

Sweden In Flames After ‘Organized’ Firebombing Blitz
Swedish cities were rocked by a series of firebombings and arson attacks last night in what many believe was an ‘organized’ onslaught.

Tunisia seizes a Muslim migrant boat heading for Italy and guess who’s on board – 9 Islamic jihadists
Tunisian authorities have arrested nine Islamist extremists who attempted to board a rubber boat to reach Italy across the Mediterranean on Monday.

Outrage as Catholic church helped priest accused of raping boy get a job at Disney World, putting even more kids at risk
A Pennsylvania priest tortured an altar boy for over a year, sexually abusing him and beating him with a metal cross, then left the church for a gig at Walt Disney World — with a reference from the diocese, a grand jury report found.

A Christian mother might lose custody of her transgender child for simply believing in basic human biology
An Oregon mother who sued the local school district and some of its employees, charging they interfered with her parental rights and created “a plan” to prevent her daughter, who believes she is a transgender boy, from returning to the mother’s home so that the mother’s custody could be terminated, has lost her case in court.

SOUTH AFRICAN CHAOS: Black leaders taking the country back to the Dark Ages, as they are sanctioning the theft and abuse of the white farmers who feed the country
Previously on SBPDL: Black-Run South Africa ‘Democratically’ Decides to Amend their Constitution to Expropriate White-owned Land Without Compensation…

Massive Muslim Brotherhood Display of Power to Take Place in Minnesota
Several of the speakers at this event have connections to the missing Somali youth. Others are leaders in the Muslim Brotherhood in this country.

California Recognizes August as Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month
The California State Assembly voted Monday to pass a resolution that officially recognizes August 2016 as Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month.

Satanic Temple Statue Brought To Arkansas Capitol In Protest Of Ten Commandments Monument
Last week a monument to the Ten Commandments was installed at the Arkansas State Capitol, and worshippers from the Satanic Temple were not happy. During last year’s legislative session, the Temple sent lawmakers a letter asking for a statute of Baphomet – a goat-headed, winged deity – to also be erected at the Capitol. No legislators responded, according to KATV reporter Marine Glisovic:

SHOCK STUDY: Facebook Has Eliminated 93% of Traffic to Top Conservative Websites Since 2016 Election
The Gateway Pundit has repeatedly reported on tech giant censorship of conservative content.