13 Aug 2018

Oklahoma Noahide On the Trail of Temple Gold
One hour later, Barfield ran the data from the metal detector through his computer. Every spot was a hit and one locus especially so. “It showed up on the metal detector like Fort Knox,” Neese said. The Israeli government is still not permitting Barfield to investigate and there has been a moratorium on archaeological digging at Qumran.

Keith Ellison Facing Violent Domestic Abuse Allegations Less Than A Week Before Minnesota Primaries
A person claiming to be the son of a prominent Minnesota-based environmental activist is accusing Rep. Keith Ellison of physically assaulting his mother while the two were in a relationship. “My brother and I watched our mom come out of pure hell after getting out of her relationship with Keith Ellison,” His post comes as Ellison runs attorney general in Minnesota.

North, South Korea agree on third summit to be held in Pyongyang
North and South Korea agreed to hold a summit in Pyongyang in September, the latest step forward in cross-border ties this year after more high-level talks on Monday, the South’s Unification Ministry said.

World stocks hit one-month low as Turkish rout spreads
World markets shuddered on Monday, as Turkey’s worsening currency crisis persuaded investors to dump equities and emerging markets and flee to safer assets such as government bonds and the dollar. “The plunge in the lira, which began in May, now looks certain to push the Turkish economy into recession, and it may well trigger a banking crisis,”…

Quake damage to Indonesia’s Lombok exceeds $342 million as deaths top 400
Indonesia’s holiday island of Lombok suffered damage running into more than 5 trillion rupiah ($342 million) from last week’s huge earthquake, authorities said on Monday, as the death toll climbed to more than 430.

West Virginia’s Supreme Court Is So Corrupt, EVERY JUSTICE Faces Impeachment
Who presides over the impeachment trial of a state Supreme Court justice if the entire state Supreme Court is being impeached? It’s an absurd constitutional hypothetical West Virginians are left to grapple with, after the West Virginia House of Delegates Judiciary Committee drafted articles of impeachment against four justices on the state’s highest court.

Mega-pastor accused of ‘heresy’ for attack on Old Testament
Mega-pastor Andy Stanley caught a lot of theological flak back in May for telling his congregation it was time for them to “unhitch” from the Old Testament. It’s rare for American evangelical titans to clash publicly over basic theological doctrine. But that’s what’s happening here.

Germany’s Economic Minister Calls On Europe To Defy Trump’s Iran Sanctions
Almaier told Bild newspaper on Saturday that Germany should be assertive and defiant in the face of American sanctions by actually investing more in Iran. He said, “We don’t let Washington dictate [their will] on trade relations with other countries.” The German economic minister further told Bild that the world is on the brink of all-out economic war from which no one will come out ahead:

Bans don’t seem to be lessening reach of Alex Jones, InfoWars
Some of the nation’s largest technology and social media companies have tried to stop Alex Jones and his conspiracy theories. But in a digital world, their attempts seem to have barely slowed him down. InfoWars continues to see more than 1 million page visits per day and has trended upward this month, according to Amazon’s Alexa website traffic report, which also said InfoWars averages more than 25 million page views per month.

Bennett says Israel’s policy of restraint in Gaza has failed
“If we had struck the first kite launchers when there were still one or two of them, it would not have reached thousands,” Minister of Education Naftali Bennett said on Monday, saying that Israel’s policy of restraint has thus far not been successful. Bennett, a member of the security cabinet, told Kan, Israel’s public broadcaster, Israel’s policy of restraint in the Gaza Strip has failed and an alternative response to Hamas must be considered.

Turkish lira recoups losses following Central Bank intervention
Turkey’s lira pulled back from a record low of 7.24 to the dollar on Monday after the central bank pledged to provide liquidity and cut reserve requirements for Turkish banks, but its meltdown continued to rattle global markets. The currency has lost more than 40 percent against the dollar this year, largely over worries about President Tayyip Erdogan’s influence over the economy, his repeated calls for lower interest rates, and worsening ties with the United States.

Ghazni: Afghans in battlefield city ‘can’t find food’
Food supplies in the Afghan city of Ghazni are running low, as a battle with the Taliban rages for a fourth day, the UN has warned. “Life is getting hard for people, they can’t get food or water,” a man who fled the city on Sunday told the BBC. More than 100 people, mostly government soldiers and police, have been killed since the Taliban stormed Ghazni from four sides early on Friday.

Arms depot blast in Syria’s Idlib province kills 39 – monitor
At least 39 people – including 12 children – have been killed in a blast that brought down a building in Syria’s mainly rebel-held north-western province of Idlib, reports say. The building in the Sarmada town is said to have contained munitions belonging to an arms trafficker. Dozens of people are still missing, a monitor and correspondents say.

Sex abuse scandals continue plaguing Catholic Church
With revelation after revelation, a new wave of sexual abuse scandals is rocking the Roman Catholic Church and presenting Pope Francis with the greatest crisis of his papacy. In Chile, prosecutors have raided church offices, seized documents and accused leaders of a coverup. In Australia, top church figures are facing detention and trials.

South Africa risks ‘Zimbabwe-style land chaos’
Shockwaves are still being felt in South Africa after President Cyril Ramaphosa’s controversial announcement that the country’s constitution is to be changed to explicitly allow for the expropriation of land without compensation. Markets reacted negatively and the currency, the rand, has continued to plummet over the last week.

Kremlin says backs use of national currencies for bilateral trade
The Kremlin said on Monday that Russia favored bilateral trade with all countries in their national currencies, rather than the dollar, but that the idea needed detailed work before being implemented. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Saturday Turkey was preparing to conduct trade through national currencies with China, Russia and Ukraine.

Biggest-ever earthquake recorded on North Slope
So far, there are no reports of any significant impacts to communities or infrastructure as a result of the 6.4 quake. “This is the biggest earthquake within a few hundred miles, at least, of that area that we have records for,” Alaska Earthquake Center seismologist Michael West said . In the hours after the main quake, there were series of substantial aftershocks in the region, including a magnitude 6 earthquake at 1:15 p.m. — that’s the second largest earthquake ever recorded north of the Brooks Range.

Grotesque: U.S. gov’t cannibalizing babies so mice can live
In a development that is almost too Nazi-esque to believe, our own government is working with Planned Parenthood to get “fresh” tissue from aborted babies to produce “humanized mice.” Although it is almost impossible to believe, every word you read in that first sentence is true.

Officials: Israel Never Signed Ceasefire; Hamas’ Days Numbered
Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz (Likud) said in an interview with Reshet Bet on Sunday, “We used this last round to seriously harm the missile and UAV infrastructure. We as the Cabinet need to see the bigger picture. We have not signed a ceasefire agreement and we are keeping our cards close.” “Toppling Hamas is an option and we are closer to it than in the past,” Steinitz added.

DNC co-chair, Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison denies abuse allegations from ex-girlfriend
The co-chair of the Democratic National Committee, Rep. Keith Ellison, was accused of emotional and physical abuse by an ex-girlfriend who said: “You know you did that to me.”

Khamenei: We won’t negotiate with the US
“Today’s livelihood problems do not emerge from outside; they are internal. If actions are taken more efficiently, more prudently, more swiftly and more firmly, #sanctions cannot have much effect and they can be resisted,” he tweeted.

Turkish journalist: Erdogan seeming more and more like Hitler
Turkish journalist slams Turkish Pres. Erdogan’s salute, says he sacrifices lives.
Erdogan looks increasingly like a #Hitler as he asks the audience to stand up and salute with his invention of #Rabia sign he borrowed from the street protests of Muslim Brotherhood in #Egypt,” Bozkurt tweeted.

Fight to read Bible in public hits Britain
A British religious-rights organization that has focused on relief of persecuted Christians in Muslim lands has a new fight on its hands – fighting for the right to read the Bible in public in England.

V.A. facility in D.C. resembles ‘3rd world hospital’
A retired U.S. Marine Corps gunnery sergeant and prominent veterans advocate is fuming after new revelations that the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Washington is failing to meet even the most basic medical standards.

Christian Student-Led Group Banned From Campus For Requiring Leaders to Follow Faith Tenants
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, a student-led group at The University of Iowa, was kicked off campus for requiring members and leaders to agree with faith tenants.

Some Priests Listed In Massive Sexual Abuse Report Are Still In Ministry
The bishop of Pittsburgh said Friday that some priests named in a massive sexual abuse report remain in ministry because of unsubstantiated allegations.

Democrats Launch Software To ‘Identify Russian Bots’ Ahead Of Midterms
In a failing attempt to prevent Donald Trump from winning the midterm election, the US Democratic Party has launched an internal software that allegedly identifies suspected Russian bots and a fake account.

Expert Exposes Liberals Who Blame West Coast Fires on ‘Global Warming’
Dr. Bob Zybach, a veteran foresting expert has exposed the liberal “coffee shop” fear  mongers who claim that “climate change” is behind the recent spate of wildfires in California.

Secret FEMA Camp In Alaska- Holds 2 million- NSA Blocked This Interview
This is the interview that the NSA went to great lengths to block.  The interview was cut off and the late Josh Coy (WYDE FM host) and I were not able to reconnect. During the course of the interview there was incessant tapping and heavy breathing. That did not come from us.   At the end I was cut off in mid-sentence. Further, we are about to find out why the Deep State is about to need all the FEMA camps they can develop.

China Fires On US Navy In the South China Sea
Ever since President Trump introduced tariffs on Chinese products, the Chinese have greatly increased their naval presence in the South China Sea. Countries from Vietnam, to the Philippines, to Taiwan and Australia are fearful of China’s next move.

What the Globalists Cannot Hide Is Christian Genocide
The UK is turning its back on Christians. Many have applied for asylum only to be denied. Judith Bergman stated that when the anti-Christian United Nations presented a list recommending 1,358 Syrians for refugee status and subsequent resettlement in Britain, that only four were Christian. The rest were Muslim. However, the UN was kind compared to the UK government. At the end of the day, the UK would not accept even one Christian, but did accept 1,112 Muslims.

REPORT: The U.S. intelligence community wants to use DNA as the next data storage trove
The amount of electronic data we generate every year is quickly outstripping the capacity of the latest storage systems. The U.S. intelligence community wants a new storage material that can accomodate all that data. In an article on Live Science, they are looking into a rather concerning source that is known to store dense amounts of data: Human DNA.

Life in the new shanty town taking root on Paris’s abandoned railway
This section of the derelict Petite Ceinture railway – known for its hipster cafe and beer garden – is now home to a squatter camp too. Annabelle Azadé meets some of the 350 people who live in its makeshift shacks

Mysterious dog disease hits Virginia city: ‘There’s an epidemic underway’
Veterinarians in Virginia are warning pet owners to be on the lookout for a mysterious disease — similar to whooping cough — spreading among canines in the Charlottesville area.