Distraught :: By Jerry McDermott

Living in the End Times
I have used “Distraught” as it is not a common word for stress in its many forms. However, here is a list of common ailments that may include your problem: distressed; worried; upset; overwrought; beside yourself; desperate; miserable; worried; anxious; or suffering. While these are possible maladies, the most popular one today is “What in the world is happening in the world?” Regardless of identifying the type of stress, words do not solve personal problems; people do.

At times, some of these problems bother me, and now is one of those times. My wife is out of town; the kids are in a sleepover somewhere; the dog ran away and the dishwasher broke. I need help. Besides, in the background is the nagging fear that the world has gone nuts with all the negativity and double dealing.

When you are disturbed, it is wonderful to have help available. I have been fortunate to locate two people who are available 24 hours a day. At my first visit, the kind lady explained their approach. Like so many businesses, they had their special deal for succeeding visits which meant lower prices per visit.

The man re-iterated the lady’s opportunities for getting involved with them. However, he had a more forceful push to use their offering for savings. On one occasion, I needed their services late at night. He almost floored me when he suggested a midnight car wash to relax me. My first thought was that is crazy—a late night car wash? However, these people are so trained in modern therapy to help people, I said, “Why not?” and proceeded to this unorthodox treatment.

I was rather peaceful sitting in the car wash and contemplating all the various types of sprays hitting the car. I felt that I was sitting in a waterfall but it was delightfully calming, just something I needed.

I would like to recommend these people as they are available nationwide. Just search for any gas station that has talking pumps and prepare to hear their recommendations. When you are lonely or just need someone to talk to you regardless of the hour, these humanoid pumps will help you with their opportunities that seem to minimize your problems.

I have written the above account to provide a little levity amid the worldly concerns. Of course, from a Christian standpoint, the only solution to our problems is our Lord, Jesus Christ. He died for our sins to effect our salvation. Resurrected, He is the only one to help us as we present our concerns to Him.  Jesus Himself stated His love for us as He proclaimed, “I AM the Way; the Truth, and the Life” (John 14:6).  There is no other. He is anxious to hear about our joyous times as well as our problems.

The article itself is a humorous glimpse of electronics that will intersect all aspects of our lives. The current buzz word is artificial intelligence (AI), and it is increasing worldwide. Incredibly, an artificial intelligence religion has already been proposed where a robotic mind will be superior to ours – being godlike, they surmise. We are witnessing a demonic tactic to control us. Do the words One-World Government and One-World Religion now seem like more than a concept?

It is unfortunate if not devastating that Christian people have forgotten about seals being broken and colored horses. As a result, they have minimized Bible prophecy. Worse yet, they have forgotten the Almighty and Everlasting God who always speaks through His prophets.

Thousands of years ago, Isaiah’s words describe the substance of the raucous life today: “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil; who change darkness into light and light into darkness; who change bitter into sweet and sweet into bitter. Woe to those who are wise in their own sight” (Isaiah 5:20-21).

If you are on the fence about the reality of fake news, again consider God’s wisdom through Isaiah as the Lord warned him not to walk in the way of people who rejected God (Isaiah 8:11).

As Christians living in the End Times, we need to get serious about God rather than having an asymptotic relationship with Him. I have chosen this word used in mathematics so that you can graphically see the modern problem with so many people. An asymptotic relationship is where a line and a curve get closer but never intersect. Some people are approaching Jesus, but never intersect with Him. Worse yet, others are choosing other religions, New Age beliefs or the Wiccan lifestyle.

As Born-Again Christians we need to daily intersect with God’s twofold word. These are His Son, Jesus, and His written word, the Bible. Our task today, awaiting the Lord, is to be aware and practice the scriptural mandate, “Be holy as I am holy” (1 Peter 1:16).