20 Jul 2018

Three Top FBI Cybersecurity Officials to Retire
Three of the top cybersecurity officials at the Federal Bureau of Investigation are retiring from government service, according to people familiar with the matter—departures that come as cyberattacks are a major concern for the country’s security agencies.

House Conservatives Move Forward with Plans to Impeach Rod Rosenstein
Leading Freedom Caucus members Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) are laying the groundwork to bring articles of impeachment against Rosenstein, as House investigators accuse the Justice Department of stonewalling their requests for documents related to the agency’s surveillance of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

DNC Civil War? Joe Lieberman Latest In Mounting Effort To Reject “Rising Star” Ocasio-Cortez
Lieberman takes Ocasio-Cortez to town over her open-border dreams of abolishing ICE, saying “This makes no sense unless you no longer want any rules on immigration or customs to be enforced. I have not heard anyone say that. Nonetheless, at least three credible candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination rushed to endorse Ms. Ocasio-Cortez’s position.”

Pirro: Peter Strzok ‘the Personification of the Deep State Itself — Where Fascism Rules’
“Strzok seems to share cardinal Comey’s affectation about being a selfless servant of the people, even though he seems to simultaneously hold us all in contempt,” stated Pirro. “Strzok is also the personification of the deep state itself, where fascism rules, where people in power don’t care about what you think, but instead decide they know better — they know what’s right and they implement it.

Blue State Blues: Why America Hates CNN
CNN’s unpopularity is reflected in its shockingly poor ratings, but also in the chants of “CNN sucks!” that erupt at Trump rallies. What is it about the pioneering cable news network that is so hated? CNN might argue that it is the victim of a vicious campaign, led by President Trump himself, to label the network “fake news.” But Trump would not be the first president to single out a news outlet. Barack Obama did the same to Fox News.

Leading Rabbi: This Generation’s Bible Hatred, Sign the Messiah is Here
“This generation displays absolute hatred for those who learn the Bible, especially in recent years. We are seeing all of the conditions described in the Talmud appear before us. It is for this reason that we anticipate the appearance of the Messiah at any moment, God-willing,” Rabbi Kanievsky wrote.

Saudi Journalist: ‘We Must Advance Peace With Israel”
in the Saudi government daily Al-Yawm, Saudi journalist Sukina Meshekhis called on the Arab countries to take bold steps, including certain concessions, in order to advance peace with Israel. She wrote that peace is a supreme human aim for which all peoples yearn, but that in order to achieve it there is a need for concessions and sacrifices.

Proponents and Dissidents Speak Out About Israel’s New and Controversial Basic Law
The passage of the Nation-State Bill early Thursday morning, aimed at boosting Israel’s Jewish character, officially codifies and clarifies the facilitation of the prophetic ingathering and protecting of the Jewish people, says Yishai Fleisher, an Israeli radio broadcaster and international spokesman for the Jewish community in Hebron. The legislation, he said, “helps promote and promulgate Jewish ancient culture including the calander and language of the Bible.”

Merkel welcomes Trump’s invitation to Putin to meet in U.S.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday welcomed US President Donald Trump’s invitation to Russian President Vladimir Putin to meet in Washington this autumn. “I think it should become normal again for Russia and American presidents to meet,” Merkel told a news conference in Berlin.

US offers Hamas enormous financial aid
The US offered Hamas significant financial aid to help rehabilitate Gaza, The Washington Post reported. However, the offer would require a complete cessation of terror against Israel, of all kinds, must cease, and Hamas must return two Israeli civilians, as well as the bodies of two IDF soldiers, to Israel. Later on Friday, Hamas responded to the offer with scorn.

California’s Supreme Court thinks the people of my state are irrelevant – We can’t even vote on a breakup
The right of Californians to self-government and democracy suffered a serious blow Wednesday when the state Supreme Court ordered that a proposition asking voters if they want to break the most populous state in the nation into three states must be removed from the November ballot. it appears that the proposition was yanked off the ballot because it was too big a threat to the established power structure of state government in Sacramento.

Liberman: Hamas is forcing Israel into a larger Gaza war than 2014
Hamas is pushing Israel into a wide scale war that will be larger in scope than Operation Protective Edge in 2014, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said as he visited the southern city of Sderot on Friday morning. “Hamas leaders are forcibly leading us into a situation where we will have no choice, a situation in which we will have to embark on a painful, wide-scale military operation,” Liberman said.

US Jewish groups furious at Jewish Nation-State Law
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu succeeded in passing the controversial Jewish Nation-State law Thursday and immediately received a cold shower in criticism from American Jewish organizations, the European Union, and non-Jewish Israeli diplomats around the world. The Jewish Nation-State Law became Israel’s 15th Basic Law after it passed into law in the Knesset plenum by a vote of 62 in favor, 55 against and two abstentions…

rSingapore personal data hack hits 1.5m, health authority says
Hackers have stolen personal data in Singapore belonging to some 1.5 million people, or about a quarter of the population, officials say. They broke into the government health database in a “deliberate, targeted and well-planned” attack, a government statement says. Those targeted visited clinics between 1 May 2015 and 4 July of this year.

Russia fears spies have leaked hypersonic missile secrets to West
Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) has raided a space research facility after a suspected leak of hypersonic missile secrets to Western spies. The state space agency Roskosmos said its security staff were co-operating with FSB officers on a criminal case. Russia’s Kommersant daily says about 10 staff at a Roskosmos facility called TsNIIMash are under suspicion. A director’s office was searched.

Pop-up tornadoes create nightmare throughout central Iowa
At least several tornadoes tore through central Iowa on Thursday afternoon, hitting key landmarks in some cities, such as the Marshall County Courthouse in Marshalltown and Vermeer Manufacturing in Pella. Heavy rain, damaging winds and hail were also part of the system. Seven people inside the manufacturing plant were taken to the hospital and treated for injuries. They have since been released.

NJ considers taxing tap water
Never short on ideas for things to tax, lawmakers in New Jersey are considering a tax on tap water. The proposal is being floated by State Sen. Bob Smith D-Middlesex, who is trying to say it’s not actually a tax but a ‘user fee’. “It is a user fee based on volume,” Smith told Fox 5’s Chasing New Jersey. It would add 10 cents for every 1,000 gallons of water a home uses. Smith says that will only add $32 a year to the “average” water bill.

Kushner: ‘no good option’ until ‘nightmare’ Hamas changes or goes
US President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and Middle East advisor, US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman and special Mideast adviser Jason Greenblatt accused Hamas on Thursday of producing “misery for the people of Gaza”, saying that unless Hamas radically changes or is replaced, “there is no good option.” In a joint article…the three officials lay the blame for Gaza’s economic and humanitarian woes squarely at the Hamas terror group’s doorstep…

Mossad helped thwart major Iranian terror attack in France
The Mossad helped thwart a major Iranian terrorist attack in France last month, it was cleared for publication on Thursday evening. Mossad agents uncovered intelligence about an alleged Iranian plan to bomb the annual National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) rally in the town of Villepinte, a northern suburb of Paris, on June 30.

Swedish dentist fired for accurately revealing that 80% of ‘child Muslim migrants’ are actually adults
In a shocking discovery, Mr Bernt Herlitz, a dental hygienist from Gotland, in Sweden, found in 2016 that 80% of the “children” he was inspecting were in fact fully grown adults, determined from the fact their wisdom teeth were fully grown.

Dramatic Rise in Anti-Trump Idolatry Setting Stage for End-of-Days Showdown Between Good and Evil
Sales of tarot cards have risen sharply in the last year as self-proclaimed witches claim that divination and dark-magic are effective in opposing President Trump. One end-of-days expert cites this as an illogical yet divinely guided step in setting the stage for the Messianic showdown in which the two sides, Good and Evil, are clearly defined.

Swedish candidate ‘dreams’ of transferring Israeli Jews to US
Candidate for Swedish parliament attempting to run Gaza blockade suggests Jews leave Israel for US so Arabs can build nation in ‘peace.’

South Africa’s White Farmers Take Action as Blacks Continue to Slaughter them, Causing the Country to Collapse
Rarely in recent decades have whites in South Africa had any good news come their way. From losing power in 1994 to daily farm invasions consisting of rape, murder and arson, things have not been going well. Land seizure without compensation is the latest attack on the white community, a policy which will leave them homeless and dispossessed. If you ever want to know what being a white minority is like, the plight of the Boer on the southern tip of Africa is the clearest example.

Eight dead, 60 injured as Iraq protests continue for 11th day
The Iraqi central government is seeking to contain protests against unemployment and a lack of basic services which broke out in July, 8, in Southern Iraq, with the number of victims killed reaching eight while 60 others were injured, according to Iraqi health officials who said that the protests were marred by riots.

Part of Grand Teton National Park near Yellowstone supervolcano closed after massive fissure opens
A 100-foot crack at Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming have prompted officials to close certain areas to tourists.

Sweden calls for international help as wildfires rage in Arctic circle
Sweden has issued calls for emergency assistance from the European Union after wildfires broke out across the country during an extreme heatwave.

CRISPR causes significantly greater DNA damage than previously thought, study finds
From the earliest days of the CRISPR-Cas9 era, scientists have known that the first step in how it edits genomes — snipping DNA — creates an unholy mess: Cellular repairmen frantically try to fix the cuts by throwing random chunks of DNA into the breach and deleting other random bits.

Syria: Israeli Weapons, Equipment, and Foodstuff Found in ‘Al-Qaeda’ Hideout
The Syrian army has raided an Al-Qaeda hideout in the town of al-Tayheh and discovered a stash of weapons, military systems, equipment, and foodstuff that all originated from Israel.

Transgender Prisoner Moved to Woman’s Prison Caught Sexually Assaulting Inmates
A transgender inmate has been accused of sexually assaulting four female inmates following a transfer to a women’s prison, despite not having had had reassignment surgery.

Blood Moon and Mars Approach Set To Trigger ‘Biblical Event’ Experts Say
The upcoming blood moon which is due to appear in close conjunction with the close passing of Mars could trigger several ‘biblical events,’ including the rapture, according to Christian astrology experts.