12 Jul 2018

Archaeologists’ DNA Testing May Have Identified Jonah’s Whale
Using ancient DNA analysis and collagen fingerprinting, the researchers identified the bones as belonging to the North Atlantic Right whale (Eubalaena glacialis) and the Atlantic Gray whale (Eschrichtius robustus). Until their findings brought proof these species were common in the region, it was assumed that the Mediterranean Sea was outside of the historical range of the Right and Gray whales.

Trump says Putin meeting may be easiest on Europe’s trip
US President Donald Trump said on Thursday a meeting with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin next week may be the easiest on his Europe trip, saying Moscow was a competitor and not an enemy. Asked if Putin presented a threat, Trump said, “I don’t want him to be and that is why we have NATO,” following a summit of the military alliance in Brussels. “He is a competitor,” Trump told reporters. “Is he my enemy? He is not my enemy … Hopefully someday maybe he will be a friend. I just don’t know him very well.”

Japan flood toll nears 200, sun scorches thousands battling thirst
Intense heat and water shortages raised fears of disease outbreaks in flood-hit western Japan on Thursday as the death toll from the worst weather disaster in 36 years neared 200. More than 200,000 households had no water a week after torrential rains caused floods and set off landslides across western Japan, bringing death and destruction to decades-old communities built on mountain slopes and flood plains.

Trump calls out Sessions over FBI lawyer Lisa Page’s no-show at Congress
President Trump in an early morning tweet Thursday nudged Attorney General Jeff Sessions to act over FBI lawyer Lisa Page’s refusal to comply with subpoena and testify before Congress. “As I head out to a very important NATO meeting, I see that FBI Lover/Agent Lisa Page is dodging a Subpoena & is refusing to show up and testify,” Trump tweeted early Thursday morning. He continued, “What can she possibly say about her statements and lies. So much corruption on the other side. Where is the Attorney General?”

South Korea’s Moon says North Korea-U.S. talks ‘on track’, criticism a ploy
South Korean President Moon Jae-in said on Thursday that North Korea’s criticism of the United States after recent talks on denuclearisation was part of its strategy and negotiations between them are on the “right track”.

Justice Dept pulls virtual trigger for online 3D guns
In its settlement of a free speech lawsuit, the federal government has agreed to acknowledge that popular semi-automatic sporting rifles such as the AR-15 are not inherently military weapons. “Not only is this a First Amendment victory for free speech, it also is a devastating blow to the gun prohibition lobby,” explained Alan M. Gottlieb, the founder and executive vice president of the Second Amendment Foundation.

South Korea wants formal end to the Korean War this year
“The goal of our government is to declare an official end of the Korean War this year, which marks the 65th anniversary of signing the truce agreement,” he said in an interview with Singaporean media The Straits Times, according to Yonhap. Moon is on a three-day state visit in Singapore.

Alt-Left Melts Down Over “Unmasking Antifa” Act
It seems the new “Unmasking Antifa Act” has ruffled a few feathers among the alt-left. Introduced in the House last month by Rep Dan Donovan (R-NY), H.R. 6054 is a response to a spate of violent attacks provoked by masked members of Antifa, and would punish anyone wearing a mask who “injures, oppresses, threatens or intimidates” a person “in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege” with a fine and up to 15 years in prison. The law is effectively a modern take on anti-mask laws dating back to the mid-20th century in order to stop the violent activities of the Ku Klux Klan…

Netanyahu: Israel completely coordinated with U.S. regarding Syria
Israel is completely coordinated with the US regarding the situation in Syria, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told reporters on Thursday, hours after US Senator Lindsey Graham tweeted that Israel should be “very careful making agreements with Russia re Syria that affect US interests.” Graham is one of Israel’s staunchest supporters in the senate.

Israel strikes three Syrian regime posts following drone infiltration
The Israeli military struck three Syrian military targets overnight on Wednesday in retaliation for a Syrian drone that infiltrated into northern Israel hours earlier. “The IDF holds the Syrian regime accountable for the actions carried out in its territory and warns it from further action against Israeli forces,” read a statement released by the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit.

Nato states to up defence spending – Trump
US President Donald Trump says Nato countries have agreed to increase their military spending. Speaking after a two-day summit in Brussels, he said allies had committed to spending more than 2% of their annual output (GDP) on defence budgets. The president has been highly critical of the alliance, complaining the US pays more than others.

Israeli unmanned spacecraft to land on Moon in 2019
An Israeli non-profit organisation has announced plans to send the first privately-funded unmanned spacecraft to the Moon. SpaceIL said the probe would be launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, in December on a Falcon 9 rocket built by Elon Musk’s SpaceX company. It is expected to land on the Moon in February 2019.

TSA screeners win immunity from abuse claims: appeals court
Fliers may have a tough time recovering damages for invasive screenings at U.S. airport security checkpoints, after a federal appeals court on Wednesday said screeners are immune from claims under a federal law governing assaults, false arrests and other abuses…the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia said…(TSA) screeners were not “investigative or law enforcement officers,” and were therefore shielded from liability under the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA).

Lieberman calls to shut down Israeli Embassy in Ireland over boycott bill
Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman called on Thursday for Israel to shut down the Israeli Embassy in Dublin in response to the Irish Senate voting overwhelmingly to approve a proposal to boycott companies and imports of goods from the West Bank settlements, a move that Israel warned Dublin not to implement in January.

Israel to impound Gaza flotilla ships to benefit terror victims
The Jerusalem District Court issued a temporary confiscation order Wednesday for two Norwegian ships set to partake in a solidarity flotilla to Gaza in the coming weeks. The court order allows for the Karstein and Freedom, worth approximately 75,000 euros, to be used for monetary compensation for victims of Hamas terrorism the moment they enter Israeli waters.

How You And I Are Helping Facebook ‘DeepFace’ Facial Recognition Create The Global Surveillance System
Facebook is how you get from social medial to societal dominance. This is how go from a Harvard kid hacking college databases to rate female students as ‘hot or not’, to installing real-time Facial Recognition tracking systems on a global scale.

UK Government Hires George Soros to Give Police ‘Hate Crime Training’
The UK has announced it will use taxpayers money to pay for George Soros’s “hate crime” training programme, which will be used on Police officers tackling “anti-Muslim hate crimes.”

New Satellite Images Show Russia is Secretly Preparing for War
New satellite images have revealed that Russian President Vladimir Putin is secretly preparing his country for war.

Marvel Announces 2 Openly Gay Heroes Coming To Movie Screens Soon
Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige recently confirmed to The Playlist that not one, but two, openly gay characters would be coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Some lauded the decision as a landmark example of diversity in movies. Others have pegged the move as a PR stunt and little else.

Deadly Parasitic Worm Coming To Europe Due To Third-World Migration
Hundreds to thousands of eggs are produced daily by each female worm. One of the many benefits of open borders! Karl Hoffmann, a professor of parasitology at Aberystwyth University, writes in The Independent:

Amazon patent admits it will listen in real-time for “trigger words” that could get you arrested and imprisoned 
Amazon patent admits it will listen in real-time for “trigger words” that could get you arrested and imprisoned.

Soros Associates Gain Control Of 90% Of U.S. Computerized Voting Machines
Breaking- #RogerStone reports two Globalist British Royals, both billionaires protected by the Queen have partnered with Soros to get control of 90 % of US computerized voting machines.

Bill Gates Invents Human Microchip with Wireless ‘On/Off’ Birth Control Switch
Billionaire globalist Bill Gates and his team have invented a disturbing new human microchip that is due for launch this year.

Trump administration to dump Obama-era rule allowing unions to siphon Medicaid money
The Trump administration announced Tuesday it planned to end what it suggested was an illegal Obama-era rule allowing unions to collect dues from state subsidies intended for home health workers — including family caregivers.

Pedophiles Demand to be Part of LGBT Community, Call for ‘Normalization’
Pedophiles are now attempting to ‘rebrand’ themselves as ‘MAP’ (Minor-Attracted Persons) in a strange effort to be accepted int to LGBT community and ‘normalizing’ pedophilia.

10 most evil people in the world today who lie about science, pharmaceuticals and GMOs
…You may be a religious person who treats others the way you want to be treated, but that won’t stop evil scientists and M.D.s from selling you dangerous chemical-based drugs that slowly poison you and your innocent children until death does you part. That’s why you need to know exactly who the ten most evil people are in the world today, because they lie about science, pharmaceuticals and GMOs, and the only way to protect your family from them is to never buy, consume or inject what they’re selling.

Samoa Bans All Children’s Vaccinations After Sudden Deaths Of Multiple Toddlers
Health authorities have banned all children’s vaccinations in Samoa following the sudden deaths of multiple toddlers minutes after receiving the MMR vaccine. A full inquiry into the circumstances of the deaths has also been launched at the request of Prime Minister Tuilaepa Lupesoliai Sailele Malielegaoi.

Report: Obama Admin ‘Shelved’ Plan to Prosecute Taliban Heroin Traffickers
The Obama administration, citing “political concerns” in 2013, derailed a plan to prosecute Taliban drug kingpins in U.S. courts that could have curtailed unprecedented heroin operations in Afghanistan that fueled the deadly opioid crisis across the United States, a Politico investigation found.

U.S. Seeks to Thwart Iran Flying Millions in Cash Out of Germany
Top Trump administration officials are working to stop Germany from allowing Iran to fly more than $350 million in cash out of the country and back to Tehran as part of a bid by the Iranian regime to restock its coffers ahead of a major financial crackdown by America, according to conversations with senior U.S. diplomats and officials on Capital Hill.

African Migrants Threaten to Kill Italian Cargo Vessel Crew Who Rescued Them
African migrants threatened to kill the crew of the Italian cargo vessel who rescued them because they wanted to travel to the welfare havens of Europe and not be returned to a Libyan detention center.

Church Mounts Billboard Atop Gay Bar Telling LGBT Community ‘God Takes Pride in You’
A Disciples of Christ Church in San Diego that describes itself as “radically inclusive” has purchased a billboard atop a gay bar with a message to the LGBT community, declaring, “God takes pride in you, so do we!”