3 Jul 2018

Jared Kushner says US will soon present Trump’s Israeli-Palestinian peace plan, with or without Abbas
If President Abbas is willing to come back to the table, we are ready to engage; if he is not, we will likely air the plan publicly,” Mr Kushner said, according to an English transcript of his words provided by Washington

PA: Law to deduct terrorists’ salaries from tax money ‘a declaration of war’
Abbas’ spokesman says Knesset crossed a ‘red line’ in its decision to deduct terrorists’ salaries from roughly $130 million in monthly tax revenues Israel collects on behalf of Palestinian Authority;

China Claims It Has Developed A New Laser Gun That Can Set People On Fire From Half A Mile Away
Named the ZKZM-500 after the company that allegedly produced it, the firearm can supposedly produce an energy beam that can’t be seen by the naked eye, but can burn through human skin and other materials, and travel roughly half a mile away, according to a Sunday report from the South China Morning Post.

Trump meets with Supreme Court contenders, two in focus
U.S. President Donald Trump said he met with four potential Supreme Court justices on Monday, while a person familiar with the selection process said Trump was focused keenly on two people, although others were still in contention.

Trump calls Maxine Waters ‘corrupt,’ says she’s becoming the ‘face’ of the Democratic Party
President Trump on Tuesday lashed out at Rep. Maxine Waters as “one of the most corrupt people in politics” while arguing the outspoken liberal is becoming “the face” of the Democratic Party as the midterm elections heat up. “Crazy Maxine Waters, said by some to be one of the most corrupt people in politics, is rapidly becoming, together with Nancy Pelosi, the FACE of the Democrat Party,” Trump tweeted. “Her ranting and raving, even referring to herself as a wounded animal, will make people flee the Democrats!”

Minister: It’s official – More Jews in Israel than US
Israeli Jews now constitute the largest Jewish community in the world, a government minister said Monday, surpassing the American Jewish community by nearly one million people.

Trump moves are killing two-state solution, Palestinian PM spokesman says
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas declared the American administration incapable of being an honest broker and therefore unwelcome to participate in the peace-making process. The American peace-making team headed by Jared Kushner seems unfazed and is apparently trying to reach out to the populace instead of the government. Can this strategy succeed?

A martian dust storm that started in late May, silencing NASA’s Opportunity rover, has now wrapped itself around the entirety of Mars, transforming the appearance of the Red Planet. “Mars has essentially vanished beneath the dust,”

Western nations de-facto boycott condemnation of Israel at UNHCR
Western nations held a defacto boycott of the Agenda Item 7 debate against Israel at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on Monday. Only 22%, 43 nations out of the 193 UN countries who could have taken the floor, stood up to condemn Israel. France, which had initially signed up to speak, changed its mind at the last moment and was not present in the room when its name was called.

German intel: Iran wants to expand weapons into nuclear arsenal
A newly released German intelligence report from the state of Bavaria concluded that the Islamic Republic of Iran is working to turn its conventional military weapons into a system for weapons of mass destruction. “Iran, North Korea, Syria and Pakistan are making efforts to expand their conventional weapons arsenal through the production of weapons of mass destruction,” wrote the Bavarian intelligence agency in April 2018.

Thailand cave rescue: Boys ‘could be in cave for months’
Twelve boys and their football coach trapped in a Thai cave are alive, but will need to learn to dive or wait months for flooding to recede before they can get out, the army says. The group had been missing for nine days before they were found by divers late on Monday on a small dry ledge. Rescuers are now battling rising water to bring more supplies to the group.

China firm develops ‘laser gun’
A Chinese firm has developed a laser gun designed for police use that can set fire to protesters’ hair or banners from a range of almost one kilometre. The general manager of the ZKZM fiber laser company, who asked to remain anonymous, said the weapon would “immediately” produce a “strong pain response” in the target but stressed it was designed to be “non-lethal”.

Tech’s ‘Dirty Secret’: The App Developers Sifting Through Your Gmail
Google said a year ago it would stop its computers from scanning the inboxes of Gmail users for information to personalize advertisements, saying it wanted users to “remain confident that Google will keep privacy and security paramount.” But the internet giant continues to let hundreds of outside software developers scan the inboxes of millions of Gmail users…

Iran thinks Israel has been stealing its clouds to cause a drought
An Iranian general has accused Israel of ‘manipulating weather’ to prevent rain over the Islamic republic – aka, stealing the country’s clouds. Brigadier General Gholam Reza Jalali, head of Iran’s Civil Defence Organisation, alleged that his country was facing cloud ‘theft’ during a press conference. However he was later contradicted by the nation’s weather chief.

Cyber Command moves closer to a major new weapon
The Air Force issued a formal proposal earlier this month for the Department of Defense’s long-awaited cyber weapon system, known as the Unified Platform, sources tell Fifth Domain. DoD officials have said the Unified Platform is one of U.S. Cyber Command’s largest and most critical acquisition programs to date. Industry officials have said it is necessary to conduct cyber operations and is critical to national security.

Trump moves to block China Mobile’s U.S. entry on security concerns
The U.S. government has moved to block China Mobile (0941.HK) from offering services to the country’s telecommunications market, recommending its application be rejected because the firm posed national security risks. The move by President Donald Trump’s administration comes amid growing trade frictions between Washington and Beijing.

Massive spy program invades Trump country
…The “warehouse” plan, the council asserted, is “vague, the permissions are sweeping, and the accountability mechanisms are completely absent.” The council said the main purpose of the data warehouse is to track children and funnel them into the workforce.

Masters of the Universe: Facebook Admits to Sharing User Data with 61 Companies
Facebook has admitted to sharing the personal data of its users with 61 different companies.

Horror in Iran — Regime OPENS FIRE on Demonstrators Protesting Lack of DRINKING WATER!
The Iranian Regime is failing. The people of of Khouzestan province held several large demonstrations this week to protest the lack of water in the province. The running water in the province looks like mud.

New Mexican President Told Citizens to “Leave Their Towns and Find a Life in the United States”
Mexico’s new socialist president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, known as the Mexican Hugo Chavez, previously told citizens of the country they “must leave their towns and find a life in the United States.”

Elderly Anglican Priest Defends His Marriage to 25-Year-Old Male Model
A 79-year-old gay Anglican priest in the U.K. has defended his marriage to a 25-year-old male model from Romania, insisting he is not “a dirty old man” but just wants “to show people we are normal.”

MEDICAL TYRANNY: Doctors ordered to refuse health care services to parents who opt out of child vaccinations
Parents want to do what’s best for their children, especially when it comes to their health. For many, that means trusting their family doctor to lead them in the right direction — but when doctors receive benefits for pushing drugs and inoculations, that trust can easily be abused. Industry influence in medicine is so strong that doctors are now being encouraged to stop seeing patients who aren’t vaccinated.

“Pro-choice” California doesn’t believe GAY people should have a choice at all – counseling professionals to be fined and jailed
Should it pass and be signed into law, Assembly Bill 2943 would actually make it a criminal offense for licensed professionals to offer counseling services to members of the LGBT community who no longer wish to be a part of it.

Rep. Nunes to Depose 17 Deep State Members In House Intelligence Hearings
Representative Devin Nunes, the head of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee is taking his life into his own hands. This week, he is deposing 17 members of the Deep State. If he is allowed to continue, there will be nowhere that Hillary Clinton can run or hide.

Experts warn that your phone really is listening to you
Your phone (and Google, and Facebook) is always watching: It knows where you’ve been, where you are and where you want to go, it knows who you’re talking to and what restaurant you went to for dinner. The omniscient, omnipresence of the digital world is indeed highly concerning.