30 Jun 2018

U.S. intel believes N.Korea making more nuclear bomb fuel despite talks
US intelligence agencies believe North Korea has increased production of fuel for nuclear weapons at multiple secret sites in recent months and may try to hide these while seeking concessions in nuclear talks with the United States….the network said…the latest US intelligence assessment appeared to go counter to sentiments expressed by President Donald Trump, who tweeted…that “there is no longer a nuclear threat from North Korea.”

Surge in Britons getting EU nationality
There has been a surge in UK citizens acquiring the nationality of another EU country since the Brexit referendum, according to data obtained by the BBC. In 2017 a total of 12,994 UK citizens obtained the nationality of one of the 17 member states from which the BBC has received figures. This compares with 5,025 in 2016 and only 1,800 in 2015. The most frequent new nationality was German, which saw a huge jump from just 594 cases in 2015 up to 7,493 in 2017.

Supreme Court: Trump to name nominee on 9 July
US President Donald Trump says he plans to announce his nominee for a new Supreme Court judge on 9 July. He told reporters on board the presidential aircraft Air Force One he had narrowed the choice down to “about five” candidates, including two women. The vacancy arose when Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement earlier this week.

West Nile Virus found in mosquitoes in Ohio, Washington
Mosquitoes trapped in Ohio and Washington tested positive for West Nile Virus, health officials said. Mosquitoes found near Alexandria, Johnstown and Harrison Township in Ohio on June 21 and 22 had the virus, test results released Wednesday from the Ohio Department of Health showed. Officials in Benton County, Washington, also found a pool of mosquitos in West Richland that tested positive for West Nile virus, KEPR reports.

Wildfires rage in Colorado as weather conditions deteriorate
At least a dozen wildfires were raging on Friday in drought-stricken portions of Colorado where hundreds of residents have been evacuated as a wave of prime wildfire weather conditions moves through the U.S. West. The most active blaze, the Spring Fire, had scorched nearly 24,000 acres (9,712 hectares) between the towns of Fort Garland and La Veta in southern Colorado.

China factory growth slows in June as trade tensions rise
Growth in China’s manufacturing sector slowed in June after a better-than-expected performance in May, official data showed, as escalating trade tensions with the United States fuel concerns about a slowdown in the world’s second-biggest economy. China’s economy has already felt the pinch from a multi-year crackdown on riskier lending that has driven up corporate borrowing costs, promoting the central bank to pump out more cash by cutting reserve requirements for lenders.

Blatant Hate: Comedy Central Writer Wishes Justice Kennedy ‘Had Been Shot’
Leftists across the country melted down on Wednesday when news broke that Justice Anthony Kennedy will be retiring from the Supreme Court next month.

Vaccination Alters Genes
…where genes are edited, deleted, added, no matter what the pros say, there are always “unintended consequences,” to use their polite phrase. The ripple effects scramble the genetic structure in numerous unknown ways. Here is the inconvenient truth about DNA vaccines—They will permanently alter your DNA.

Donald Trump Prepares Groundwork For Abortion Ban In All 50 States
President Donald Trump announced he was totally committed to the protection of rights for unborn babies in all 50 state as he prepares to used the nomination of a new Supreme Court Justice in order to make the ban nationwide.

San Francisco Declared One of the ‘Filthiest Slums’ in the World
San Francisco has been declared one of the filthiest slums in the world following an investigation.The Californian city has been found to have dirtier conditions than slums found in third world countries such as India or Kenya.

Pope Replaces Clergy With Cardinals from Iraq to ‘Diversify’ Religion
Pope Francis appointed 14 new cardinals on Thursday, June 28th as part of the replacement of Chilean bishops who resigned en masse over the recent child sex abuse scandal and coverup.

NSA Quietly Deletes Years Of Illegally Collected Wiretap Data
The National Security Agency (NSA) is scrubbing several years worth of call records swept up in foreign intelligence surveillance wiretaps that it was never authorized to collect – claiming that “technical irregularities” caused the oversight, according to the agency.

Facebook Survey Asks Users if They Want Pedophiles to Share MORE Child Porn
A new Facebook survey has caused outrage after it asked users whether they would be happy for pedophiles to share more child pornography on the platform.

US Charges Over 600 “Despicable, Greedy People” In Multi-Billion Dollar Healthcare Fraud
 With the opioid crisis still in full swing (and researchers reporting on Wednesday 70,000 opioid-related deaths that were not added to official statistics over the past 20 years) The Department of Justice announced on Thursday the conclusion of a year-long crackdown on opioid overprescribers that led to the indictment of more than 600 people – including 76 doctors – on health-care fraud charges.

Homan Square revealed: how Chicago police ‘disappeared’ 7,000 people
Exclusive: Guardian lawsuit exposes fullest scale yet of detentions at off-the-books interrogation warehouse, while attorneys describe find-your-client chase across Chicago as ‘something from a Bond movie’

FEMA’s Billing Code for Death by Guillotine is ICD9-E978
Base camps such as this one in Beaumont, TX are used to provide temporary housing for first responders,  but please take note of the guard on the train. Although not in the photo,the surrounding fencing is pointing in. Most of these camps were activated by Obama.

Around 2,000 protest at Gaza border as balloons spark 15 fires in Israel
Fifteen fires broke out in Israel Friday due to incendiary balloons and kites launched from the Gaza Strip. Firefighters doused the blazes.

New Democrat star hates Israel
The socialist congressional candidate whose primary-election upset of a Democratic House leader made national news this week claimed Israel committed a “massacre” of Palestinians in Gaza, despite the admission of Hamas that most of the dead were Hamas operatives. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, 28, wrote in a May 14 tweet that the killing of some 60 Palestinians in “March of Return” protests that day was a “massacre” and that “no state or entity is absolved of mass shootings of protesters,”…

Here’s a scary thought – Google.gov
Written by Andrew White, the headline is very simple – not to mention alarming: “Google.gov.” The subheadline: “Amid growing calls to break up Google, are we missing a quiet alignment between ‘smart’ government and the universal information engine?”

Facebook Investors Planning to Overthrow ‘Dictator’ Mark Zuckerberg
As Mark Zuckerberg continues to wage war against freedom of speech with Facebook’s latest censorship campaign, shareholders in the company have been working on a plan to remove the founder from his role of CEO and Chairman over claims he has too much control.