18 Jun 2018

Mathematical Prophecy or Predicting the Future
Kullok discovered that major events affecting the return of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel can be numerically obtained by a mathematical relation between two observable physical factors: the inclination of the planet and the latitude of the Biblical borders in Israel. The study is complicated but that is not what intimidates other scientists according to Kullok.“They fear the implications,” Kullok said. “It proves that God established a timetable in nature, that this is what determines the movement of the earth and not just the known laws of nature.”

District Court Bars UN Construction in Jerusalem Without Israel’s Permission
Jerusalem’s District Court required the United Nations last week to freeze all new construction projects at the UNTSO’s Armon Ha’Natziv compound.

IDF attacks 9 Hamas targets in Gaza
Responding to arson terror and explosive kites and balloons, IAF fighter jets strike nine targets in northern Gaza. “The strikes were conducted in response to arson and explosive kites and balloons that have been launched into Israel. These are terrorist acts that endanger Israeli residents living in southern Israel and damage extensive areas in Israeli territory,” said the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit in a statement.

Under pressure from Pence, US aid directed to Christian, Yazidi communities in Iraq
The premier U.S. aid agency is poised to send millions of dollars directly to Christian and Yazidi communities in Iraq under a rarely used, streamlined funding arrangement after coming under pressure from Vice President Mike Pence.

The final nail in the ACLU’s coffin
The director of the American Civil Liberties Union has now acknowledged what should have been obvious to everybody over the past several years: that the ACLU is no longer a neutral defender of everyone’s civil liberties; it has morphed into a hyper-partisan, hard-left political advocacy group. The final nail in its coffin was the announcement that for the first time in its history the ACLU would become involved in partisan electoral politics, supporting candidates, referenda and other agenda-driven political goals.

‘I CAN’T work with THIS woman’ Minister BLASTS Angela Merkel over REFUGEE policies
Merkel has been slammed by German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer after the leader of Bavaria’s Christian Social Union (CSU) said he “could not work with the woman anymore” as the German chancellor continues to clash with her coalition Government over EU migration policies. German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, the leader of the CSU, has become infuriated with his country’s Chancellor….

Texas Judge Denies New Trial To Woman Convicted Of Voting Illegally In 2016, Will Now Serve 5 Years In Jail
After serving about three years in prison for a felony tax fraud charge, Crystal Mason was granted probation. The mother-of-four believed that she was eligible to vote in the 2016 presidential election and promptly cast her ballot in Tarrant County. However, Texas law states that felons may not vote until they successfully complete their probationary period.

Anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok willing to testify before Congress — and leave no stone unturned
FBI agent Peter Strzok, whose controversial text messages with an ex-FBI lawyer exposed apparent wrongdoing inside the Department of Justice, is willing to testify before Congress, his lawyer said in a surprise letter Sunday. Strzok is willing to testify without immunity and would not invoke his Fifth Amendment rights in response to any question from a member of Congress. He also said Strzok is willing to testify before any committee that requests him.

Rockets fired toward Israel from Gaza Strip, IDF strikes terrorist targets
Three rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip towards Israel early Monday morning, one of which landed in the Gaza Strip… Several rounds of red alert sirens were heard in the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council, the Ashkelon industrial zone, Kibbutz Yad Mordechai and Netiv Ha’asara. In response…IAF fighter jets struck 9 military targets in two military compounds and in a munition manufacturing site belonging to the Hamas terror organization in the northern Gaza Strip.

Mystery surrounds overnight airstrikes on pro-Syrian regime fighters
Just after midnight in the first hours of Monday morning airstrikes targeted Syrian regime targets in the Euphrates valley near the Iraqi border. The strikes hit in the proximity of Syrian military positions near Albu Kamal in a village called Al-Hari. They reportedly killed members of Iranian-backed Shi’ite militias.

Israel foils Hamas plans for major attacks across Israel
Twenty Hamas members from the West Bank city of Nablus who planned lethal attacks across the country – including a suicide bombing in Jerusalem – have been arrested, the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) said in a statement on Sunday. “In recent months, the Shin Bet, Israel Defense Forces and Israel Police uncovered a Hamas terror cell, extraordinary in its size and level of activity, which operated in the Nablus area,” the statement said.

Japan earthquake: Child and two men dead and hundreds injured
A strong earthquake in Osaka, Japan has killed at least three people, including a child, and injured more than 200. Airports in the area were closed for several hours, train lines interrupted and factories had to halt production. The 6.1 magnitude quake did not trigger a tsunami warning and nuclear plants in the area are operating normally.

Spotlight falls on Russian threat to undersea cables
The Trump administration’s new sanctions on Russia are casting light on the threat posed to the undersea cables that carry the world’s electronic communications between continents. The Treasury Department sanctioned five Russian firms and three Russian nationals this week for aiding the Kremlin’s domestic security service, the FSB. One of the companies is alleged to have provided support for Moscow’s “underwater capabilities”…

N.Y. Assembly passes single-payer universal health care legislation
The New York state Assembly has again endorsed a single-payer universal health care system. The Democrat-led chamber passed the measure last week for the fourth year in a row. Passage of the legislation is largely symbolic, however. The Republican-led Senate is not expected to take up the measure before lawmakers adjourn for the year next year.

China’s tariffs on U.S. oil would disrupt $1 billion monthly business
China’s threat to impose duties on U.S. oil imports will hit a business that has soared in the last two years, and which is now worth almost $1 billion per month. In an escalating spat over the United States’ trade deficit with most of its major trading partners, including China, U.S. President Donald Trump said last week he was pushing ahead with hefty tariffs on $50 billion of Chinese imports, starting on July 6.

Great News: The Fewest Americans In 8 Years Are Dependent On Government For Food
Food Stamp usage in America has fallen 7.8% since President Trump’s election – the fastest such drop in Americans’ dependence on the state for sustenance ever. Even better news, at 40.08 million people, this is the fewest Americans to rely on government food handouts since February 2010.

New York Times Reveals Soros & Clinton Paid Women to Accuse Trump of Rape
Evidence has emerged that money tied to Hillary Clinton and George Soros was used to pay women to make-up false claims that President Trump sexually assaulted them, according to a bombshell report in the New York Times.

Turkey is trying to take over Jerusalem – why is Israel’s government doing nothing about it?
…Turkey is using Muslim “tourism” to gain a foothold on the Temple Mount and other holy sites, possibly aiming to take control of them.

Clear-Cut Scientific Proof That G-d is Protecting Israel…in Just 2 Minutes
You can ignore the evidence and call it ‘luck’ but you’re just burying your head in the sand…

Christians furious ad Pope compares Christianity to Islam in saying they BOTH share the ‘idea of conquest’
Islam and Christianity share an inherent “idea of conquest”, and those who refer to Europe’s roots as Christian often veer into colonialism, Pope Francis said in a wideranging interview about the migration crisis and the ability of Christians and Muslims to live together harmoniously.

New study: Christ figure moving in Shroud of Turin
A YouTube video causing a buzz on the web presents evidence the Shroud of Turin – believed by many to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ – bears the image of a man who was moving when the image was captured.

Criticize ‘child abuse’ on Facebook, get banned for ‘hate speech’
Posting a video on Facebook in which an adult is seen enthusiastically indoctrinating very young children in the wonders of being homosexual, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, a “gay icon,” or at the very least a “gay ally,” is just fine.

Galapagos: Volcano Erupts After Series of 9 Earthquakes
…The eruption took place between 11:00 a.m. and 11:15 a.m. (Galapagos time) and was preceded by a series of nine earthquakes ranging from 2.5-magnitude to 4.1-magnitude. La Cumbre volcano measures 1,476-meter high and occupies almost the entire island. The eruption occurred on the northeastern sector of the volcano.

Why Aren’t More Men Working?
With unemployment at 3.8 percent, its lowest level in many years, the labor market seems healthy. But that number hides a perplexing anomaly: The percentage of men who are neither working nor looking for work has risen substantially over the past several decades.

Russian Army Gets The Weapons Of The Future Today
Many nations are working hard to put unmanned systems onto the battlefields, but Russia appears to be leading this race, fielding its military robotics more quickly than anyone else…