17 Jun 2018

Netanyahu: Israel will hit Iran throughout Syria, not only along border
Israel will strike against Iranian efforts to entrench itself militarily throughout Syria, and not only along the Syrian-Israeli border, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Russian President Vladimir Putin and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo over the weekend. Netanyahu told the weekly cabinet meeting that he spoke with both men and discussed the region with an emphasis on Syria.

Head of Russia’s Military Police in Israel to discuss Syria
Russia’s Military Police Directorate head Vladimir Ivanovsky arrived in Israel late Friday to meet with officials here to discuss developments in Syria ahead of an expected offensive. Ivanovsky, who is responsible for Russian forces deployed in Syria’s southern de-escalation zones, is set to meet with several senior IDF officers to discuss the withdrawal of all Iranian troops and Shi’ite militias from areas near Israel’s border…

Afghanistan extends ceasefire with Taliban
Afghanistan has extended its unilateral ceasefire with the Taliban following an initial truce observed by both sides over the Eid festival period. President Ashraf Ghani appealed to the militants to follow the government’s lead and enter peace talks. In extraordinary scenes, militants have been embracing security force members and taking selfies with citizens.

Russia, Saudi Arabia are getting increasingly chummy, and that has big implications for OPEC and oil prices
Saudi Arabia may have gotten blown out by Russia during its first match at the World Cup, but there seems to be no hard feelings between Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Vladimir Putin…It appears both have agreed to cement the cornerstone of an already deepening energy and economic relationship, even as they look to alter a successful oil production deal that brought them together.

Australia rejects moving embassy to Jerusalem
Australia’s Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop has said her country will not move its embassy to Jerusalem, despite support in her Liberal Party’s for the move, The British Guardian reported on Saturday. The youth branch of the Australian Liberal Party had called on the government to relocate its embassy from Tel Aviv to Israel’s capital and suspend all aid to the Palestinians “until it terminates its ‘Martyr’s fund.”

The Demonic World Council Of Churches Joins With The Vatican To Promote Forced Global Migration Of Illegals
The World Council Of Churches Has Announced A Joint Venture With The Vatican To Co-Host A Meeting Next September On “Migration, Xenophobia, And Politically Motivated Populism.”

Eye In the Sky Drone Surveillance Program Goes Nationwide
After beta testing the system in Baltimore, the “Eye in the Sky Drone Surveillance Program” is going into full effect across the country. Every move you make, every breath you take, they’ll be watching you.

US poised to quit UN’s human rights council over anti-Israel actions
The United States is about to quit the United Nation’s main human rights body, primarily over Washington’s claim that the Human Rights Council is biased against Israel, a Western and a US diplomat say.

Octopus, Starfish and Other Sea Creatures Fell From the Sky During Powerful Storm
The idea of an octopus flying through the air sounds like something straight out of a science fiction novel, but it appears this is exactly what happened during a violent storm in one of China’s coastal cities.

Colorado Springs area experiences worst overnight hailstorm in more than 20 years
Officials say neighborhoods near Colorado Springs saw the worst overnight hailstorm in more than 20 years on Wednesday. The National Weather Service in Pueblo said a strong storm early Wednesday pummeled El Paso County — particularly Fountain and Fort Carson — with 3-inch hail.

Delhi’s air pollution is now so bad it is literally off the chart
Smog more toxic than can be measured by monitoring devices has blanketed the Indian capital this week, months before the start of Delhi’s traditional “pollution season”.

California reinstates controversial right-to-die law
California on Friday reinstated a law allowing physician-assisted-suicide, a move likely to deepen the divisions between advocates and opponents of the controversial practice.

America’s rising suicide rate – Deaths of despair
THIS month, the Centres for Disease Control (CDC) released a report suggesting that America’s suicide rate increased by 25% between 1999 and 2016.

‘DISEASE X’: New Strain Of Bird Flu Kills 40% Of Those Who Contract, 100s Dead In China
A “new” strain of deadly bird flu dubbed “Disease X” by the World Health Organization (WHO) has killed hundreds of people in China, and is just three mutations away from becoming transmissible between humans, according to experts.

Bio-weapon of arrested Tunisian asylum seeker could have killed hundreds of Germans
The poison that was found in the house of a Tunisian migrant in Cologne, could have killed hundreds of people, Rheinische Post reports.

Williams: Berkeley Declares ‘Climate Emergency’ Worse Than World War II
This week, the Berkeley City Council issued a resolution declaring a worldwide climate emergency, calling it “the greatest crisis in history” after evoking memories of World War II.

Government says no to self-reliant citizens: Rainwater collection criminalized
Did you know that collecting rainwater on your own property could actually get you in jail?

After Transgender Bathroom Boycott Fiasco, Retailer Target Rolls Out LGBTQ Pride Month Marketing Aimed At Children
As If You Needed One More Reason To Avoid Target After They Decided Men Can Use Their Women’s Bathrooms And Changing Areas, They’ve Doubled Down On The Feel-Good Virtue-Signaling Cause Du Jour That Is Pride Month.