14 Jun 2018

Austrian-Born Chancellor Calls For New ‘Axis’ Against Immigration
Kurz, 31, a conservative, pressed for Italy, Germany and Austria to join together and form an “axis” against illegal migration in Europe, Politico reported. Kurz met with Horst Seehofer, the conservative German interior minister, about tightening borders to combat the rise of illegal migration. “In our view, we need an ‘axis of the willing’ in the fight against illegal migration,” Kurz told reporters following his meeting with Seehofer, according to Deutsche Welle. “I am happy about the good cooperation that we want to develop between Rome, Vienna and Berlin.

America’s biggest enemy is ‘fake news’
President Trump has made it official, at least on Twitter. America’s biggest enemy is “fake news.” Upon returning from the Singapore summit with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, trump tweeted Wednesday that it was “so funny” to watch coverage by NBC and CNN, whom he labeled as “fake news” and “fools,” indicating both networks were doing their best to downplay the agreement with North Korea.

Hezbollah refused Russian demand to leave south Syria
A Syrian human rights monitoring group reported on Thursday that the Hezbollah terror group’s leadership has refused to accede to a Russian request that its forces vacate a number of locations in southwest Syria near the Lebanese border. Despite the refusal, no dispute or fraying of relations were detailed in the report. The rights group said that Hezbollah is sporadically “renewing its ranks” in military posts straddling the Syrian-Lebanese border, serving as proof that it has no intention to evacuate the area.

Sessions Says More Firings Possible Following DOJ Report
The Justice Department’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG) on Thursday will release a 500-page report of an investigation into the FBI’s handling of former Secretary of State Clinton’s email investigation. The report is expected to be heavily critical of former FBI Director James Comey, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Civilians flee bombardment as Arab states pound Yemen port
Arab warplanes and warships pounded Houthi positions in Yemen’s Hodeidah for a second day on Thursday, as a Saudi-led alliance tried to seize the main port in the largest battle of a war that has created the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

Assad: I wouldn’t object to permanent Iranian base in Syria
Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad said on Wednesday that relations with Iran and its presence in Syria were non-negotiable. Speaking with the Iranian-based Al Alam television network, Assad added that he would not object to the establishment of a permanent Iranian military base within his country’s borders if such a base is necessary.

First time in Judea and Samaria: Offensive drone in action
This drone can fly about half third of a mile in a very short time, sending a large quantity of riot dispersal material, especially tear gas, very accurately, all at a height of around 300 feet. “No stone will reach this height,” explains Major A., the liaison officer at the Binyamin Brigade who was one of the project’s leaders. “The moment they recognize that a drone is approaching them, they are already leaving,”

Haley Decries ‘Morally Bankrupt’ UN
“The nature of this resolution clearly demonstrates that politics is driving the day. It is totally one-sided. It makes not one mention of the Hamas terrorists who routinely initiate the violence in Gaza,” U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley told the U.N. body.

US Negotiation Team Heading to Israel, ME to Push Peace Plan
US Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt and White House special adviser Jared Kushner will arrive to Israel as part of a Middle East tour next week to discuss previously undisclosed details of a peace plan being promoted by US President Donald Trump. The delegation is also expected to visit Egypt and Saudi Arabia. The trip may be further expanded to include additional countries.

U.N. votes down U.S. bid to condemn Hamas violence against Israel
In a public relations blow to Israel’s right to self-defense the United Nations General Assembly voted not to condemn Hamas violence and in favor of international protection for the Palestinian people along the Gaza border, in the West Bank and east Jerusalem. The dramatic three hour debate…ended on Wednesday evening with resounding applause for the Palestinians as a resolution that censured Israeli actions in Gaza passed by 120-8, with 45 abstentions.

Israel and Germany green light billion dollar killer drone deal
German lawmakers approved on Wednesday a $600 million military deal to lease several Heron TP drones manufactured by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)… IAI confirmed the agreement was signed with Airbus to lease the company’s Heron TP Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) RPASs (remotely piloted air vehicle system) to Germany’s Federal Ministry of Defence pending approval of the German federal budget, which is expected in the second half of 2018.

North Korea sanctions remain until complete denuclearisation, says US
North Korea will not see any economic sanctions lifted until it has demonstrated “complete denuclearisation”, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said. Mr Pompeo was speaking at a press conference in Seoul with his South Korean and Japanese counterparts. It comes days after President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un held a historic summit in Singapore.

Chile police raid Catholic Church offices amid sex abuse scandal
Police and prosecutors in Chile have raided offices and seized documents of the Roman Catholic Church amid a child sexual abuse and cover-up scandal. The surprise raids took place in the capital Santiago and in the city of Rancagua. They come as two Vatican envoys are in Chile to investigate the claims and advise dioceses how to respond.

First human case of plague in Idaho since 1992 confirmed in Elmore County child
A child in Elmore County was confirmed to be infected with the plague this week, according to the Central District Health Department, marking the first human diagnosis in Idaho since 1992. The child is recovering after receiving antibiotics. Cases of plague in Idaho were diagnosed in squirrels as recently as 2016, though none have been found in southern Ada County or Elmore County this year.

The Rampage: Supersonic missile developed to destroy high quality targets
With tensions still high between Israel and Iran, a new supersonic air-to-surface missile designed for the annihilation of high-quality targets has been developed by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Israel Military Industry Systems (IMI). Dubbed “The Rampage”…it is an accurate supersonic, long-range air-to-ground assault missile with a warhead, rocket engine and advanced navigation suit which allows for precision targeting…

Virginia School District Sparks Outrage Over Plan to Remove Clergy From List of ‘Trusted Adults’
A Virginia school district is raising eyebrows this week for their plans to remove clergy from their suggested “trusted adults” and begin using the phrase “sex assigned at birth” instead of “biological sex” in their Family Life Education curriculum.

Catholic Bishops Conference In Florida Calls For Catholics To Disobey Trump Immigration Policies, Threatens ‘Canonical Punishment’
EDITOR’S NOTE: The Catholic Bishops Conference in Florida has produced some intense results so far, not the least of which was calling for massive civil disobedience against our duly-elected president’s immigration policies. Not only that, the bishops also suggested that catholics who don’t disobey the president’s policies should be harshly punished with Catholic ‘canonical penalties’ which include everything from denial of taking the magic cookie, all the way up to being ex-communicated from the Whore of Babylon.

DEMONS really are possessing people, warns psychiatrist, as pure evil sweeps over humanity
An Ivy League-educated psychiatrist is convinced that there’s a growing epidemic of demonic possession in the world today, and that most everyday people now recognize the dark reality of this scary situation.

ASSAD: The West Funds Terrorists In Syria, They’re The Problem Not Us
Syrian President Bashar Assad has slammed the US, the UK, and France for supporting terrorists in Syria, adding they are responsible for all the bloodshed in the country.

Hanging From Doorknobs: 12 Pedophile Related Celebrity ‘Suicides’ So Far
Aside from the way they were found, Spade and Bourdain were both linked to the Clintons and it has since transpired that they may have also had knowledge of high-reaching child trafficking operations.

In a brazen act of defiance, the ‘Palestinian Authority’ says that no force in the world can prevent them from paying terrorists and their families…WITH YOUR TAX MONEY
The Palestinian Authority (PA) government in Ramallah sent a defiant message to the United States and Israel on Monday regarding its support for terrorists and their families.

The potential future leader of South Africa says blacks aren’t calling for the killing of whites…AT LEAST FOR NOW
Julius Malema says he has not called for the murder of white people, “at least for now.”

Groundbreaking: Israeli Team Using Special Enzyme To Treat Volcano Burns In Guatemala
An Israeli medical team dispatched to Guatemala last week to treat victims of a devastating volcano there were using a special enzyme developed at the Soroka-University Medical Center in Beersheba to treat the wounded, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said Saturday.

Royal Family calls Israel ‘Occupied Palestinian Territories’ in latest disgraceful act against the Jewish State
Royal family announcement on ‘nonpolitical trip’ to region calls Judea and Samaria ‘occupied Palestinian territories.’

Feds begin project to protect worship!
The federal government Wednesday announced a special Place to Worship initiative to ensure religious organizations have a “place to gather for worship.”

Researchers ‘See Through Walls’ Using WiFi & AI
Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are using WiFi and artificial intelligence (AI) to “see through walls.”

Christian teacher booted for refusing to call girls by boys’ names
A school board in Indiana has formally decided to accept the “resignation” of a teacher who was ordered to adopt the transgender social agenda by using opposite sex names for students who wanted it that way.

Intelligence Community Wants to Use DNA to Store Exabytes of Data
The U.S. intelligence community wants to unlock more efficient ways to store the trove of data humans generate every day, and it believes our DNA could hold the key.

One in three Americans take meds with depressive side effects: study
One third of Americans are taking prescription and over-the-counter drugs, such as birth control pills, antacids and common heart medications, that may raise the risk of depression, researchers warned on Tuesday.

Spanish City Cancels Israeli Concert in Submission to Islamic Jew-Hatred – Geller Report

Oviedo, Spain, the city that serves as the capital of the country’s Asturias region, has canceled a concert of Israel’s NK Orchestra because of pressures from Islamic forces. According to Ynet News, Oviedo has been taken over by left-wing factions with open hostility to Israel.

77 holistic practitioners now dead since 2015: This is beyond strange, they are dropping like flies and MSM ignores them
Since June of 2015, 77 holistic practitioners, more with other deaths associated with them, have died, official causes ranging from suicide to heart attacks, with the latest woman, doctor Annie Fairbanks, found murdered in her home, along with her husband, their 3-year-old daughter and 9-month-old son, in Arizona.