4 Jun 2018

‘Heretic’ in the Vatican
Father Thomas Weinandy, a former chief of staff for the U.S. bishops’ committee on doctrine, has accused Francis of causing “theological anarchy.” Another group of bishops has warned Francis risks spreading “a plague of divorce.” Last fall, more than 200 scholars and priests signed a letter accusing Francis of spreading heresy. “This was not something I did lightly,” Father John Rice, a parish priest in Shaftesbury in the U.K. said, claiming the pope’s liberal push has caused “much division and disagreement, and sadness and confusion in the church.”

New World Order: Empire of the Internet, One World Marketplace
We are witnessing the formation of a global empire. Like previous empires, this one, too, enforces peace within its borders. And since its borders cover the entire globe, the World Empire effectively enforces world peace. This sounds scary if you think the global empire is a government. But the true global empire is the interconnectedness which makes violence unprofitable. The more connected the world becomes economically, the more we all share the same interests.

‘People are seeking overthrow of entire regime’
Members of a growing grass-roots movement in Iran seeking to overthrow the mullah-led Islamic regime are emboldened by new sanctions imposed this week by the United States on top of the canceling of the nuclear agreement. The evidence can be seen in Twitter posts by Iranians with the hash tag #FreeIran2018, which declare support for the U.S. move Wednesday and report bold acts of civil disobedience and major protests intended ultimately to foster revolution.

Guatemala Volcanic Eruption Sends Lava Into Homes, Kills 25
A fiery volcanic eruption in south-central Guatemala sent lava flowing into rural communities, killing at least 25 as rescuers struggled to reach people where homes and roads were charred and blanketed with ash. The death toll rose late Sunday with 18 bodies found in the community of San Miguel Los Lotes, disaster agency spokesman David de Leon said, adding to the seven victims previously confirmed elsewhere earlier in the day.

Fulfilling Zechariah 8:23 With Torah Books for Non-Jews
“There is clearly a massive appetite and yearning among the Nations to understand what the Jews are really about, and to hear from them and understand what the Torah has to say about God’s unfolding plan for the geula – the imminent redemption of the entire world.

US Lawmakers Push for Recognition of Israeli Sovereignty Over Golan
An American plan to bring the U.S. closer to recognizing the Golan Heights was laid out for Israeli and American officials in Washington last week.

Magnitude 5.5 earthquake strikes Kilauea summit
A magnitude 5.5 earthquake shook the Kilauea summit Sunday, resulting in an ash plume that reached up to 8,000 feet, according to Hawaii County Civil Defense. The earthquake happened at approximately 3:51 p.m. local, according to the US Geological Survey. It did not cause a tsunami threat, according to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center. But the Hawaii Civil Defense Agency said that fallout will affect the volcano and Pahala areas, and cautioned about the possibility of aftershocks.

The Big One could leave 250,000 to 400,000 quake refugees in California. Where will they go?
When a catastrophic earthquake hits California, buildings will topple and potentially hundreds could be killed. But what gets less attention is the wrenching aftermath of such a huge temblor, which could leave whole neighborhoods torched by fires uninhabitable and hundreds of thousands of people without a home. Officials are grappling with where all these quake refugees would go.

Israel participating in two large scale military drills in Europe
Israel is participating for the first time in two simultaneous large scale international exercises in Europe, the IDF Spokesperson’s Office announced Monday. IDF paratroopers will participate in the Swift Response exercise which will be held in Germany, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia, with the participation of a paratroopers unit that will train with the 173rd Brigade of the European Command of the US Army.

Guatemala volcano: Dozens die as Fuego volcano erupts
Guatemala’s most violent volcano eruption in more than a century has killed at least 25 people. The Fuego volcano, about 40km (25 miles) south-west of the capital Guatemala City, spewed rock, gas and ash into the sky on Sunday. Fast-moving flows hit villages, killing people inside their homes. Hundreds were injured and many are missing. The country’s main airport is closed.

Facebook Gave Device Makers Deep Access to Data on Users and Friends
As Facebook sought to become the world’s dominant social media service, it struck agreements allowing phone and other device makers access to vast amounts of its users’ personal information. Facebook has reached data-sharing partnerships with at least 60 device makers — including Apple, Amazon, BlackBerry, Microsoft and Samsung — over the last decade, starting before Facebook apps were widely available on smartphones, company officials said.

5.5-magnitude quake rattles Big Island; No tsunami generated
A 5.5-magnitude quake rattled the Big Island Sunday afternoon, US Geological Survey officials said. No tsunami is expected from the quake, which is among the strongest of recent quakes felt around the Big Island. The quake rumbled an area near Kilauea Volcano just before 4 p.m., sending an ash cloud 8,000 feet into the air.

California on front line as STDs run rampant in US
A billboard on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood screams out a stark warning: “drug-resistant gonorrhea alert!”…Sexually transmitted diseases have made an alarming resurgence across the United States, where 2016 saw a record two million cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis, including 628 cases of congenital syphilis. But California…stands out for its willingness to tackle the crisis head-on, with cases of the three ailments up 45 percent in 2017 from five years ago.

‘Demonic possession is real and victims seeking exorcism should not be ignored’: Prominent psychiatrist on the world beyond
It is a phenomenon that is on the rise throughout the world: The number of cases of demonic possession – and demands for priests to carry out exorcisms – is, according to multiple sources, soaring. Medical science remains sceptical. However, a Princeton-and-Yale-educated mainstream psychiatrist believes demonic possession is indeed very real – and claims that the majority of Americans agree with him.

Britain says militant Islamist threat to stay high and may rise further
The threat posed by Islamist militants to Britain is expected to remain high for the next two years and could even rise, the interior ministry said on Sunday, on the first anniversary of an attack that killed eight people in central London. The current threat level to Britain is assessed as severe, meaning an attack is highly likely.

Netanyahu heads to Europe to discuss ‘Iran and Iran’
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu departed Monday morning for Europe where he will discuss ‘Iran and Iran” and attempt to convince the leaders of France, the UK and Germany of the need to intensify pressure on Iranian to thwart its nuclear ambitions and brief them on the latest threats posed by Tehran in the region. “I will meet with three leaders and I will raise two subjects: Iran and Iran,” the prime minister said…

Gazans infiltrate Israel, set fire to defense equipment
Palestinian terrorists from Gaza Strip cut through the border fence and infiltrated southern Israel Sunday evening, before setting ablaze a container containing equipment used for the construction of an anti-tunnel barrier along the border. The group returned to the strip after lighting the fire. Nobody was injured but damage was caused to security infrastructure.

Putin says ‘fierce’ U.S. politics hindering summit with Trump
Russian President Vladimir Putin blamed political ructions in the United States for difficulties in arranging a summit with President Donald Trump, in remarks broadcast on Monday. Trump said in March the two leaders would meet soon. But since then already fragile ties between Washington and Moscow have been strained further by the conflict in Syria and the poisoning of a former Russian spy in Britain.

Lives at Risk in Revelation That Obama Was Fully Aware of Spying on Trump Campaign
A small credible core of former Trump administration political insiders say former President Barack Obama was fully aware that his administration spied on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign from the get-go. This informational gem now piercing its way through hearsay, MSM babble and one that puts major distractions such as porn queen Stormy Daniels into their proper perspective leaves one time Trump administration insiders in incredible danger for their personal safety.

Syria’s Assad Says Will Visit North Korea, News Agency Reports
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said he plans to visit North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, North Korean state media reported on Sunday, potentially the first meeting between Kim and another head of state in Pyongyang.

Iranian general denies reports of imminent withdrawal from Syria
An Iranian military official says Iran has no plan to pull out of southern Syria, dismissing reports from last week which suggested otherwise.

Pepe Escobar: Why India Is Ignoring US Sanctions And Sticking With Iran
“It’s not just about oil – there’s a complex interconnection of geopolitics and geoeconomics between the two countries…”

Nigeria: Devout jihad bomber kills four, Muslims attack Catholic seminary, priest “badly wounded” – Geller Report
The international community is silent. The UN is too busy with other matters, obsessed as it continues to be with trying to discredit and destroy the tiny Jewish state of Israel. The international media is just as culpable as the jihad savages for refusing to report on incidents such as these, which are all too common. Imagine if it were Muslims who had been bombed by Christians in Nigeria — not that that would ever happen. That would be international headline news for weeks. But this? Nothing. It’s in the Quran. Respect it!

The Modern Civil War Is Being Fought Without Guns… So Far!
“Does our country run the risk of a civil war? Is such a horrible event even possible today? The answers are ‘Yes’ and ‘Yes’…”

Christian celebrations in Germany CANCELED because police wouldn’t guarantee their protection from Muslim refugees
Corpus Christi celebrations were cancelled in the German town of Bergkamen due to high security requirements, local newspaper WA reports.

Politicizing The FBI: How James Comey Succeeded Where Richard Nixon Failed
“Comey involved the FBI in what appears to have been a plot to entrap a political opponent…”

Gingrich: We’re Closer to a ‘Red Wave’ Than a ‘Blue Wave’ in November
Many pundits are predicting a “blue wave” in this November’s midterms, with Democrats possibly gaining a majority in the House and the Senate. Those predictions, however, might be a little premature, according to Newt Gingrich.]

Obama Allies Scheme to Kneecap Trump’s New National Security Team
Organizations and individuals entrenched in the Obama administration’s pro-Iran echo chamber are engaging in a new plot to defame top White House national security officials, a campaign that mirrors a successful effort by these same groups to oust former Trump administration National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, according to sources familiar with the new effort.