3 Jun 2018

Israel to join largest international maritime exercise for first time
Israel will be participating for the first time in the biennial Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) multinational naval exercise led by the US 3rd fleet off of the coast of Hawaii and Southern California beginning in June. RIMPAC, the world’s largest international maritime exercise, will be be held from June 27 to August 2nd and will see the participation of 26 nations, 47 surface ships, five submarines, 18 national land forces, and more than 200 aircraft and 25,000 personnel.

Syria’s Assad says will visit North Korea, news agency reports
Syrian President Bashar Assad said he plans to visit North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, North Korean state media reported on Sunday, potentially the first meeting between Kim and another head of state in Pyongyang. “I am going to visit the DPRK and meet HE Kim Jong Un,” Assad said on May 30, North Korea’s KCNA news agency reported, using the initials of the country’s official name, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

15 Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip struck by Israeli Air Force overnight
The Israel Air Force attacked 15 Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip overnight Sunday following mortar fire against southern Israeli communities on Saturday evening… The military said the strikes were a response to the earlier rocket fire as well as “terror incidents…which included the throwing of grenades, improvised explosive devices, attempts to infiltrate into Israel by damaging the security fence and the burning of Israeli fields by incendiary kites.

Proposed bill would accept all Jewish conversions from abroad
Former Justice Minister Moshe Nissim’s recommendations to solve the conversion conundrum that will be released on Sunday includes a recommendation to recognize all conversions performed abroad in recognized Jewish communities, but only to accept ones in Israel performed under the auspices of a national conversion authority.

China warns US sanctions will void trade talks
China has warned that all trade talks between Beijing and Washington will be void if the US sets up trade sanctions. After talks between Vice Premier Liu He and US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, China said it was ready to boost imports from many countries. Mr Ross’s China visit comes days after Washington threatened to impose extra tariffs on $50bn of Chinese goods.

Jordanians in third night of tax rise protests
Protests in Jordan against tax rises and austerity measures – the biggest demonstrations in years – continued for a third consecutive night. Police fired tear gas and blocked roads in the capital Amman to stop protesters getting close to the cabinet office. The protesters say a new tax bill backed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will hurt the poor and middle class.

Thousands of acres ablaze in Colorado, New Mexico
Massive wildfires in Colorado and New Mexico have torched thousands of acres and forced hundreds to evacuate their homes. A blaze known as the 416 Fire in Colorado’s La Plata County has burned 1,100 acres, US Forest Service spokesman Jim Mackensen told CNN on Saturday. The fire, about 15 miles outside the town of Durango, is 0% contained and has forced the evacuations of 1,500 residents, Mackensen said.

NATO Chief: No Help for Israel If Iran Attacks
Jens Stoltenberg, NATO’s secretary-general, told the German magazine Der Spiegel that because Israel is not a member of NATO, its “security guarantee” doesn’t apply to the country…

Agenda 21: No Showering, Laundry On Same Day Due to Water Limits
A citizen-journalist by the name of grindall61 on YouTube exposes what’s coming for Californians, and reveals why water restrictions are only about control over the population:

Hawaii volcano prompts new warning — heed evacuation order or face arrest
As molten lava continued spewing from Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano Thursday, Hawaii County ordered all residents of a designated portion of the hard-hit Leilani Estates development to evacuate by Friday morning or face possible arrest.

Gay Christian Conference Accused of Pushing LGBT Agenda on Churches
An LGBT Christian conference scheduled to be held this summer has been accused by some of pushing an LGBT agenda on conservative evangelical churches.

A Tsunami of “Biblical Proportions” Would Be Generated by a Kilauea Explosion Which Now Appears Likely
More than three weeks after the Kilauea volcano first exploded, the situation is going from bad to worse as the big Island is being besieged with new explosions which are destroying more neighborhoods.

Economic Collapse Warning! India, China, Russia Have Ditched the Dollar
The BRICS have attacked the sacred Federal Reserve by undermining the Petrodollar. The three BRICS leaders have totally ditched the dollar. This means war, following the total hording of gold. Nobody attacks the Federal Reserve and lives to tell about it, until now. Here’s the complete story.

How The Roman Catholic Church In Ireland Kidnapped And Starved To Death The 796 Lost Children Of Tuam
Imagine a world where you were separated by force from your mother, simply because you were born out of wedlock. A world where you were called a bastard and she a whore. A world where you were thrown into a facility run by Roman Catholic nuns, where food was scarce and where you didn’t know what Christmas was. A world where “home” was synonymous with hell. In the town of Tuam, Western Ireland, that world was a reality for tens of thousands of mothers and their babies, born between the 1920s and the 1960s.

Court agrees cops can withhold Bible from inmate
A U.S. court has opened the door to restrictions on religious practices that are not considered “mandatory” by the faith.

Hawaii Governor Signs Bill Banning Help for Homosexual Youth, Claims ‘Sexual Orientation Is Not an Illness’
The Democratic governor of Hawaii has signed a bill banning professional counselors from helping struggling youth resist homosexual feelings. “[S]exual orientation is not an illness to be cured,” Gov. David Ige claimed during the signing at the state capitol building on Friday. “We accept you and love you just the way you are.”

DHS Confirms “Rogue” Cellular Eavesdropping Device May Have Been Used Near White House
Someone was probably trying to spy on the White House and other “sensitive facilities,” but DHS has no clue who it was or why they did it

Hawaii volcano: Kilauea’s magnetic field goes OPPOSITE direction – sending compasses crazy
The bizarre finding, which sends compasses into an uncontrollable spin, had scientists baffled – while locals linked it to Hawaiian folklore which attaches deep spiritual significance to the massive volcano which is almost one million years old

UN ‘Hopelessly Biased Against Israel’ Says Haley, as US Vetoes Security Council Resolution on Gaza Violence
The majority of the 15 states on the UN Security Council were “willing to blame Israel, but unwilling to blame Hamas, for violence in Gaza,” the American Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, said on Friday after the US vetoed a Kuwait-sponsored resolution that urged the deployment of an international force to the West Bank and Gaza.

US unemployment hits an 18-year low despite trade concerns
Defying fears of a global trade war, U.S. businesses have made it abundantly clear that they see no reason to stop hiring. Employers added a robust 233,000 jobs in May, up from 159,000 in April, the government said Friday, and helped drive the nation’s unemployment rate to an 18-year low of 3.8 percent.

Smoking gun: Baby monkeys given standard doses of popular vaccines develop autism symptoms
Some stories need to be retold, especially in light of the documentary Vaxxed: From Cover Up to Catastrophe, now showing in theaters as the controversy rages concerning the MMR vaccine’s link to autism. Thom Hartman interviewed Vaxxed director Andrew Wakefield and producer Del Bigtree, who shared some undeniable — and chilling — facts.