2 Jun 2018

NATO chief says alliance won’t aid Israel if Iran attacks
NATO’s secretary-general said Saturday the alliance wouldn’t come to Israel’s defense in case of attack by arch enemy Iran. Jens Stoltenberg told the magazine Der Spiegel in comments published Saturday that Israel is a partner, but not a member and that NATO’s “security guarantee” doesn’t apply to Israel.

Raging wildfire forces New Mexico village to evacuate
A wildfire, stoked by low humidity and high temperatures, raged on Saturday in northern New Mexico, forcing residents in a remote community to flee their homes, fire officials said. The so-called Ute Park Fire in Colfax County, New Mexico was zero percent contained after it doubled in size to more than 16,000 acres on Friday near Cimarron, a town of about 1,100 people, according to an alert on the New Mexico Fire Information Website.

AI-based method could speed development of specialized nanoparticles
A new technique developed by MIT physicists could someday provide a way to custom-design multilayered nanoparticles with desired properties, potentially for use in displays, cloaking systems, or biomedical devices. It may also help physicists tackle a variety of thorny research problems, in ways that could in some cases be orders of magnitude faster than existing methods. The innovation uses computational neural networks, a form of artificial intelligence, to “learn” how a nanoparticle’s structure affects its behavior…

Royal Navy warship follows Russian spy vessel through the English Channel
HMS Diamond and a Wildcat helicopter were dispatched to follow the underwater reconnaissance ship Yantar after it approached the UK coast. Portsmouth-based Type 45 destroyer and the helicopter from 815 Naval Air Squadron at RNAS Yeovilton have been monitoring the Russian Navy ship as it travels north through the English Channel. A Navy spokesman said: “HMS Diamond met up with Yantar and will continue to monitor the vessel’s movements and activities as it continues north.”

Iranian official: We dealt the Zionists a ‘heavy blow’
An Iranian official claimed on Friday that Israel was dealt a “heavy blow” by his country last month when 32 rockets were fired at the Golan Heights from Syria. “For the first time since the formation of the Zionist regime, Israel received a heavy blow from the Resistance Front in the Golan Heights,” “This is the beginning of a great path. Israel should be aware that it is considered as a cancerous tumor and a violator of all rules in the eyes of the world’s freedom-seekers,”

Iran says it supports Russian efforts to bring south Syria under army control
Iran supports a Russian-led effort to impose Syrian government control over the south of Syria, a senior Iranian security official was quoted as saying on Saturday, amid reports that Damascus is preparing a major military offensive in the area. Russia said last week that only Syrian army troops should be on the country’s southern border with Jordan and Israel.

Sisi sworn in for second Egyptian presidential term
Abdel Fattah al-Sisi was sworn in for a second term as president before the Egyptian parliament on Saturday, after a landslide victory in a March election in which all serious opponents had withdrawn. Egyptian air force fighter planes and helicopters buzzed over the former military chief’s motorcade as he approached parliament early on Saturday.

BDS fly Hezbollah flag at Israel-South Africa photo exhibition
Protesters and supporters of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement made several attempts to disrupt the opening of the #YallaYebo photography exhibition in South Africa on Thursday night. Several scuffles broke out as the BDS supporters waved Hezbollah flags covered in red paint and compared Jews to Nazis, while hurling abuse in an attempt to provoke violence.

South China Sea dispute: Mattis says China ‘intimidating neighbours’
China is deploying missiles in the disputed South China Sea to intimidate and coerce its neighbours, US Defence Secretary James Mattis has said. Speaking in Singapore, General Mattis said Beijing’s actions called into question its broader goals. He also said the issue of US troops in South Korea was “not on the table” at this month’s summit between President Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un.

Pedro Sánchez is sworn in as Spain’s new prime minister
Spanish Socialist Pedro Sánchez has been sworn in as the country’s new prime minister by King Felipe after the ousting of conservative Mariano Rajoy. Mr Sánchez, who is an atheist, took the oath to protect the constitution without a bible or crucifix – a first in Spain’s modern history. He plans to see out the remaining two years of the parliamentary term.

Black unemployment rate hits new record low in May
The unemployment rate for black workers hit new record lows in May, the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday. Black unemployment fell sharply to 5.9 percent, beating out the 6.6 percent record low that was set a month earlier. The unemployment rate for Hispanic workers hit a record low in April, at 4.8 percent, but it rose slightly to 4.9 percent in May.

Pope convenes Big Oil, investors to talk climate change
Pope Francis is hosting a gathering next week at the Vatican with executives of major oil producers and investment firms to talk about how the companies can address climate change, according to several people familiar with the event.

Calif. Goes Easy On HIV Transmission, Then Blames Racism For Rise In STD Rates
Even for California, it’s crazy. A state so dedicated to sexual freedom that it recently decided it’s no longer a felony to knowingly expose a partner to a potentially deadly HIV infection is finding itself confronted with a rising tide of sexually transmitted diseases. Then decides the culprit has to be anything but the most obvious reason: It’s got to be racism.

Tell Congress: Stop Beijing’s U.S. port takeover
…Cosco Shipping Holdings Company, a Chinese state-owned enterprise, is buying a competitor that has the long-term concession to operate the Long Beach port. If the deal goes through, a company controlled by the Communist Party of China will be running America’s largest port.

Leaked Emails Reveal Scope of Google’s A.I. Drone Project
‘I don’t know what would happen if the media starts picking up a theme that Google is secretly building AI weapons…’

Never Drink Another Starbucks Coffee Again, It Funds Planned Parenthood
Your tax dollars aren’t the only thing supporting Planned Parenthood — proceeds from your daily coffee may be too! By now, Starbucks’s grande agenda on social issues isn’t a surprise to anyone, except maybe its CEO. Yesterday, in an interview with Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo, Kevin Johnson seemed completely oblivious to Starbucks’s ongoing relationship with the abortion giant through its matching gift program.

Traveling Transition Road: 123 Revelations from May, 2018
…The ensuing disclosures occurred between the dates of May 8-31, 2018 and have been organized into categories for the reader’s convenience:

Clergy to pay $210 million to 450 Catholic priest sex abuse victims
The Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis says it has agreed to pay a $210 million settlement to 450 victims of clergy sexual abuse, one of the largest payouts to date in the U.S. over the Catholic church’s priest abuse scandal.

India: 2017 Saw 20 Percent Increase in Atrocities against Christians, Says Lawyer
Amid growing extreme Hindu nationalism in India, dozens of speakers have called for concerted action to uphold the country’s constitution and fundamental rights, at a conference to mark four years of government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid Called for Ethnically Cleansing Jews from Israel
MSNBC continues to maintain its red wall of silence on Joy Reid. But the ugliness just keeps rising. The old blog posts by the progressive personality reek of every bigotry that the left claims to condemn. And, as Bre Payton at the Federalist notes, there’s even a call to ethnically cleanse Jews from Israel.

Dutch School Children Taken to Islamic Mosque – Told to Pray to Allah
So this is happening in Europe today. School children from Overijssel, in the central-eastern area of Holland, were recently taken to a local mosque.  And then they were told to pray to Allah.

Pedophile Who Threatened To Kill President Now Running For Congress Thanks To Terry McAuliffe
The chair of the Republican National Committee, Ronna McDaniel, took to Fox News to explain that conservatives aren’t content any longer to sit back and take the censorship of political thought and speech from the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

RNC Chair: We Want Assurances From Facebook, Twitter That They Won’t Suppress Conservatives
The chair of the Republican National Committee, Ronna McDaniel, took to Fox News to explain that conservatives aren’t content any longer to sit back and take the censorship of political thought and speech from the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

U.S. Economy Adds 223,000 Jobs In May
The U.S. added 223,000 jobs in May and the unemployment rate dropped to 3.8 percent, according to Labor Department figures published on Friday.

Feds bust four fake cancer charities that defrauded $187 million from Americans
A string of cancer charities — the Cancer Fund of America, Cancer Support Services, the Breast Cancer Society and the Children’s Cancer Fund of America — have turned out to be manipulative frauds run by a family of con artists. The money they raised for cancer patients actually went to pay for personal luxuries instead — Disney World trips, jet ski outings, new cars, college tuition and luxury travel.

Starbucks Training: Employees Forced to Watch ‘Video After Video’ Of White Cops Attacking Blacks
The only purpose of a propaganda reel like that is to generate anti-white racial hatred