11 May 2018

The Blood Libel of the 21st Century
For the sixth Friday in a row, protestors from Gaza came to Israel’s border with intentions to penetrate it. They come with scissors to cut through the fence, with burning tires, Molotov cocktails, slingshots with rocks, and kites with firebombs attached to them to destroy Israeli farmlands and villages. This is not some peaceful demonstration akin to Selma in the 1960s when blacks were simply trying to sit together with whites at a lunch counter. The usage of the word “demonstrators” is a misnomer; these are “rioters.”

Liberman to Syria: Throw Iranians out
In an address Liberman made during a visit to Israel’s Golan Heights Friday, the Defense Minister advised Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to “throw” Iran’s Revolutionary Guards out of the country. “I will take advantage of this opportunity to send a message to Assad: Throw the Iranians, Qassem Suleimani [a Revolutionary Guards chief] and the Quds Forces out of your country,” said Liberman. “They are not acting in your interest, they are only hurting you. Their whole presence only brings problems and destruction.”

Showing appreciation for blessings from Trump
Throughout the American presidential election campaign, President Donald Trump issued promise after promise to Jewish leaders. He said he would end the international delegitimization of Israel, abandon the terrible Iran deal, and move our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. He kept the first promise by sending Nikki Haley to the United Nations…The second promise was kept Tuesday, when Trump officially nixed the Iran deal. President Trump will keep his third promise Monday, when our embassy moves from Tel Aviv to Israel’s capital, Jerusalem.

Cleric says Iran should not trust EU after U.S. quits nuclear deal
A senior Iranian cleric said on Friday that Europeans could not be trusted, after President Hassan Rouhani said Tehran would remain in a 2015 nuclear deal even after the United States quit the pact, Iranian state TV reported.

WSJ: The FBI Hid A Mole In The Trump Campaign
On Tuesday, the Washington Post reported that Nunes was denied access to the information on the grounds that it “could risk lives by potentially exposing the source, a U.S. citizen who has provided intelligence to the CIA and FBI.” Because it appears that the FBI may have had a mole embedded in the Trump campaign.

Russia, after Netanyahu visit, backs off Syria S-300 missile supplies
Russia is not in talks with the Syrian government about supplying advanced S-300 ground-to-air missiles and does not think they are needed…in an apparent U-turn by Moscow. The comments, by Vladimir Kozhin, an aide to President Vladimir Putin who oversees Russian military assistance to other countries, follow a visit to Moscow by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this week, who has been lobbying Putin hard not to transfer the missiles.

Security of Israeli institutions abroad boosted for fear of Iranian retaliation
The security of Israeli and Jewish institutions around the world has been greatly boosted in recent days for fear that Iran, frustrated by its failed missiles launch on Israeli bases at the Golan Heights and the following Israeli retaliation on its installations in Syria, will change its strategy and attempt to harm Israelis abroad.

Bahraini official issues rare defense of Israel’s right to defend itself
The Bahraini foreign minister said Israel had a right to defend itself from Iran. The message on Twitter Thursday, a day after Israel once again struck targets in Syria believed to house Iranian materiel and personnel, was unusual for an Arab leader in its blunt defense of Israel. Bahrain is one of a number of Gulf states that have in recent decades moderated their views on Israel and allowed Israelis to visit and do business…

Poll: 97% of east J’lem residents oppose Israeli control over entire city
When it comes to the future of Jerusalem, 97% of the Palestinians living in the city say that they strongly object to the idea that Jerusalem should maintain its current municipal boundaries and be fully annexed to and controlled by Israel, according to a comprehensive survey conducted by the Leonard Davis Institute of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Iran nuclear deal: France condemns US move to re-impose sanctions
France has condemned as “unacceptable” a US move to re-impose sanctions on companies trading with Iran. The action from Washington followed President Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of a landmark deal that sought to curb Iran’s nuclear programme. French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said European companies should not have to pay for the US decision.

Iran condemns wave of Israeli air strikes in Syria
Iran has backed Syria’s “right to defend itself” after Israel launched strikes on what it said was Iranian military infrastructure inside Syria. In the first comments by Iran since Thursday’s wave of strikes, the foreign ministry condemned the “blatant violation of Syria’s sovereignty”. The strikes were the heaviest carried out by Israel on Syria in decades.

ISRAELI FIREPOWER: The most devastating airstrikes in recent memory had 28 planes, shoot 60 advanced missiles at Iranian targets in Syria that left 23 Iranian soldiers DEAD
According to Russian defense ministry, Israel attacked with 28 fighter jets, shot about 60 missiles. Syrian monitor says at least 23 killed.

Pro-Life Vans Saving Babies From Abortion
A couple’s decision to forego purchasing a home to instead buy a van to help pregnant women in crisis has turned into a life-saving operation that aids women across America.

Kenyan rose-farm dam bursts, ‘sea of water’ kills 47
A dam on a commercial flower farm in Kenya’s Rift Valley burst after weeks of torrential rain, unleashing a “sea of water” that careered down a hillside and smashed into two villages, killing at least 47 people.

E. coli-tainted romaine outbreak spreads to 29 states, sickens 149 people
The nationwide food poisoning outbreak from E. coli-tainted romaine lettuce has spread to 29 states and sickened 149 people, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Wednesday. That is an increase of 28 people and four states — Florida, Minnesota, North Dakota and Texas — since the most recent CDC update May 2.

TRUE ALLIES: White House makes statement that the US supports Israel in whatever efforts it has to do in order to defend itself
“We support [Israel] in whatever efforts they have in order to defend themselves,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders told Fox News.

Outrage in America as a Catholic University opens a GENDER-SEPARATED ISLAMIC PRAYER SPACE, in order to make Muslim students feel more comfortable
The prayer room comes in honor of a deceased professor who taught at the college on world religions.

Disney World Drops ‘Night of Joy’ Christian Music Festival
Fans of faith artists will need to make other plans and arrangements — while LGBTQ events are proliferating

Five Top ISIS Officials Captured in U.S.-Iraqi Sting 
Five senior Islamic State officials have been captured, including a top aide to the group’s leader, in a complex cross-border sting carried out by Iraqi and American intelligence, two Iraqi officials said Wednesday.