8 May 2018

After U.S. and Guatemala, Paraguay to move its embassy to Jerusalem
Paraguay will move its embassy to Jerusalem by the end of May, Foreign Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon said on Monday, making it the third country, following the US and Guatemala, to announce that step. The US is scheduled to move its embassy to Jerusalem on May 14, followed two days later by Guatemala. Nahshon announced the Paraguayan move in a Twitter post that said Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes will come to the country to open the embassy.

Netanyahu puts Israel’s enemies on notice ahead of Trump announcement
Israel’s enemies threatening it with destruction should know that they cannot destroy the country and are instead placing themselves in great danger, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday. Netanyahu’s comments, made during a ceremony at Latrun marking 70 years of the establishment of the IDF, come amid rising tensions with Iran and intelligence reports that Tehran is planning a missile strike against an Israeli military installation.

Jordan’s foreign minister sees arms race if Iran nuclear deal ends
Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman al-Safadi on Tuesday warned of “dangerous repercussions” and a possible arms race in the Middle East unless a political solution was found to free the region of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction. Al-Safadi spoke in Germany before an expected announcement by US President Donald Trump on whether he will pull out of the Iran nuclear deal or work with European allies who say it has successfully halted Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

The battle of the gas-sucking mega giants is set to begin
Off the coast of Western Australia, a battle between mega giants is unfolding. The combatants involve the world’s biggest semi-submersible platform, the longest sub-sea pipeline in the southern hemisphere, and the largest floating facility ever built. They’re all there for the same reason: natural gas – and they’re hoping to start drawing it up this month.

Lebanon election: Hezbollah leader declares ‘victory’
Hezbollah’s leader says the Iran-backed militant Shia group and its allies have achieved “victory” in Lebanon’s first parliamentary elections since 2009. Although the official results have not been announced, Hassan Nasrallah said their gains guaranteed the protection of the “resistance” against Israel. Sunni Prime Minister Saad Hariri said his Western-backed Future Movement had lost a third of its seats.

Iran nuclear deal: Trump to reveal US decision ahead of deadline
President Donald Trump is to reveal whether the US will abandon the nuclear deal with Iran and reimpose sanctions. Mr Trump has been highly critical of the 2015 accord, under which Iran limited its nuclear activities in exchange for sanctions relief. European states see it as the best way to stop Iran developing a nuclear bomb.

Social Security Beneficiaries Top 62,000,000 for First Time
In the first quarter of 2018, the number of Social Security beneficiaries topped 62,000,000 for the first time, according to data released by the Social Security Administration. In fact, people receiving Social Security benefits in the United States now outnumber the population of Italy. Social Security ended the fourth quarter of 2017 with 61,903,360 beneficiaries. By the end of the first quarter of this year, that had risen to 62,233,678—an increase of 330,318 in three months.

NAFTA talks resume amid fears of ‘zombie’ deal
Senior Canadian, U.S. and Mexican officials trying to rescue slow-moving talks to update the NAFTA trade pact met on Monday in a new bid to resolve key issues before regional elections complicate the process. With time fast running out to strike some kind of deal on the North American Free Trade Agreement, the three member nations are still far apart on major points.

Volcano eruption fears as almost 300 earthquakes rock Spanish holiday hotspot
MORE than 270 earthquakes have been recorded in just ten days near Spain’s Canary Islands raising fears of a volcanic eruption. The quakes have struck near Tenerife and Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands where there is a huge submarine fault between the two islands. A report said the fault line has not been active in recent times…

Coastal Carolina forecasters say at least one hurricane to make landfall on East Coast
CCU’s outlook also predicts 11 to 18 named storms in the Atlantic in 2018, and two to five major hurricanes, or storms that reach Category 3 or higher. Overall, the prediction suggests a “normal to above normal” hurricane season.

Iran: Trump’s decision may create ‘problems’ for us
If the president does indeed end sanctions relief for Iran, it will restore US sanctions on the rogue regime, effectively ending US participation in the Iran deal. Speaking at an energy expo in Tehran Tuesday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani admitted that such a move could create “problems” for Iran when sanctions are restored in the next few months, but vowed that his country would persevere.

‘Never again is now! Time to hold Iran deal backers accountable’
Republican nominee eyeing Senate seat once held by Hillary Clinton slams Iran nuke deal during Jerusalem visit. ‘Never again is now!’ Chele Farley, the Republican candidate for Senate, was also endorsed by the state’s Conservative and Reform parties. Farley hopes to unseat incumbent Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand this November, and win the seat Hillary Clinton held from 2001 to 2009. During a visit to Jerusalem Tuesday, Farley blasted the Iran nuclear deal, negotiated by the Obama administration, and said that the agreement’s backers “should be held accountable”.

In Australia, HIV Cousin Is ‘Shockingly’ Prevalent
“A 45% infection rate in communities is shocking to me,” he tells the Guardian. It’s not clear what is behind this particular outbreak, but experts say it’s a wake-up call and a public health response is needed. The disease is sometimes carried for 30 years before chronic complications appear, and Australia’s ABC reports that many in Australia who have it have no idea they are infected.

Trump Predicted The Fall Of New York AG In 2013: ‘Wait And See’
Before he even announced he was running for president, Donald Trump predicted the downfall of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman all the way back in 2013. Weiner is gone, Spitzer is gone – next will be lightweight A.G. Eric Schneiderman. Is he a crook? Wait and see, worse than Spitzer or Weiner — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 11, 2013. According to a bombshell report published by The New Yorker Monday, four women have come forward and accused Schneiderman of physical violence and death threats. The women claimed that he slapped and choked them, threatened to kill them if they broke up with him and even warned them that he could have their phones tapped.

Confirmed: Election interference … by Obama!
The American Center for Law and Justice has revealed it has uncovered documents showing the Obama State Department even misled Congress about U.S. tax money being used to try to manipulate the results of an election in Israel, America’s strongest ally in the Middle East.

Believe It Or Not, Bolton’s Right – North Korea Will Follow The “Libyan Model”
The new US National Security Advisor John Bolton controversially advocated the so-called “Libyan model” for North Korea’s denuclearization.

Idaho school lost weapons-grade plutonium, enough to make a dirty bomb
A small amount of radioactive, weapons-grade plutonium about the size of a U.S. quarter is missing from an Idaho university that was using it for research, leading federal officials on Friday to propose an $8,500 fine.

Rare Magnitude 4.5 Earthquake Strikes Off Coast of Louisiana Near New Orleans
A rare magnitude 4.5 earthquake struck in the Gulf of Mexico about 160 miles southeast of New Orleans.

Yellow fever threatens South Florida after Zika scare
…There hasn’t been a yellow fever outbreak in the United States in more than 100 years, but state health officials are concerned that a large outbreak in Brazil and others in South and Central America could lead to infected travelers bringing the disease to South Florida, which has the right mosquitoes and climate for it to spread.

Pulse survivor and others gather to celebrate ‘freedom’ from being gay
Pulse nightclub shooting survivor Luis Javier Ruiz joined a few dozen others at a so-called Freedom March in Washington, D.C., on Saturday where those in attendance celebrated no longer identifying as gay or transgender.

Oil Spill Now Larger Than Paris Consumes Indonesian Island, 5 Dead
A massive oil spill in Borneo that began over the last weekend has now spread over such a vast area its larger than the city of Paris and is now heading to the open ocean according to reports.

Israeli series wins top prize at television festival in France
The new Israeli television series “On the Spectrum” won the top prize at the Series Mania Festival in Lille, France.

New York Times: Teaching Children to Delay Having Sex is ‘Anti-Science’
The New York Times editorial board says the Trump administration is “quietly advancing an anti-science” agenda by supporting teen pregnancy prevention programs that encourage young people to refrain from sex to avoid pregnancy and  sexually transmitted diseases (STD).

WHISTLEBLOWER: Leftists have a secret plan to legalize child sex trafficking… all in the name of “love”
The rapid rise of anything-goes liberalism – the idea that absolutely nothing is off-limits, so long as it defies conventional norms in some way – has driven at least one self-identifying feminist to ally with the unlikeliest of bedfellows: a prominent Christian magazine.

Wait, This Wasn’t Supposed to Happen?… VP Mike Pence Swears in Gay Ambassador Rick Grenell with His Partner By His Side
…Democrats have convinced gays that Vice President Mike Pence is putting gays in jail. So this photo released last week must have surprised the radical gay mob.

Fresh evidence the Russia ‘scandal’ is a Team Obama operation
Do you suspect that the noise over Trump campaign contacts with the Russians is just a political hit arranged by Obama insiders before they left? You got fresh evidence of that Monday, with news that then-national security adviser Susan Rice was behind the “unmasking” of Trumpites in transcripts of calls with Russian officials.

Gun-Free Britain: Four Shootings in 48 Hours in Sadiq Khan’s London
Four people have been shot over a 48-hour period in Sadiq Khan’s London, leaving a teenager dead and a 13-year-old and a 15-year-old with head injuries.

Paris Mayor Backs Communist Party Plan to Turn Public Park into Migrant Camp
The proposal was previously rejected due to the distance of the site to the nearest public transportation

London Hit By Acid Attack Spree: Three Rushed to Hospital In Morning Horror
Police were called to Kingsland High Street in Dalston just after 5am this morning after the men sustained injuries. The victims, aged 17, 22 and 27 were hit with a “noxious substance” according to police. No arrests have been made yet in connection with the incident.

Sweden: 88 Per Cent of Gang Rapists Have a Migrant Background
A study by the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet has found that 88 per cent of gang rapists in the Scandinavian country over the last six years have had a migrant background.

Threats to Apostates ‘Most Severe’ in Muslim Countries and Beyond 
Liberals like to pretend Islam is a religion of peace, and Muslims who do kill are simply aberrations — the few and far between. But fact is: Those who don’t follow Islam face the greatest threats in Muslim countries, where their very lives are in daily danger simply because of their religious beliefs. And that’s not Islamophobia speaking.