7 May 2018

Major Kabbalist Says Unusual Rains Sign Messiah is Imminent
Rabbi Kook announced that he had a vision of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, a Jewish sage from the second century known by the acronym Rashbi and who, according to tradition, wrote the Zohar, the basis of Kabbala. In the vision, the Rashbi told Rabbi Kook that the current unseasonable rains are a sure sign that the Messiah’s arrival is imminent.

Illinois counties form ‘sanctuaries’ for gun owners to thwart state’s push for gun control
Multiple rural Illinois counties have passed resolutions establishing a so-called “sanctuary” for gun owners in a bid to thwart the state legislature’s efforts to enact stricter gun control. At least five counties declared themselves sanctuary counties for gun rights, co-opting a word that most conservatives associate with the liberal policy of ignoring federal immigration laws.

Two notable FBI lawyers leave for new jobs
James Baker, the FBI’s top lawyer before reassignment by new director Christopher Wray, resigned Friday, reports The New York Times. Lisa Page, another FBI official who advised former director James Comey and his deputy, Andrew McCabe, also resigned, the Times reported. Baker has reportedly been under investigation as part of the Justice Department inquiry into the possible sharing of classified information with reporters, but he has not been charged. Baker told the New York Times he will join the Brookings Institution and write for its blog Lawfare on national security.

Mueller Investigation In Jeopardy As “Witch Hunt” Accusations Play Out In Court
…the deck appears to have been heavily stacked against Donald Trump by bad actors operating at the highest levels of the FBI, DOJ, Obama admin and Clinton camp, and the real Russian conspiracy in the 2016 election was the participation of high level Kremlin sources used in the anti-Trump dossier that Hillary Clinton paid for. Now, as the out-of-control investigation moves from the headlines and into court, the all-encompassing “witch hunt,” as Trump calls it, may be in serious jeopardy. As of Friday, three separate Judges have rendered harsh setbacks to the Mueller investigation – demanding, if you can believe it, facts and evidence to back up the Special Counsel’s claims – in unredacted format as one Judge demands, or risk having the cases tossed out altogether.

Hawaii volcano shows ‘no sign of slowing down,’ destroys dozens of homes
Molten lava from Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano continues to spew into an idyllic lush paradise on the Big Island Monday, as an eleventh crack —or fissure—opened up, destroying at least 26 homes and spewing lava hundreds of feet in the air.

Netanyahu: ‘Better Now Than Later’ to Confront Iranian Threat
Speaking at the start of a weekly cabinet meeting Sunday, Netanyahu declared that “we are determined to block Iran’s aggression against us, even if this means a struggle. Better now than later.” “We do not want escalation, but we are ready for any scenario,” he added.

ANALYSIS: Turkey Working to Islamicize Jerusalem Ahead of US Embassy Move
In the run-up to the US Embassy move to Jerusalem, Turkey, together with the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, is pumping a quarter of a billion dollars into the Islamification of the city, according to Israel’s Hadashot News (formerly Channel 2 News). The Wakf, the Muslim custodian of the Islamic holy places on the Temple Mount, and a slew of Islamist organizations in Israel’s capital received the bulk of the money officially to ‘rescue’ the holy sites and to finance ‘renovations.’ Israeli security agencies, however, fear the money will end up financing fresh riots once the US moves its embassy to Jerusalem on May 14…

‘We may have to eliminate Assad’
Senior Israeli minister warns Assad may be ‘eliminated’ if he continues to allow Iran to use Syria as base for attacks on Israel.

Macron: Trump leaving nuclear deal could lead to war
French President Emmanuel Macron warned on Sunday that war could ensue if U.S. President Donald Trump withdraws from the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, Reuters reported. “We would open the Pandora’s box. There could be war,” Macron was quoted as having told German weekly magazine Der Spiegel.

Israeli minister: If Iran attacks from Syria, Assad’s ‘blood is forfeit’
“If Assad allows Iran to turn Syria into a military vanguard against us, to attack us from Syrian territory, he should know that would be the end of him, the end of his regime.”

Report: Iran planning to launch a barrage of missiles against Israel
Iran is preparing a barrage of missiles to launch against Israeli military positions from Syrian territory, Hebrew media reported Sunday, citing defense officials. Iran plans to avenge alleged Israeli strikes on its bases in Syria, Ma’ariv defense analyst Alon Ben David said, by targeting military targets in northern Israel.

Hail and thunderstorms: Unseasonal weather continues in Israel
Tel Avivians were surprised by the sounds of thunder and large hailstones drumming at their windows on Monday morning, as the unpredictable and unseasonal weather continued.

Netanyahu: Israel must keep Iran from Syria even if it means a ‘struggle’
Israel is determined to prevent Iranian entrenchment in Syria…Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu indicated…before a…meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss the issue…Netanyahu said that while all his meetings with Putin are important…this meeting is especially important “in light of Iran’s growing efforts to establish military bases in Syria against Israel.”

Israeli minister: If Iran attacks from Syria, Assad’s ‘blood is forfeit’
Israel could respond to any Iranian attack on it from Syria by toppling Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government, an Israeli security cabinet minister said on Monday, hinting that Assad himself may be targeted for assassination. Israel and Iran have traded blows over Syria since February, stirring concern that major escalation could be looming ahead of next week’s review decision by US President Donald Trump on the 2015 international nuclear deal with Tehran.

Major Kabbalist Says Unusual Rains Sign Messiah is Imminent
Rabbi Kook announced that he had a vision of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, a Jewish sage from the second century known by the acronym Rashbi and who, according to tradition, wrote the Zohar, the basis of Kabbala. In the vision, the Rashbi told Rabbi Kook that the current unseasonable rains are a sure sign that the Messiah’s arrival is imminent.

Hezbollah allies gain in Lebanon vote, underscoring Iran sway
Hezbollah and its political allies won just over half the seats in Lebanon’s parliamentary elections, unofficial results showed, boosting an Iranian-backed movement fiercely opposed to Israel and underlining Tehran’s growing regional clout. Branded a terrorist group by the United States, the heavily armed Shi’ite Hezbollah has grown in strength since joining the war in Syria in support of President Bashar al-Assad in 2012.

Putin is inaugurated for fourth term as Russian president
Vladimir Putin has been sworn in for a fourth term as Russian president and pledged to harness the country’s talents to “achieve breakthroughs”. Some 5,000 guests attended the lavish ceremony in an ornate Kremlin hall. He has been in power for 18 years, as president and prime minister, and opponents have likened his tenure to the reign of a tsar, or emperor.

Kilauea: Hawaii volcano destroys dozens of homes
The eruption of the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii has destroyed 26 homes and is threatening hundreds more, with new fissures opening overnight on Sunday. Nearly 2,000 people have so far been evacuated. Some residents were allowed home to rescue pets, but authorities said it was not safe to stay. New fissures and vents opened overnight in the Leilani Estates area, where lava leapt up to 230ft (70m) into the air.

Israel fears ‘explosion of violence’ as US prepares to open embassy in Jerusalem
Police in Israel have started patrols and security sweeps of a southern Jerusalem neighbourhood, anxiously preparing for a US embassy inauguration that Israelis and Palestinians fear may launch a week of violence. The move on 14 May will mark the start of a potentially volatile week when Israel will celebrate its 70th anniversary and Palestinians mark the “catastrophe”, or Nakba, of their displacement on the 15th.

This 3D skin printer may replace skin grafts
Researchers at the University of Toronto have developed a handheld 3D skin printer that can apply layers of skin tissue directly onto patients to cover and heal wounds.

WW3 RED ALERT: RAF jets are scrambled to intercept Russian spy plane after it approaches NATO airspace over the Black Sea
RAF jets were scrambled today to intercept a Russian ‘Coot’ spy plane after it was seen approaching NATO airspace over the Black Sea.

Israeli Scientists Develop A Drug That Causes HIV Cells to Self-Destruct
Major breakthrough in finding cure for AIDS…

Military analyst Roni Daniel said the intelligence suggested Iran would use Shiite militias already deployed in Syria, along with experts from Hezbollah.

Jockey Delivers Incredible Jesus Message After Kentucky Derby Win
“I just want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for blessing us on this afternoon, and blessing us with this amazing horse,” Smith said after the race.

James Woods Schools Michelle Obama After She Shames Women For ‘Allowing’ Donald Trump To Become President
Twitter ignited Sunday after James Woods scolded Michelle Obama again over outrageous remarks regarding Hillary Clinton’s election loss. Yes, we are nearly halfway through 2018 and Michelle Obama is still griping about the 2016 election.

Virginia: Democrats nominate virulent Jew-hater for Congressional seat
The Democrats’ vicious Jew-hatred is on full display in the nomination of Leslie Cockburn for Congress. The party of treason is home to the Jew-haters and racists. It is quite a feat for a Democrat politician running for Congress to debase and defile the Democrat Party even more than it already was, but Leslie Cockburn manages to do so.

Hawaii Braces for Long Upheaval as Erupting Kilauea Boils
Hundreds of anxious residents on the Big Island of Hawaii hunkered down Saturday for what could be weeks or months of upheaval as the dangers from an erupting Kilauea volcano continued to grow.

UPDATE 1-Turkey Says it Will Retaliate If U.S. Halts Weapons Sales
Turkey will retaliate if the United States enacts a proposed law that would halt weapons sales to the country, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Sunday.