3 May 2018

Pentagon Accelerates Testing Of New B61 Nuclear Gravity Bomb
President Donald Trump’s promises to rebuild the American nuclear arsenal are starting to bear fruit, and according to a US Air Force general update from May 1, the US has already conducted more than two dozen tests of its new B61-12 guided nuclear gravity bomb. …the B61 possess an advanced capability that its cousins don’t: Underground penetration. This allows it to strike fortified command and control centers, while its explosive yield is estimated at 50 kilotons.

The unreliable ‘facts’ of a fact-checking site
Snopes.com plays fast and loose with the First Amendment and makes Christianity a target.

End Times Bombshell As Archaeologists Uncover The Lost Biblical City Of Eglon Where Israel Was Held Captive For Their Disobedience
The fact that this find comes mere days ahead of the 70th anniversary of regathered Israel on May 14th, 1948, and the fact that Elgon is a place where God chose to judge the Jews, makes this archaeological discovery amazing all by itself. “And the children of Israel did evil again in the sight of the LORD: and the LORD strengthened Eglon the king of Moab against Israel, because they had done evil in the sight of the LORD.” Judges 3:12 (KJV) Archaeologists digging at the Tel Eton site in Jerusalem have made a fascinating discovery. They have unearthed what they believe to be the first evidence ever for the the existence of the biblical city of Eglon, mentioned 13 times in the King James Bible.

‘A fair fight now’: Mueller meets ‘his match’ in Clinton impeachment lawyer
Trump’s new attorney will never let special counsel interview president, says source.

Back to the future: Rejuvenating China pushes Marxism as ‘true path’
With chat shows claiming “Marx was Right” and cartoons of his wild youth, China has gone to great lengths to show that the theories of German philosopher Karl Marx are still relevant today, ahead of the 200th anniversary of his birth on Saturday.

Putin invites descendants of Sobibor rebellion to ‘Victory Day’
Putin’s office invited 12 people related to seven rebels at Sobibor to the Victory Day march May 9 in his nation’s capital. His office is paying travel and accommodation expenses for the visitors from Israel, according to one of the guests, Lea Hirsch. This will be the first time that descendants of the Sobibor Uprising are invited to the official parade in Moscow. “It’s a great honor and terrific recognition,” Hirsch said of the gesture honoring her uncle, Josef Kopf.

‘Let Abbas’s vile words be his last as Palestinian leader,’ NYT says
The piece, titled “Let Abbas’s vile words be his last as Palestinian leader,” asserted that the president has “shed all credibility as a trustworthy partner if the Palestinians and Israelis ever again have the nerve to try negotiations.”

Iranians Were ‘Right on Their Tail’ Before Mossad Agents Escaped
Hadashot evening news reported on Tuesday that on Jan. 31—10 days before an Iranian drone breached Israeli airspace and was downed by an Israel Air Force Apache helicopter—the Iranians discovered the massive security breach, attempted to chase after the perpetrators and were “right on their tail.” Nevertheless, the Mossad agents managed to get the documents and themselves out of Iran.

Excitement in Israel as Countries Prepare to Raise Flags at New Embassies in Jerusalem
“Wonderful to see Guatemala’s flag flying proudly above the new Guatemalan embassy in Israel’s capital, Jerusalem,” Yuval Rotem, Director General of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, wrote on Twitter. “Looking forward to seeing many more flags joining Guatemala’s in the city of peace.” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was also very “moved.”

Shin bet arrests reveal Gaza-Turkey-West Bank money chain
Israel’s Shin Bet security agency on Thursday announced the arrest of two Hamas activists in the West Bank on suspicion of receiving thousands of Euros of funding for the terrorist organization. According to a statement…24-year-old Hamas operative Omar Kiswani from the West Bank village of Beit Iksa was arrested in a joint undercover operation by the Shin Bet, the Israel Police and the IDF on March 7…

U.N. Secretary General: Withdrawal from nuclear deal will likely mean war
If the US walks away from the nuclear deal with Iran, there is a real risk of war, UN Secretary General António Guterres said in an exclusive interview with the BBC on Thursday morning. Calling the Iran agreement an “important diplomatic victory” Guterres argued that, unless there is a good alternative, the deal should be maintained.

India dust storms: Nearly 100 killed in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan
At least 95 people have died and scores more injured in fierce dust storms that hit the northern Indian states of Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. The storms on Wednesday disrupted electricity, uprooted trees, destroyed houses and killed livestock. Many of the dead were sleeping when their houses collapsed after being struck by intense bursts of lightning.

Scientists build ‘synthetic embryos’
Dutch scientists have built “synthetic” embryos in their laboratory using mouse cells other than sperm and eggs. The stem cell breakthrough, described in Nature journal, is not for cloning people or animals, but about understanding why many pregnancies fail at an early stage – implantation. The embryos, made in a dish, attached to the womb lining of live female mice and grew for a few days.

Pro-LGBT Baptist Church Dis-Fellowshipped
A West Virginia Baptist association expelled one of its churches after the pastor declared that the church should accept homosexuality as not sinful.

Iowa One Signature Away From Banning Abortion
The state of Iowa is one signature away from potentially changing the entire nation’s abortion laws.

BLM: Hate Israel To Not Be Racist
Black Lives Matter activist Tamika Mallory claims the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) can’t lead “anti-bias training” because they support Israel and have history of “attacking black people.” There’s only one problem: No such history exists.

UK Watchdog May Go After Christian Group
…And just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, the Christian legal group that took the lead in representing the Evans family may be investigated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, a watchdog group that works with the government.

Police Cadets Expose Dept. For Training Cops To View Public As ‘Cockroaches’ They Are At War With
Several cadets have quit and exposed the Austin police department in Texas for training cops to think of the public as cockroaches they are at war with.  Rather than training cops to protect and serve, Austin PD appears to want an entire elite class of warriors who view the public as less than human.

Facial Recognition For ALL International Inbound and Outbound Passengers Begins at Orlando Airport — Data Retained for “75 Years”
…According to the Orlando Sentinel, British Airways has become the first in the nation to employ the new routine at Orlando International Airport, but all of the airport’s 25 international carriers are expected to adopt biometric processing in the near future:

Crisis In Cali: Workers Face ‘Buckets Of Feces And Needles’ As Homelessness Worsens
Workers in California, who are desperately trying to clean up the state because of the skyrocketing homeless population, are facing grotesque conditions. Some workers even fear for their health after being faced with buckets of fecal matter and dirty needles.

Hundreds of dead newborn Muslim girls have been found dumped in garbage piles in Pakistan, as their cultural obsession with having boys has led to staggering baby murders
Hundreds of dead newborn girls have been found dumped in garbage piles in Pakistan over the last year amid a cultural preference for boys, it has emerged.

Oslo Police Declare “We Have Lost the City”…Islam Has Taken Over
Grønland, a district in the city of Oslo that is said to have “apocalyptic level of culturally-enriched violence.” It is only two subway stops from the Parliament, one stop from the Central Station, and fairly close to the government offices that were bombed by Breivik.

Episcopal Church Removes Terms Husband, Wife and Procreation from Marriage to Make it More LGBT Compliant
The Episcopal Church (TEC) is removing the terms husband, wife, and procreation from its marriage service in favor of creating a more modern, LGBT compliant service. The terms will be replaced with gender-neutral pronouns such as two people or spouse.

Boy Scouts To Remove Word ‘Boy’ From Name
…The Boy Scouts of America announced Wednesday its plan to remove the word “Boy” from its iconic program. According Chief Scout Executive Mike Surbaugh, a new campaign entitled “Scout Me In” aims to push for more inclusiveness in the organization’s ranks.

Soros-Funded App Helps Illegals Avoid Feds
A Soros-funded group has launched a smartphone application to help illegals avoid federal law enforcement inside the United States.

Facebook Brings In Eric Holder’s Law Firm to Advise on Its Anti-Conservative Censorship and Bias
In March former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder threatened Republicans with a knife fight. Today Facebook is using his law firm to advise on its anti-conservative bias.

President Trump Formally Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize by 18 Republican Members of Congress
President Donald Trump has officially been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize by a group of 18 Republican members of Congress.

Dozens of illegals caught in Texas … after coming from ISIS recruiting grounds
Hundreds of illegal aliens from ISIS recruiting grounds have been caught entering the United States this year, a new report documents.

Rod Rosenstein Overcome by Soros Swamp Gas
….Other hires from the Maryland US attorney’s office in recent months include Sujit Raman, who managed the appellate practice in Maryland and is serving as an associate deputy attorney general … and Marcia Murphy, who was the public affairs officer in Maryland and is now Rosenstein’s confidential assistant.

Christian College Student Sang ‘Jesus Loves Me’ Before She Was Shot Dead in Waffle House
DeEbony Groves, the 21-year-old Christian Belmont University student who was shot dead along with three others in a mass shooting at a Waffle House in Antioch, Tennessee, sang “Jesus Loves Me” inside the restaurant shortly before she took her final breath.