23 Apr 2018

ANALYSIS: Who will side with whom if Syria explodes?
If anything is going to set off a major conflagration in Syria, it won’t be the recent bombing of Assad’s chemical plants by the US, UK and France, over his military’s use of chemical weapons, all indications are that the spark will come from Iran’s arrogant military activities. With the Iranians controlling Lebanon’s borders through its proxy Hezbollah, plus having its troops and militias in virtual control of Iraq, the regime is now in the final stages of taking over Syria, with Bashar al-Assad confined to being the mullah’s puppet.

Iran Says It’s Ready to Attack Israel at Any Moment
Should Israel continue to interfere with Iran’s efforts to establish a firm military foothold in Syria, the Jewish state will face overwhelming retaliation, according to Brigadier General Hossein Salami, commander-in-chief of the Revolutionary Guards. Iran’s Mehr news agency quoted Salami as telling gathering in Tehran: “Our fingers are on the trigger and the missiles are ready to launch, at any moment that the enemy wants to start something against us, we will launch. We have learned methods of overcoming our enemies. We can target our enemies’ vital interests wherever we want.”

Russia to move air defenses to Syria ‘soon,’ warns Israel against attack
Russia will supply Syria with S-300 anti-aircraft defense systems “soon,” a senior Russian official told the Kommersant newspaper on Monday, warning Israel that it would “suffer catastrophic consequences” if it attacks the system. According to the report, the system will be supplied…for no cost and will likely…be deployed to cover Damascus and the regime’s airfields.

South Korea turns off loudspeaker broadcasts into North
South Korea has stopped broadcasting propaganda via loudspeakers along the border with North Korea, ahead of top-level talks later this week. The South has dozens of loudspeakers along the border area, which blast everything from K-pop music to news reports critical of the North. The broadcasts can be heard by the North’s troops stationed along the border and civilians in the area.

Nicaragua president scraps pension cuts after deadly riots
Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega has scrapped the changes to social security that have prompted violent protests across the country since Wednesday. Speaking on national television, Mr Ortega renewed calls for the private sector to engage in talks. But business leaders say they will only negotiate when the government stops “repression against the protests”.

French, German leaders will bring Trump the same message: Save the Iran nuclear deal
President Trump faces a European double bill this week as a crucial deadline looms for a decision on whether to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal. French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, arriving back to back, will bring a unified message: Save the deal.

Chinese smartphones cited by intelligence as security risk sold on US bases
Chinese-made smartphones that the heads of U.S. intelligence have urged Americans not to buy are being sold to servicemembers across Germany at on-base exchange facilities, despite concerns of data theft and espionage. The Huawei phones, which are being sold by TKS, an Army and Air Force Exchange Service concessionary and subsidiary of Vodaphone, could be used to gather sensitive information, according to U.S. intelligence agencies.

Israel pulls fighter jets from drill in Alaska amid tensions with Iran
The Israel Air Force has decided to scale back its participation in the Red Flag exercise amid increasing tensions on Israel’s northern border. “In light of the situational assessment by the air force it was decided to adjust the planes’ participation in the exercise,” a statement by the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said, adding that “Israel’s first participation in the Red Flag exercise in Alaska will take place as planned.”

The richest 1% are on track to control two-thirds of the world’s wealth by 2030
The U.K.-based House of Commons Library said this month that, if current trends continue, the richest 1% will control nearly 66% of world’s money by 2030. Based on 6% annual growth in wealth, they would hold assets worth approximately $305 trillion, up from $140 trillion today, the Guardian reported. This follows a report released earlier this year by Oxfam, which said that just eight billionaires have as much wealth as 3.6 billion people — the poorest half of the world.

Russia’s New Energy Gamble
Having abandoned any attempt to join the Western global political order, Russia seems to have quickly found a new self-image: as the center and core of the Eurasian supercontinent, it can reach in all directions and provide a bridge between Europe and China on both ends. In this context, the Middle East has emerged as a central axis of Russia’s strategic concerns, perhaps for the first time in the country’s history.

WikiLeaks To Countersue Democrats; “Discovery Is Going To Be Amazing Fun”
WikiLeaks has hit back against a multimillion-dollar lawsuit filed by the Democratic National Committee (DNC), announcing over Twitter that they are seeking donations for a counter-suit, noting “We’ve never lost a publishing case and discovery is going to be amazing fun,” along with a link which people can use to donate to the organization. The Democrats are suing @WikiLeaks and @JulianAssange for revealing how the DNC rigged the Democratic primaries. Help us counter-sue. We’ve never lost a publishing case and discovery is going to be amazing fun:https://t.co/E1QbYJL4bB

Lavrov: Russia and China to obstruct U.S. ‘sabotage’ of Iran nuclear deal
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Monday he had agreed with his Chinese counterpart that Moscow and Beijing would try to block any U.S. attempt to sabotage the Iran nuclear deal, Russian state news agency TASS reported.

Comey memo “FOUO” marking is evidence of perjury
Now that the actual documents themselves have been released, not only does the fact that Comey contemporaneously emailed these to other government officials make them “government documents,” but critically, Comey’s own designations of the documents makes them “Official” documents. Apart from some of the “SECRET” designations, Comey personally and specifically designated some of the documents as “FOUO,” which means “For Official Use Only.” Therefore, Comey’s Senate Judiciary testimony that any of his memo documents were his “personal documents” and not “government” documents can be defined as perjury.

CBS Broadcasts Armed Anti-Trump Character Saying, ‘We Need to Assassinate the President’
CBS Television on Sunday night broadcast an episode of The Good Fight in which an anti-President Donald Trump character armed with a handgun said, “we need to assassinate the president” and spoke of “regime change”.

Trump State Dept. Just Issued Abortion Announcement We’ve Been Waiting For
President Donald Trump’s administration has been standing up for the unborn since day one, and it just made another huge move to protect human life — one which will be felt all over the world. On Friday, a top diplomat said the administration believes abortion “is not a human right” and will not treat it as such.

Cancer Cure Research Lab in Syria Destroyed by US Airstrikes
A research lab in Syria that was developing a cure for cancer, has been completely destroyed by US-led airstrikes.According to Syrian officials, the strikes by US forces intentionally targeted the cancer cure development institute.

France assures the Muslim world that they will continue to try and destroy Israel by pushing relentlessly for the Two-State Solution
…Following the phone conversation, Abbas declared that the PA would not allow Trump to declare Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. “We will not allow Trump or anyone else to say that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and we will fight and we are now fighting this decision from the beginning. We will not allow any country to transfer its embassy to Israel,” the PA chairman said, according to i24news.

Russia warns Israel that they will NOT stop arming Syria, no matter what the threat is to the Jewish State
In the past few days, the Russian government has conveyed an unambiguous diplomatic message to political sources in Jerusalem that, if it should feel the need to, Russia intends to sell the advanced S-300 missile defense system to the Syrian regime.

After some of the most shocking rapes and murders against young girls in recent memory, India will now EXECUTE rapists in major crackdown
INDIA has introduced the death penalty for rapists and paedophiles after a post-mortem on a 11-year-old schoolgirl that had been raped, tortured, strangled and smothered shocked the country.

Oscars Introduce Prestigious New ‘Most Tolerable Christian Movie’ Award
At the upcoming 90th Academy Awards ceremony Sunday night, the Oscar award for “Most Tolerable Christian Movie” will be handed out for the first time, sources confirmed.

#SexEdSitOut: Parents Say, ‘Enough’ to Planned Parenthood’s ‘Pornographic’ Sex Ed
Parents in cities across the U.S. as well as Canada, Australia, and now, the U.K. are pulling their children out of schools Monday to protest what they view as “pornographic,” “gender-bending” sex ed curricula conducted and promoted by taxpayer-funded Planned Parenthood.