15 Apr 2018

‘Ready for use’ Hamas tunnel destroyed by IDF
The Israeli army destroyed a Hamas tunnel which infiltrated into Israeli territory overnight Sunday, IDF Spokesperson Brig.-Gen. Ronen Manelis stated. Calling it a “significant tunnel,” Manelis stated that Hamas began building it following the end of Operation Protective Edge in 2014 and that “the tunnel was ready for use.”

Allied strike reveals robust, ‘clandestine’ chemical program in Syria
France, Britain and the United States will continue military action against Syrian President Bashar Assad should he use any more chemical weapons on his people, the allies warned on Saturday, after carrying out strikes that morning against the embattled regime. However, the attack appeared unlikely to shift the course of the civil war that began in March 2011.

Australia bushfire threatens Sydney suburbs homes
Hundreds of Australian firefighters are tackling a large bushfire that has reportedly affected homes homes in the southern suburbs of Sydney. The New South Wales Rural Fire Service (RFS) said it was concerned that flying embers could spark new blazes ahead of the advancing fire front. Some residents have been instructed to seek shelter as evacuation is now too dangerous.

Syria air strikes: US still ‘locked and loaded’ for new chemical attacks
President Donald Trump has warned Syria’s government the US is “locked and loaded” to strike again if it carries out chemical attacks. The warning came after the US, UK and France struck three Syrian sites in response to a suspected deadly chemical attack in the town of Douma a week ago. Syria denies any chemical use and says that attack was fabricated by rebels.

Hungary: Thousands march in anti-Orban demo in Budapest
Tens of thousands of people have demonstrated in Budapest against the re-elected right-wing government of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Opponents of Mr Orban flooded the capital on Saturday to protest at what they say is an unfair electoral system. A similar number of people attended a pro-Orban demonstration last month.

College hosts no-whites-allowed pool party
A private college in California will be hosting a pool party later today at which white people will be excluded, with only “people who identify as POC” permitted to attend. “POC” stands for “person of color.” The event will take place at Scripps College’s Sallie Tiernan Field House pool, according to The Claremont Independent.

E. Coli Outbreak in 11 States Now Linked to Chopped Romaine Lettuce
An initially mysterious outbreak of Escherichia coli has spread to at least 11 states since mid-March, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Friday. But the good news is that we’ve finally uncovered the source…romaine lettuce. According to the latest update, the outbreak has infected at least 35 people… Idaho and Pennsylvania have reported the greatest number so far, eight and nine cases respectively.

Yahoo and AOL just gave themselves the right to read your emails (again)
Though Yahoo was already scanning its users’ emails to maximize ad opportunities, doubling-down on the policy could raise eyebrows in a post-Cambridge Analytica world…When we logged in to a Yahoo Mail account Friday, we were greeted with the privacy policy… In it, Oath notes that it has the right to read your emails, instant messages, posts, photos and even look at your message attachments. And it might share that data with parent company Verizon, too.

Suicide machine draws crowds at Amsterdam funeral show
A controversial suicide pod that enables its occupant to kill themselves at a press of a button went on display at Amsterdam funeral show on Saturday. Called the “Sarco”, short for sarcophagus, the 3D-printed machine invented by Australian euthanasia activist Philip Nitschke and Dutch designer Alexander Bannink comes with a detachable coffin, mounted on a stand that contains a nitrogen canister.

200 million eggs recalled over salmonella fears
More than 200 million eggs are being recalled over fears of salmonella. Rose Acre Farms of Seymour, Ind., is voluntarily recalling the eggs due to possible contamination with the bacteria. According to the Food and Drug Administration, 22 illnesses have been reported so far.

South Dakota e-commerce sale tax fight reaches U.S. Supreme Court
A high-stakes showdown at the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday will determine whether states can force out-of-state online retailers to collect sales taxes in a fight between South Dakota and e-commerce businesses. South Dakota is asking the nine justices to overturn a 1992 Supreme Court precedent that states cannot require retailers to collect state sales taxes on purchases unless the businesses have a “physical presence” in the state.

U.S., Mexico and Canada hasten NAFTA talks as elections loom
The United States, Mexico and Canada will expedite NAFTA talks in a push to reach a deal in coming weeks, Mexico’s president said on Saturday after a meeting with the U.S. vice president and Canadian prime minister…Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said they thought an agreement could be reached before Mexican elections on July 1…

Trump says U.S. will only rejoin Pacific trade pact if terms are improved
U.S. President Donald Trump said the United States would only join the Trans Pacific Partnership, a multinational trade deal his administration walked away from last year, if it offered “substantially better” terms than those provided under previous negotiations. His comments, made on Twitter late Thursday, came only hours after he had unexpectedly indicated the United States might rejoin the landmark pact…

Who just bombed the hell out of an Iranian military base in Syria – massive explosions reported in Aleppo
An Iranian military base in Syria was targeted by unidentified aircraft Saturday night, Syrian media is reporting.

Tennessee Defunds Planned Parenthood, All Abortion Providers
Any health care facility providing abortions in Tennessee will no longer receive any government funding, thanks to a new state law.

Blizzard halts travel in north-central US as snow totals exceed a foot
A heavy, late-season blizzard will continue to create dangerous travel and unload more than a foot of snow across the north-central United States into Sunday night.

DOJ OIG McCabe Report Finds Obama’s FBI and DOJ: Corrupt, Dishonest, Coordinated and Conspiring …Complete List of Points
The IG’s report related to terminated and humiliated former FBI Head Andrew McCabe is 39 pages in length. (See report here) Below is a list of the most significant points in the report –

Russian MOD: Syria ‘Chemical Attack’ Was STAGED To Provoke US Airstrike
The Russian Defense Ministry has claimed it has “proof” that the alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria was “staged” according to reports.

Donald Trump Moves To Rejoining The TPP
Donald Trump is proving to be following in the footsteps of his predecessor in terms of the possibility of being the most disappointing president of modern times. His latest debacle now comes in the form of the TPP which Trump pulled out of days after assuming the Presidency. Now, however, Trump has announced plans to move back into the TPP even after campaigning against it as well taken Executive action against it.

Stunning image shows Israel’s flag on Temple Mount
A stunning new image has been uncovered by a reporter in Israel showing Israel’s flag on the Temple Mount. It’s rare, because the Temple Mount is supervised by the Islamic Waqf guards, under orders from the Islamic government in Jordan, which strictly forbids any Jewish faith presence there.

Holocaust denial: ‘Jews colluded with Hitler’
Two days before Israel observed Holocaust Remembrance Day, an official Palestinian Authority TV channel broadcast the claims of a Palestinian political analyst that Jews “colluded with Hitler,” denying the Holocaust in which 6 million Jews were murdered by the Nazi regime.

Independent Swiss Lab Says ‘BZ Toxin’ Used In Skripal Poisoning; US/UK-Produced, Not Russian
Somebody has some explaining to do… or did the Syrian airstrikes just ‘distract’ the citizenry from the reality surrounding the Skripal poisoning.

Atheist Appointed “Head Chaplain” at NHS for Part of England
“Lindsay’s appointment confirms our commitment to provide a chaplaincy service with individual choice at its heart, catering to all our patients, visitors and staff regardless of faith, denomination or religion, including those who have no faith or religion.”

No one noticed Russia, Iran and Turkey make an ominous deal
There can’t possibly be that many Russians of importance left to sanction. But President Donald Trump has laid more economic restrictions on Russia, Russians and Russian companies, described as the most punitive yet, for a variety of evil-doings in recent years.

Deep State Source: Evidence Exists That Syria Gas Attack Faked
Just like Operation Himler from WWII, Daesh (ISIS) fighters had dressed as Assad’s soldiers to provoke Trump into striking Syria, according to deep state source Zac who has seen video evidence:

Damascus defiant as U.S. strikes prove more limited than feared
Syria, Russia and Iran shrugged off strikes on Saturday by the United States and its allies against three Syrian chemical weapons facilities, which drew angry condemnations but no indication that there would be a wider escalation.