10 Apr 2018

National Guard members start arriving at US-Mexico border
National Guard members have started arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border with more expected as federal government officials continue to discuss what they’ll do about illegal immigration. The Republican governors of Texas, Arizona and New Mexico on Monday committed 1,600 Guard members to the border, giving President Donald Trump many of the troops he requested to fight what he’s called a crisis of migrant crossings and crime.

GEFIRA: In 2020, German Society Will Start Collapsing
Since the German population is declining at a staggering pace, before the end of the century there will only be 22 million indigenous Germans left. Currently the working population has already begun to shrink. This drop is still moderate compared to what will come after 2020. The disappearing of the nation that has just begun will have catastrophic consequences. The German government recorded a large budget surplus last year, a sign that the authorities are not willing or able to invest in their own country.

Islam’s ‘Abrahamic’ Dilemma
After a Muslim from an Oklahoma City mosque decapitated a woman, “an official from Washington D.C. flew into Oklahoma to present a special thank you to the Muslim congregation.” He read them a message from former President Barack Obama: “Your service is a powerful example of the powerful roots of the Abrahamic faiths and how our communities can come together with shared peace with dignity and a sense of justice.” Indeed, Obama has often spoken of “the shared Abrahamic roots of three of the world’s major religions.” Also, those who ascribe to the “three Abrahamic Faiths” theory never mention—or bother to learn—the key problem: Islam does not treat biblical characters the way Christianity does.

Israel Notified US Ahead of Syrian Airstrike: Report
Israel reportedly informed the United States in advance of its airstrike in Syria early Monday morning, two U.S. officials told NBC News. While the Israel Defense Forces has not confirmed it was behind the airstrike, both Russia and Syria have blamed Israel for the military attack on the T-4 base in Homs province, which has reportedly killed 14 people. Notably, the Kremlin said that Israel did not notify Russia ahead of the airstrike on the Syrian base. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov called Israel’s actions “a cause for concern.”

Top Iranian official says Israel to face ‘response’ over air base attack
Syria, Iran and Russia have accused Israel of being behind a strike on a Syrian air base – something Israel has neither confirmed nor denied. “allegations from Tehran and Moscow that Israel carried out the aerial bombing and caused serious damage to the Iranian target raises the likelihood of a deterioration in the military situation between Iran and Israel. Iran may increase its attempts to strike at Israel via the Golan Heights using Hezbollah and Shiite proxies from the ‘Foreign Legion’ that it established in Syria.

China’s Xi renews pledges to open economy, cut tariffs this year as U.S. trade row deepens
Chinese President Xi Jinping promised on Tuesday to open the country’s economy further and lower import tariffs on products including cars, in a speech seen as an attempt to defuse an escalating trade dispute with the United States. While most of the pledges were reiterations of previously announced reforms, which foreign businesses complain are long overdue, Xi’s comments sent stock markets and the dollar higher on hopes of a compromise that could avert a trade war.

Ground broken on high-priority stretch of Trump’s border wall in New Mexico
On a remote stretch of border in New Mexico, the newest installment of President Donald Trump’s border wall began construction Monday. “It’s 18 feet high. The bollards are filled with concrete. You got rebar running up inside. It goes six feet underground and two feet of concrete on top of that,” says El Paso Sector Chief Aaron Hull. “A wall isn’t designed to stop everybody. But you would have to be one of the more determined illegal aliens to scale it, get through it or dig under it.”

Trump strikes back against Mueller ‘witch hunt’
At the start of a meeting with senior military leadership Monday night, President Trump blasted the FBI’s raid of his personal lawyer’s office, calling it a “disgraceful situation” and an “attack on our country in a true sense … an attack on what we all stand for.” “It’s a total witch hunt. I’ve been saying it for a long time. I’ve wanted to keep it down. I’ve given over a million pages in documents to the special counsel.

Moscow calls in Israeli ambassador after alleged attack in Syria
A day after Russia accused Israel of attacking the T4 airbase in Syria, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov summoned Israel’s Ambassador to Russia Gary Koren to the Foreign Minister to discuss the matter, TASS reported on Tuesday. According to the report, Bogdanov said that this conversation was needed to prevent further escalation and to look for ways to normalize the situation.

No more a shadow war: Confrontation between Israel and Iran intensifies
Israel does not acknowledge or confirm the attack in Syria at the T4 base near the city of Homs. At the same time, it seems that the US and Russia have completely shattered Israel’s ability to deny the action. While the public debate and the struggle for national interests and prestige are increasingly heated between Trump and Putin, they may also have implications for Israel’s security.

Ahead of U.S. nuke deal deadline, Iran threatens to renew enrichment
Iran will be able to restore its halted uranium enrichment process in a matter of hours and produce enriched uranium stockpiles in less than two days if the nuclear deal is discarded, Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Spokesperson Behrouz Kamalvandi warned Monday according to Iranian Fars News Agency. Kamalvandi explained that there are currently 1,600 centrifuges at the Fordow reactor, spinning idly, that could be used for enrichment.

Syria ‘chemical attack’: Trump pledges ‘forceful’ US response
US President Donald Trump has promised a “forceful” response to the alleged chemical attack in Syria, as Western leaders consider what action to take. “We have a lot of options militarily,” he told reporters. He added that a response would be decided “shortly”. Mr Trump said the US was getting some “good clarity” on who was responsible for the incident in Douma on Saturday.

FBI raids offices, home of Trump’s personal lawyer: sources
The Federal Bureau of Investigation on Monday raided the offices and home of U.S. President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen, law enforcement sources said, in a dramatic new development in a series of probes involving close Trump associates. Cohen’s lawyer, Stephen M. Ryan, said that U.S. prosecutors conducted a search that was partly a referral by the Office of Special Counsel, Robert Mueller.

Russia: Israeli use of force against Palestinians ‘unacceptable’
Russia’s Foreign Ministry said on Monday that the IDF’s use of force against Palestinians at protests inside the Gaza Strip was unacceptable. Palestinian demonstrations, which began on March 30, have been dubbed “The Great March of Return” of refugees and their descendants to ancestral homes now in Israel. In a statement, the Russian Foreign Ministry criticized what it described as Israel’s “indiscriminate use of force against the civilian population.”

U.S. backs EU Iran sanctions push, warns firms against Tehran trade
The United States on Tuesday welcomed a push by some EU states to impose new sanctions on Iran and warned firms considering doing business with the Islamic Republic that they could be funding militant groups and regional instability. U.S. President Donald Trump has set European allies a May 12 deadline to revamp an international deal agreed with Tehran in 2015 that lifted international sanctions against Iran in exchange for curbs on its nuclear programme.

Ukraine to impose sanctions on Russian oligarchs: president
Ukraine will impose sanctions on Russian oligarchs including Oleg Deripaska, following the lead of penalties ordered by the United States, President Petro Poroshenko said on Tuesday. A new round of U.S. sanctions, announced on Friday, target officials and business people around Russian President Vladimir Putin, in response to alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. election.

North Korean foreign minister, on Moscow visit, calls for closer Russia ties
North Korea’s foreign minister, on a visit to Moscow, said on Tuesday that the situation on the Korean Peninsula and world events showed that his country and Russia needed to forge stronger ties. Ri Yong Ho spoke before holding talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on the situation around North Korea’s nuclear and missile programme and tensions involving Pyongyang, Seoul and Washington.

Multiple Earthquakes strike Midwest USA — Superfracture spreads at Fracking Operations
Major increase in seismic unrest across the Midwest USA……

DARPA’s ‘Prosthetic’ Memory & Biometric ID To Buy Food
India & China are already rolling out population control technologies like requiring biometric ID to even buy food, but DARPA is making huge leaps in their ability to selectively remove memories or implant them, with the focus now on non-invasive brain interfaces.

WikiLeaks Offers $100,000 Reward for Information Showing Who is Responsible for Alleged Douma Chemical Attack
Despite their publisher being gagged and silenced for the past couple of weeks, WikiLeaks is still functioning and seeking to bring truth to the public.

California state senator who pushed vaccine mandate now seeks to CRIMINALIZE “fake news” about medicine, politics and government
 In the latest stunning assault on the freedom to think, California state senator Richard Pan— known as the “Mercury Joker” super villain for pushing mandatory vaccines into law via SB 277 — now wants to criminalize all bloggers and independent journalists who dare question the official narratives on vaccines, medicine, politics and government.

Survival Condos: A Tour of Bunkers for Rich People in the Middle of Kansas
This time, we’ll travel a bit closer to home – right in the middle of…Kansas. In the small town of Glasco, Kansas, population 473, lies the ultimate in luxury bunker destinations: Survival Condos.

ANALYSIS: Russia is aiding Iran Axis prepare for war with Israel
Netanyahu has always said that deployment of the Iranian-backed pro-Assad coalition near the Israeli border, constituted a red line.

US TO STRIKE SYRIA TONIGHT? American destroyer off the coast of Syria being harassed by Russian warplanes as conflict reaches boiling point
The United States could be set to launch air strikes against Syria as soon as tonight, with a Tomahawk missile-armed destroyer already in place.

Amazon Patent Admits To 1984-Style Spying…That Could Lead To Your Arrest
…If you were suspicious of technology like Siri and Alexa, you’ve got good instincts–it turns out that Amazon’s voice-controlled “personal assistant” technology is being used to spy on you.

WW3: Japan Activates Marines For First Time Since WWII On Chinese Border
Fears of a third world war spiked over the weekend as Japan activated their marines for the first time since World War 2. About 2,100 members of the Amphibious Rapid Deployment Brigade (ARDB) were activated in a ceremony in which the troops wore camouflage.

Rev. Graham: University of Tennessee’s ‘Sex Week’ ‘Simply Promoting Sin’
…Franklin Graham, son of the late-, world-renowned preacher Billy Graham, further said that some media refer to the week-long event (April 6-12) as “Sodom & Gomorrah,” and that the university is “pushing this filthy trash on young people whose parents are paying good money to send them [their children] for a quality education.”

China’s Xi to U.N. Chief: ‘We Need to Be Pushing for’ Global Governance
Chinese communist leader Xi Jinping met United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in Beijing this weekend and reportedly urged the leader to further promote “global governance” to solve the world’s problems.

Two-thirds of ‘child refugees’ in UK who were questioned are actually adults
Hundreds of supposed unaccompanied ‘child refugees’ who came to Britain have actually been found to be adults, according to a new report from the immigration watchdog. In a ridiculous state of affairs, two-thirds of those scrutinised turned out to actually be over the age of 18.