6 Apr 2018

Scary, hot new drug called ‘spirit molecule’
It’s one of the most popular new hallucinogenic drugs being smoked by young people around the world, with many users reporting “spiritual encounters” with entities that sound a lot like demons. And now, Johns Hopkins University is studying the alarming effects of DMT, or Dimethyltryptamine, asking volunteers who have taken the drug about encounters they may have had with “seemingly autonomous beings or entities.” One researcher characterized DMT as a “spirit molecule.”

Official: Escalation may lead to another round of fighting
the recent events are part of a larger Hamas plan, which is expected to reach its peak on May 14. “Hamas is interested in gradually fanning the flames, until May 14,” the source told Arutz Sheva. “And from there, they want to lead an escalation which will bring about another round of fighting in Gaza.”

Feds’ tech effort seeks to write info to brain
A government program is describing as “attainable” the goal of developing technology that can read information from the human brain, or write information there, without any invasive hardware, reports Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin. “DARPA created N3 to pursue a path to a safe, portable neural interface system capable of reading from and writing to multiple points in the brain at once. High-resolution, nonsurgical neurotechnology has been elusive, but thanks to recent advances in biomedical engineering, neuroscience, synthetic biology, and nanotechnology, we now believe the goal is attainable,”

White House warns Gazans: Stay out of ‘buffer zone’ ahead of protests
The Trump administration warned Palestinians in Gaza on Thursday to avoid goading a response from Israeli Defense Forces during planned protests against along the border scheduled for Friday. The protesters plan on burning thousands of tires along the border with Israel, creating a visual for the world of the scale of their protest against the Jewish state.

Palestinians burn tires as second Friday of ‘Great March’ heats up
Thousands of Palestinians gathered along the Gaza border on Friday for the second week of protests that they have called the “Great Return March.” Amid warnings from Israel and the US to stay at least 500 meters from the border, Palestinians brought thousands of tires to burn to shield their movements from the IDF.

Spy poisoning: Russia says UK is ‘playing with fire’
Russia has accused the UK of inventing a “fake story” and “playing with fire” over the Salisbury spy poisoning. At a UN Security Council meeting, Moscow’s UN ambassador Vasily Nebenzia said Britain’s main goal had been “to discredit and even delegitimise” Russia with “unsubstantiated accusations”. The UK says Russia is behind the attack but Moscow denies responsibility.

Trump: Migrant Caravans Raping Women at ‘Levels Never Seen Before’
President Donald Trump slammed the nation’s immigration laws on Thursday and said that women were being raped “at levels that nobody has ever seen before” in a caravan of migrants traveling from Central America to seek asylum in the United States.

Colonel Stripped of Command for Refusing to ‘Appreciate’ Retiree’s Gay Spouse Wins Appeal
Bohannon did not sign the “optional, unofficial” spouse appreciation letter because he has a deeply-held religious objection to gay marriage and did not want to appear to endorse an immoral union – so, he had a superior, a two-star general, sign it.

Anyone Who Has Ever Used Facebook May Have Had Their Data Hijacked, Mark Zuckerberg Admits
Most people on Facebook may have had their public profile data hijacked: that was the blunt admission from the social network on Wednesday, as the company rolled out a series of privacy updates to its 2.2 billion monthly active users.

Residents of Illinois Village Have 60 Days to Surrender Guns Or Face $1000 a Day Fine
Residents of Deerfield, Illinois have 60 days to turn in their “assault weapons” or face fines of up to $1000 dollars a day.

Twitter Transgender Critic ‘Questioned by Police and Banned from Leaving UK’
A mother of four who campaigns against “gender identity” ideology claims she was threatened with arrest and banned from leaving the UK after saying transgender women are “castrated” men.

Trump signs proclamation sending National Guard to Mexico border immediately
“The president has directed that the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security work together with our governors to deploy our National Guard to our southwest border.”

London’s Hospitals ‘Look Like War Zones Due to Gun and Knife Crime Epidemic’
London’s knife and gun crime epidemic is so bad that hospitals are starting to look like war zones, according to a top surgeon.

Former model: So long Cosmopolitan — women aren’t buying your hyper-sexualized nonsense anymore
Countless celebrities, news journalists, and thousands of other women are bravely sharing their experience with sexual harassment and assault through the #MeToo movement, #Timesup and more on almost a daily basis. But with all of these feminist movements and the fight for equality, we have still missed something major.

George Soros Funded Groups Are Supporting Illegal Immigrant Caravans
After following the money, it becomes clear where Mother Jones’ agenda lies. A report from CNS News shows that Mother Jones has received immense funding from George Soros through the The Foundation for National Progress, which has received over $1 million from George Soros.