31 Mar 2018

IAF drone crashes in Lebanon due to technical issue
An Israel Air Force drone crashed overnight between Friday and Saturday in an open area in southern Lebanon as a result of a technical malfunction, the IDF said. “The incident is currently being reviewed. There is no risk of leaked information,” the IDF Spokesman’s Office said. Hezbollah’s al-Manar TV station reported the drone crash and posted photos from the crash site.

UN leader calls for investigation into Gaza border clashes
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called Friday for an independent investigation into deadly clashes in Gaza between Palestinians and IDF troops, while Security Council members urged restraint on both sides. The council failed to agree on any action or joint message after an emergency meeting Friday evening.

North Korea sanctions: UN blacklists shipping firms
The UN Security Council has blacklisted 27 ships, 21 shipping companies and one individual for aiding North Korea in its effort to evade sanctions. The measures were proposed by the US last month as part of a crackdown on the maritime smuggling of North Korean commodities such as oil and coal. Sanctioned oil tankers and cargo vessels are banned from ports worldwide and businesses face an asset freeze.

Spy poisoning: Russia expels more UK diplomats
Russia has told Britain a total of more than 50 of its diplomats will have to leave, amid a deepening row over the poisoning of a former Russian spy and his daughter in the UK. Moscow initially expelled 23 British diplomats after 23 Russian diplomats were ordered out by London. But now the Russians are insisting that even more UK diplomats should leave.

Russia state of emergency as toxic dump fumes hit town near Moscow
Russian officials say a state of emergency will be declared in the town of Volokolamsk, north-west of Moscow, where thousands have protested over toxic fumes from a landfill site. Hydrogen sulphide in the town’s air was at least 10 times above the permitted level on Thursday, although locals said it was far worse than that. There are plans to evacuate mothers with infants to health facilities.

Prominent Houston pastor indicted on charges of defrauding investors
A prominent Houston megachurch pastor who counseled presidents and top executives was charged on Friday with selling investors more than $1 million in worthless Chinese bonds… Kirbyjon Caldwell, 64, senior pastor at the Windsor Village United Methodist Church in Houston,…with about 17,000 members, faces wire fraud and money laundering charges in connection with the sale of historical bonds to mostly elderly investors.

16 Gazans said killed, 1,100 hurt in clashes at massive border protest | The Times of Israel
Sixteen Palestinians were killed and some 1,100 were wounded by Israeli tear gas, rubber bullets and live fire in the Gaza Strip on Friday, the Hamas-run Health Ministry said, as a series of massive protests along the security fence around the Hamas-controlled enclave intensified and turned violent.

Turkey Calls For “Army Of Islam” To Wage War On Israel…WW3 Imminent – Tea Party News
The nation of Turkey, once a key Western ally in the Middle East, has in recent months been cozying up to Russia and snubbing NATO after years of increased islamization and hostility towards Israel. Now, top Turkish officials have announced their plans to create an “army of Islam” to destroy the enemy of Muslims worldwide: Israel.

Two Jewish youths caught attempting to smuggle goat to Temple Mount for sacrifice
Jerusalem Police arrested two Jewish youths aged 16 and 17 after catching them trying to enter the Temple Mount for the purpose of sacrificing a young goat in celebration of the start of Passover.

Google’s Catastrophic “Final Solution” To Wipe Out Alternative News Is Coming
…Google is powering full steam ahead with a terrifying “final solution” to sanitize the internet of all “fake news” that dares to challenge and question their narrative.

Philippines: Christians Nailed to Cross in Good Friday Observances
Christians congregated in the town of San Pedro Cutud, Philippines, this Friday to crucify volunteer devotees participating in an annual reenactment of the death of Jesus according to the Gospels. Christians in the Philippines also observe Good Friday with floggings and processions.

Saturday’s Blue Moon Is the Last One Until 2020 (Don’t Miss It!)
The upcoming Blue Moon — the name given to the second full moon to occur in a single calendar month — rises on Saturday (March 31). It’ll be the second Blue Moon of the year; the first occurred on Jan. 31, when we experienced the “Super Blue Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse.”

Drought expands across Southwestern US
Drought is tightening its grip across a wide swath of the American Southwest as farmers, ranchers and water managers throughout the region brace for what’s expected to be more warm and dry weather through the spring.

Synthetic pot warning issued as number of users experiencing severe bleeding jumps to 32 – Chicago Tribune
State and local health officials have issued a warning about a synthetic pot in Illinois that has caused users to experience severe bleeding.

51 Percent of American Churchgoers Unfamiliar With the Term ‘Great Commission’
A little over half of American churchgoers are not familiar with the term “Great Commission,” according to a study conducted by the Barna Group and the Seed Company.

Russia is arming the Taliban in Afghanistan, US General says
Russia is arming the Taliban in Afghanistan, the head of U.S. Forces in Afghanistan told the BBC in an exclusive interview.

President Trump Wishes Americans Happy Easter, Passover – Quotes Scripture
President Trump wished Americans Happy Easter and quoted from the book of Isaiah on this Good Friday… “For Christians we remember the suffering and death of God’s only Son and His glorious resurrection on the third day.” …“On Easter Sunday we proclaim with joy ‘Christ is Risen.’”

Israeli Stealth Fighters Fly Over Iran Amid Speculation Of Imminent War – Tea Party News
One week after Israel demonstratively released a video of a 2007 airstrike on a suspected Syrian nuclear facility (after refusing to officially acknowledge the operation for more than a decade), the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida reported late on Thursday that 2 Israeli F-35 stealth fighters had entered Iranian airspace over the past month.

Germany news: Duisburg state of emergency as 60 fight in street with MACHETES
A HORRIFYING street battle between 60 men armed with machetes and metal pipes forcing a state of emergency to be declared in Duisburg.

Vermont House passes legislation imposing new gun restrictions
The Clinton campaign likely harvested data from millions of Americans from a special app that asked users to pair with Facebook.

Figures. Clinton Campaign Likely Harvested Facebook Data from Millions
The Clinton campaign likely harvested data from millions of Americans from a special app that asked users to pair with Facebook.

Doctor-Assisted Suicide Close to Becoming Law in Hawaii
Hawaii lawmakers approved legislation Thursday that would make it the latest liberal-leaning state to legalize medically assisted suicide.

Sweden Retracts ‘Utterly Crazy’ Child Marriage Brochure After Public Uproar
The leaflet was commissioned by the government and included detailed instructions for people married to children covering all spheres of life, including intimacy. However, it has caused an outrage among the Swedish public, who found that it normalized such behavior instead of preventing it.

We’re coming out of Syria very soon, let others take care of it – Trump 
President Donald Trump has made a surprise announcement that US forces will be withdrawing from Syria, citing the defeat of Islamic State and the need to defend US borders and rebuild “crumbling” infrastructure.