27 Mar 2018

Record Setting Crowd at Passover Sacrifice Reenactment
The seventh annual reenactment of the Pesach (Passover) sacrifice took place on Monday, bringing the Nation of Israel ever closer to the Third Temple than before. “We can see the Third Temple rising on the horizon,” Shimshon Elboim, one of the organizers of the event, told Breaking Israel News. “It used to be just a small group of activists who showed up, but this year, the Passover sacrifice reenactment went mainstream.” Approximately 1,500 people, the largest crowd ever, gathered to watch some 20 Kohanim (Jewish men descending from Aaron the Priest) dressed in authentic priestly garments performing the full Passover ceremony as it was in Temple times.

Famous Saints’ Prophecies About the Future of Russia
“Before the birth of the Antichrist there will be a great, protracted war and a terrible revolution in Russia passing all bounds of human imagination, for the bloodletting will be most terrible: the rebellions of Ryazan, Pugachev and the French revolution will be nothing in comparison with what will take place in Russia. France will be just nothing. Italy will be judged by natural disasters. Britain will lose her empire and all her colonies and will come to almost total ruin, but will be saved by praying enthroned women. America will feed the world, but will finally collapse. Russia and China will destroy each other.

California sheriff defies state’s ‘sanctuary’ law by putting inmate info online
Orange County, Calif. Sheriff Sandra Hutchens can’t give information about inmate’s release dates directly to ICE because of a state “sanctuary” law, so she says she’ll give it to the public instead. Hutchens announced on Monday she will put all county jail inmates’ release dates online to get around SB 54, a law that took effect on Jan. 1 and now prohibits local law enforcement agencies from cooperating with immigration authorities.

IDF chief: ‘Palestinian arena is highly explosive’
Tensions have been on the rise on the Gaza border after Hamas held a large-scale military exercise on Sunday and machinegun fire from the strip triggered the Iron Dome missile defense system. In addition, Hamas is planning a mass march of Palestinians in Gaza towards the border with Israel and protests starting this Friday, Land Day, and ending on May 15, Nakba Day.

American who escaped Al Qaeda captivity says FBI, under Mueller and Comey, betrayed him
After he escaped from Al Qaeda in Syria, American photojournalist Matt Schrier investigated his own kidnapping and uncovered what he describes as a pattern of “betrayal” by FBI agents handling his case. “Not every FBI agent is bad. Some are very good people,” Schrier told Fox News. “But the ones that are bad need to be weeded out. And the ones who let them be bad, and who turn their head, need to be exposed.”

‘Freedom Coins’ From First Jewish Revolt Against Rome Discovered in Temple Mount Cave
Bronze coins, the last remnants of a four-year Jewish revolt against the Roman Empire, were found near the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. They were now discovered by Hebrew University archaeologist Dr. Eilat Mazar during renewed excavations at the Ophel, located below the Temple Mount’s southern wall. These 1.5cm bronze coins were left behind by Jewish residents who hid in a large cave (21×42 ft.) for four years (66-70 C.E.) during the Roman siege of Jerusalem, up until the destruction of the Second Temple and the city of Jerusalem. “A discovery like this—ancient coins bearing the words ‘Freedom’ and ‘Redemption’—found right before the Jewish Festival of Freedom, Passover, begins, is incredibly moving,” Dr. Mazar noted.

Bolton’s Appointment is a Brilliant America First Move
President Donald Trump’s decision to appoint former UN Ambassador John Bolton to serve as his National Security Advisor is arguably the most significant single step he has taken to date toward implementing his America First foreign policy. The news hit America’s enemies and competitors — from Pyongyang to Teheran to Moscow to Beijing — like a wall of bricks Thursday night.

Israel needs to pay for damage to Gaza facilities, UN says
United Nations has demanded that Israel pay compensation for damage done to seven of its Gaza facilities by the IDF during the 2014 war between Israel and Hamas. “On 22 March, the UN submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel a claim for reimbursement for the losses that the UN had sustained in seven incidents in 2014,” UN spokesman Farhan Haq told The Jerusalem Post in response to an email query.

Spy poisoning: Russia to respond to ‘expulsion blackmail’
Russia has accused Washington of pressuring nations to carry out a mass expulsion of its diplomats in response to a nerve agent attack in the UK. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accused the US of “colossal blackmail” and said there were “few independent countries” left in modern Europe. The expulsion of around 100 Russians by more than 20 nations is thought to be the largest in history.

Russia, China eclipse US in hypersonic missiles, prompting fears
Russia and China are outpacing the United States in the development of super-fast missile technology, Pentagon officials and key lawmakers are warning. Russia says it successfully tested a so-called hypersonic missile this month, while China tested a similar system last year expected to enter service soon. “Right now, we’re helpless,” Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), a senior member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said…

Pakistan rapist ‘let off’ after sick deal ‘allowing victim’s brother to rape his sister’
One man had been accused of raping a woman in Pir Mahal in the Toba Tek Singh district of Punjab province, on March 20. The suspect’s family had approached the victim’s family for “pardon and reconciliation”, according to local news reports. Staggeringly the victim’s family agreed to pardon the rapist, on the appalling condition that “her brother would commit the same act with the suspect’s sister”, dawn.com reports.

LITTLE HOGGS: #MarchForOurLives Student Protesters Leave Their Trash for Someone Else to Clean Up
The Democrat funded March for our Lives protests were held Saturday in cities across the United States. The largest gathering was in Washington DC where approximately 250,000 people turned out to protest gun laws.

NYC sees largest increase in tuberculosis cases in 26 years
The number of tuberculosis cases in New York City suddenly jumped by 10 percent last year — the largest increase since 1992, according to the Health Department. TB is a highly infectious bacterial disease that largely attacks the lungs, but can also infect and spread to other organs, including the kidneys, spine or brain.

Two pilots report seeing UFO in southern Arizona skies
Pilots flying on two separate aircraft reported seeing an unidentified flying object over Arizona last month. The incident took place over southern Arizona around 3:30 p.m. on Feb. 24 between the New Mexico border and the Sonoran Desert National Monument, which is about 40 miles from Phoenix. The Drive reported that one witness, a commercial pilot flying a jet for American Airlines, said the object was above 40,000 feet and had a big reflection.

The Rise of the American Hitler Youth Movement 
Our young students are being deceived. David Hogg is affiliated with the Center for Progress (ie George Soros). We are witnessing the rise of a Hilter Youth type of movement designed to separate Americans from their guns. Schools should be educating the students on the relevant history about what happens to people when they give up their guns.

Good news! Twin wins for Christians in military
Advocates for religious freedom in the military are mostly cheering President Trump’s policy on transgenders serving in the military and are breathing a sigh of relief as the U.S. Navy rejects the push for an atheist chaplain.

U.S. pledges record $705 million in missile defense aid to Israel
Congress has dramatically increased its budget for the Israeli missile defense programs by $148 million to include ongoing Iron Dome and Arrow 3 development.

LGBT Activists Target Trump’s Pro-Life Christian Delegate at UN, Label Her ‘Anti-Trans’
Far-left activists are targeting a Christian representing the Trump administration in a U.N. delegation for her past advocacy against the Obama administration’s transgender bathroom mandate and for reportedly saying the United States is “pro-life.”

Stormy Daniels vs. Trump — Here’s why conservative Christians are sticking with the president
…No one upholds Trump as moral exemplar. He is not the most religious president we have ever had, but he may be the most pro-religion president. Christian conservatives are judging Trump not by his faith, but by his works. And when it comes to life and liberty, his works are good.

Thousands March for ‘Eternal Life’ in Palm Sunday Rally: Jesus Is the Only Hope for America
While “March for Our Lives” demonstrations across the country dominated news coverage over the weekend, thousands of Christians marched through the streets of downtown Dallas on Sunday night to send the message that the one true answer to gun violence in the United States can be found in God.

Informant provided FBI evidence Russia aided Iran nuclear program during Obama years
A former undercover informant says he provided evidence to the FBI during President Obama’s first term that Russia was assisting Iran’s nuclear program even as billions in new U.S. business flowed to Moscow’s uranium industry.

NY Churches Install Metal Detectors
No particular event led to the decision to install the devices; but an Islamic terrorist attack in Fall 2017 — a man used a truck to kill eight people at a nearby location — forced them to acknowledge the reality of the dangers present in the current state of the world, church leadership said.

‘Sinister Legislation’: Cloud Act Passes Without Fanfare
President Trump on Friday prevented another government shutdown by signing a $1.3 trillion federal spending bill. Nestled within the 2,200-page document was a controversial act, revolutionizing the way the government handles data.

Stronghold of all the world’s seeds in the Global Seed Vault reaches the one million mark
The world’s largest repository of crop seeds recently celebrated its 10th-year anniversary. And to mark the occasion, it received shipments of more than 70,000 additional crop varieties from a total of 23 different institutions for it to store. This new shipment just about bumped up its number of stored seeds over the one million mark.

New menu item coming soon: Frankenmeat grown in a lab expected by the end of the year
Just when you thought the products sold on grocery store shelves couldn’t possibly deviate any further from the real food provided by nature, Frankenmeats grown in labs are poised to join the other engineered abominations at your local supermarket by the end of the year.

When will the West Wake Up to the Clear and Present Danger that is Barack Obama?
…Lucifer-like because God created us in His image, while Lucifer wanting people to be more like him, went out on a rampage in a good-versus-evil-battle that continues to the current day.

Breaking: Trump to Expel 60 Russian Diplomats from U.S.
U.S. President Donald Trump has ordered 60 Russians diplomats to leave the country over Moscow’s alleged poising of an ex-spy in Britain.

School defends links to Muslim Brotherhood front group
School officials in San Diego are claiming they are immune to a lawsuit over their decision to allow a Muslim Brotherhood front group to gain “unprecedented power and influence” to the point of editing what is taught in classrooms.

Video: Candidate For Sheriff In N.C. Suggests KILLING Americans To Take Their Guns
A candidate running for the office of Sheriff in North Carolina was caught on video advocating all manner of anti- Second Amendment policies, including a suggestion that it is ok to murder Americans to take their firearms.

Protest Signs Admit Real Agenda Behind ‘March For Our Lives’
While the ‘march for our lives’ against gun violence was ostensibly about the effort to regulate so-called “assault weapons,” protest signs seen at the event betrayed its real agenda – the end of the Second Amendment, by force if necessary.