22 Mar 2018

Israel Waives Permits To Help Streamline US Embassy Move By Israel’s 70th Anniversary
Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon said Wednesday that the ministry would waive requirements for the US State Department to obtain local building permits in order to undertake infrastructure work for the purpose of moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Netanyahu’s New Mandate to Lead
By any objective standard, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s trip to Washington last week was a stunning success. US President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump greeted the premier and his wife, Sara, as old friends. The substantive talks Netanyahu held with Trump on Iran and a host of other key issues were extraordinarily positive.

Turkish Leader Claims Muslim Victory Over Europe, Cites Trump’s ‘Alliance’ With Jews as Obstacle
A prominent Turkish official has claimed that as a result of demographic trends in Europe, “Europe will be Muslim.” An expert on Islam says this “Islamization” is intentional, a form of silent Jihad explicitly described in the Quran as a way of conquering nations demographically. Kavaklıoğlu contended that Europe’s fate will inevitably be sealed within 20 years. “In his commentary on the Prophet Ezekiel, the Malbim explained that the War of Gog and Magog will be between Edom and Ishmael, what are known today as Christianity and Islam,” Rabbi Berger explained to Breaking Israel News

Failing health? PA hires cardiologist to monitor President Abbas
A cardiologist was recently added to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s staff to monitor his health, a Palestinian source familiar with the matter confirmed to The Jerusalem Post on Thursday. The heart specialist, a German-Palestinian, has been working at the PA presidential headquarters in Ramallah alongside Abbas’s longtime personal doctor for the past month, the source said in a phone call.

Austin police say bombing suspect recorded 25-minute confession
Mark Anthony Conditt, 23, who planted six bombs that killed two people and injured five others in Austin, Texas in recent weeks, left a 25-minute video confession on his cell phone, Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said at a press conference. “there was no reason” for choosing to harm anyone who he did.

Palestinian claim to Dead Sea Scrolls may be next up at UNESCO
The next “prize” the Palestinians will likely claim as their own at UNESCO will probably be the archeological site of Qumran and its Dead Sea Scrolls, Shimon Samuels of the Simon Wiesenthal Center said on Wednesday. He spoke at a panel on the denial of Jewish history in international organizations at the Foreign Ministry-sponsored sixth Global Forum for Combating Antisemitism in Jerusalem.

Germany stalls Iran talks over labeling Hezbollah as terrorists
Germany’s government tossed a wrench into the ongoing Iran nuclear talks with the United States, rejecting a US demand to designate the entire Hezbollah organization as terrorist and blaming the Trump administration for its pro-Israel policies…When asked about Germany’s position, a US State Department representative restated President Donald Trump’s demands… “They should designate Hezbollah – in its entirety – as a terrorist organization.”

Trump set to announce China sanctions after IP probe
The Trump administration plans to announce sanctions against China on Thursday after determining that the country is encouraging the theft and transfer of intellectual property from US businesses. The White House said the actions come after years of talks about the issue that failed to produce change. The actions are expected to include tariffs, as well as other measures.

Theresa May to warn EU leaders of Russian threat to democracy
Theresa May will tell a summit of EU leaders in Brussels that they must remain united against a threat from Russia to all European democracies. The prime minister will say the nerve agent attack in Salisbury shows Moscow has no respect for international law. A senior Whitehall official said Russia had “shown itself to be a strategic enemy not a strategic partner”.

Syria war: Rebels ‘begin leaving key Eastern Ghouta town’
Syrian rebel fighters and their family members have begun leaving a town in the besieged Eastern Ghouta as part of an evacuation deal with the government. State television said 27 rebels and 182 civilians had crossed into government-held Damascus from Harasta on Thursday. Some 1,500 rebels and 6,000 civilians are to be transported to the northern rebel-held province of Idlib.

It didn’t take long for the U.S. to rack up another trillion dollars of debt
It has taken a little more than six months for the U.S. national debt to grow by a trillion dollars, a quick clip that has little precedent over the nation’s recent history. Last week, the debt hit $21 trillion for the first time, rising from the $20 trillion mark it notched on Sept. 8. The debt is guaranteed to go higher, with President Donald Trump having signed a debt-limit suspension in February, allowing unlimited borrowing through March 1, 2019.

Student Planning Abortion Protest After School Shooting Walkout
This week, Rocklin High School students are using social media to organize a pro-life walkout using the hashtag #life. “To honor all the lives of aborted babies pretty much. All the millions of aborted babies every year,” said organizer Brandon Gillespie. He says his history teacher inspired the idea.

Institute: Syria may have underground nuclear facility
Syria may have built an underground nuclear reactor, according to a report released Wednesday by the US-based Institute for Science and International Security. The institute has decided to revisit a January 2015 report in the German weekly magazine Der Spiegel, according to which Syria has built an underground nuclear reactor or uranium enrichment facility.

Zuckerberg apologizes for Facebook mistakes with user data, vows curbs
Facebook Inc Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg apologized on Wednesday for mistakes his company made in how it handled data belonging to 50 million of its users and promised tougher steps to restrict developers’ access to such information…“This was a major breach of trust. I’m really sorry this happened. We have a basic responsibility to protect people’s data,” Zuckerberg said…

Obama-Appointed Judge Blocks Mississippi Law Restricting Abortion
For the third time in the last six months, an Obama-appointed federal judge has struck down a state law restricting abortions, this time in the state of Mississippi.

Winter Storm Toby, the Fourth Nor’easter This Month, Producing Heavy Snow, Strong Winds in the Northeast
The fourth nor’easter this month, Winter Storm Toby, will continue hammering the Northeast into Thursday.

Turkey Threatens to Attack Syrian Town Held by US Troops
Turkey renewed threats Monday to attack a town in northeastern Syria where a small contingent of U.S. troops is based, raising the stunning possibility of a clash between NATO allies.

This Muslim Leader’s Goal Is Uniting an ‘Army of Islam’ to Destroy Israel in 10 Days
The newspaper article calls on the 57 member nations of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to join forces against Israel.

Snowden: NSA’s Top Priority Is Targeting Bitcoin Users Around The World
The US National Security Agency has targeted Bitcoin and cryptocurrency users around the world according to documents released by whistleblower Edward Snowden.

China Is One Signature Away From Dealing The Dollar A Death Blow
…The U.S. has essentially left their “sliding glass door” open, and on March 26 China is set to become the intruder that may very well deal a death blow to the dollar.

CofE Leader: ‘I Am Ashamed Of The Church
The Archbishop of Canterbury is ashamed of the church’s cover-ups, he said at a public hearing on child sex abuse in the Anglican church.

More Leftist Fraud: NOAA Fudged Temperature Data to Delude Public on Global Warming Scam
It was all a hoax. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in the US Department of Commerce fudged their numbers to pretend the world was warming. The US government agency pushed this fraud so leftists could make money off of Chinese windmills and solar panels and the US government could put oil and coal workers out of business.

Hillary Clinton undercut on Libya war by Pentagon and Congress, secret tapes reveal 
…The tapes, reviewed by The Washington Times and authenticated by the participants, chronicle U.S. officials’ unfiltered conversations with Col. Moammar Gadhafi’s son and a top Libyan leader, including criticisms that Mrs. Clinton had developed tunnel vision and led the U.S. into an