8 Mar 2018

Pentagon Gearing Up for Space Warfare
“Due to the critical importance of these assets, the national security strategy states, ‘any harmful interference with or attack upon critical components of our space architecture that directly affects this vital U.S. interest will be met with a deliberate response at a time, place, manner, and domain of our choosing.'” The statement on space defense was the first clear policy announcement by a senior U.S. official outlining “declaratory policy” normally reserved for strategic nuclear weapons use.

California to add recycled sewer water to the state reservoirs
The regulations are the result of a two-year public review process in which an expert panel decided that the regulations were necessary for public health and to supplement existing drinking water supplies with recycled water. The board is working to implement “direct potable reuse” – a process by which treated recycled water is added directly into a drinking water system.

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s latest tag: living Buddhist deity
Speaking on Wednesday on the sidelines of China’s annual meeting of parliament, the party boss of the remote northwestern province of Qinghai, birthplace of the Dalai Lama, said Tibetans who lived there had been saying they view Xi as a deity. “The ordinary people in the herder areas say, only General Secretary Xi is a living Bodhisattva. This is a really vivid thing to say,” Wang said.

Could you find any dark cores? Answer: No. Periods of spotlessness are a normal part of the 11-year solar cycle. However, the current Solar Minimum may be remarkable as the ambient solar wind and its magnetic field are weakening to low levels never before seen in the Space Age. The flagging pressure of the solar wind, in turn, is allowing more cosmic rays to penetrate the solar system. These rays are being detected not only by NASA spacecraft in the Earth-Moon system, but also by space weather balloons in Earth’s atmosphere.

Ohio Clergymen Bless Israel and See Astounding Blessings in Return
In the letter, the clergyman apologized for the some of the actions of former President Barack Obama, particularly when he ordered his UN ambassador, Samantha Power to abstain instead of veto Security Council Resolution 2334. The resolution, which passed unanimously, declared Israel’s presence in “east Jerusalem,” Judea, and Samaria to be illegal. “These actions of the Obama Administration do not represent the will of the governed,” the letter stated. “Furthermore, this Administration has now been deposed. Most assuredly, we believe that the GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob gave all the land of Canaan to Israel as an everlasting covenant with Jerusalem as its eternal undivided capital.”

Report: Hezbollah in Lebanon fears Israeli attack, declares state of emergency
Hezbollah in Lebanon has declared a state of emergency for fear of an Israeli attack approved by the United States. “Hezbollah declared its ranks in readiness for the past two days, for fear of Israeli aggression on Lebanon,” the Rai Al-Youm newspaper published in London reported Thursday.

Khamenei to Europe: This our region. Why are you here?
Iran will not negotiate with the West over its presence in the Middle East, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said, days after the visiting French foreign minister sought to discuss Tehran’s role in regional conflicts. Jean-Yves Le Drian traveled to Tehran on Monday with a brief to reaffirm Europe’s support for a nuclear deal that opened Iran’s economy while echoing US concern about Tehran’s missile program and its influence in the region.

US metal tariffs: Mexico and Canada may be exempt
Some countries may be exempt from US plans to impose tariffs on metal imports, the White House has announced. The exemptions – on national security grounds – included Canada, Mexico, spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said. Reports, however, suggested the apparent softening of the US stance would last for only 30 days.

Navy, Marine Corps leaders warn that China is ‘weaponizing capital’
Top Navy and Marine Corps officials on Wednesday expressed concern over China’s expanding global reach and said the superpower was rapidly buying up foreign land to “win without fighting.” “When it comes to China, the bottom line there is the checkbook,” Navy Secretary Richard V. Spencer told lawmakers during a House Appropriations defense subcommittee hearing.

Federal court will hold first-ever hearing on climate change science
A federal judge in San Francisco has ordered parties in a landmark global warming lawsuit to hold what could be the first-ever U.S. court hearing on the science of climate change. The proceeding, scheduled for March 21 by U.S. District Court Judge William Alsup, will feature…oil companies pitted against…California cities that have accused fossil fuel interests of covering up their role in contributing to global warming.

Oil and corn tout dueling studies on future of U.S. biofuel program
Big oil and big corn are touting opposing studies released this week on proposed biofuels policy reforms under consideration by the Trump administration…The studies are meant to inform the administration’s deliberations on how, and if, to reform the RFS – which has become a major point of tension between two of President Donald Trump’s most important constituencies.

At Least 18 Killed as Second Earthquake Strikes Papua New Guinea
At least 18 people were killed by a magnitude 6.7 quake that struck Papua New Guinea’s mountainous Southern Highlands early Wednesday, an official said, adding to the death toll from a larger quake last week.

Nigeria Lassa fever: 78 dead, 353 infected
At least 78 people have been confirmed dead and 353 are infected in an “unprecedented” outbreak of Lassa fever in Nigeria, according to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control.

Companies Eliminating Drug Tests Amid Job Shortages, Pot Legalization
Employers struggling to fill jobs have begun to relax or eliminate drug testing requirements amid increased marijuana legalization and a tightening U.S. job market.

Oprah Winfrey And Stephen Colbert Take Turns Mocking God, Jesus And The Bible On The Late Show
…God was presented, in animated form, as a Jim Carrey-esque hallucination flashing gang signs and shocked to know that He was known by someone so famous as Oprah Winfrey. Colbert’s ‘god’ says things like “Oh wow, Oprah knows who I am?? I can’t wait to tell Jesus!”.

Seattle Police Begin Gun Confiscations: No Laws Broken, No Warrant, No Charges
A man in Seattle has had his gun confiscated by police after breaking no laws. The police took his gun without a warrant and without pressing any charges. Tyranny has officially taken hold on American soil.

School ordered to reveal details of collusion with Muslim activists
A federal judge has ordered school officials in San Diego to provide information about whether they are continuing to collude with the Islamic advocacy group Council on American-Islamic Relations in a lawsuit by parents who say the district claimed to have dropped the collaboration.

STUNNING: Facebook Was Losing 50,000,000 User Hours Every Day — Then Decided to Crackdown on Conservative Content
The company is currently experimenting with the creation of a popular type of Japanese alcopop known as Chu-Hi, containing distilled shochu alcohol mixed with flavoured carbonate water.

DNA from GMOs can pass directly into humans, study confirms
..A recent study published in the scientific journal PLOS ONE found that large, meal-derived DNA fragments from GMOs are fully capable of transferring their genes directly into the bloodstream, deconstructing the myth that transgenic foods act on the body in the same way as natural foods.

Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant won’t stop randomly laughing
There are plenty of stories of artificial intelligence gone wrong. But recent reports from owners of Amazon Alexa devices are being called ‘bone chillingly creepy.’

Exclusive: Tiny Irish Town Taking Hundreds of Migrants Had No Say, Locals Fear Being Called Racist
A resident of a tiny Irish town having its population increased by a third by a new migrant centre has said Ireland has become a “slave state” of the European Union (EU) and its immigration policies, leaving locals helpless.

MoviePass CEO creepily admits the company ‘watches’ where you go before and after a movie
Remember that Netflix-of-cinemas service that lets you watch as many movies as you want each month for the low price of $8 to $10 per month? Well, it turns out MoviePass has a built-in location tracking service that’s incredibly creepy.