16 Feb 2018

Sanhedrin Mints Silver Half Shekel With Images of Trump and Cyrus
In gratitude to US President Donald Trump for recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Jerusalem, the nascent Sanhedrin and the Mikdash (Temple) Educational Center are minting a replica of the silver half-shekel Biblically mandated to be donated by every Jewish male to the Temple. An image of President Trump will be engraved alongside an image of the ancient Persian King Cyrus, who facilitated the building of the Second Temple that ended the Babylonian Exile in 538 BCE. “Trump’s political agenda can only succeed if it is focused on building the Third Temple on the place that God chose: the Temple Mount. He must not advance any two-state solution or this will lead to his downfall.”

US and Israel Stand United Against Iranian Aggression: Ambassador Danon
“The US & Israel will always stand together in the face of Iran’s aggression and provocations as it attempts to destabilize the region,” Danon wrote on Twitter. “The international community mustn’t stand idly by as the Iranian threat grows rampant.” Danon made his statement shortly after his US counterpart, Nikki Haley addressed the UN Security Council regarding the developments in Syria. Haley slammed Iran while defending the Israeli downing of an Iranian drone that penetrated Israeli airspace.

Rabbi Levenstein: Eradicate homosexuality just like we did AIDS
The fiercely anti-liberal rabbi reiterated his objections to any acceptance of homosexuals as normative people.
In his latest incendiary lecture delivered in January, the fiercely anti-liberal rabbi reiterated his objections to any acceptance of homosexuals as normative people, decried the inability to refer gay men and women to conversion therapy, and generally described acceptance of homosexuality as madness. “They’ve taken a tragedy of men and a tragedy of women and turned it into an ideology,” railed Levenstein during one of several lessons on the issue of sexuality…Problems we eliminate, defects can be eliminated,” he averred.

US rejects ‘Communist Chinese’ takeover of Chicago Stock Exchange
The top US regulator of the financial markets has blocked the sale of the Chicago Stock Exchange (CHX) to a Chinese-led investor group due to concerns over the would-be buyers’ ability to supervise the bourse after the deal. The decision by the SEC has put an end to a two-year battle for an approval of the sale and emphasizes once again zero tolerance by Donald Trump’ s administration toward Chinese buyers. During the election campaign the 45th US president pointed to the CHX deal as an example of how American jobs and wealth were leaving the country.

Flu kills up to 4,000 Americans a week, causing 1 in 10 deaths
The amount of influenza ravaging the U.S. this year rivals levels normally seen when an altogether new virus emerges, decimating a vulnerable population that hasn’t had a chance to develop any defenses. It’s an unexpected phenomenon that public health experts are still trying to decode. “This is a difficult season, and we can’t predict how much longer the severe season will last,” she said. “I wish there was better news, but everything we are looking at is bad news.”

Attorney-General: I will indict Netanyahu without hesitation if necessary
If he must indict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, he will do it without hesitation, Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit said on Thursday night, two days after the country was turned upside down by the possibility of another prime minister on trial. Speaking at a conference at Tel Aviv University, he said it was unpleasant to probe or indict any minister, but he is bound to do what is right.

Sources: Russian toll in Syria battle was 300 killed and wounded
About 300 men working for a Kremlin-linked Russian private military firm were either killed or injured in Syria last week, according to three sources familiar with the matter. A Russian military doctor said around 100 had been killed, and a source who knows several of the fighters said the death toll was in excess of 80 men.

Syria conflict: US and Turkey agree to avert Manbij clash
The US and Turkey, whose forces are at loggerheads in northern Syria, have agreed to try to defuse the crisis. The Nato allies said joint teams would meet shortly to work through their diplomatic differences, including a dispute over the city of Manbij. Turkey has threatened to attack US-allied Kurdish forces in Manbij, whom they regard as terrorists.

White House: New bipartisan DACA plan “giant amnesty”
…The White House has been very clear on the terms it will accept for granting a path to citizenship for DACA recipients and normalization of the program. They want a border wall and an end to broad family-unification or “chain migration” practices in order to keep the problem from recurring. Donald Trump went so far as to issue a veto threat for anything that doesn’t fully resolve the issue.

SEC blocks Chicago Stock Exchange sale to China-based investors
U.S. regulators on Thursday killed the politically sensitive sale of the Chicago Stock Exchange (CHX) to a group led by China-based investors, saying a lack of information on the would-be buyers threatened the ability to properly monitor the exchange after the deal. The move…ends a two-year battle to gain approval for the sale and underscores the more hostile environment facing Chinese buyers…

Egypt halts deliveries of diesel into Gaza
Egypt stopped allowing diesel shipments to enter the Gaza Strip Wednesday, causing the strip’s power station to cease operations. As a result, residents have been limited to three hours of electricity a day. A meeting was thus called by Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah in light of the dire situation…

Muslims outraged as the Coliseum in Rome to be lit up in red February 24th, to draw attention to Islamic persecution of Christians around the world
How about lighting up the Vatican in red, to draw attention to the fact that Pope Francis keeps encouraging non-Muslim countries to take in even more Muslim invaders whose religion advocates the killing or enslavement of Christians who refuse to convert to Islam?

END OF TIMES: Did the Final War of Gog and Magog Just Begin in Syria?
Israel and Iran made direct military contact on Saturday for the first time, signaling a significant escalation in the multinational entanglement in Syria. This development contains unique elements that several end-of-days experts say presages the Messianic war of Gog and Magog.

Gen. Jerry Boykin: Obama ‘Weaponized’ US Intelligence
Gen. Jerry Boykin, a U.S. Delta Force commander who served as deputy undersecretary of defense for intelligence, tells Newsmax that the Obama administration “weaponized the intelligence community against our own people.”

Video: Second Shooter Reported in Florida Massacre
Eyewitness says she heard shots fired down hall while talking to suspect!

6th Graders Asked: How Comfortable Are You At A Gay Bar?
A teacher is under fire after giving a quiz to 6th-grade students asking how comfortable they are in situations such as meeting a “female-to-male transsexual.”

Alleged Shooter “On Meds”: Why SSRIs Are Suicide Murder Pills
Mainstream media will never talk about THIS aspect of virtually every shooting because Big Pharma is their sponsor. Buried in a local report on the background of the alleged Parkland shooter is a family member saying he was on meds for his emotional/mental issues.

Broward Sheriff: Give Police the Power to Involuntarily Commit People Who Raise ‘Red Flags’
Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel on Thursday called for more first responders, more mental health treatment, and more power for police to involuntarily commit people who raise what he called “red flags.”

Strange: Responders Throw BODY BAG in Back of Truck Amid Florida Shooting
What’s in the bag? Footage shows possible violation of protocol

Why The Media Stopped Reporting The Russia Collusion Story
The media stopped reporting The Russia Collusion story because they helped create it. The press has played an active role in the Trump-Russia collusion story since its inception. It helped birth it.

IT’S COMING: Iran is on the march to Israel’s northern border
Iran has created a foothold in Syria that only stands to grow stronger, warns Orit Perlov, an analyst at the Institute for National Security Studies.

Florida mass shooting: Another deranged Democrat obsessed with guns, violence and “resistance”
…it’s important that you know the real facts about this shooter. In summary, the shooter (“Nicolas de Jesus Cruz”) is another deranged Democrat who is obsessed with guns, violence and “resistance.” Here are the facts you need to know:

Hijab Compulsory In Around 150 UK Schools, Government Too ‘Politically Correct’ to Step In 
Around 150 schools have made it compulsory for children to wear the hijab and the government is too politically correct to step in and do anything about it, according to the former head of Ofsted.

The Chinese Military Is Surpassing the American Forces
…Under Obama, US military spending decreased. China’s military spending increased by 120%. The importance of this spending gap cannot be overstated…Where have we seen this before? Building an economy based on military spending is how Hitler revived the post-World War I German economy which had descended into hyperinflation and utter chaos, and we know how this turned out.