10 Feb 2018

Israel warns: Iran and Syria are playing with fire
Israel warned Syria and Iran Saturday morning that their attempts to escalate the situation in the north will bring the full force of the IDF upon them. “Iran and Syria are playing with fire,” the army said in a statement.“The IDF acts with determination against the attempt of the Iranian-Syrian attack and the violation of Israeli sovereignty. The IDF is prepared for a variety of scenarios and will continue to act as necessary.”

Pro-Assad alliance: Israel to see ‘severe response’ to future ‘terrorism’
The military alliance fighting in support of Syrian President Bashar Assad said on Saturday Israel will witness a “severe and serious” response to its “terrorism” from now on…the alliance said Israeli claims that a drone entered Israeli airspace were a “lie.” The statement said Israel attacked a drone base in central Syria. The alliance added that drones had left the T4 air base in the morning to conduct routine operations against Islamic State in the Syrian desert.

Israel strikes Iranian targets in Syria, IAF pilots eject F-16
In a major flare up on Israel’s northern border, Israel carried out a large-scale attack against Syrian air defenses and Iranian targets in the war-torn country after an Israeli F-16 crashed during operations to strike Iranian targets in Syria early Saturday morning. The operation, which was carried out by eight Israeli jets, struck 12 targets in Syria including thee Syrians SA5 and SA17 air defense batteries and four Iranian targets near the town of Kiswah, which is home to Syria’s 1st armored division and part of the Islamic Republic’s buildup in Syria.

Venezuelans rush to the border as Colombia tightens controls
Thousands of Venezuelans have rushed to border crossings with Colombia after Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos announced a tightening of controls. Only those who have registered for a special border card or can produce a passport will be able to cross. They fear it will become more difficult for them to enter Colombia once the measures are fully implemented.

Dow bounces more than 300 points Friday, but still posts worst week in 2 years
The Dow Jones industrial average rebounded more than 300 points Friday, paring deep losses for investors in what still amounted to the worst week in two years. The Dow ended the day up 330.44 points, or 1.38 percent, closing at 24,190.90. The S&P 500 rallied 1.49 percent to finish at 2,619.55, while the Nasdaq composite added 1.44 percent to close at 6,874.49. The index swung more than 1,000 points in volatile trading Friday.

Cardinal says Vatican-China deal would put Catholics in communist cage
A senior Catholic cardinal accused the Vatican on Friday of acting “unfaithfully” in its rapprochement with China, saying it would put the country’s some 12 million faithful in a bird cage controlled by the Communist Party…Cardinal Joseph Zen also said he was highly skeptical of a deal that reportedly would give Pope Francis the final say in the appointment of bishops, the key part of the agreement.

Stimulus puts US debt on an upward trajectory
As part of a pledge to “Make America Great Again,” President Donald Trump and Republican lawmakers are pursuing aggressive economic stimulus while slashing taxes at the same time. The result, budget analysts say, is likely to be swelling debts and deficits for the world’s largest borrower…America’s budget deficit was already on an upward trajectory, thanks to an aging population and rising health costs. But it is now poised to take off.

Clergy gather to bless one of the only U.S. clinics performing late-term abortions
When clergy gather at an abortion clinic, it’s usually in protest, outside the building. Rarely are they huddled inside the clinic, not to condemn but to bless the procedures that happen there.

Trifecta of opioids, alcohol and suicide are blamed for the drop in U.S. life expectancy
An epidemic of despair is disproportionately claiming the lives of rural white Americans in the prime of adulthood. And for a second year in a row, their deaths by drugs, drink and self-destruction have caused life expectancy in the United States to fall.

As gonorrhea approaches superbug status, scientists scramble to find a vaccine
Gonorrhea is becoming more dangerous worldwide as the sexually-transmitted disease approaches untreatability, a report on growing incidences of the STD superbug in China shows.

Texas flood: U.S. oil exports pour into markets worldwide
In the two years since Washington lifted a 40-year ban on oil exports, tankers filled with U.S. crude have landed in more than 30 countries, ranging from massive economies like China and India to tiny Togo.

Saudi Arabia still building world’s tallest tower despite complications from corruption crackdown
Saudi Arabia’s construction of the tallest tower in the world is still going ahead, despite the recent crackdowns on corruption in the country, which lead to the detention of some businessmen who were backing the plan

States Now Testing Digital ID Cards To Replace Plastic
Recently, five states began testing a new cell phone app enabling people to use their smartphones as a digital ID. The app works as a substitute for traditional ID cards or driver’s licenses whereby it can be presented for identification during traffic stops, gaining entry into a bar, nightclub or any other venue requiring the use of an ID.

Miami releases millions of modified mosquitoes to stop Zika outbreak
Mosquitoes are a year-round downside to living in subtropical Miami, but millions of bacteria-infected mosquitoes flying in a suburban neighborhood are being hailed as an innovation that may kill off more bugs that spread of Zika and other viruses.

Boston Police Waste Taxpayer Money Violating Law Through Illegal Surveillance Of Citizenry
Boston Police effectively broke the law by illegally surveilling social media users for years to conduct online surveillance in 2014, 2015, and 2016, without telling the city council, and violating civilians right to free speech, a new blog post by the ACLU alleges.

Pope Francis Prays Towards Mecca, States: Islam is Religion of Peace, Europe Should Open Borders to Muslims
“Europe has forgotten its God and it now needs to allow in more illegal Muslim migrants,” stated Pope Francis in a recent speech to the EU.

Sweden has legalized child marriages For Muslim refugees who come from countries where Sharia was the law of the land
Despite clearly contradicting Swedish law, underage immigrant wives have been repeatedly allowed to stay with their husbands by Sweden’s local municipalities, which defend their decisions by citing humanitarian issues. An immigrant crisis of unprecedented proportions has brought with it problems which Sweden hadn’t known previously, such as polygamy and underage brides.

HUD Secretary Ben Carson Mused That “The Purge” Could Really Happen… And He’s Not Wrong
“…if North Korea detonated a nuclear weapon into our exosphere, it could take out our entire electrical grid?….It will be like ‘The Purge’ all the time…complete lawlessness and anarchy…”

Grandpa Rapes 2-Year-Old Granddaughter, Muslim Mother Tries To “Fix It”
Merfat opened the door to find her daughter, 2-year-old Grace Ahmed, being violently raped by Faraj, the child’s own grandfather. Instead of attacking her daughter’s rapist and saving her child, Merfat ran some bath water in a small tub, undressed the girl, and placed her terrified, bleeding baby inside. At the hands of her own mother, little Grace was held underwater until she drowned.