2 Feb 2018

‘The Palestinians can go to hell, they betrayed the Arab world’
Saudi blogger slams Palestinian Authority in viral video, calling PA ‘ungrateful dogs’. “This message is for the Palestinian pigs who only know how to curse and defame the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its citizens. “With all due respect to the Palestinian Arab minority, you’ve been milking our economy for decades. We’ve given you billions upon billions of dollars. Our citizens needed that money, but it went to you. “That’s right, we gave preference you over ourselves. We gave to you, instead of to our citizens. And what have we gotten in return? You’re a bunch of dogs, rabid dogs, who only bark at those that feed them. You’ve turned your [political] issues into a source of income. You’ve turned our shared religion [Islam] into a way of making money. You’ve turned our shared language into a way of making money. “You’re more hostile towards us than the Israelis are.

INTO THE FRAY: The Enemy – What the “Right” seems unable to grasp
The time has come for the “Right” to “bite the bullet”and give up trying to advance convoluted political prescriptions in lieu of the two-state formula. It is time to identify the Palestinian-Arabs as the enemy. The Arabs are [the same]Arabs … the sea is the same sea, and the aim is the same aim: extermination of the State of Israel – even if you call it ‘self-determination.’– Yitzhak Shamir, 1989

Why Dems didn’t applaud when Trump celebrated J’lem move in SOU
Democrats — with a couple of notable exceptions — did not applaud when US President Trump mentioned moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. It was painful to see Democrats sit on their hands when President Trump stated he recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s Capitol and that we should give no foreign aid to our enemies(like the Palestinian Arab Regime who receives $450 million a year of US Taxpayer money.

Report: UK Anti-Semitic Incidents in 2017 Highest on Record
The UK charity Community Security Trust’s 2017 Anti-Semitic Incidents Report, published Thursday, shows a recorded 1,382 anti-Semitic incidents nationwide in 2017, the highest total CST has ever recorded for a calendar year.

Russian Media Reports ‘Biblical Bombshell’ as Siberian River Turns to Crimson
Contrary to the more mundane causes attributed to such phenomena today, Rabbinic commentaries explain what occurred in the Biblical story of Passover to be much more miraculous in nature. According to many, even the secluded water in the containers of the Egyptians turned to actual blood.

E.U. to U.S.: ‘You can’t solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict alone’
The United States cannot be the sole broker for a peace deal between the Israelis and Palestinians, the European Union warned on Wednesday…“If I can put it in the headline: Nothing without the United States, nothing with the United States alone,” EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said. “Any framework for negotiations must be multilateral and must involve all players,”…adding that “a process without one or the other would simply not work…

Tillerson says Venezuelan military may turn on Maduro
The US State Department Secretary, Rex Tillerson, has suggested Venezuela may face a military coup. Mr Tillerson said the US was not advocating regime change and that he had no intelligence on any planned action. But he said that historically the military in Latin America has often intervened in times of serious crises.

Trump may present peace plan even if Palestinians won’t negotiate
The White House is considering presenting President Trump’s Middle East peace plan even if the crisis with the Palestinian Authority continues and Palestinian President Abbas refuses to come to the negotiating table…The U.S. officials say the administration won’t impose on the Israelis or Palestinians to accept the plan, but may release it so the parties and international community can judge it at face value.

Drought deepens dramatically in Southern California
California is rapidly plunging back into drought, with severe conditions now existing in Santa Barbara, Ventura and Los Angeles counties—home to one-fourth of the state’s population, a national drought monitor said Thursday. The weekly report released by the U.S. Drought Monitor, a project of government agencies and other partners, also shows 44 percent of the state is now considered to be in a moderate drought.

IDF attacks Hamas outpost in response to rocket fire
The IDF attacked a Hamas observation post in the northern Gaza early Friday morning in retaliation to last night’s rocket fire from the strip. The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit once again reiterated that “the IDF considers the Hamas terrorist organization solely responsible for what is happening in the Gaza Strip.”

Speaker Ryan Backs Trump Decision To Release FISA Memo Friday, Congress “Doing Its Job Of Oversight”
Speaker Paul Ryan says Congress is “doing its job of oversight” with the memo, adding that “if civil liberties were abused with FISA, then the memo needs to come out.”

Assad Threatens: One More Attack From IDF, And I’ll Launch A Missile At Ben Gurion Airport
In a speech delivered Sunday night the eve of 13 Shevat by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, a direct message was conveyed to Israel stating that if it considers attacking another facility in its territory, Syria will respond by firing missiles at Ben-Gurion Airport.

Trump: Guantanamo Bay Is ‘Being Prepared For Deep State Traitors’
Donald Trump has announced plans to expand Guantanamo Bay in order to house ‘Deep State traitors’ in the state of the Union address.  The President said the prison would be expanded to accommodate those who had corrupted the justice system with government and politics, such as Clinton, Podesta, and Obama.

US troops arrive for drill simulating massive missile attack on Israel
US forces are deploying in Israel ahead of a large-scale joint Israel-US military exercise, due to start next week, which will simulate a major conflict in which Israel is attacked with thousands of missiles.

UPDATE: White House Snubs Deep State – Says They Will Release Memo Without Redactions
TRUMP SNUBS DEEP STATE REQUESTS — WILL RELEASE FISA MEMO WITHOUT REDACTIONS As reported earlier by Josh Caplan at TGP — Fox News contributor Sara A. Carter reported earlier FBI Director Christopher Wray, along with the Justice Department, are pressuring the White House to redact all names in the FISA abuse memo prior to its release.

Study: Illegal Aliens, DACA-Age Youth More than Twice as Likely to Be Convicted Criminals
Undocumented (illegal) aliens are far more likely to commit crimes, as well as to commit serious crimes, than are U.S. citizens, a new study of 33 years of Arizona prison data reveals.

CAIR Slams Trump’s Move to Keep Gitmo Open; ‘Exclusively Muslim-Populated Military Prison’
The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is unhappy about President Trump’s executive order keeping open indefinitely the terrorist detention facility – or as CAIR describes it, “the illegal, exclusively Muslim-populated military prison” – at Guantánamo Bay

Coffee Cancer Warning Labels May Come Soon to California
Coffee cancer warning labels may soon be required at shops in California as a lawsuit by a nonprofit group reaches its end. The Council for Education and Research on Toxics (CERT) filed the suit against companies such as Starbucks, 7-Eleven, and BP in 2010, claiming that coffee contains acrylamide, which has been shown to cause cancer in rats.